Re: [PEDA] BGA Design

2001-05-07 Thread ga
Dear Mr. Lomax, that would be good news, but is there any chance in getting this a little more precise? I am doing a board just now which will be routed in 2 weeks or so, and we are at this moment in the process of deciding whether to spend another $20,000 for upgrading our elderly SPECCTRA

[PEDA] [PROTEL EDA USERS]: Global edit

2001-05-07 Thread ga
Just another question in the same context. Is it possible in SCH to do a global rename of net labels with all different names, in order to add a letter to them? Example: I want to rename signals ABC, DEF, GHI, ... to Z_ABC, Z_DEF, Z_GHI, ..., without having to change every signal name manually.

Re: [PEDA] [PROTEL EDA USERS]: Resizing fills in PCB files (exSuggestions for improving Protel...)

2001-05-07 Thread ga
Thank you for the tip. I did not know this feature was implemented already. Gisbert * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * This message sent by: PROTEL EDA USERS MAILING LIST * * Use the reply command in your email program to * respond to this message. * * To

Re: [PEDA] [PROTEL EDA USERS]: Other mouse nuances

2001-05-07 Thread ga
Thanks, Bruce, that was a very useful hint for people like me, who only look at help files and manuals, if there is a problem, and thus may miss some nice features like those you mentioned. Regards, Gisbert Auge N.A.T. GmbH * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Re: [PEDA] [PROTEL EDA USERS]: Database Linking...a suggestedimproveme nt

2001-05-07 Thread ga
We disregard it. Gisbert Coleman, Tim [EMAIL PROTECTED] on 09.03.2001 09:51:03 Please respond to Protel EDA Forum [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] cc: Subject: Re: [PEDA] [PROTEL EDA USERS]: Database Linking...a suggested improveme nt Hi, To answer your question:   

Re: [PEDA] Does newest version of Orcad import well into Protel...

2001-05-07 Thread ga
Confirmed. I made the same experience when translating back from Specctra. Gisbert * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * To post a message: mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] * * To join or leave this list visit: * *

Re: [PEDA] Does newest version of Orcad import well into Protel.. .

2001-05-07 Thread ga
Hello Brad and Abd, Michael, you could globally change those vias to any sizing that you wanted, or you could selectively change them through selecting pertinent groups of the vias separately. You could detect the problem you describe with via sizes by setting several of the design rules

Re: [PEDA] Protel default Vcc hidden power pins

2001-05-07 Thread ga
I would suggest to drop this feature completely. It is a relic from the times when a chip had a power supply of 5V, and that was it. Abd ul-Rahman wrote: The feature remains almost as useful as it ever was. Further, it should be considered that there is a huge base of legacy designs which

Re: [PEDA] Strange behavior on unconnected pins

2001-05-07 Thread ga
Hi Terry, sorry, but I do not at all agree with you. As for showing no connect pins - it is about as useful as adding a few ficticious components to the schematic and marking them as not fitted and nothing to do with the design? These pins are not fictitious and have everything to do with the

Re: [PEDA] Cadence has been watching!

2001-05-07 Thread ga
Cadence runs a SPECCTRA forum under [EMAIL PROTECTED] * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * To post a message: mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] * * To join or leave this list visit: * * - or email - *

Re: [PEDA] Solder Paste

2001-05-07 Thread ga
Solder masks are treated like power planes in Protel. The same applies to paste masks. Anything you place on these layers shows up negativ on the board. Place a fill on a paste mask, and this area will not be covered by paste on the finished PCB. You can define rules for paste mask and solder

Re: [PEDA] schematic on my PCB ??

2001-05-07 Thread ga
Abd ul-Rahman Lomax [EMAIL PROTECTED] on 09.04.2001 04:59:22 Please respond to Protel EDA Forum [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: Protel EDA Forum [EMAIL PROTECTED] cc: Subject: Re: [PEDA] schematic on my PCB ?? At 09:07 AM 4/6/01 -0700, Peter Bennett wrote: Those are the idiotic rooms that

Re: [PEDA] Solder Paste (further suggestion added)

2001-05-07 Thread ga
Ian Wilson wrote: On 04:11 PM 6/04/2001 +0100, [EMAIL PROTECTED] said: Solder masks are treated like power planes in Protel. The same applies to paste masks. Anything you place on these layers shows up negativ on the board. Place a fill on a paste mask, and this area will not be covered by paste

Re: [PEDA] Solder Paste (further suggestion added)

2001-05-07 Thread ga
Hello Ian, stupid me. I get your point. Of course you are right. Sorry for not thinking twice. Regards, Gisbert Auge * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * To post a message: mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] * * To join or leave this list visit: *

Re: [PEDA] Possible Protel Win2K conflict.

