[PSAS] Software team meeting moved for tonight

2008-07-16 Thread Jamey Sharp
This announcement got lost. Oops! Tonight's software team meeting is at Jax Bar, 826 SW 2nd Avenue, at 7pm. Josh will be presenting on how he got the new flight computer to boot a modern version of Linux. Everyone is welcome to join us there. - Forwarded message from Alan [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: [PSAS] $5000 prize for 100,000 foot flight

2011-02-28 Thread Jamey Sharp
On Mon, Feb 28, 2011 at 9:57 AM, Nathan Bergey nat...@psas.pdx.edu wrote: http://www.rocketryplanet.com/index.php?option=com_contenttask=viewid=3542Itemid=29 100,000 ft is not even space, only a mere 30 km. Note the requirement of having GPS. Something we should already know how to do. Note

Re: [PSAS] $5000 prize for 100,000 foot flight

2011-02-28 Thread Jamey Sharp
On Mon, Feb 28, 2011 at 8:54 PM, I kirk...@pdx.edu wrote: So... if this is a height competition, I would think that the sponsor would provide the GPS... Mostly because folks like us can produce a GPS log that clearly indicates 100,000 ft from my Liberty 4 ;) In fact, I'd bet Dave can do it

[PSAS] meeting tonight, including geometry/physics discussion

2011-03-01 Thread Jamey Sharp
First off: Like last week, we're meeting in FAB 155, not the CS lounge/fishbowl. We're going to look into reserving FAB 86-01 for future meetings, and we'll announce tonight if that worked out. Last week Ben and I chatted about taking an hour of the regular meetings to explore rocket physics and,

[PSAS] rocket science session summary

2011-03-02 Thread Jamey Sharp
I thought I'd try to summarize what we discussed in the session last night. Now I'm going to call it rocket science, just to annoy Dan, because physics wasn't broad enough. :-P But seriously, whatever we call it, apparently we're going to continue this experiment and take weekly meeting time to

[PSAS] optimal trajectory dynamics

2011-03-09 Thread Jamey Sharp
Nathan was asking this evening what we collectively know about computing an optimal orbital-insertion trajectory, and sharing giant 1960s papers on the subject that were written using typewriters. (Nathan, if those papers are available publicly, could you post links please?) So I started trying

[PSAS] NASA/Georgia Tech conference call: formal methods and control theory

2011-05-06 Thread Jamey Sharp
I've arranged a conference call with Alwyn Goodloe at NASA about work he and his collaborators at Georgia Tech have done on applying formal methods to control theory. Alwyn gave a talk here at Galois in December about this work, if you'd like some background:

Re: [PSAS] Particle filters, sensor fusion, ...

2011-05-18 Thread Jamey Sharp
On Wed, May 18, 2011 at 02:31:17AM -0700, Chris Crase wrote: Quick question Is there a common time stamp between all the sensor data? Or does each sensor keep track of its own Hz rate and own time stamp? Also if it is common, what is the time time stamp? Hi Chris! That's actually an

[PSAS] simple three-axis Kalman filter

2011-06-08 Thread Jamey Sharp
Over the past few meetings, Chris and I have been working on a simple Python model of a Kalman filter. Last night, Chris got the model extended out to three-axis position, velocity, and acceleration, and I thought it was past time to get the code in a git repository. So:

[PSAS] need anything from Ham Radio Outlet?

2011-07-29 Thread Jamey Sharp
Sarah and I are stopping by Ham Radio Outlet in an hour or so. If you need any radio gear for the launch this weekend, call me soon at (503) 808-0869 and we can pick it up while getting new batteries for our radios. Jamey signature.asc Description: Digital signature

[PSAS] PSAS CS capstone presentation

2013-03-14 Thread Jamey Sharp
If you'd like to see what our CS capstone team has been up to for the last two terms, you can come see the capstone final presentations next week: Monday, March 18th, 7:30pm Fourth Avenue Building room 10 1900 SW 4th Ave. FAB 10 is a large room but it's a pretty large class, too, so we shouldn't

[PSAS] Got SDR hardware? Re: GPS study group update

2014-08-18 Thread Jamey Sharp
On that note, if anyone has any software-defined radio hardware, it'd be great if you could bring it at 6 pm tomorrow so more people can play with SDR techniques. I'd like people to get hands-on experience at this stage. That includes the cheap RTL-SDR USB TV tuners, any model of Ettus Research's

[PSAS] Sensor fusion study group starting this week

2015-01-26 Thread Jamey Sharp
We've mentioned this in the past few meetings, but in case you missed it: we're kicking off a sensor fusion study group this week. Like the GPS study group, we'll meet at 6pm on Tuesdays, before the regular meeting, except not on the first Tuesday of each month since that's the intro meeting. In

Re: [PSAS] Canceled: sensor fusion study group

2015-03-30 Thread Jamey Sharp
is willing to listen. ;-) Jamey On Mar 30, 2015 4:12 PM, Aaron Baker bitmapve...@gmail.com wrote: I'm sorry to hear that, Jamey. I missed out on attending the last few weeks due to finals and life things, but I was planning to start again this Tuesday. On Mon, Mar 30, 2015 at 9:06 AM Jamey Sharp

[PSAS] Canceled: sensor fusion study group

2015-03-30 Thread Jamey Sharp
After three weeks of no attendance, I'm canceling the sensor fusion study group. If someone else wants to volunteer to lead it, I'd be happy to attend and contribute whatever I can. Jamey ___ psas-team mailing list psas-team@lists.psas.pdx.edu

[PSAS] volunteer needed: small software project

2017-09-15 Thread Jamey Sharp
Hey all! During the Oresat meeting today we discussed that we need a small piece of software that we'll use during development and debugging of the cubesat. Specifically, we need to be able to graph measurements in real time as they flow over the CAN bus in the satellite. You'll be perfect for