[Proto-Scripty] Re: more than one param for 'accept' in droppables api

2008-09-09 Thread ColinFine
On Sep 8, 10:12 am, elduderino [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I need to set more than one class for the accept param in the droppables api.http://github.com/madrobby/scriptaculous/wikis/droppables says  you can 'Set accept to a string or an array of strings describing CSS classes' but i've tried

[Proto-Scripty] Re: Form.Element#setValue

2008-09-09 Thread ColinFine
On Sep 8, 10:27 pm, Justin Perkins [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On Mon, Sep 8, 2008 at 3:35 PM, Alexey Bass [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: What I'm asking is that why this is not documented on Prototype site. Maybe it should be mentioned, but really Element#update is just using innerHTML to update

[Proto-Scripty] Re: How to display searched charaacters in autocomplete in Bold

2008-09-10 Thread ColinFine
On Sep 9, 10:12 pm, Jack [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi,     I'm using 1.8.4 latest scriptaculous library for autocomplete functionality. Everything works Perfect!      I would like to know if scriptaculous supports highligting the returned results. When I type say a in the textbox, then the

[Proto-Scripty] Re: Get value from table cell when table row have checkbox checked

2008-09-12 Thread ColinFine
On Sep 12, 5:10 am, Daniel Lopes [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Thanks Diogo... this fix my problem: function check_entries(){         sum = 0;         $$(#entries_list input:checked).each( function(e) {                 value = $(value_+$(e).id).innerHTML;                 value =

[Proto-Scripty] Re: Adding unique ID to AJAX request / response objects

2008-09-24 Thread ColinFine
On Sep 24, 1:22 pm, Eric [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On Sep 24, 5:43 am, emwebdev [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi there Hi! I need a way to uniquely identify a particular AJAX request / response cycle through some kind of shared unique ID or similar. The reason for this is that I have an

[Proto-Scripty] Re: JSON for Novice

2008-09-30 Thread ColinFine
On Sep 30, 12:27 am, Bobby.D [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Ok, I've fixed several of the problems, but something I don't understand: onSuccess: function(response) -- Where does response come from??? When used on individual instances, all callbacks (except onException) are invoked with two

[Proto-Scripty] Re: Form Checkbox Count

2008-10-06 Thread ColinFine
On Oct 6, 12:06 am, lesmith [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello Peeps. Hope you can advice me on how to do this. Im new to prototype so please be gentle. I currently have a form where clients can see a list of invoices. They can select a set of invoices via checkbox and hit the pay button

[Proto-Scripty] Re: Getting Text Nodes of Elements

2008-10-08 Thread ColinFine
On Oct 7, 7:42 pm, Hector Virgen [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Is there a Prototype way to get the descendants of an element that are only text nodes? Element.descendents() only returns elements. Thanks! -Hector It's neither Prototype nor part of a published API, but I have noticed that

[Proto-Scripty] Re: $$() and Element.observe() question

2008-10-29 Thread ColinFine
On Oct 29, 4:58 am, Robert Zotter [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: kimbaudi, Like you said, $$() returns and array of DOM elements. You just need to iterate over the collection and set up the observe event on each item. For example: $$('.class').each(function(element) {  

[Proto-Scripty] Re: Autocompleting text fields (customized)

2008-10-30 Thread ColinFine
[I hate top-posting, but that seems to the the norm here] Use 'informal' [1] Make your ajax call return lispan class='informal'Ada Noel/spanspan class='hide'[EMAIL PROTECTED]/span/li etc. Then have a CSS rule span.hide {display:none} The CSS will ensure that only the name is displayed to the

[Proto-Scripty] Re: Element.update()

2008-10-31 Thread ColinFine
@Gabriel: unquoted keywords can be a problem in IE for certain reserved words (eg 'class'), but in general it's fine to leave them unquoted, and I've never seen a problem from this in firefox. So I don't think your advice is likely to be helpful in this case. @cyiam: Be aware that 'innerHTML' is

[Proto-Scripty] Re: Simple, unobtrusive way to open all links marked external

2008-10-31 Thread ColinFine
I'm not certain of this, but I think that using 'invoke' will get you the wrong binding: invoke calls the invoked function as a *method* on each element, ie. the element will be passed to openNewWindow as 'this', not as an argument. I think you just want filteredResult.each(openNewWindow);

[Proto-Scripty] Re: Autocompleting text fields (customized)

2008-10-31 Thread ColinFine
, Oct 30, 2008 at 4:52 AM, ColinFine [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: [I hate top-posting, but that seems to the the norm here] Use 'informal' [1] Make your ajax call return lispan class='informal'Ada Noel/spanspan class='hide'[EMAIL PROTECTED]/span/li etc. Then have a CSS rule span.hide

