Re: [PEDA] Creating/implementing IC socket PCB decals

2001-09-04 Thread Dwight
, the footprint shows up on the PCB. I didn't have any DRC problem, although I may not have had component clearance design rules turned on -- seems like that would cause an error. If you use those, you'd probably need a footprint-specific rule for the socket. Dwight. -Original Message- From

Re: [PEDA] Hello! It is Mechanical NOT Mechanikal OK!!

2001-09-14 Thread Dwight
Well, I know Herr Kulajew's English is a whole lot better than my German (or any other non-English language), and I welcome his contribution to this forum, whether spelled correctly or not. -Original Message- From: Samuel Cox Sam [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: Friday, September 14,

Re: [PEDA] Can't use polygons on plane layers?

2001-09-25 Thread Dwight
-Rahman Lomax [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: Tuesday, September 25, 2001 3:54 PM At 07:50 AM 9/25/01 -0700, Dwight Harm wrote: I want to have a non-rectangular void on a ground plane, but it appears I can't put a polygon there, only a rectangular fill. snip Place the polygon blowout that you

Re: [PEDA] PCB Library Question

2001-10-01 Thread Dwight
*** Todays forums are sponsored by Ian Martin Limited Engineering/Technical Placement Specialists *** Yes, the part type is often used for BOMs; in any case, it usually has

Re: [PEDA] Loop removal deletes vias in manual route?

2001-10-23 Thread Dwight
Steve -- I'm not using * to switch layers, but my own hotkey (I have no keypad) set to the same settings as *, and it does NOT automatically insert vias. END (redraw) doesn't show the vias. I'm working with Protel support to see if we can figure this out I'll report our findings...

Re: [PEDA] keepoutlayer and planes ??

2001-11-08 Thread Dwight
Even without the card guides, you could get a short from slivers of copper left when the boards are cut. I was lucky -- on my first board with planes, I didn't know about putting traces along the edges, but the board shop called asked if we'd like them to pull the planes back from the board

Re: [PEDA] ERC (schematic) buglet

2001-11-13 Thread Dwight
(1) I also open 2 revisions of the same design not infrequently, which therefore have matching schematic sheet names, and would be horrified to find Protel changing the one that I was NOT working on at the time! (2) Whenever a design goes to fab, I make a directory of all the relevant files

Re: [PEDA] Schematic Bug?

2001-11-13 Thread Dwight
Jon, you're confusing PCB global edit with Schematic (what the thread is about). -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Tuesday, November 13, 2001 12:27 PM There are a bunch of things that you need to do to get a global edit to work on parts. One is that you need to set

Re: [PEDA] ERC (schematic) buglet

2001-11-13 Thread Dwight
But if I rename the schematic sheets, I also have to update all links to that sheet from higher levels in my hierarchy. Yuk! I just let the ddb filename carry the version number, so it's always clear from the window title which one I'm looking at. (Each ddb also includes a 'change log' where I

Re: [PEDA] ERC (schematic) buglet

2001-11-14 Thread Dwight
Altho' I use global edit reasonably often, somehow it never occurred to me I could use it in that situation! Thanks! -Original Message- From: Abd ul-Rahman Lomax [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: Tuesday, November 13, 2001 6:52 PM snip Since you are renaming them to include a

Re: [PEDA] Exporting a schematic as a simple jpg, bmp, gif, etc.

2001-11-14 Thread Dwight
When we want a picture of a schematic that others can view, we print to a pdf file using Acrobat Distiller. (Acrobat PDFWriter works similarly, but Distiller seems to give slightly more accurate results.) -Original Message- From: Ray Mitchell [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent:

Re: [PEDA] Annoying movement behaviour in PCB Editor

2001-11-14 Thread Dwight
I didn't see this mentioned yet... in Tools | Preferences | Options, there are 'autopan options', one of which is speed; you could try adjusting that, or the 'style' see if it helps. -Original Message- From: Stephen Smith [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: Wednesday, November 14, 2001

Re: [PEDA] Holes

2001-11-14 Thread Dwight
Good information, Tom! And it turns out that either the Drill Drawing or Drill Guide layers will do the trick (they show up as different colors, if one cares). I'm curious, Wayne -- could you just make the pads non-zero in size? (With the Drill layers off, you still see the pad when moving the

Re: [PEDA] BOM error was: bug report

2001-11-26 Thread Dwight
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Re: [PEDA] Ground Pads

2001-12-07 Thread Dwight
will then delete all selected items. Dwight. -Original Message- From: Mark Richards Sent: Friday, December 07, 2001 9:24 AM I would like to paste an array of free (through-hole) pads on .1 centers, all attached to GND net. The array of pads covers the entire board area. So far, no problem

Re: [PEDA] How to change Netlist lines back to solid lines?

