Re: IndieUI Teleconference Agenda; 23 July at 21:00Z for 60 minutes

2014-07-22 Thread Andy Heath
I can't be there (apols) but can I request an Agenda+ to look at potential other meeting days/times - I've mailed my availabilities to Janina and to Rich -Andy Sent from my iPhone On 22 Jul 2014, at 01:20, Janina Sajka wrote: What:IndieUI Task Force Teleconference

Re: [HTML Imports] What is the imagined work flow?

2014-07-22 Thread Brian Di Palma
Correct, you wouldn't always want to add it to the document head. Yes I see there would still be semantic issues...I guess the safest/easiest way would be to have the developer state what type the resources are. How you would do that in a clean fashion I'm not sure... On Wed, Jul 2, 2014 at

[clipboard] Semi-Trusted Events Alternative

2014-07-22 Thread Ben Peters
Semi-trusted events in the Clipboard API spec [1] are a potential solution to an important problem- sites should be able to use the same infrastructure (clipboard events) with their own triggers (button with execCommand('paste') as browser initiated clipboard operations (like user presses

[Bug 26394] [imports]: the |import| attribute returns null if the UA does not support imports?

2014-07-22 Thread bugzilla Morrita Hajime changed: What|Removed |Added Status|NEW |RESOLVED