[Proto-Scripty] Re: testing whether all elements in a div have a certain class

2008-11-03 Thread ColinFine
There is something very confusing about what you have said. In your text you say I can only pass the ID of the element through a function, in the code you refer to span_1 etc as the 'spanName', but then it is actually a class name. Is it really an ID, a name, or a class? You only exhibit a single

[Proto-Scripty] Re: Scriptaclous Problem

2008-11-12 Thread ColinFine
On Nov 11, 4:45 pm, alohaaaron [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: ... I also can't get the results to show by just the first letter.  Say if the list contains coffee and frank, I type f and just want frank to be found, not coffee.  But it shows both frank and coffee.  Here is the link here is the

[Proto-Scripty] Re: Ajax not working with IE

2008-11-17 Thread ColinFine
IE is picky about commas at the end of object literals. Try removing the comma at the end of this line: parameters: {query: this.value}, Colin On Nov 17, 1:27 am, bejitto101 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: My ajax works with FF but fails with IE. The code is quite simple:

[Proto-Scripty] Re: problem with draggable

2008-12-01 Thread ColinFine
On Dec 1, 7:26 am, Harry Porto Schroeter [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: hi it's possible to make an element that was inserted on the page by ajax.update draggable ? Yes. Either - pass 'onComplete' the name of (or a call to) a function in your original page which will do this, or - include code in

[Proto-Scripty] Re: which is the right ajax result container in a html table?

2008-12-08 Thread ColinFine
On Dec 5, 2:50 pm, Scrooge [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello, I have a simple problem for somebody who already dealed with it, but still after trying for several days, no solution yet: I want to use Ajax.Updater to dynamically update single rows of a table. Furthermore I want to use

[Proto-Scripty] Re: autocomplete variant

2008-12-09 Thread ColinFine
On Dec 8, 9:30 pm, macsig [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello, I have an issue with Ajax.updater. Since I'm a prototype newbie I guess it is something easily solvable. Basically I don't understand what I have to put as url. In any example I can find on prototype website they show '/some_url'

[Proto-Scripty] Re: I want to use autocompleter in an array of input text fields (name[])

2008-12-11 Thread ColinFine
On Dec 9, 11:31 pm, tumba [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, I'm trying to have a multiple input text fields with a name name[] so that I will be able to process them as an array with PHP and Insert them in Mysql. But as soon as I use the bracket, the autocompleter stops working. Is there any

[Proto-Scripty] Re: Is this a bug? an element is enclosed unexpectedly by an inserted method.

2009-01-14 Thread ColinFine
On Jan 13, 4:04 am, Hamamoto Noriaki norisu...@gmail.com wrote: Hey Kangax, Thank you for the reply. Do you think the reason of the problem I met is because of using div/ instead of div/div ? is Using /div prohibitted? Do you know why it happns? div/ is not valid in either HTML or

[Proto-Scripty] Re: reserved words for prototype and/or scriptaculous?

2009-01-16 Thread ColinFine
On Jan 15, 7:52 pm, geoffcox g...@freeuk.com wrote: Nathan, I am not getting this yet! Say I have following simple form - what is getData(evt.element().myform); sending to getData()? When 'send' is clicked, that function is called with the event as its argument. It finds the element

[Proto-Scripty] Re: reserved words for prototype and/or scriptaculous?

2009-01-19 Thread ColinFine
All form controls have a form property that is a reference to the form they are in, so why not:   getData(evt.element().form)) True! I've got so used to working in Prototype, I sometimes forget about good ol' Dom. Colin --~--~-~--~~~---~--~~ You received

[Proto-Scripty] Re: checkbox insertion/removal problems

2009-01-19 Thread ColinFine
On Jan 18, 7:43 pm, jmack159 jmack...@hotmail.com wrote: hello there, i have a form for a user to add an article to the CMS system. one section of the form, the user has the ability to attach publications that are already in the system to the article. one div (#attachSelect) contains

[Proto-Scripty] Re: Scriptaculous problem with option field

2009-01-21 Thread ColinFine
On Jan 20, 4:33 pm, rolfK r...@ibk-kellner.de wrote: Hello, Thank you for your fast response. But unfortunately your suggestion does not solve the problem. Using xyz as query, the following string is transferred: Without option field: query=xyz That is okay and as expected. With your

[Proto-Scripty] Re: Draggable and Droppable - Update Database (Very Close!)

