[psas-avionics] Problems With The Flight Computer Log File

2013-06-14 Thread Nathan Bergey
The good news on Tuesday is that we ran the FCF on the actual flight computer, and even recorded a log file! I finally got to sit down today and try and read the data back out and found this: I didn't see any packet headers (only message headers), but that's fine, I don't know where those get

[psas-avionics] IRC and FCF

2013-06-21 Thread Nathan Bergey
Hey, Theo and I were working on the FCF this afternoon, and I'm trying to get up to speed fast. I'm hacking away at it like wild, but don't be scared we can rollback my dumb code, that's what git is for. ;) Anyway I suddenly remembered that psas has an IRC server. I set up a screen session

[psas-avionics] FCF Work From Monday

2013-06-25 Thread Nathan Bergey
Work continued today at PSU on the Flight Computer Framework (FCF). Theo, Ian, and myself worked on it all afternoon. Ian got a lot of the old GPS reader code ported and Theo did a large re-factoring and constancy-ing of the names in the framework. Theo had to run and catch a train, but I just

[psas-avionics] Ground WiFi SSID Change

2013-06-27 Thread Nathan Bergey
Hey, We ended up making the ground systems SSID the same as the air-to-ground. This seems bad, they are two different systems. Because the rocket is already set up and working with the trackmaster, lets change the ground to 'psas-ground'. I think we only have to change the wlan0 line in

[psas-avionics] Open Source Telemetry Transmitter

2014-02-04 Thread Nathan Bergey
I was pointed to this project the other day by Alexandru Csete, a somewhat well known HAM radio person in Denmark. https://github.com/csete/stlm He's been working with Copenhagen Suborbitals for a while (of course) and he published their radio telemetry work. For once, it's an open source

[psas-avionics] Code Review Starting Tonight!

2014-03-11 Thread Nathan Bergey
Hi! I'm a week or two late, but us software types are going to start our first top-down, full-stack review tonight. Please come if you can make it! At the beginning will be a fair amount of diagrams and painting with broad strokes, so it's a good way to get familiar with the system even if

Re: [psas-avionics] PSAS av3-fc repo mention

2014-05-14 Thread Nathan Bergey
Cool! Yeah, I talked to Arfon about us a while ago. I'm surprised he remembered though! -Nathan On Wed, May 14, 2014 at 11:43 AM, Jenner Hanni jeh.wic...@gmail.com wrote: Hey, so Github has a post out this morning about some recent work improving Github for science and research. PSAS got a

Re: [psas-avionics] PSAS av3-fc repo mention

2014-05-14 Thread Nathan Bergey
, and RPLoS, among others that I haven't heard of but which look awesome. There are two astronomy-related ones, emcee and astropy. https://github.com/showcases/science On Wed, May 14, 2014 at 1:03 PM, Nathan Bergey nathan.ber...@gmail.com wrote: Cool! Yeah, I talked to Arfon about us a while ago

Re: [psas-avionics] Ethernet PHY Driver

2014-06-02 Thread Nathan Bergey
He said (on IRC this afternoon) he'd be in the rocket room tonight around 5:30 hammering on it. -n On Mon, Jun 2, 2014 at 2:28 PM, Rob Gaskell r...@rlgaskell.com wrote: Theo, Any luck on the driver? Can I bribe you with anything to make this happen? Rob Rob

Re: [psas-avionics] [PSAS] GPS Study Group

2014-08-12 Thread Nathan Bergey
I just quietly released a PSAS blog. We could add a 'GPS' category and put minutes there. By far the most useful thing would be links to resources looked at during the lesson. Besides that it could just be a couple of sentences, e.g., Tonight we talked about Costas loops, look at this paper

[psas-avionics] Basics of IQ Signals and IQ modulation demodulation

2014-09-04 Thread Nathan Bergey
Found this video today about how IQ signaling and constellation diagrams work. With working examples! Nice to know and relevant for GPS -- BPSK was one of the first ones covered. It's about 20 minutes long. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_7d-m1ehoY -Nathan

Re: [psas-avionics] Share your Launch Tower Computer feelings with the group.