2001-12-12 Thread Dwight
If you mean they completely disappeared, check View | Connections | Show All. The View | Connections sub-choices affect what are often called ratsnest lines -- I'm assuming that's what you are referring to. Also verify that in Design | Options | Layers, Connections is checked. Dwight

Re: [PEDA] Multisheet Problems Updates etc.

2002-01-03 Thread Dwight
Given what you need to do, you might try doing Edit | Export to spread, and edit in the spreadsheet view; this could be quicker, especially for those parts where there are only a few of each. -Original Message- From: Bob Wolfe [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: Thursday, January 03,

Re: [PEDA] Update Schematic from Parts Lib not doing Default Designator in 99SE?

2002-01-29 Thread Dwight
Also, note that the Copy Attributes field can do partial replacement; if you just want to replace the whole designator field, just put the new value in WITHOUT braces. If you use the braces, what goes inside is a replacement expression, like {AB=C} where any occurence of 'AB' in the field will

Re: [PEDA] Bob Wolfe's Update Issue (Ex: Component partition)

2002-02-04 Thread Dwight
to match -- it doesn't matter if the footprint is in the list or not. Whatever footprint is specified in the SCH (whether in the list or not) is what the synchronizer will try to place on the PCB -- that's what it's supposed to do. Dwight. -Original Message- From: Bob Wolfe Sent

Re: [PEDA] Protell99SE (SP6) missing diagonal pads off gerbers (sometimes) - bug?

2002-02-04 Thread Dwight
In US, [EMAIL PROTECTED] works, I think, or 1-800-544-4186. I've gotten pretty good responses the 2 or 3 times I've contacted them in the last few months. (You're mileage may vary!) -Original Message- From: Steve Wiseman [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]On Behalf Of Steve Wiseman Sent:

Re: [PEDA] routing uncompleted II

2002-02-04 Thread Dwight
Well, if you stop an autoroute session, and then re-started it without unrouting what it did, and you have lock all pre-routes checked, then it's possible that would happen. When you do a Tools | Unroute | All, you get a prompt for including locked primitives. If you say Yes, it SHOULD get rid

Re: [PEDA] autoroute endless loop...

2002-02-04 Thread Dwight
Those are old instructions. It should work (and does for me) if you just check the box in Autoroute | Setup for lock all pre-routes. If you later do Tools | Unroute | All, be sure to choose No for unrouting locked primitives. Does the board pass DRC completely (with unrouted nets un-checked)

Re: [PEDA] Serious Bug: Polygons still connecting to pads after t he net has been changed to something other then the polygon net name.

2002-02-12 Thread Dwight
The (design rule) clearance is from the PAD, not the hole -- so a 0-size pad won't leave the clearance you want. The pad needs to match (or nearly) the hole size. -Original Message- From: Brad Velander [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: Tuesday, February 12, 2002 10:41 AM snip

Re: [PEDA] Serious Bug: Polygons still connecting to pads after t he net has been changed to something other then the polygon net name.

2002-02-12 Thread Dwight
. (Try a skinny rectangular pad, e.g., 1x50 with a 20mil hole.) -Original Message- From: Brad Velander [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: Tuesday, February 12, 2002 11:58 AM Thanks Dwight, that does make some sense. Seems I couldn't see the forest for the trees this morning

[PEDA] Polygons keepouts (was Serious Bug: Polygons still connecting to pads...)