2001-05-07 Thread ga
Hi Ken, no problem with Protel SP6 and WIN2K, as far as I know. I experienced a similar effect, though, but after having tracked that down it was a driver install/unistall problem of my AVM ISDN card. Redards, Gisbert I have found that when Protel is installed on a Win 2k machine, MY

Re: [PEDA] BGA Design

2001-05-07 Thread ga
I did, the defines are no problem. The BGA wizzard is fine with these definitions. You can define multiple via types, paste or solder mask extendions and apertures as you like it. I only would discourage you to try to use the Protel autorouter on a design like this. You need microvias and buried

Re: [PEDA] BGA Design

2001-05-07 Thread ga
Emanuel, some of the design rules export ok, others don't. Vias do, as for my experience. They don't translate back to Protel without problem, though, so you have to check and apply some glpbal changes to them after reimport, before you can do manual changes or ERC. So, I agree, it takes some

Re: [PEDA] Info about PCI specs

2001-05-07 Thread ga
They are out of spec. You may have a maximum of 2 inches only for the 64-bit extensions, the rest is 1.5 inches, clock is 2.5 inches. Regards, Gisbert Auge N.A.T. GmbH * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * To post a message: mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] * * To join or

[PEDA] Matched Net Length Rule

2001-07-09 Thread ga
Hi all, in the definition of the rule for Matched Net Length there is an item called gap. Does anyone know what this is supposed to be and how to alter it? In the respective properties window there is no such item. Regards, Gisbert * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Re: [PEDA] SPECCTRA interface

2001-07-10 Thread ga
Thank you, Michael, for the very useful information. Regards, Gisbert * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * To post a message: mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] * * To leave this list visit: * * - or email -

Re: [PEDA] Which library is used in UpdatePCB

2001-07-17 Thread ga
Hi, I also think it works like Andrew describes, for instance as for my experience. I came across this behaviour already in version 2.8, when I was merging libraries from different developers. But, for normal working situations why not organise libraries in a way, that there are no different

Re: [PEDA] need uMAX10 footprint

2001-07-17 Thread ga
Hi, here in Germany we (small company) have a serious problem with MAXIM, but also with LT and Lucent, just to name a couple of others. They all do great components, but when you want to purchase parts in SMD, especially SOTxx package, you are told that the minimum quantity is 2500 up, or

[PEDA] Bug when opening Protel

2001-07-17 Thread ga
Hi, I just noticed a bug which was new to me so far. If you open Protel and click on the little minimize window button in the upper right window corner while the files are loading, and then renew the normal window size some time later, the entrance picture Design Explorer 99 SE does not close,

Re: [PEDA] Bug when opening Protel

2001-07-18 Thread ga
Thank you, Konrad, that's a nice work-around. Gisbert Auge * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * To post a message: mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] * * To leave this list visit: * * - or email - *

Re: [PEDA] Logo's for FCC, UL and CE ?

2001-08-09 Thread ga
Jon Elson wrote: Right, the CE requirement is that all electrical components must bear the CE mark at the full accepted size (I think it is around 5 cm?). This includes EVERY component, including 0402 resistors! There are no exceptions permitted, and any unit bearing even one such unlabeled or

Re: [PEDA] Logo's for FCC, UL and CE ?

2001-08-09 Thread ga
Your description is more precise than mine. Thank you. Gisbert Heiko Vachek [EMAIL PROTECTED] on 09.08.2001 15:45:19 Please respond to Protel EDA Forum [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: 'Protel EDA Forum' [EMAIL PROTECTED] cc: Subject: Re: [PEDA] Logo's for FCC, UL and CE ? Not quite correct,

Re: [PEDA] Antwort: Protel 99 cannot auto-route BGA components

2001-08-14 Thread ga
Hi Gordon, could you possibly share your knowledge with the forum members? There are more participants interested in this thread (like me :-) ). TIA, Gisbert Auge N.A.T. GmbH

[PEDA] Antwort: duping parts in a multi-part component ??

