[Proto-Scripty] Re: Odd behaviour with chained calls.

2009-02-17 Thread Daniel Rubin
sense any more. I think it could best be solved like this: $('sessionError').update(o_E.responseText).show(); (function () { $('sessionError').hide (); }).delay (20: Have fun Daniel -- Daniel Rubin dru...@dimedis.de dimedis GmbH www.dimedis.de Dillenburger

[Proto-Scripty] Re: selectors failing in IE8FF3

2009-07-24 Thread Daniel Rubin
ColinFine wrote: On Jul 21, 1:52 pm, Alex McAuley webmas...@thecarmarketplace.com wrote: Each to their own, everyone has their own coding practices and concepts. Indeed. I'm not about to start using '.' or ':' in ID's myself. Well... You have no idea how grateful I am you guys discussed

[Proto-Scripty] Re: Event.stop(event);

2009-07-29 Thread Daniel Rubin
Jeztah wrote: Morning guys/gals. I have some weird behaviour regarding Event.stop(); $$('.quickdetails').invoke('observe','click',function(event) { var this_href=$(this).readAttribute('href'); var element=this; var arr=this_href.split(/);

[Proto-Scripty] Re: Best way to turn an argument into Enumerable if it's not already

2009-08-04 Thread Daniel Rubin
mr_justin wrote: but the fact is, I have several arguments, not just one. I want to treat the first argument as an Enumerable, and the I see, that wasn't clear from the beginning. In that case, how about: elements = $A([elements]).flatten(); handlers = $A([handlers]).flatten(); Here's

[Proto-Scripty] Re: Using Ajax.Updater posts the contain form

2009-08-13 Thread Daniel Rubin
dpGoose wrote: Hi, I am using Axaj.Updater to retrieve a message from the server and it does do this but it also posts the form the Updater script and associated controls are contained in. I have followed the examples on the prototype site with modifications for my web server. Why is this

[Proto-Scripty] Re: observe by class name

2009-08-17 Thread Daniel Rubin
Russell Keith wrote: I am building a css table using div elements. I am trying to observe all the DIVs with a class name of oddRow but I keep getting JS errors. This is my first attempt at observing an entire class. Can someone please point me in the right direction. I thought the $$

[Proto-Scripty] Re: this keyword inside of the map function

2009-08-20 Thread Daniel Rubin
Andy Daykin wrote: Hello, I am having some difficulties writing a class, in my code I have a class where I need to be able to bind event listeners to values. In my code I want the variable pointerIndex to be accessible outside of the initialize function, but right now it is not. If I make

[Proto-Scripty] Re: to InnerHTML or not to innerHTML?

2009-08-25 Thread Daniel Rubin
david wrote: Hi molo, I think the innerHTML is the simpliest way to grab text inside a node. You could use prototype to do this, but treat your text node as a DOM node and use prototype traversal functions to get the node and verify its a text node. btw, not very interresting. On the

[Proto-Scripty] Re: this keyword inside of the map function

2009-08-26 Thread Daniel Rubin
. 4) The mapping-function takes a second parameter i, which is just the old counter i, but readily provided by the map-iteration. I hope this works -- I have not tested it myself. Have fun Daniel -- From: Daniel Rubin dru...@dimedis.de

[Proto-Scripty] Re: stopping the PeriodicalExecuter

2009-08-28 Thread Daniel Rubin
Walter Lee Davis wrote: You need to create a reference to the PE, and call stop on that reference. var pe; pe = new PeriodicalExecuter(...); ...later, in another script... pe.stop(); pe has to be a global variable, but if both the start and stop of the PE happens inside a

[Proto-Scripty] Re: Ajax.Updater - Sending form.serialize + other variables

2009-09-04 Thread Daniel Rubin
Senthil Krishnamoorthy wrote: Actually I want to pass form parameter as well as other my defined parameters to the Ajax.Updater. How do i do that. Basically Ajax.Updater is recognizing the either form.serialize or {} hash parameters. Anybody help me out how to pass the both in parameters

[Proto-Scripty] Re: Ajax.updater - after text has been inserted into element

2009-09-10 Thread Daniel Rubin
JoJo wrote: I tried to defer it, but that didn't work. It said this.element is null in Control.js. I'm guessing because the function wasn't deferred long enough to wait for the HTML to be inserted. new Ajax.Updater( 'placeToInsertResponse', 'ajaxScript.php', {

[Proto-Scripty] Re: Private methods for prototype class

2009-09-11 Thread Daniel Rubin
joe t. wrote: i tried Allen's sample in Firebug, and someVar is accessible from outside. aWorker.someVar = outside value; console.info(aWorker.someVar); // outside value Also works when a new instance of the class is assigned: var x = new aWorker(); x.someVar = outside value;

[Proto-Scripty] Re: .select on a combo

2009-09-21 Thread Daniel Rubin
speedpac...@gmail.com wrote: Hi Federico, the readattroibute isn't giving the issues; that works fine, and the alert does indeed return the expected value. The line in the code no longer working is selectedItem = orderOptions.select('[value=' + orderOptions.getValue () + ']'); Hi

[Proto-Scripty] Re: IE 8 Matter with Prototype 1.6.1 and Scriptaculous 1.8.2

2009-09-23 Thread Daniel Rubin
KammylandSoftware wrote: Also, I didn't mention something in the original post for this thread. The browser error always points to the following block of code in the Prototype.js file: var Enumerable = (function() { function each(iterator, context) { var index = 0; try {