Re: Serializing Large Collections: SerializePartial ParsePartial

2008-11-12 Thread bmadigan
(in memory) at once? -bmadigan On Oct 22, 6:54 pm, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: OK, that makes sense. Thanks for the quick reply. I work at a seismic earthquake data center. We're looking at using protocol buffers as a means of internally moving around processed chunks of data. Seems to work pretty well

Re: null values should be treated as no value

2008-11-13 Thread bmadigan
I agree! Fail fast or don't fail. I wonder if there is a reason for not failing in the builder. Maybe fail fast behavior should be a compiler option. On Nov 13, 9:39 am, bivas [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, I'm using the Java output feature of protobuf for my app. I found that protobuf doesn't

Re: proto file naming and outer class collisions

2008-11-13 Thread bmadigan
the descriptor could be moved into the first class defined in the file but it will take some work and seems like a low priority. I don't think it ever makes sense to put the extensions inside some other class but not all protos have top-level extensions. On Thu, Nov 13, 2008 at 10:04 AM, bmadigan