2009-01-26 Thread ColinFine
On Jan 25, 5:41 pm, KaR kylere...@gmail.com wrote: Hi, I actually figured it out, there were a couple of errors in my syntax. However, I do have one question regarding adding multiple Droppables. Is there any easy way to just declare all the droppables in one line of code? For example,

[Proto-Scripty] Re: Hash#filter returns an Array?

2009-02-04 Thread ColinFine
On Feb 3, 2:18 pm, T.J. Crowder t...@crowdersoftware.com wrote: Hi, Maybe filter should be an alias of findall for arrays, but shouldn't it really return a hash for hashes? FWIW (and it ain't much, I'm not a decision maker on Prototype stuff), in my opinion it would be an _extremely_

[Proto-Scripty] Re: validation for alphanumeric field/sequence

2009-02-09 Thread ColinFine
Wow. I'm delighted to have provoked such an interesting and informative discussion. Somehow *just* falsy/truthy return values seem sloppy to me. It doesn't take much effort to prepend result with `!!` and document function's return value as that of type Boolean. I guess that's my

[Proto-Scripty] Re: Applying scriptaculous effects on CSS styles

2009-02-11 Thread ColinFine
On Feb 9, 2:49 pm, Eric lefauv...@gmail.com wrote: Hi, I apologize if my question is stupid (and it should be since I cannot find any reference to this idea anywhere) but I was wandering if it would be possible to use an effect on a CSS style definition instead of a DOM object. The

[Proto-Scripty] Re: Centering

2009-02-16 Thread ColinFine
On Feb 13, 2:57 pm, Alex Mcauley webmas...@thecarmarketplace.com wrote: because the body is not a dynamically added element !!! I want to add an element to the document dynamically and have it appear in the center of the screen no matter where the scroller is Well, if you ignore

[Proto-Scripty] Re: Draggable using variable div name

2009-02-23 Thread ColinFine
On Feb 22, 11:03 pm, craig bagley.cr...@gmail.com wrote: I'm generating div's dynamically based on the number of entries in a table, and I'd like to make them draggables as well but it's not working for me.  I think the problem is with using a ruby variable inside the javascript: drag=

[Proto-Scripty] Re: When?

2009-02-24 Thread ColinFine
On Feb 24, 6:14 am, Lox gecka.comp...@gmail.com wrote: Hello, When is prototype.js new release scheduled? Current version feature is getting old. Other JavaScript frameworks are going faster and are getting more modern Prototype.js does not even appear on that

[Proto-Scripty] Drag and Drop with conditional revert

2009-02-25 Thread ColinFine
I've been struggling to achieve something with drag and drop. I've found a solution, but I don't think it's very elegant, and I was wondering if anybody has a better solution. I'm dragging an object from one box to another. If it is a suitable dropsite, it fires off an Ajax request to update the

[Proto-Scripty] Re: When?

2009-02-26 Thread ColinFine
On Feb 26, 9:15 am, RobG rg...@iinet.net.au wrote: Further, complex CSS selectors tie your code to the page layout - isn't the idea to separate the two? I don't agree. As a rule it ties your code to the *classes*, and possibly to the hierarchical (and, one would hope, logical) structure of

[Proto-Scripty] Re: Delay Required after Ajax.Request() ... How to?

2009-02-27 Thread ColinFine
On Feb 27, 6:21 am, T.J. Crowder t...@crowdersoftware.com wrote: Hi, Rather than thinking of an Ajax request as a function call, think of it as a message you send out.  Send it, then get on with other things, or just wait (where waiting is not a busy-wait where the user can't do

[Proto-Scripty] Re: IE7 Timers Memory Leaks?

2009-03-03 Thread ColinFine
On Mar 3, 2:55 am, Tobie Langel tobie.lan...@gmail.com wrote: Hi again, BearState. Your confusing different things here. The behaviour you are describing isn't related to memory leaks at all, your most probably just passing the _result_ of a function call to setTimeout rather than the

[Proto-Scripty] Re: IE7 Timers Memory Leaks?

2009-03-03 Thread ColinFine
As for those who suggested that I could somehow use onSuccess:  in Ajax.Request to put off further processing until that event occurred, the answer is no, it doesn't wait.     OnSuccess: function () { doFutherProcessing() }   will do the futher processing before the results of the CGI

[Proto-Scripty] Re: DOM and drag and drop

2009-03-05 Thread ColinFine
On Mar 4, 3:51 am, janrmr jan...@gmail.com wrote: hi to all expert How can i drag an item when using DOM , so far I am receiving an error in prototype.js line 1903 element is null That error nearly always means that you're calling a Prototype (or scriptaculous) method on an element which

