Re: [protext] installation error; Adobe Acrobat 7.0 freezes

2006-05-04 Thread Karl Berry
Hello Mira, I am able to open other PDFs, such as my unrelated personal files, and also other PDF files in the proTeXt distribution, such as doc/lshort.pdf. I still fear a problem with Acrobat. The proTeXt pdf makes use of the run feature, which I don't think any other pdf's in

Re: [protext] dvipdfm error with including graphics

2006-05-18 Thread Karl Berry
Hi Tim, Didn't find endobj Does miktex provide dvipdfmx (as well as dvipdfm)? If so, I advise trying that (dvipdfm is no longer maintained). If not, I believe you can get the binaries from If you try dvipdfmx and it fails, please write the

Re: [protext] LATEX Software Required

2006-07-05 Thread Karl Berry
Dr. Khare, I am a researcher in the field of mathematics and wish to install the LATEX software on my computer system for typesetting my research articles. How Ca I Get this facility? Kindly Help Me. You can download the protext distribution from

Re: [protext] Fw: installation failure, help!

2006-09-06 Thread Karl Berry
Greetings, Overall, it seems like you haven't yet been able to download a clean copy. There are indeed two versions -- protext.exe, which is 425,968,887 bytes, and, which is 394,582,929 bytes. If your downloaded files aren't exactly those sizes, they definitely got corrupted

Re: [protext] help: maketfm: No creation rule for font ptmb.

2006-09-10 Thread Karl Berry
! Font \secfnt=ptmb at 12.0pt not leadable: Metric TFM file not found. I have been told that MiKTeX (and hence proTeXt) does not include the original PostScript tfm files like ptmb.tfm, ptmr.tfm, etc. They are virtual font (.vf)-based tfm files that were the original mechanism for using

Re: [protext] Enquiry: proTeXt version for download [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

2006-09-22 Thread Karl Berry
Hi Michelle, I am currently evaluating proTeXt for installation on the Australian Defence network. Wow! 1. There are two software versions for download at with the same timestamp (28-Oct-2005 22:03): protext-1.3.exe and

Re: [protext] Enquiry: proTeXt version for download [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

2006-09-25 Thread Karl Berry
Hi Michelle, Is it possible to get the proTeXt installation package without the WinEdt editor as this software is not required? Yes. It's entirely optional whether you choose to install it (or use it) even now. And as Thomas said, it'll be removed entirely in the next version. Best, k

Re: [protext] Protext too big for me to download

2006-10-03 Thread Karl Berry
Hi Jodi, [Your original message to the list was mangled by me and the mail software; long story. Appending it here for the record.] You can get a protext cd from tug for $40 + $2 shipping. This is what was released last year, and it should still be just fine for most

Re: [protext] Enquiry: proTeXt version for download [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

2006-10-04 Thread Karl Berry
Hi Michelle, postscript files but my Defence client has had problems with opening .ps Perhaps others will correct me, but somehow I was under the impression that Acrobat has never been able to read general .ps files -- only .pdf. I empathize with your desire to minimize the number of

Re: [protext] Installing Tex on Windows XP Edition x64

2006-10-28 Thread Karl Berry
Hello Dr. Clements, install program failed Was there an error message? Did the extraction seem to go ok? I wonder if the download could have been corrupted, which seems to happen surprisingly often. Can you check the file size and/or checksum with what's on the server? are you aware

Re: [protext] LaTex for Windows XP Professional x64?

2006-11-16 Thread Karl Berry
Hi Vincent, I have never used Latex before but I would like to use it for writing up my thesis and my publications. Glad to hear it. thesis and my publications. I am working on Windows XP Professional x64. Is the I can't recall that particular version being cited, but I know

Re: [protext] question Latex

2007-01-17 Thread Karl Berry
Hi Sophie, I'm sorry for the problems. Perhaps the download was simply corrupted somewhere; were there any error messages when you clicked on the links in the document? Perhaps downloading the basic MiKTeX will work better for you. Take a look at ... Hope this

Re: [protext] downloading problems

2007-01-31 Thread Karl Berry
Hi Myrna, Thomas, and all, Some TeX User's group offer ProTeXt on DVD/CD for a small amount (BTW: Karl, can people get ProTeXt from TuG this way?), perhaps this is an Yes -- you can either join TUG ( and get it as part of membership, or purchase it separately

Re: [protext] downloading the protext

2007-02-07 Thread Karl Berry
it will be really helpful if there is a torrent file for the protext. It would be most welcome. Can you set it up? ___ protext mailing list

Re: [protext] Installation dialog in German?