2002-02-12 Thread Dwight
I think the problem is that this is an ambiguous situation. Keepouts only prevent track from crossing -- you can have track on either side of it. Even if it's a closed figure, you can have track inside. So if a polygon keepout area overlap, where does the polygon start from? Which part

Re: [PEDA] Net Violations (Help)

2002-02-14 Thread Dwight
Fred, see Protel knowledgebase item #1694 for a good checklist of items that can cause the autorouter to fail. -Original Message- From: Abd ul-Rahman Lomax [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: Thursday, February 14, 2002 10:33 AM snip That isn't what is causing the crash, however. But if

Re: [PEDA] Protel99SE Question on Text Alignment

2002-02-15 Thread Dwight
Don't know why it's gone, but you can easily put it back. While in PCBeditor, do arrow | Customize, click Menu | Edit, double-click on Tools to expand list, go to where you want it in list do Menu | Add, settings for mine are: text: Position Component Text... process:

Re: [PEDA] Performance difference between 2 of the same machines

2002-02-18 Thread Dwight
1) Check file system settings -- Control Panel | System, Performance tab, File system, is typical use (or something like that) set to Desktop, or to Server? If set to Server, then (I think) network requests are given priority over local apps, which could account for slowdown. 2) Try disabling

Re: [PEDA] Using Client Spreadsheets to update schematics

2002-02-19 Thread Dwight
I tried adding leading apostrophe zero on footprint ('0603), in client spreadsheet, and File | Update sets the footprint field without the leading apostrophe. Or is the problem that there's no automatic way to know which items had zeros removed? If there are only a couple footprints like this,

[PEDA] autosave saves unchanged files - bug?

2002-02-20 Thread Dwight
A related discussion reminded me of this -- a very annoying feature of autosave is that it saves all open documents, whether or not they've been changed. So although you can set it to keep multiple backups, if you leave your design open while doing something else, you may find you have several

Re: [PEDA] autosave saves unchanged files - bug?

2002-02-20 Thread Dwight
. -Original Message- From: Dwight [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: Wednesday, February 20, 2002 15:25 A related discussion reminded me of this -- a very annoying feature of autosave is that it saves all open documents, whether or not they've been changed

Re: [PEDA] Colours on print preview.

2002-02-22 Thread Dwight
I've never gotten this to work. On the Tools | Preferences, color/gray tab, clicking in the gray column pops up a panel (with 64 squares, but only 4 shades!), but clicking in the color column does nothing. I tried just now, opening the PCB first, then the Preview, but still couldn't change

Re: [PEDA] Colours on print preview.

2002-02-25 Thread Dwight
Yes, that was it. If I do the right order (open PCB, then Preview) from the beginning, I can get the color dialog. Thanks! (In fact, opening ANY PCB will put the client into a state where it's safe to open a PPC, whether or not the corresponding PCB, or any PCB, is open at that time.) BUG:

Re: [PEDA] Operations on no-net features?

2002-02-28 Thread Dwight
Steve is right. There's definitely a problem with tracks that had a net, and then had all attached pads removed, and updated via Update Free Primitives from Component Pads. As you run the cursor over them, the status bar still shows the old net. And even though the Properties dialog shows No

Re: [PEDA] Best methode to flip components tracks?

2002-03-05 Thread Dwight
Select them, click hold (as if to move), and press L. This flips them to the opposite side of the board. -Original Message- From: Jean-Christophe Meylan Sent: Tuesday, March 05, 2002 8:14 AM What is the best methode to flip a part of the PCB (ie the tracks and components of a

Re: [PEDA] Layer Toggle button

2002-03-08 Thread Dwight
Yes, use process PCB:DocumentPreferences, and parameter plane-name=Toggle. If you set the process, then hit Info button, you'll find a list of plane names in the help file. Things like TopSignal, BottomSignal; internal planes are just Plane1...16. BTW, a shortcut to get Layers dialog is just

Re: [PEDA] Print dialog

2002-03-08 Thread Dwight
I'm not sure what you mean by preset. I typically keep a few different PPC files in my ddb with the particular layer combinations I use most often -- just set them up once. I even carry them forward across designs. Also, when setting up a preview, if you use the Properties dialog, you can add

Re: [PEDA] Layers set in Protel?

