Re: [PEDA] Introducing Protel DXP..Support Options?

2002-03-20 Thread Gary Packman

I wonder if they  improved the Autotrax BOM generator in this version. I don't
see any mention of it in the fanfare. Too bad.  That would've be a giant step
forward.  I won't even ask about a functioning simulator.

At this point in time I have a fairly reliable ecad system, the core of which is
99SE. After amassing a huge body of knowledge (otherwise called workarounds)
and support programs (PSPICE and others) I have a usable functioning system.
The only thing I would ever buy from Protel again are specific fixes to the
things that were supposed to be funtional integrated components of 99SE (98 for
that matter).  I would rather pay $50 or a $100 for SP7 and SP8 for actaul fixes
than shell out another couple grand for vaporware and ethereal promises
(Protel's forte).  But, there's a whole new ocean of fish born every year and
I'm confident that Protel's marketing team will be more reliant on the fish than
veteran users. Personally,  I'm going to wait to hear what the fish are saying a
year or so from now before I do any more biting.

Thanks to all the people who contribute regularly to this group. Without this
group I probably would have quit at 98 and moved onto something else.
Gary Packman

Jenkins, Charlie wrote:

 We should have all seen this announcement.  This was the first time I saw
 the October, 2001 date referenced as the grandfather date for free ATS
 support.  I previously thought that all the 99SE users would get ATS and
 hence the DXP update at no charge for the first year.  This does not appear
 to be the case.  Now my question is when should I pay the $2000 to start my
 ATS subscription?


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Re: [PEDA] Introducing Protel DXP..Support Options?

2002-03-19 Thread HxEngr

Re: [PEDA] Introducing Protel DXP..Support Options?

2002-03-19 Thread Brad Velander

Protel/Altium has screwed us over and kept existing P99SE users in
the dark regarding ongoing policies and pricing. (Gee, anybody notice or
care that they are continuing this strategy, even at this late date with the
DXP release on the cusp.) To our company this means that as of about two
months ago our annual budget contains $0 for Protel support or upgrades this
year. This is also greatly influenced by the fact that Protel historically
just doesn't deliver what it promised.

Seems very nonprofessional, unbusiness-like and thoughtless that
Protel has kept existing users in the dark for the last 6 months or more
over ATS support and the new version release. They obviously do not apply
any importance to existing users being able to accurately budget and allow
for significant capital expenditures within their departmental/company
budgets. It is tantamount to their programmers promising a brand new
fantastic release of Protel but supplying no budget, no release date and no
feature list or spec. Then at the last moment, when it is completed, hitting
the company with a bill for the task but the company can't check the
function nor operation until they pay for the code. How would their
executive deal with such an issue, why are we expected to have to deal with
such issues in this manner?

Great job Protel/Altium, you have screwed yourselves. All your fancy
revenue generating ideas/programs will have a net $0 revenue (for 5
licenses) as far as Norsat is concerned.

Brad Velander.

Lead PCB Designer
Norsat International Inc.
Microwave Products
Tel   (604) 292-9089 (direct line)
Fax  (604) 292-9010

See us at Booth S8155 at NAB 2002 in Las Vegas April 8 - 11.

 -Original Message-
 Sent: Tuesday, March 19, 2002 9:18 AM
 To: Protel EDA Forum
 Subject: Re: [PEDA] Introducing Protel DXP..Support Options?
 I think they're not likely to get any more money out of me 
 for a while. Thus 
 far, everything that's promised in the new version (which is 
 going to be 
 released in Q1, thus within 12 days, even though it doesn't 
 seem to be in 
 beta yet), is exactly the same as we were promised (and paid 
 for) in 99SE. 
 Even assuming they've cleaned up their act and got most of 
 the bugs out 
 (seems a risky assumption, given the amount of beta testing 
 it appears to 
 have had), they're just finally delivering what I bought two 
 years ago. Thus 
 they should give it to all 99SE licensees for free - 
 actually as a delivery 
 on the promises they made with 99SE. But I'm not holding my 
 Steve Hendrix

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