[Proto-Scripty] Re: observe select changes from javascript

2009-03-05 Thread ColinFine
On Mar 4, 4:14 pm, Matt Zagrabelny mzagr...@d.umn.edu wrote: Greetings, I am trying to observe a select element's value changing when its value changes programmatically. The observation works when a human changes the select's value, but not when the javascript changes it. I know that I

[Proto-Scripty] Re: Drag and Drop with conditional revert

2009-03-05 Thread ColinFine
On Mar 5, 12:30 pm, david david.brill...@gmail.com wrote: Hi ColinFine, Thanks for replying. I think that the method that will hide the element during request is as you say BAD :(( Yes I will do another way: - if dropsite is good, just lauch AJAX request, but before set a spinner inside

[Proto-Scripty] Re: Processing Ajax.updater response before updating container

2009-03-06 Thread ColinFine
On Mar 5, 3:55 pm, Steakfest j...@steakfest.com wrote: I just started using prototype and scriptalicous yesterday. I was able to get an Ajax update call working with very little effort.  Thanks to the community for such great documentation. In my framework, sometimes there is debugging

[Proto-Scripty] Re: DOM and drag and drop

2009-03-06 Thread ColinFine
On Mar 5, 11:03 pm, janrmr jan...@gmail.com wrote: oh I see.. so how can i register the id=image1 after the page load, so i can pass it to scriptaculous drag and drop? I'm really new in javascript and DOM so I hope you dont mind explaining to me and pointing me to the right solutions

[Proto-Scripty] Re: Array.without() problem

2009-03-06 Thread ColinFine
On Mar 5, 5:24 pm, webbear1000 normpo...@hotmail.com wrote: Hey peeps! I'm sure I'm missing something obvious here but I can't for the life of me figure out what's going wrong. I'm trying to use Array.without() to get rid of a number from an array in the fourth line of my code. The

[Proto-Scripty] Re: Creating a Submit Button

2009-03-06 Thread ColinFine
On Mar 6, 10:05 am, Michael Hauptmann mhauptm...@gmail.com wrote: Hi Tomaso, The submit is a input element. new Element('input', {'type' : 'submit'}) should work. Miguel Hang on, Miguel HTML has both input type='submit' and button type='submit', so Tommaso's expectation is

[Proto-Scripty] Re: How to correct the following code?

2009-03-09 Thread ColinFine
On Mar 6, 5:30 pm, SamuelXiao foolsmart2...@gmail.com wrote: Hi, David, it seems that periodicalupdater send request first, breaking down the preview code setting new Ajax.Request.  And the object is no longer refering to the gotopreview function. Because the firebug console returns the

[Proto-Scripty] Re: How to correct the following code?

2009-03-10 Thread ColinFine
expecting to happen, and what actually happens? Colin On Mar 9, 5:39 pm, ColinFine colin.f...@pace.com wrote: On Mar 6, ... read more » --~--~-~--~~~---~--~~ You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups Prototype script.aculo.us

[Proto-Scripty] Re: Bring element to top onEnd (draggable)

2009-03-11 Thread ColinFine
On Mar 10, 12:15 pm, Wouter Immerzeel wou...@tweed.nl wrote: hey hi I have an element which I wat to be on top (zIndex) after drag. but if I try f.i new Draggable(mydiv,{onEnd: function() {                                         $(mydiv).addClassName('whatever');                  

[Proto-Scripty] Re: How to correct the following code?

2009-03-11 Thread ColinFine
On Mar 10, 3:49 pm, SamuelXiao foolsmart2...@gmail.com wrote: Hi, ColinFine, in my javascript code.  The prev.js is to do links with URL preview.  It is expected to show a preview box with linked content.  However, in my testing, prev.js can work on its own, when it comes to using both

[Proto-Scripty] Re: Download page via prototype. with making all scripts on page. Help with code.

2009-03-11 Thread ColinFine
On Mar 11, 11:21 am, david david.brill...@gmail.com wrote: btw, the initialisation of the Ajax.update is strange, it should be: new Ajax.Updater(container, url, {options}) and for you the container parameter is {success: 'placeholder'} ?? shouldn't it be: var myAjax = new Ajax.Updater(

[Proto-Scripty] Re: AJAX filtering data - best approach?

2009-03-19 Thread ColinFine
On Mar 18, 2:21 pm, Chris Sansom ch...@highway57.co.uk wrote: At 05:51 -0700 18/3/09, Matt wrote: So, like, keep track of what options the user has selected and add these to an array or something that I can then use to send a $_GET request to my script? Specifically, use them to build a

[Proto-Scripty] Re: Chrome, Safari, Konqueror dHTML issue

2009-03-26 Thread ColinFine
On Mar 26, 8:56 am, Vladimir Ghetau vladimirghe...@gmail.com wrote: Hi Josh, Sorry, what I meant there was new Element('ul', {id: 'myul'}) Are you sure that is the only element with id 'myul'? This sort of problem is very often because browsers do not object to (illegal) duplicated element

[Proto-Scripty] Re: Misinterpretating Effect.morph()?