2001-08-15 Thread ga
I do the parts just as you describe, and it works fine. In detail: - Place the 1st part (the one you completed already) on the screen - Mark it by selecting the complete area and do Edit/Copy - Click on a reference point - Place the 2nd part on the screen ( button). This screen should still be

[PEDA] Antwort: tenting vias

2001-08-23 Thread ga
Hello Ivan. tent the vias. You will most probably risk short under the BGA if you don't. By the way, I never understood why many PCB designs come with open vias, unless you want to use them as testpoints. Regards, Gisbert Auge * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * To

[PEDA] Preview Setup

2001-08-23 Thread ga
Hi all, is it possible to make global changes to the properties of a layer set in Print/Preview? It is somewhat annoying to have to make changes to layer settings 25 times for one set of layer definitions. Regards, Gisbert Auge * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Re: [PEDA] Spam trawlers in this group

2001-08-27 Thread ga
Hi, there seems to be a coincidence in receiving spam (with PEDA as subject !!) and posting to this group. After I sent some posts during the last fortnight, I received about half a dozen of spam mails, half of them from .au servers, the rest from elsewhere. Someone seems to collect addresses

Re: [PEDA] Antwort: FYI: addresses @ ib-systems (was spam trawlers)

2001-08-29 Thread ga
Hello aj, in a recent post to PEDA you wrote You simply add the discalimer that by sending ANY further email to your address they have legally agreed to the terms in your following statement (I'm not posting it unless someone really wants it as a template, in which case send a private

[PEDA] Antwort: ibsystems info

2001-08-29 Thread ga
Hi aj, thank you for the text. I tried to answer you directly, but it bounced again. Your server is refusing to accept mail to your address. ... while talking to RCPT To:target address 550 you are not allowed to send mail to target address 550 target

Re: [PEDA] Antwort: Spectra Interface to 99SE

2001-10-02 Thread ga
*** Todays forums are sponsored by Ian Martin Limited Engineering/Technical Placement Specialists *** Gordon, there is (was?) a special offer in connection with an OrCAD

Re: [PEDA] Antwort: Plane layer boundary question

2001-10-04 Thread ga
*** Todays forums are sponsored by Ian Martin Limited Engineering/Technical Placement Specialists *** I use fills instead of traces on power layers, but the effect is the

[PEDA] Antwort: Conflicting footprints and decals

2001-10-04 Thread ga
*** Todays forums are sponsored by Ian Martin Limited Engineering/Technical Placement Specialists *** Hi Brian, this will not be of much help for you, but consider like

Re: [PEDA] Antwort: True statement?

2001-10-05 Thread ga
*** Todays forums are sponsored by Ian Martin Limited Engineering/Technical Placement Specialists *** Hello, just another 2c: Try Mentor's Integra Work Station package, if

[PEDA] Antwort: Bus in schematic

2001-10-30 Thread ga
Hi Yuri, it cannot be done. What you can do is define a bus like SIGNAL[1..10] and place text strings on the wires showing the names originally wanted (DATA1-8, CLK,GND). Be careful with adding power signals to a bus! This may be a cause for serious trouble. Regards, Gisbert Auge N.A.T. GmbH


2001-11-02 Thread ga
Don Ingram wrote: I don't accept that the solution to this is to move to another product. We have spent a hell of a lot of blood, sweat tears over the years while trying to turn out a living with this product. That is exactly it !! Perhaps we should all buy some Altium shares and show up at

Re: [PEDA] Antwort: vias vs. pads

2001-11-13 Thread ga
works also fine in Protel. G. Auge Sean James

Re: [PEDA] Antwort: Multi-Part Components

2001-11-14 Thread ga
Wow, thank you, Colin, I did not know about this feature, and it's smart. Regards, Gisbert Auge N.A.T. GmbH * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * To post a message: mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] * * To leave this list visit: *

[PEDA] Antwort: Autorouter

2001-11-16 Thread ga
Hi Tim, we route large designs with SPECCTRA. Gisbert Auge N.A.T. GmbH Tim Fifield

Re: [PEDA] Antwort: Autorouter

2001-11-16 Thread ga
Ivan, what buttons do you push, i.e. what rules did you find significant playing around with? Just being curious ... Regards, Gisbert Auge N.A.T. GmbH

Re: [PEDA] Antwort: Antwort: Autorouter

2001-11-19 Thread ga
Steve, same here. Even medium designs won't route and end up with an unable to initialise. Does anyone know a reason and workaround for this effect? Regards, Gisbert Auge N.A.T. GmbH

