[Proto-Scripty] draggable onEnd not executing in Safari

2009-02-22 Thread andras
hey all, i've created a very iphone-y slider element that is both restricted in overall movement horizontally (0-400px and it does not move vertically) and snaps to either side of the 400px container when it has passed the 200px mark and the drag has ended. It works perfect in firefox. In

[Proto-Scripty] Re: draggable onEnd not executing in Safari

2009-02-23 Thread andras
Can anyone help me file a bug report about this with webkit? Could this have anything to do with the safari image drag functionality? (ie you can grab any img and drag it out of the browser to download it) On Feb 22, 12:52 pm, andras andras.szerdahe...@gmail.com wrote: hey all, i've created