2009-04-02 Thread ColinFine
On Apr 1, 5:02 pm, ferion fer...@gmx.de wrote: Hi everybody, i got another Problem wis prototype Effects are actually script.aculo.us, not Prototype, but we knew what you meant ;-) $(widget.widgetId).morph('left: 100px; top: 200px'); is working perfectly. But i do want to move the

[Proto-Scripty] Re: Associative arrays vs hash

2009-04-03 Thread ColinFine
On Apr 2, 5:27 pm, Walter Lee Davis wa...@wdstudio.com wrote: I know, growing up as I did in PHP, I have always thought that its model of Array() was normal too. But JavaScript is a different, weird beast. Walter On Apr 2, 2009, at 11:39 AM, Diodeus wrote: It just seems that it's a

[Proto-Scripty] Re: how detect change in field value

2009-04-03 Thread ColinFine
On Apr 3, 4:27 am, Miguel Beltran R. yourpa...@gmail.com wrote: Hi list I want three thing 1: have a window with a table filled with many options and descriptions: OK 2: fill hide1 field when field1 value has enter manually: OK 3: fill hide1 field when field1 value has change using

[Proto-Scripty] Re: Finding tags inside CDATA section

2009-04-03 Thread ColinFine
On Apr 3, 8:48 am, marioosh marioosh@gmail.com wrote: I'm using javascript to hide images like below: $('mybody').select('img').each(function(elem) { elem.hide(); } How to do this when img tags are insinde CDATA section ? select method didn't found img tags inside CDATA :( I'm

[Proto-Scripty] Re: API Event.preventDefault()

2009-04-03 Thread ColinFine
On Apr 3, 10:51 am, T.J. Crowder t...@crowdersoftware.com wrote: Hi, Event#preventDefault isn't a Prototype function, it's a standard one:http://www.w3.org/TR/2001/WD-DOM-Level-3-Events-20010823/events.html Prototype does provide emulation of it on browsers that don't provide it

[Proto-Scripty] Re: Finding tags inside CDATA section

2009-04-07 Thread ColinFine
On Apr 7, 6:17 am, marioosh marioosh@gmail.com wrote: ColinFine napisał(a): Can you be more explicit about your problem? Colin so... it is feed reader. i have something like that: div id=feed_description    tag/tag![CDATA. img /   ]]tag/tag /div to show

[Proto-Scripty] Re: Help with binding

2009-04-21 Thread ColinFine
On Apr 12, 2:20 am, kstubs kst...@gmail.com wrote: So quickly I go from I got it, to scratching my head and I don't got it but, I have made your changes and it works!  I guess then I only need to _bind_ in the case where I define my function for my timer and in my Event _observe_

[Proto-Scripty] Re: Is there a way to determine absolute coordinates of an element on the screen?

2009-04-27 Thread ColinFine
On Apr 26, 10:56 pm, buda www...@pochta.ru wrote: this gets coordinates in a page but I need to translate them to screen Does Element.getViewportOffset() not help? Colin --~--~-~--~~~---~--~~ You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google

[Proto-Scripty] Re: Using this.arrayname to add data to an array not working

2009-04-28 Thread ColinFine
Your problem is that you are making (reasonable but wrong) assumptions about what 'this' is bound to. Inside a function (which is the only level of scope that Javascript has), 'this' is not set, and therefore refers to the global object (the window) unless you have done something explicit to

[Proto-Scripty] Re: script.aculo.us DragDrop on the serverside

2009-04-28 Thread ColinFine
On Apr 28, 8:41 am, Menon menonrajes...@gmail.com wrote: Hi, I am trying to implement Scriptacolus DragDrop for my asp.net/c# application. I am trying to put drag and drop for some of the components (divs - containing images fetched from the DB) those are created run time on the server

[Proto-Scripty] Re: script.aculo.us DragDrop on the serverside

2009-04-29 Thread ColinFine
PROBLEM I am able to drag the images from the Panel-1 to the Panel-2 below;but unfortunately unable to drop the image into the Panel-2. There are no errors shown too. Complete functionality works well if I place the controls on the client side, but doesnt work once the controls

[Proto-Scripty] Re: Using this.arrayname to add data to an array not working

2009-04-29 Thread ColinFine
As well as the references TJ gave, I've just read 'Javascript: The Good Parts' by Douglas Crockford (O'Reilly) and I can heartily recommend it. Colin --~--~-~--~~~---~--~~ You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups Prototype