Re: [PEDA] Antwort: Protel usage

2001-11-19 Thread ga
Hi, my use of Protel is - Schematic yes - PCB yes - Powerprint no - CAM Manager yes - Simulator no - Autorouter seldom - 3D Viewer no - PLD no - Arrange Components no - Autoplacer no, much worse than AR - PCB Miter

Re: [PEDA] Antwort: Using 3D

2001-11-19 Thread ga
I am using SPECCTRA for almost all boards I route, but I will gladly admit that Mike got a point there. SPECCTRA is very powerful, but a pain in the neck to setup and configure (pages of .do files to write, . ). I am always looking for a program which got the DWIT button, but did not find it

Re: [PEDA] Antwort: Reply1 MS versus Linux

2001-11-26 Thread ga
I can back that statement, Abd ul-Rahman. Last week I received a mail directed only to me from Protel support concerning the setup of the router. I had not turned to them directly; they had been reading my postings on this thread. Regards, Gisbert Auge N.A.T. GmbH

[PEDA] Antwort: router settings

2001-11-27 Thread ga
Hi Mike, I have no problem with posting the reply I received from Altium to the group. I don't know why this is being made personal, anyway, it's helpful. Maybe Abd's comment gives the reason for it. But, as I learnt from this mail, there are some articles in the knowledge base I did not check

Re: [PEDA] Antwort: Protel Crashes

2001-11-28 Thread ga
Hi, there is a small program called CTSPD ( that does conformity and plausibility checks on the EEPROM contents of SDRAM modules. If a module fails this check, it does not necessarily mean that it is not working properly, but that the EEPROM data

Re: [PEDA] Antwort: Altium Total Support Brochure

2001-12-06 Thread ga
You wrote on 06.12.2001 06:36:49: Altium tech support is nearly irrelevant right now, since this forum is extremely helpful. The last time I used Protel support was in 1996, when I first started using the program. I haven't needed it since. I am quite sure that I would still need it if

Re: [PEDA] Antwort: Altium Total Support Brochure

2001-12-12 Thread ga
You wrote on 12.12.2001 10:15:02: Bastards... Do they want to sell ICs or software? It always makes me mad. Rant off... goodnight.. Tony Both, Tony, ICs and SW. Therefore, whereever possible, I implement only devices into my designs which supply development software for free. Gisbert * *

[PEDA] Antwort: Keepouts DRC

2001-12-12 Thread ga
Not to my knowledge, but why would you want to do that? Gisbert Auge N.A.T. GmbH Sean James

[PEDA] Antwort: Altera and other

2001-12-13 Thread ga
You are invited to have a look at them under By the way, do you have a name, intellasys? Gisbert intellasys

[PEDA] Antwort: Test #2, Is this message getting through?

2001-12-13 Thread ga
It sure does, Brian. :-) Gisbert Brian Guralnick

[PEDA] Antwort: Find and delete Tracks without net

2001-12-13 Thread ga
Hallo Waldemar, if it still is possible to go back one step to the PCB with the components to be deleted, I would suggest that you do so. Then, in PCB editor, select Tools/Unroute/Components and unroute the components you want to be deleted. Then do the update PCB from Schematic. There should

Re: [PEDA] Antwort: Antwort: Altera and other

2001-12-14 Thread ga
Hello Mark, we use Lattice and Altera for programmable logic. ispDESIGN Expert (Lattice) is freeware. They call it starter, but it covers the M4 family up to M4-512, the complete ispLSI1K, 2K, 5K families, and 8K up to 8840. That is more than 90% of all the devices they do. For Altera we use

[PEDA] Antwort: 1206 4xresistor network footprint in downloaded libraries. Where?

2001-12-20 Thread ga
Hi, I can only warn you to use standard footprints without thorough check. Many of them are just useless without modification and should only be taken as examples. E.g. almost all QFP footprints have much too wide pads, and all DSUB and RJ connectors look nice, but do most probably not match

Re: [PEDA] Antwort: AW: Lattice pld

2002-01-17 Thread ga
You wrote on 17.01.2002 14:43:05: Georg, I had a similar problem, if I understand your question correctly. We have a product that used to use ispLSI2064 devices, and then we could only get the 2064A variant. Our programming software wouldn't work with it, as it detected the wrong signature. We

[PEDA] SPECCTRA interface

2002-01-17 Thread ga
Hi all, I did a design with blind and buried vias (7 signal layers, 3 power layers), which I had routed by SPECCTRA. All looks fine in SPECCTRA, but it won't read back to Protel (actually it will, but thousands of errors show up). I know I have to correct the drill size of vias manually, as

Re: [PEDA] Autorouting or manual routing, or both?