2014-10-12 Thread Nathan Bergey
I have a list of feature requests. Mostly to take the current box and bring it up to more 'modern' PSAS standards. None of this is to say that the LTC that people have been working on over the last few years is bad! In fact it worked near perfect during the last launch. But there are always

[psas-avionics] No GPS Meetup Tonight

2014-10-14 Thread Nathan Bergey
I think nearly everyone is out of town. We'll meet up again next week at 6:00! Regular meeting is at 7:00 of course. -Nathan ___ psas-avionics mailing list psas-avionics@lists.psas.pdx.edu http://lists.psas.pdx.edu/mailman/listinfo/psas-avionics

Re: [psas-avionics] Launch Tower Computer orientation

2014-11-08 Thread Nathan Bergey
We even have a real rocket room now! We can break off and work there. Or possibly the 84 conference room. -n On Sat, Nov 8, 2014 at 3:37 PM, Paul Mullen p...@nellump.net wrote: On Sat, Nov 08, 2014 at 03:02:46PM -0800, Aaron Baker wrote: Or. Actually, I'm okay to stay a couple hours extra

[psas-avionics] CopSub GPS Update

2014-11-18 Thread Nathan Bergey
Copenhagen Suborbitals is having trouble with their Piksi, but they also got a sponsorship for an unlocked GPS (NovAtel OEM615)! Jerks :) http://copsub.com/news-from-the-gps-front/ -Nathan ___ psas-avionics mailing list

Re: [psas-avionics] LTC3 Tuesday Night

2014-11-18 Thread Nathan Bergey
There's a small X200-ish ThinkPad in one of the LTC equipment bins. Does anyone know what's on that laptop? It just has the telemetry server on it. In fact it doesn't even have X installed. Theo and I have the the LTC comm software installed on our laptops. It lives here with install

[psas-avionics] GPS Inverted Classroom

2014-11-24 Thread Nathan Bergey
I think, personally, that last weeks GPS class went very well. Instead of lecture we tried to all work on our own implementations in a language of choice. Being able to work on it in class as opposed to as homework made it so we could get instant feedback on burning questions about sample-rate

Re: [psas-avionics] GPS v3 board is done!

2015-03-25 Thread Nathan Bergey
Can we do a design review on Tuesday? -Nathan PSAS On Wed, Mar 25, 2015 at 1:42 AM, Andrew Greenberg a...@ece.pdx.edu wrote: Hey! The v3 GPS board is done. Please pull and give me feedback as soon as you can, I'd love to ship this out ASAP. https://github.com/psas/gps-rf-board Things to

Re: [psas-avionics] Tuesday latenight updates (mostly GPS news)

2015-06-04 Thread Nathan Bergey
Speaking of Doppler shifts, back when we were doing the GPS class we were catching satellites at 10kHz Doppler using the recorded data we found, and that really shouldn't be possible for a receiver at rest (relative to the Earth surface). I never looked into it further but i am suspicious of the

Re: [psas-avionics] GPS outage

2015-06-22 Thread Nathan Bergey
Woah, that's fascinating. We would need to get one of the other GPS boards streaming IQ data reliably--which we really want to do anyway. It's too far of a trip to take just for this, I think. Depends on how crazy we're feeling. Might as well record somewhere high up in Portland (Skyline?) just

[psas-avionics] Gnuradio GPS Simulator

2015-06-22 Thread Nathan Bergey
Hi GPS nerds, I found this today via a GPS mailing list: https://github.com/osqzss/gps-sdr-sim Apparently you can give it a trajectory as a csv file of ECEF coordinates at 10 Hz and it will create baseband GPS simulation through GNU Radio. -Nathan

[psas-avionics] Investigating Missing Data From Launch 12

2016-01-06 Thread Nathan Bergey
I've been looking into the partial data loss issue we experienced from Launch 12. Background All the sensor data on the rocket are sent via UDP packets to the flight computer. Most of the sensors are physically on an ethernet link from a microcontroller somewhere on the