Re: [PEDA] [PROTEL EDA USERS]: Help with a daughter board

2001-05-07 Thread Phil So
Expanding on Andrew's fourth suggestion. Enter your board outline and do you component placement then get one or two sets of prototype boards made with no etching. There will be copper all over one or both sides of the boards. Maybe use one of those quick turn around places. While they are

Re: [PEDA] Protel news. Was: BGA Design

2001-05-07 Thread Phil So
was that the product should meet the needs of 80% of it's potential customer base. Often, trying to meet the needs of the remaining 20% of your potential customer base forces too much extra cost onto the 80%. The products developed using this philosopy did quite well on the marketplace. Phil So The contents

Re: [PEDA] Netlist error?

2001-05-07 Thread Phil So
. That is, the two nets became one that contained all the proper nodes. I did not investigate further since the deadline for several PCB's was imminent. Regards, Phil So The contents of this E-mail may contain information that is legally privileged and/or confidential to the named recipient

Re: [PEDA] New on-line PCB quoting service for Protel 99 SE

2001-07-11 Thread Phil So
Buried within Abd ul-Rahman's message Except for the perception that Protel is wasting resources on this. Protel, however, for better or for worse, has a history of providing us with things that we don't want and we must admit that sometimes, at least, they have been right and we

Re: [PEDA] a lib. for everyone

2001-07-25 Thread Phil So
the skills to develop such a web site. People are already putting time into developing Protel servers and sharing them with other forum members. Just a thought or two. Phil So -Original Message- From: Andrew J Jenkins [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: Thursday, 26 July 2001 05:56

Re: [PEDA] Logo's for FCC, UL and CE ?

2001-08-09 Thread Phil So
This issue with CE marking has caused many of us lots of headaches. Wading through the standards documents, it becomes clear that they are the work committees where all the members want to have their say, whether or not it is of value or not. How about changing the location of the tattoo to

Re: [PEDA] xls files

2001-11-14 Thread Phil So
Hello Wayne Save a copy of your ddb file to a safe place first, perhaps under a different name, before importing other files. We have had some trouble when non-Protel files were imported into the database. I don't remember the details but I think we were getting some sort of crashing. We were

Re: [PEDA] Protel's Good/Bad points (WAS:Using 3D)

2001-11-19 Thread Phil So
It's possible. PC hardware can exhibit problems. In all those MB of RAM, if a few bits flake out, it can crash a program. New PCs are on the absolute bleeding edge, which means some blood (and sweat and tears) is bound to be spilt somewhere. If Protel is the largest app (with your

Re: [PEDA] MS versus Linux wrt Protel

2001-11-21 Thread Phil So
If M$ doesn't listen to public outcry against activation and get rid of it, we will have no choice but to protest by ceasing to buy new M$ products. This means adopting Linux on the desktop. M$ has done the Linux Community an enormous service in disillusioning their existing Client