2002-01-22 Thread ga
Hi all, I agree with Remco, you always want to change something after the autorouter has finished. The DWIT command (do what I'm thinking) still has not been implemented :-) But I want to speak in favour of Swiss cheese, not only because of its excellent taste. It is true that an

[PEDA] Antwort: Specctra Autorouter

2002-01-24 Thread ga
Hi Gene, just keep in mind that the dongle drivers for V7 do not run under WIN2K (and probably not under XP either). There is no known workaround for that. No problems under W95 and W98. Regards, Gisbert Auge N.A.T. GmbH

Re: [PEDA] Antwort: Solder mask over via's

2002-01-25 Thread ga
Why don't you generate 2 sets of Gerber files, one with and one without tenting, and select the top soldermask with tented vias from one set, and the bottom soldermask with not tented vias from the other set? Gisbert Auge

Re: [PEDA] Antwort: Protel Multi License Special Pricing

2002-02-04 Thread ga
According to Altium Germany the additional license fee is EUR 3875, which is significantly cheaper than 3995 US$, if you take into account the exchange rate, and it includes ATS and update to Phoenix. Sounds interesting to me. Regards, Gisbert Auge N.A.T. GmbH

[PEDA] Antwort: Fun with PLD 99

2002-02-07 Thread ga
Hi Jeff, I know this might be of little help, but you should seriously think about changing PLD development tools. You got the Altera tools, so why don't you use them? There sure is a reason for most of us Protel users, as far as I know, not to use the PLD tools from Protel. MAX Plus is

Re: [PEDA] Antwort: Interactive Track editing

2002-02-12 Thread ga
Again something I was not aware of so far. Thank you. Gisbert Terry Harris

[PEDA] Antwort: need help with Setup Mechanical Layers, please

2002-02-13 Thread ga
If this is supposed to be joke, it is not funny. How did the attachment slip through the Techserv filter? Gisbert Ken Henrich

[PEDA] Antwort: Net Violations (Help)

2002-02-14 Thread ga
Probably the solution to your proble, is to uncheck the unrouted net constraint button in Tools/Design Rule Check menu, as long as the board has not been routed. Unrouted nets are always flagged the way you describe. This is very helpful when checking for remaining (partially) unrouted nets, or,

[PEDA] Antwort: Schematic symbols

2002-02-14 Thread ga
I don't think there is. This would be on my wishlist, though. Regards, Gisbert Sean James

[PEDA] Antwort: Writing messages all day . . .

2002-02-15 Thread ga
JaMi, I spend about 20 - 30 minutes a day with this list; maybe more, if I decide to write detailed posts, which seldom happens. It is really worth the time. The members of this group are giving professional support to all kinds of problems related to this EDA product I earn my salary with.

[PEDA] Phoenix

2002-02-21 Thread ga
Hi all, just a short note on Phoenix: Yesterday I visited Embedded Systems fair in Nuremberg and talked to Altium at their booth about what is the status of Phoenix development. Here is what I was told: - beta testing has not started yet, is planned to start by the end of March, maybe later.

Re: [PEDA] Antwort: Working with Libraries

2002-03-08 Thread ga
Abd ul-Rahman wrote on 07.03.2002 23:06:08: I find that sometimes the wrong library gets removed I've reported the bug, but Protel wanted more information and I never got a Round Tuit. This can be reproduced quite easily when several (more than 4 or 5) libraries are loaded. It has been a

[PEDA] Antwort: weird bug when clicking on tabs in workspace...