2002-03-08 Thread Dwight
That question, plus the one about toggling layers, led me to this discovery -- I set one button to: Process: PCB:DocumentPreferences Parms: plane3=false | plane2=false | topSignal=true | bottomSignal=true and a second button where the true's false's were reversed. This technique essentially

Re: [PEDA] can't repair

2002-03-12 Thread Dwight
It MIGHT be an MDAC problem. Does 'compress' work on a good ddb? Here's the link to MS's website for the Microsoft Data Access Components(MDAC); I think Protel supports MDAC 2.5 -- I'd check the knowledge base, too. -Original Message- From:

Re: [PEDA] Single Sided PCB

2002-03-12 Thread Dwight
Can't you just set type to Round and have different x y? That's how the IC (SMT) pads in some of my footprints are defined, and it seems to work for through-hole pads as well. -Original Message- From: Abd ul-Rahman Lomax [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: Monday, March 11, 2002 7:54

Re: [PEDA] spaces in footprint names

2002-03-14 Thread Dwight
-Original Message- From: Bagotronix Tech Support Sent: Thursday, March 14, 2002 10:31 AM snip Just guessing, I think the most accomodating thing to do for footprints would be: 1) Allow underscores 2) Allow lowercase and uppercase 3) Be case insensitive (uppercase and lowercase

Re: [PEDA] Is it a bug, or me?

2002-03-14 Thread Dwight
Go to Design | Options | Options tab set Component X Component Y grids to 1 mil (or whatever's appropriate), and then do Tools | Interactive Placement | Move to Grid. This will move ALL components, not just selected ones. -Original Message- From: Sean James [mailto:[EMAIL

Re: [PEDA] weird bug when clicking on tabs in workspace...

2002-03-15 Thread Dwight
Ian, it's already there - 2001/02/09, summary is Client: If document tabs exceed window width, they become unreliable -Original Message- From: Ian Wilson [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: Friday, March 15, 2002 1:57 AM On 08:55 AM 15/03/2002 +0100, [EMAIL PROTECTED] said: I don't

Re: [PEDA] Protel big gripe

2002-03-15 Thread Dwight
An option that would help in this regard (not in remembering to do it, though!) would be to have an Open read only command/facility. Access has this. In the Open dialog box, adjacent to the Open button is a drop-down that includes Open read-only and Open exclusive. This would get around the

Re: [PEDA] Solder mask thickness (off topic)

2002-03-18 Thread Dwight
Steve, You've had shorts under SMTs when the vias were tented with LPI? I'm concerned because we've got a board in prototype that has quite a few under-SMT vias (32/16 size). So far we've had no problems, but we've only made about a dozen. Looking at our bare boards, I see what you mean about

Re: [PEDA] PCB West

2002-03-22 Thread Dwight
Fading toolbars sounds nice, altho' I usually leave them in the lower-left corner where they aren't in my way very often. I have a toolbar button to toggle the Design Manager pane off on -- I think that's standard, but maybe I added it a long time ago. Does DXP allow some sort of auto-hide for

Re: [PEDA] Same net connectivity parm in clearance rule

2002-03-25 Thread Dwight
It looks like once Protel finds the object-kind match (via-smd), it applies the rule if same-net, but doesn't apply ANY rule (not even whole-board) if not same-net. Seems like a bug. The workaround is to add an object-kind rule (via-smd) for different nets, and set it to the whole-board

Re: [PEDA] designators in PCB lib.

2002-04-11 Thread Dwight
, which gives a good, detailed, procedure. [Mr. Cary -- how about adding this to the FAQ?] The particular method that would be best for you will depend on where you are in this process, how the schematic is arranged, whether or not you want to copy track layout, etc. Dwight (copy of)-Original

Re: [PEDA] 'Member not found' when opening a spreadsheet

2002-04-11 Thread Dwight
I don't get that error message; I'm using Access db. Do you use Access, or Windows files? Did this just start happening? Spreadsheets created using New spreadsheet document use .spd, but Report | BOM creates a .xls; both work for me. -Original Message- From: Stephen Casey

Re: [PEDA] Shortened Designator on Silkscreen

2002-04-23 Thread Dwight
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Re: [PEDA] propagate net

2002-05-03 Thread Dwight
I'm fairly certain that doing Design | Netlist Manager, then Menu | Update free primitives from component pads will do what you want. The synchronizer checkbox works when the relevant nets are being changed (at the same time) through the synchronizer. -Original Message- From: Rene

