New Service Worker Event from GeoLocation

2016-02-10 Thread Richard Maher
WRT the Service Worker specification can I please request the inclusion of a new event? onTravel/Move/Position/Location/WhateverIsAppropriate. The positionManager subscription should allow one to specify min distance and/or time between GPS updates but the firing of this event must be capable of

TPAC 2016 - meetings

2016-02-10 Thread Chaals McCathie Nevile
Dear all, as you probably know, the W3C will hold its Technical Plenary meeting this year in Lisbon, September 19-23. Rather than meet for several days in plenary, with an hour or two for any given topic we are considering an approach that gives more focused time to a few important areas

Re: [ServiceWorker] Expose GeoLocation to workers (#745)

2016-02-10 Thread Richard Maher
@martinthomson I hate to make this a point of jurisdiction, but I think that this is a discussion that needs to be had in the geolocation working group. I've been careful to avoid any demarcation issues by always involving the Service Worker AND GeoLocation