2002-03-14 Thread ga
I don't know of any fix, but this also is a known, old bug. Is it on the bug list already, Ian and Abdul? Regards, Gisbert rimas

[PEDA] Antwort: P99SE SP6 tries to outsmart me

2002-03-15 Thread ga
Rene, The update design has spurious errors. It may happen that changing a string ( 10k to 100k) in the schematic, leads to a hole bunch of actions during update design. Quite often remove a connection and redo the same connection. This appears to be some propagated errors. The probability is

[PEDA] Antwort: Limitations on InternalPlane layers

2002-03-15 Thread ga
Kiernan, I'm still on my first PCB under P99SE. I need to add quite a few extra routes, but the PCB is really dense. Can I route these on the InternalPlane layers? As the following text shows that you are talking about plane layers, I would strongly discourage you to do so, though it

Re: [PEDA] Antwort: Menu hotkey letters

2002-04-01 Thread ga
Steve and Heiko, thank you for the advice. Maybe I should have provided more details. Before posting the question, I had checked the menu properties, and they seem to be ok (including the ampersand at the correct position of the string). I have W2K pro SP2 installed, and Protel SP6. Perhaps

Re: [PEDA] flies in the archive

2002-04-10 Thread ga
What the heck do the flies do in the archive? ;-) Gisbert * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * To post a message: mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] * * To leave this list visit: * * * Contact the list manager: * mailto:[EMAIL

[PEDA] Antwort: Print preview bug on Arcs

2002-04-25 Thread ga
David, I cannot support your experience. I am just doing a board containing routes using arcs on different layers, and the print preview works just fine. Protel 99 SE SP6, Win2K SP2. Gisbert Auge

Re: [PEDA] negation character redux

2002-06-05 Thread ga
A workaround to those issues is: Print to Acrobat Writer, and then send to printer from Acrobat. Works fine with \ negation. Gisbert Auge N.A.T. GmbH

[PEDA] Power Planes in Layer Stack

2002-06-06 Thread ga
Hi, I'd like to report a bug (?) in the layer stack management of power planes. I set up a board with 5 power planes; lateron I found out that by efficiently using split planes I could reduce them to 4. The obsolete power plane was named Internal Plane 4. So I deleted this plane and renamed

Re: [PEDA] Power Planes in Layer Stack

2002-06-10 Thread ga
Abd-ulRahman Lomax wrote: What does the Stack Manager show? What shows in the Design/Split Planes dialog? Stack Manager shows: TopLayer MidLayer1 MidLayer2 InternalPlane1 (+3.3V) InternalPlane2 (GND) MidLayer3 MidLayer4 MidLayer5 MidLayer6 InternalPlane3 (+2.5V) InternalPlane4 (VCC) MidLayer7


2002-06-25 Thread ga
Hi, when I try to generate a BOM from SCH in spreadsheet format, I receive an error message: CLIENT99SE: License information for TF1Book is invalid. What's that? Generation of BOM in Protel format works okay. Protel99SE SP6. Win2K. Gisbert Auge N.A.T. GmbH

Re: [PEDA] Antwort: Images and Schematic Templates

2002-07-03 Thread ga
I have been following this thread (and others on the same topic before) with some astonishment. I placed a .TIF file with our company logo on the schematic templates long time ago, which is stored in only one location, far away from any protel files, and it just works fine with any project I

[PEDA] Routing Layers and Export to SPECCTRA

2002-07-05 Thread ga
Hi, I don't recall if this was brought up before, but there is a very irritating bug in the influence of Rules/Routing layers and the SPECCTRA export function. It is easy to reproduce. Do the following: Take a multilayer PCB (no matter how many layers, but at least one inner routing layer) and

Re: [PEDA] Antwort: Speaking of Protel Bugs.

2002-07-23 Thread ga
Tony, you wrote on 23.07.2002 04:47:57: Speaking about the ability of any other Windows Application: I really HATE IT when I'm working on a document in MS Word and I decide to change my print driver for HP Laserjet to Acrobat and all my FRICKIN' PAGE FORMATTING CHANGES!! You what that to be

Re: [PEDA] Speaking of Protel Bugs.

2002-07-24 Thread ga
JaMi, aren't you mixing up some things in this discussion? See my comments below. I also eventually found this forum, which has been of some help. The problem here is that in general everybody refuses to realize or acknowledge that this (as with many other things) is a bug, notwithstanding the

Re: [PEDA] Speaking of Protel Bugs. - Flame start!

2002-08-01 Thread ga
You make your point very clear, Ian. I am with you. Concerning the bug list you manage: Did you add the bug in gerber generation of renamed layers and the bug in translating layer information to Specctra to the list, which I described some weeks ago? I never received any comment to these mails.

Re: [PEDA] Speaking of Protel Bugs. - Flame start!

2002-08-14 Thread ga
Keep this fight off the forum! Mail it directly to the person(s) you want to address, if you think it appropriate. Did they not teach you manners when you were young? Obviously not. Most probably you will start shouting at me now. Send your insults to my given eMail address, not to the forum.