Re: [PEDA] Too many hole sizes

2002-05-17 Thread Dwight
Brad, don't forget there are many different Protel users (and uses) on this list ... many doing prototypes, or working in (very) small companies. The proto houses I've used don't want PDFs or (heaven forbid!) paper printouts, just the Gerbers. So if they want to see the drill drawing, they

Re: [PEDA] Good default settings

2002-05-31 Thread Dwight
- check backup settings ( Arrow | Preferences ) -- 2 kinds, Create backup files makes backups whenever you save; and Auto-Save settings are timed, and can be directed to any drive/folder you want. - Also on Arrow | Preferences, check Save Preferences (may be default). - I think the default

Re: [PEDA] Long overbars on printed output

2002-09-06 Thread Dwight
The calculations you mention are typically performed by Windows/driver code -- the app issues Windows API calls such as GetTextExtent, passing a printer device context handle, and gets back the value it needs. (At least that's the way we code apps here!) -Original Message- From: Jason

Re: [PEDA] Whats wrong with this picture.

2002-09-06 Thread Dwight
LOL, the KLUNK! happens here too (win2k), also Alt+F,X gets it. But Alt+F4 doesn't, nor does Close from the system menu. I had never noticed as I use one of the 'quiet' methods 99.9% of the time. However, I didn't notice any significant speed difference in my environment (PIII 500MHz), 2-3

Re: [PEDA] Has anyone developed a macro

2002-09-09 Thread Dwight
It would also be fairly easy to do in Excel or Access. NOTE that (for those methods, anyway) you want the csv format BOM, not the Protel format. The csv has one line per part, so it should be easy to match up with the pickplace by sorting both on ref-des. -Original Message- From: Jun

Re: [PEDA] Board Shops with Online Quotes ?

2002-09-10 Thread Dwight
We've had good results from Sierra Proto Express (, which jumps to something else) for small quantities (10 boards), 4-layer stuff. Looks like they'll quote online up to 6-layer, 5/5 spacing. Once I submitted a quote request for a larger quantity, I think they responded in

Re: [PEDA] Bug / Buglet

2002-09-27 Thread Dwight
I recall some option that can be set to include single-pin nets -- this might give you net-names for all those unconnected pins, then the usual 'update primitives from connected copper' (or whatever) would take care of this. I can't readily test this right now, but maybe it's enough to help...

Re: [PEDA] OT - Good places to get boards populated

2002-10-01 Thread Dwight
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Re: [PEDA] Update Schmatics from

2002-10-03 Thread Dwight
One other thing - (as I recall) only open schematic pages will be updated, so be sure to open the full project first. -Original Message- From: Daniel Webster [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: Thursday, October 03, 2002 10:55 AM I have a question for all you Protel gurus. When

Re: [PEDA] Ghost layers showing up

2002-10-07 Thread Dwight
Here's a partial workaround -- change the color of the layer you DON'T want to show up. I use the Default color scheme (light-colored board), and find that setting a layer to yellow (230) makes the tracks show up with just an outline when I'm on another layer. -Original Message- From:

Re: [PEDA] problems loading in DDB's after machine upgrade? then read this !!!!!!!

2002-10-14 Thread Dwight
Did all the problems go away once SP6 was installed? It might have been an MDAC incompatibility issue. Also, for some period (99 or early 99SE?) Protel could not open read-only DDBs, if this applies. I think there's also an issue with opening a DDB in a read-only directory -- in case during

Re: [PEDA] Bottom Line Question On DXP's Autorouter...?

2002-11-20 Thread Dwight
Go to yahoo groups dxptechforum, and see thread Is Protel99 Autorouter better of Situs DXP Autorouter ?, from around 10/30-11/4. I think there were some comments in other threads, too... -Original Message- From: John Branthoover Sent: Wednesday, November 20, 2002 9:46 AM To: Protel

Re: [PEDA] shorted planes due to alignment pin holes with no plane expansion

2002-11-21 Thread Dwight
Does Protel DISPLAY the clearance blowout on all planes? Some planes? If it does display, then it's a Gerber-generation issue. If it does NOT display, then Protel thinks it doesn't need it, and it'd be useful to try playing with design rules, pad sizes, etc., to see if this changes. Are they

Re: [PEDA] question about connectors and PCB manufacturers

2002-12-19 Thread Dwight
Ivan, are you figuring the connectors are right-angle? The original post indicates they are straight, so a cable on one side won't interfere with the cable on the other side. -Original Message- From: Bagotronix Tech Support [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: Thursday, December 19, 2002

Re: [PEDA] [PROTEL EDA USERS]: Suggestions for improving Protel...

