[protobuf] Re: building the protocol buffers with MinGW-4.4.0

2010-01-04 Thread lucas_ro
provided an official release with GCC 4.x and AFAICT this is still the case. During the install I chose the current release.  Maybe you chose the candidate? On Mon, Jan 4, 2010 at 12:02 PM, lucas_ro florin...@gmail.com wrote: It's the official stable release. As I observed by searching the web

[protobuf] Re: Reading multiple protobuf messages from a binary file

2010-01-15 Thread lucas_ro
Yes, it is possible to serialize multiple protocol buffer messages into a binary file and then load them from one by one. Please see below my sample: 1. The file that describe the message I want to serialize: message Person { required int32 id = 1; required string name = 2; optional