[Proto-Scripty] Re: Addding sub div under main div

2009-05-05 Thread ColinFine
On May 4, 12:58 pm, mahi chiku.4...@gmail.com wrote: Hi all well i am a newbie in prototype.js and i had created a div element at run time using prototype functions now my problem is that i had seen various examples which are using body element to append any run time Dom element whereas i

[Proto-Scripty] Re: script.aculo.us DragDrop on the serverside

2009-05-06 Thread ColinFine
On May 6, 12:49 pm, sandy sandymc...@gmail.com wrote: Hi all, Still i am stuck on the same issue as above i.e. nothing is happening on dropping the image in panel-2.I am able to drag the iamge from panel-1 to panel-2 but the Droppable.add(...) is not firing .The whole code is same as

[Proto-Scripty] Re: draggable onEnd calling function

2009-05-07 Thread ColinFine
Alex has given you the solution, but I thought I'd explain it. var options = { onEnd: cool()} means Run cool(), and whatever the result is, assign that to the property onEnd var options = { onEnd: cool} means Assign the object cool (which happens to be a function) to the property onEnd If

[Proto-Scripty] Re: Adding a input box

2009-05-14 Thread ColinFine
On May 14, 10:09 am, mahi chiku.4...@gmail.com wrote: Hi I am newbie in prototype.js, here i am trying to add the input box it is working in IE  but not in mozilla . pl help me ASAP... var c =new Element('input', {'type':'text', 'id': 'var1Value' , 'value':'var1 default value'});

[Proto-Scripty] Re: Adding a input box

2009-05-15 Thread ColinFine
On May 14, 3:54 pm, mahen chiku.4...@gmail.com wrote: Hi all thanks  for replying.. no this is the correct value i am giving this by my own. well ya i tried the above solutions by direct inserting the input tag as Html but still its not working in Mozilla. Well my designer

[Proto-Scripty] Re: InPlaceEditor does not show up in place?

2009-05-15 Thread ColinFine
On May 14, 9:13 pm, Rob r_rec...@hotmail.com wrote: I'm new to script.aculo.us and trying to use the InPlaceEditor to edit a string on the same line as some HTML.   When I click on the text controled by the Ajax.InPlaceEditor() call it always displays the input control on the next line.  Is

[Proto-Scripty] Re: Custom JS breaking in IE6,7 - Tips on debugging?

2009-05-18 Thread ColinFine
Crockford's book (referenced in a previous reply) is only 150 pages long including the appendices, so it is really not a big read. Colin --~--~-~--~~~---~--~~ You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups Prototype script.aculo.us

[Proto-Scripty] Re: toColorPart

2009-05-18 Thread ColinFine
On May 15, 12:39 pm, Alaa ala...@gmail.com wrote: Hi, I am trying to use toColorPart function, but (10).toColorPart()   it works s=10; (s).toColorPart()//  Doesnot work !!! Help please What do you mean by 'works' and 'doesn't work'? What result are you getting? Colin

[Proto-Scripty] Re: Adding properties to native objects

2009-05-19 Thread ColinFine
This is a case when you really truly want just the facilities that Javascript provides (prototypes rather than classes), and using (pretend) classes makes it harder not easier. Date,prototype.isEaster = function() { ... }; etc. Colin --~--~-~--~~~---~--~~ You

[Proto-Scripty] Re: Auto Submit on AutoComplete Selection Help

2009-05-19 Thread ColinFine
On May 18, 9:19 pm, Scott Z kol...@gmail.com wrote: Can anyone point me in the right direction to making my form submit when a selection is made from the autocomplete suggestions? Thanks! new Ajax.Autocompleter( ... onComplete: function() {form.submit()}, ... ); Where I've written 'form'

[Proto-Scripty] Re: Adding properties to native objects

2009-05-20 Thread ColinFine
On May 20, 12:16 am, RobG rg...@iinet.net.au wrote: On May 19, 9:26 pm, ColinFine colin.f...@pace.com wrote: This is a case when you really truly want just the facilities that Javascript provides (prototypes rather than classes), and using (pretend) classes makes it harder not easier

[Proto-Scripty] Re: script.aculo.us Draggable event priority

2009-05-20 Thread ColinFine
On May 20, 2:59 am, jk jk.lists.questi...@gmail.com wrote: Is there a way to make any events registered by Draggable have the lowest possible priority?  I have tried to execute new Draggable at the last moment, but it still seems to commandeer mousedown event. Thanks. --jk Unfortunately

[Proto-Scripty] Re: findElements querySelectorAll error

2009-05-20 Thread ColinFine
It might help if you included enough of your code to make sense of. Since you have not told us anything about this.expression or this.mode, it's hard to have any idea what might be going on, especially since 'description' (which is what you are apparently asking about) doesn't occur anywhere else

[Proto-Scripty] Re: findElements querySelectorAll error

2009-05-21 Thread ColinFine
On May 20, 3:17 pm, pmac peter.mc...@gmail.com wrote: Thanks Colin for your response. I found the issue. IE8 does not like html element ids to start with numbers. If I prepend an X_ to the id, it works fine. One of those remarkable cases where IE conforms to the standard! ;-)

[Proto-Scripty] Re: How can I get a list of events fired by an object?