2001-05-07 Thread Dwight Harm
re split planes -- change PCB so that the plane layer must be the CURRENT layer for the split to be editable. (How often do you edit the split, compared to ALL the other parts on the board!) I just did my first design that had one of these, and being CONSTANTLY prompted to choose between the

Re: [PEDA] [PROTEL EDA USERS]: Just a hole

2001-05-07 Thread Dwight Harm
Andy, As far as why AC said the holes shorted, I'll take a guess: If you made the pads single-layer (e.g., Top Layer) instead of MultiLayer, that's why. If you look at the PCB in single-layer mode (Shift-S), for a single layer pad there won't be 'negative copper' on the inner planes to keep

[PEDA] [PROTEL EDA USERS]: Many docs open makes tabs unreliable. Sp6bug?

2001-05-07 Thread Dwight Harm
This problem appears to have just started happening with SP6: I have a single DDB, with its window maximized. If I open enough documents (sch, pcb, text, whatever) so that the document tabs along the top of the window no longer fit, and scroll arrows appear, then using the tabs becomes

Re: [PEDA] [PROTEL EDA USERS] Archive (was: 8 lead micro SOIC...)

2001-05-07 Thread Dwight Harm
Paul, Two archives are available. Both are Eudora format, from Ian Wilson; one is from 11/1999 to 2/6/2000. It's available on -- see snips from 2 different posts below. The second is at, and covers 1 May 2000 to 12 Aug 2000. If it

Re: [PEDA] [PROTEL EDA USERS]: Inner Power Plane clearances

2001-05-07 Thread Dwight Harm
, but shouldn't cause any grief.) It'd be nice if the PCB-wizard took care of this for us! Dwight. -Original Message- From: Micky Blain Sent: Monday, February 12, 2001 2:19 PM Do you connect them to the nets you are putting on the plane or just have them around the parameter. This one cost

Re: [PEDA] ERC warnings

2001-05-07 Thread Dwight Harm
I think you can either put no-ERC markers (the little red X's on the wiring toolbar) on the inputs, or change the rule matrix. -Original Message- From: Rudolf Schaffer [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: Saturday, March 10, 2001 3:44 AM Hello, When using Only Ports Global in a flat

Re: [PEDA] FAQ List

2001-05-07 Thread Dwight Harm
Go to and see protelfaq.html, which is maintained by David Cary. -Original Message- From: Kim Lester [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: Friday, March 09, 2001 8:19 PM All, I haven't seen a FAQ list around (please tell me if I

[PEDA] OT: Unused CMOS inputs (was: Reference)

2001-05-07 Thread Dwight Harm
Is there a reason to prefer Vdd over GND? The spec sheets often just say tied high or low..., and my knowledge of theory is too weak to even guess at an answer. :) TIA, Dwight Harm. -Original Message- From: Andy Gulliver [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: Wednesday, March 28, 2001 6:52

Re: [PEDA] schematic on my PCB ??

2001-05-07 Thread Dwight Harm
what I expect. Dwight. -Original Message- From: Jon Elson [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: Friday, April 06, 2001 11:49 AM Robison Michael R CNIN wrote: hello, i changed some things around on a multipage schematic for a previously built board, and now for some reason or other after i

Re: [PEDA] Update PCB from SCH bug?