2007-03-03 Thread Karl Berry
Hi James, Why is the install dialog in German? Somehow I thought that the first thing it did was ask what language you wanted to use. I know the main pdf installation document is available in English (protext-install-en.pdf), so if you can just get to that point, you should be ok. Thomas,

Re: [protext] Installation dialog in German?

2007-03-05 Thread Karl Berry
I didn't see an ISO for the current version of proTeXt. There's no mention of it on the web page The situation had been in flux for a while, just now resolved. Happily, now the ISO's are available from a couple of sites, including Thomas'. I added links to

Re: [protext] embedding a picture(*.eps)

2007-04-24 Thread Karl Berry
You should be able to convert from EPS to PDF using the epstopdf utility. Unfortunately, that's a command-line utility, and I don't if there is a graphical front end for it. Siep Kroonenberg has written a GUI graphics conversion program for Windows (and other platforms):

Re: [protext] A Quick Question

2008-02-21 Thread Karl Berry
Hi Vafa, 1- Are you considering any alternatives to TeXnicCenter since it seems to not being updated anymore? I'm not sure there's any obvious alternative right now. Do you have any suggestions? We are sponsoring development of a new cross-platform front-end that I hope will be ready

Re: [protext] PDF demands

2008-03-19 Thread Karl Berry
It's bad enough that its footprint is the size of an entire CD (why, If you install everything, it's big, of course. The minimal subset to run LaTeX is comparable to OpenOffice (smaller, I think; I haven't checked recently). proTeXt is intended to be simple to install. Evidently you want

Re: [protext] Installing TeX

2009-01-29 Thread Karl Berry
Hi Rad, I'm wondering if you would have better luck with the latest version of proTeXt, which you can download from What we had on the CD at the JMM was somewhat old. (Nice to chat with you there anyway. :) Sorry for the troubles. Best, Karl --

Re: [protext] Downloading ProteXt-2.2.3-091410

2010-09-19 Thread Karl Berry
ProteXt-2.2.3-091410 from this site: I expect it is a network issue somewhere between your site and fernuni-hagen. It works fine for me. From where can I get the latest ProTeXt? Well, another protext release will probably

Re: [protext] To verify the License of the software.

2010-11-23 Thread Karl Berry
It is not the case that proTeXt as a whole is covered by the GNU GPL. It is a composite collection, and its pieces have numerous different licenses. They are all supposed to be free (as in the Free Software Foundation), but neither I nor anyone else can legally guarantee that. karl --

Re: [protext] configuration wizard-distrubution directory

2011-01-31 Thread Karl Berry
Hi Jen, failed to give us the directory code to put in the window that pops up after you download the program. So I was wondering what the code was for that? Unfortunately, I'm not sure what code you mean. Is it just the installation directory name? You can choose any directory on

Re: [protext] Latex software information

2011-02-24 Thread Karl Berry
Dear vendor We aren't a vendor, we're volunteers. Please can you tel me this product is free of cost or their is some charges to use this software. There is no charge for downloading protext. (There is also no guaranteed support.) Best, Karl --

Re: [protext] Some suggestion (Some typing correction)

2011-04-29 Thread Karl Berry
John, Thanks for your comments. The main purpose of proTeXt is to provide a simple way for people to get going with MiKTeX. We've found that providing a plethora of install options is counterproductive. If you want a customized installation, you can install TeX Live instead of proTeXt. TL's

Re: [protext] Information regarding PROTEXT2.X and 3.X - ECCN

2011-10-17 Thread Karl Berry
Hi Jeronimo, The truth is, we don't know the ECCN numbers for anything. We have been exporting software for years without worrying about it, and so have hundreds of other organizations. And, sorry, but I have no legal authority to fill out anything like your form. Protext, like all TeX

[protext] bittorrent and protext

2016-11-01 Thread Karl Berry
A user suggested distributing protext via bittorrent, and said that somehow http mirrors can be used as seeders. I don't know. Passing on FWIW ... Date: Tue, 1 Nov 2016 19:36:50 +0100 From: Elias Jonsson To: Karl Berry <> Subject: Re: protext.exe distribution I'm af