2009-05-22 Thread ColinFine
On May 21, 3:11 pm, Walter Lee Davis wa...@wdstudio.com wrote: I'd like to see what events are there for the observing, particularly   on an iframe. Is there a general-purpose way (or even some tab of   Firebug I haven't seen before) that I can see what events are being   fired? Some sort

[Proto-Scripty] Re: evalScripts and functions

2009-05-26 Thread ColinFine
On May 24, 3:24 pm, Michael mich...@michaelminella.com wrote:  However, in all of my scenarios, I've declared functions like this: var myFunction = function myFunction() {alert('hi');} and the calls to myFunction work just fine.  My question is...why does my way work?  According to the

[Proto-Scripty] Re: script a licious slider update with effect scrollto

2009-05-26 Thread ColinFine
On May 25, 1:46 pm, bambam007 spleensm...@optusnet.com.au wrote: I am using the slider and mouse scroll to scroll inside a div Now i want to add anchor button. so when i click the button, the specified div scrolls to the ID. and the slider updates accordingly. You can see my code

[Proto-Scripty] Re: evalScripts and functions

2009-05-26 Thread ColinFine
On May 26, 12:41 pm, david david.brill...@gmail.com wrote: @ColinFine, According to Flanagan's book (section 8.1.2) the optional function- name in a function literal is not assigned to a variable, but apparently lives in a special namespace of its own that allows the function

[Proto-Scripty] Re: App is not defined

2009-06-01 Thread ColinFine
On May 27, 2:45 pm, abhilasha sowjanyamit...@gmail.com wrote: Hi, I am using partials in my application.I have a cancel link (link_to_remote) in my partial which will update the div id.It is working fine.But,problem is it is throwing a error in firebug saying App is not defined in

[Proto-Scripty] Re: Trouble getting started with Prototype

2009-06-01 Thread ColinFine
On May 29, 4:04 pm, Alex arw...@mst.edu wrote: Thank you everyone. The problem was the absense of the /script. It's a common but wrong assumption that you can use the / notation for any empty element. The XHTML specification allows it only for elements which may not have any content (such

[Proto-Scripty] Re: OverLIB Clone - IE not appending to Style Tag - setStyle() sometimes not working

2009-06-01 Thread ColinFine
On May 31, 1:37 pm, Imbi Rehling imbil...@tpg.com.au wrote:  if(this.olc_divborder) {     $(id).style.border=this.olc_divborder+'px solid '+this.olc_bordercol;     /* $(id).setStyle({ border: this.olc_divborder+'px' +this.olc_bordercol+  'solid' }); */     this.diagnostics('div border set

[Proto-Scripty] Re: OverLIB Clone - IE not appending to Style Tag - setStyle() sometimes not working

2009-06-02 Thread ColinFine
On Jun 2, 1:37 pm, IMBI-Indie-Portal imbil...@tpg.com.au wrote: Thanks Colin, but, there is a space, if you check the source code page, It didn't fit to well into the post. As you can see, it works as a HTMLDOM style, almost the same code.. border: this.olc_divborder+'px'

[Proto-Scripty] Re: The parameter data getting fixed in Ajax.PeriodicalUpdater

2009-06-03 Thread ColinFine
Hello SKalra. Nobody can debug your problem without seeing any code. My guess is that the way your are writing it, the value you are passing for the parameter is being evaluated only once, when you create the PeriodicalUpdater, and is thereafter a constant as far as the Updater is concerned;

[Proto-Scripty] Re: OverLIB Clone - IE not appending to Style Tag - setStyle() sometimes not working

2009-06-04 Thread ColinFine
On Jun 3, 2:06 pm, Walter Lee Davis wa...@wdstudio.com wrote: Well, float is a kind of Number, so that's why you can't use that word   directly -- it's reserved by JavaScript, and 'you have to dance with   who brung ya'. In those cases, you can usually use css[the word] as a   substitute,

[Proto-Scripty] Re: AJAX request - select element

2009-06-15 Thread ColinFine
On Jun 13, 10:04 pm, fufolewe rentsch.dan...@gmail.com wrote: Hi, I have a simple problem which is driving me nuts: I would like to make an AJAX req which returns the whole page - select an element by its ID from the response text and update targetDiv with this element (myDivID). But

[Proto-Scripty] Re: AJAX request - select element

2009-06-16 Thread ColinFine
On Jun 15, 1:41 pm, T.J. Crowder t...@crowdersoftware.com wrote: 2. Alternately, use a document fragment[1][2].  This is to a large extent what document fragments are for -- holding copies of things and mucking about with them off-to-the-side.  I was surprised not to have an example lying

[Proto-Scripty] Re: How can apply CSS into element created by createElement('div')?