2001-05-07 Thread Dwight Harm
trial error... I didn't try checking the manual. :) -Original Message- From: Ian Wilson [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: Friday, April 06, 2001 3:58 PM To: Protel EDA Forum Subject: Re: [PEDA] Update PCB from SCH bug? snip Great answer - I think this might be one for the FAQ (what do

Re: [PEDA] PCB making tutorial

2001-05-07 Thread Dwight Harm
some good material, just not always easy to find. For example, while editing a PCB document, see Help | Help On | PCB Design Layers and also Power Planes. Dwight. -Original Message- From: Andrew Xiang [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: Thursday, April 05, 2001 6:35 AM I am a newbie in pcb

Re: [PEDA] Strange SP6 library file dates

2001-05-07 Thread Dwight Harm
Actually, I'd expect this to happen in SP5 also. Anything that opens a .ddb causes the file date to be updated, as Access updates the last referenced information inside the database. VERY annoying. I've set all the Protel libs to read-only to avoid this. I always copy parts out of the Protel

Re: [PEDA] Split plane modifications

2001-05-07 Thread Dwight Harm
Yes, just those 2 simple changes would make it a lot easier to use. I especially find it hard to pick up the mid-point -- sometimes it's hard to even see it, with the default color scheme; and if the line is not horizontal or vertical, the mid-point will frequently be enough off my grid that I

Re: [PEDA] Bug in design manager?

2001-05-07 Thread Dwight Harm
, there is a quicker way to correct the situation -- after re-opening, do Design | Update parts in Cache. It looks like you already reported this to Protel... maybe it'll be in SP7. :) Dwight. -Original Message- From: Coleman, Tim [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2001 9:30

Re: [PEDA] System Status

2001-05-07 Thread Dwight Harm
The link listed in the signature, , doesn't work (from IE, anyway)... looks like the server is case-sensitive, as does work. -Original Message- From: Forum Administrator [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent:

Re: [PEDA] Legend string problem (to Ian)

2001-05-07 Thread Dwight Harm
It shows up for me, as 12th (last) record when sorted by date (the default?) -- clicking date again reverses the sort, so it shows up as the first one, dated 2001/04/26. Oh, maybe you were looking at the discussion threads? ... go to Database, then choose Bug List. If you're already signed in

Re: [PEDA] Possible Protel Win2K conflict.

2001-05-07 Thread Dwight Harm
Interesting... I had never tried that function before, but it does FAIL on my machine that has P99SEsp6 installed, and works on two other machines w/o Protel, but there are a lot of other differences between the machines. FTR, the message (which occurs immediately upon selecting Manage from the

Re: [PEDA] Schematics to Netlist Integrity question.

2001-05-07 Thread Dwight Harm
dot! Apparently the wire had been accidentally dragged off the intersection. If none of the ideas offered by the various writers seem to apply, I hope Mr. Wahab will send the file to Protel, so they can determine whether it is user error or program error. Dwight. -Original Message- From

Re: [PEDA] Spam trawlers in this group

2001-08-24 Thread Dwight Harm
I've gotten only 2 spams that I believe were related to my postings here. One was about 3 weeks ago, from Marcel Electronics International (MEI), a PCB fab. The other was about 6 months ago, from a headhunter, Electronic Power Source - EPS-AZ, who actually posted to the list a few months ago (on

Re: [PEDA] Creating/implementing IC socket PCB decals

2001-09-04 Thread Dwight Harm
-- something I usually forget to do. Dwight Harm Trax Softworks, Inc. -Original Message- From: Ian Wilson [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: Tuesday, September 04, 2001 3:57 PM snip We take the view that any socketed items are actually part of a higher level assembly than the PWA (printed

Re: [PEDA] Pad with multiple holes surrounding it.

2001-09-19 Thread Dwight Harm
For an additional visual reminder when building such a multi-pin part, I use one dot (circle) style pin the rest regular, so the schematic symbol has a pin going through the circle. Dwight. -Original Message- From: Geoff Harland [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: Tuesday, September 18

Re: [PEDA] Virtual Shorts

2001-09-21 Thread Dwight Harm
I was wondering, Mark, was the issue that you wanted to test the nets before assembly? Or was it just in case of problems after assembly? For the second case, you might use a virtual short on the top or bottom layers, which could be cut if need be. -Original Message- From: Mark E

[PEDA] Can't use polygons on plane layers?

2001-09-25 Thread Dwight Harm
rectangular fills. Am I missing something? (I've also found I have to turn off the display of the layer with the large polygon if I want scrolling to be reasonably responsive.) TIA, Dwight Harm Trax Softworks, Inc. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * To post a message

Re: [PEDA] update schematic problem ??