Re: [PEDA] Speaking of Protel Bugs. - Flame start!

2002-08-14 Thread ga
- ga@nateurope. com An: Protel EDA Forum [EMAIL PROTECTED] Kopie

Re: [PEDA] Gerber and Specctra bugs

2002-08-14 Thread ga
Hi Ian, thank you for the quick response. Here are the details: snip What would be really really helpful would be you laying out the info in the following form so I can copy and paste. Date: 2002/01/28 sort of format (/mm/dd) Summary: PCB: Gerber gerneration of renamed layers is (wrong?)

[PEDA] DXP and Specctra

2002-08-27 Thread ga
Hello, just a short question, as I did not have the time to evaluate the DXP trial so far: In the documentation/tutorials Altium placed on their website concerning DXP I did not find a single word about a Specctra interface. Does DXP have such an interface like 99SE or not, and did anyone test

[PEDA] Antwort2: 99SE Crashes when trying to close design

2002-08-27 Thread ga
Hi Matt, another point I forgot to mention: If you have launched Protel without loading the DDB (by pressing the STRG key while Protel is loading), you can then try the repair function on the DDB that crashes your system (Down Arrow/Design Utilities/Repair). You can only repair DDBs which are

[PEDA] Antwort: Bizzare and Repeatable

2002-08-30 Thread ga
Hello JaMi, the effect you describe This time, however, rather than wait for Protel to load, I hit the minimize button while it still has its little Protel Logo Box in the center of the screen, and is starting to load files, and it dissappears into the taskbar, so I can launch PowerDesk (or

[PEDA] Antwort: Service Pack 7 - or free DXP

2002-08-30 Thread ga
JaMi, I support your views on another service pack. There are several long-known bugs, which should be fixed as far as possible. M$ still delivers service packs for Win2K, although Win XP is the product sold today. Altium should do the same. Mit freundlichem Gruß Kind regards Gisbert Auge

Re: [PEDA] GTC - Guaranteed To Crash

2002-09-11 Thread ga
Hi, I cannot confirm this behaviour. The given procedure works absolutely fine here, just toggles the 3 layers. W2K SP3, 99SE SP6, but not all the other processes you mentioned, just Lotus. Mit freundlichem Gruß Kind regards Gisbert Auge N.A.T. GmbH

[PEDA] amount of mails on PEDA

2002-09-11 Thread ga
Hi group, since this SP7 stuff is being discussed, I typically have 100+ emails from the forum every day, instead of 10-30 before. Yes, I also would like to have SP7, but I suggest going back to normal. If someone wants to add JaMi's Ceterum censeo ... to every mail as a reminder for Altium,

Re: [PEDA] OT - DXP Forums Membership

2002-10-07 Thread ga
Ivan, I can back this. I opened 3 Yahoo member accounts with different email addresses for different purposes, and did not receive any spam so far. Of course, when opening the account, you must uncheck all the pre-checked options for information they want to supply you with. If you do that, no

Re: [PEDA] what is Fan out?

2002-10-18 Thread ga
Miker, you are of course correct, but I don't think that this meaning of fanout was questioned. Fanout also means routing a short trace to escape from a SMD pad, and then placing a via to connect to an inner layer or a plane. Mit freundlichem Gruß Kind regards Gisbert Auge N.A.T. GmbH

Re: [PEDA] Top Notch Talent for Troubleshooting.

2002-10-18 Thread ga
Baseball bats are also sometimes used as weapons, if you don't have a gun handy (yes, in the U.S. you can still own guns, thank God!). Ivan, I am sure the people especially in the Washington area are very pleased about this fact at the moment. Regards, Gisbert * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

[PEDA] Antwort: Error when creating and opening a new shematic.

2002-10-22 Thread ga
Waldemar, I remember a similar situation. You could try two approaches: 1. save the DDB in spite of the error messages, close it. and do a repair on this DDB. This helped me in one case. 2. Create a new DDB, and copy all documents from the DDB with the error message into the new one, and then

[PEDA] Antwort: 99SE SP6 gerber file names transposed

2002-11-07 Thread ga
Hi Dave, if you ever renamed layers in the layer stack manager you get these strange results. It is a bug I reported some months ago. If you remember how to rename them to their original names, that might help. If not, no chance (to my knowledge). Maybe a copy of layer by layer to a clean

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