2009-07-02 Thread ColinFine
On Jun 30, 4:09 pm, serenobs seren...@gmail.com wrote: Hi. I wrote something like below: in CSS #Window {     background-color: #cc;     border: 1px solid; } in javascript var w = document.createElement('div'); w.id = 'Window'; With above code, CSS's property dosen't affect

[Proto-Scripty] Re: iterator.call is not a function

2009-07-02 Thread ColinFine
On Jul 1, 6:16 pm, Ian R i...@fairmountfair.com wrote: $$('div.fp_YouTube').each(function(el)  {         var player = el.select('.player');         var playlist = el.select('.playlist');         playlist.select('li').each(function(video)      {                 console.log(video.id);    

[Proto-Scripty] Re: Problems while upgrading from 1.5.x to 1.6.x

2009-07-06 Thread ColinFine
On Jul 3, 7:04 pm, El Bastardo elbastardo...@googlemail.com wrote: That's exactly what stands in the documentary and what already did not help me out. Should I literally write element.?? - WHen I do that it doesn't work and firebug gives me errors. Can't someone please type down the

[Proto-Scripty] Re: Client side searching

2009-07-06 Thread ColinFine
Have you looked at Matt Kruse's http://javascripttoolbox.com/lib/table/ ? It's one not-very-big javascript file that you include and then apply certain classes to headers in your table, and it sorts and filters on user action. It's not the same as you are asking for, but it may be that you could

[Proto-Scripty] Re: Each IE problem

2009-07-09 Thread ColinFine
On Jul 6, 3:00 pm, Celso cels...@gmail.com wrote: Why this only works in Firefox and not in IE? $$('input').each(function(e){         if(e.type == 'checkbox' e.checked)                 $('tr-'+e.id).morph('checked');         }); Thanks, Celso *Please* don't say doesn't work or

[Proto-Scripty] Re: Getting the value of a selected option

2009-07-09 Thread ColinFine
Incidentally, (not answering your question, which TJ has done) $$('#theme_choice').each(function(elem){                                 if (elem.selected) alert(elem.text + ' ' + elem.value);                 }); $$('#something') while valid, is almost always wrong. It says give me a list

[Proto-Scripty] Re: Is this proper use of bind?

2009-07-16 Thread ColinFine
On Jul 15, 9:41 am, keemor kee...@gmail.com wrote: Thanks for this tip, I didnt know that What about this fragment:  xhrRequestFake: function(e){                //now this is a li which I want to use to read id from                 itemManager.json = [{'key':'no'},{'key':'way!'}];      

[Proto-Scripty] Re: Slider doesn't work anymore?

2009-07-16 Thread ColinFine
On Jul 16, 1:22 am, bambell...@hotmail.com bambell...@hotmail.com wrote: I've made a quick search on Google and realised it's because the sliders are being created before the HTML elements are initialised (as script.js loads in the header). I used a setTimeout and it now works fine! Thanks

[Proto-Scripty] Re: Objects that return zero length

2009-07-16 Thread ColinFine
On Jul 15, 11:24 pm, Ron Newman ron.new...@gmail.com wrote: Guinness or Stout? Guinness is a stout, --~--~-~--~~~---~--~~ You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups Prototype script.aculo.us group. To post to this group, send

[Proto-Scripty] Re: Is this proper use of bind?

2009-07-20 Thread ColinFine
Let's look at the method checkAll in Contact object: var Contact = {     initialize: function(json,id_contact){ $('check-all').observe('click',this.checkAll.bindAsEventListener(this));     },     checkAll: function(e) {         e.stop();         this.contactChecked = [];        

[Proto-Scripty] Re: selectors failing in IE8FF3

2009-07-21 Thread ColinFine
On Jul 21, 10:42 am, Alex McAuley webmas...@thecarmarketplace.com wrote: Why would you want to use . in an id In most web programming a . or a :: means its a node or part of a class or something. This makes no sense to me why anyone would want to confuse js libraries and possible

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