[protobuf] submessages that don't specify a package?

2015-04-14 Thread Matthieu Morel
Hi, I have some protobuf schemas I want to import, but they are defined in the default package (i.e. without a package), and I am not able to use them for submessages. e.g. schema1.proto: message A { optional string x = 1; } I am not able to use A as a submessage in schema2.proto: import

[protobuf] Compile-time lambda functions in .proto files

2015-04-14 Thread Joe Eagar
Hi. I independently came up with a ProtoBuf-like system, with an interesting twist I thought I'd share: compile-time lambda functions for controlling how objects are serialized. Instead of auto-generating class definition code, my system works with existing classes. Rather than writing