2001-09-26 Thread Dwight Harm
Only schematic pages that are open when you hit Update Schematics will be changed. I think it's always been like that. I also found that Update parts in Cache only affected the open schematic pages, at least after I was in this 'partially updated' state. -Original Message- From: Jon

[PEDA] Loop removal deletes vias in manual route?

2001-10-22 Thread Dwight Harm
I have a board that was mostly auto-routed. I'm finishing it up, and find that if I have automatically remove loops checked, when I finish manually routing a net (right-clicking once), any vias I put down in the process are deleted! If I turn OFF loop removal, the vias remain. The problem

Re: [PEDA] Loop removal deletes vias in manual route?

2001-10-23 Thread Dwight Harm
to the program defaults. BTW, a member of the Protel support staff took the initiative and contacted me after seeing my post to the list, and worked to recreate document the problem. I'm impressed! -Original Message- From: Dwight Harm Sent: Monday, October 22, 2001 4:39

Re: [PEDA] Protel usage

2001-11-16 Thread Dwight Harm
Schematic, PCB, Powerprint, CAM Mgr, Autorouter, Camtastic (a bit). PLD I used a bit, but it was easier to switch to Xilinx's tools than to figure out how to get intermediate files from one to the other. (But it's a pain using Xilinx's schematic capture.) -Original Message- From: Edi Im

Re: [PEDA] Autorouter

2001-11-16 Thread Dwight Harm
Not doing anything too large, but mostly use autorouter, with some manual pre-routing. 300+ components, SMT thru-hole, 4-layer, mixed analog+digital. On the dense side (for me), 1200 pads on 5x7 board -- I'm happy to let the autorouter find a way! (Usually gets it about 98%.) -Original

Re: [PEDA] Complex to simple

2001-11-19 Thread Dwight Harm
web development team to fix. For future reference for creating a hierarchical schematic please refer to page 131 in the Protel 99 SE manual. snip - Original Message - From: Dwight Harm [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: protel support [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Monday, October 15, 2001 8:42 PM Subject: kb

Re: [PEDA] Protel usage

2001-11-19 Thread Dwight Harm
I find the Print mgr very useful reliable; you can carry PPC (Print mgr) files forward from one design to the next reuse them, so I'm not sure what you mean about having to repeat the setup. My one complaint is that it insists on rebuilding all the previews whenever the slightest change is

Re: [PEDA] Using Multiple Vcc for same part

2001-12-06 Thread Dwight Harm
that flipping is usually on a pdf file!). HOWEVER, much of this stuff IS personal preference -- to each his own! Dwight. -Original Message- From: Terry Harris Sent: Thursday, December 06, 2001 2:17 PM snip If someone needs to know exactly what supplies are connected to a chip I really don't see

Re: [PEDA] Wheel Mouse Setup

2001-12-08 Thread Dwight Harm
Steve, here's a comment from my archive that might help: -Original Message- From: Frances Wheeler Sent: Thursday, February 01, 2001 5:10 PM To: Multiple recipients of list proteledausers Subject: Re: [PROTEL EDA USERS]: Imperial - Metric Wheel Mouse That is easy -- assign the wheel

Re: [PEDA] Synchronizer Mystery

2001-12-08 Thread Dwight Harm
Some ideas that might help... - Any chance you have 2 components with J3 designator? Also double check the library symbol regarding both pin names AND numbers -- maybe there's a duplicate 10. - Have you run ERC? Make sure the error matrix is set to catch as many errors as possible. Dwight

Re: [PEDA] HI!

2001-12-08 Thread Dwight Harm
This list tends to be a little quiet on weekends, so I'll have a go at answering... I think most of the experienced users find it faster to create their own footprint from the manufacturer's datasheet than to try and find it in the Protel libraries. It's certain that if you do much design,

Re: [PEDA] Keepouts DRC

2001-12-12 Thread Dwight Harm
them back .001 mil, to avoid DRC errors without having to use a design rule. Dwight. -Original Message- From: Brad Velander [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: Wednesday, December 12, 2001 2:36 PM Rene others, it is timely that Sean raised this issue because I have been fighting

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