Re: IndieUI Teleconference Agenda; 23 July at 21:00Z for 60 minutes

2014-07-22 Thread Andy Heath
I can't be there (apols) but can I request an Agenda+ to look at potential 
other meeting days/times - I've mailed my availabilities to Janina and to Rich 

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 On 22 Jul 2014, at 01:20, Janina Sajka wrote:
 What:IndieUI Task Force Teleconference
 When:Wednesday 23 July
 2:00 PMSan Francisco -- U.S. Pacific (Daylight) Time   (PDT: UTC 
 4:00 PMAustin -- U.S. Central (Daylight) Time   (CDT: UTC -5)
 5:00 PMBoston -- U.S. Eastern (Daylight) Time  (EDT: UTC 
10:00 PMLondon -- British (Summer) Time (BST: UTC 
11:00 PMParis -- Central European Time  (CET: UTC +2)
 5:00 AMBeijing -- China Standard Time  (Thursday, 24 July 
 CST: UTC +8)
 6:00 AMTokyo -- Japan Standard Time  (Thursday, 24 July 
 JST: UTC +9)
 7:00 AMMelbourne -- Australian Eastern (Standard) Time  
 (Thursday 24 July AEST: UTC +10)
 Where:W3C Teleconference--See Below
 * Time of day conversions
 Please verify the correct time of this meeting in your time zone using
 the Fixed Time Clock at:
 ** Preliminary Agenda for IndieUI Task Force Teleconference 23 July 2014
 Meeting: IndieUI Task Force Teleconference
 Chair: Janina_Sajka
 agenda+ preview agenda with items from two minutes
 agenda+ TPAC 2014
 agenda+ Editor's Report
 agenda+Prospects with Web Apps' Editing TF [See below]
 agenda+Testing Conversation
 agenda+ User Context Issues  Actions
 agenda+ Events Issues  Actions
 agenda+ Other Business
 agenda+Be Done
 Resource: IndieUI Minutes
 Resource: Web Apps Editing TF
 Resource: For Reference
 Home Page:
 Email Archive:
 Resource: Teleconference Logistics
 Dial the Zakim bridge using either SIP or the PSTN.
 PSTN: +1.617.761.6200 (This is a U.S. number).
 You should be prompted for a pass code,
 This is
 Alternatively, bypass the Zakim prompts and SIP directly into our
 Instructions for connecting using SIP:
 Place for users to contribute additional VoIP tips.
 IRC: server:, channel: #indie-ui.
 During the conference you can manage your participation with Zakim
 commands as follows:
   61# to mute yourself
   60# to unMute yourself
   41# to raise your hand (enter speaking queue)
   40# to lower your hand (exit speaking queue)
 The system acknowledges these commands with a rapid, three-tone
 confirmation.  Mobile phone users especially should use the mute
 if they don't have a mute function in their phone.  But the hand-raising
 function is a good idea for anyone not using IRC.
 * IRC access
 An IRC channel will be available. The server is,
 The port number is 6665 (Note this is not the normal default) and
 The channel is #indie-ui.
 * Some helpful Scribing and Participation Tips
 For more on the IRC setup and the robots we use for agenda and speaker
 queuing and for posting the log to the web, see:
 - For RRSAgent, that captures and posts the log with special attention
 to action items:
 - For Zakim, the IRC interface to the bridge manager, that will
 maintain speaker and agenda queues:
 - For a Web gateway to IRC you can use if your network administrators
 forbid IRC, see:
 - For more on W3C use of IRC see:
 Janina Sajka,Phone:+1.443.300.2200
 The Linux Foundation
 Chair, Open Accessibility:
 The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)
 Chair,Protocols  Formats

Re: [HTML Imports] What is the imagined work flow?

2014-07-22 Thread Brian Di Palma
Correct, you wouldn't always want to add it to the document head.

Yes I see there would still be semantic issues...I guess the
safest/easiest way would be to have the developer state what type the
resources are.
How you would do that in a clean fashion I'm not sure...

On Wed, Jul 2, 2014 at 4:09 PM, Ryosuke Niwa wrote:
 On Jul 2, 2014, at 3:57 AM, Brian Di Palma wrote:

 I'm happy to hear that it seems natural to trigger resource loading
 within a module.

 For example, I could imagine adding a new syntax for loading an arbitrary 
 sub resource dependency.

 Absolutely. I think the platform could provide much better syntax then
 these examples.

 import '../style/index.css!';
 import spaApplicationTemplate from '../template/spaApplication.text!';

 As devs can't really create new syntax we are forced to work with the
 existing syntax.
 It's not pretty but the CSS/LESS/text etc plugins from SystemJS do the job.

 Possibly the right syntax would also address the semantic issues that
 were pointed out.

 It's not explict but the imported CSS was added to the document head,
 so maybe something like

 Do you really want to always add it to head though?  In the case of defining 
 your own element, don't you want to add it to your custom element's shadow 

 import '../style/index.css' into document;

 Would make it more explicit?

 import '../style/index.css' into customElementTemplate;

 Is another possibility.

 I think the semantics issue or rather ambiguity we pointed out is still in 
 the example above.  Unless we rely on mime type information provided by the 
 server, we can't figure out what kind of a  resource we're loading (is it 
 CSS, HTML, or JSON?).  We might want to be more explicit in that regard.

 - R. Niwa

[clipboard] Semi-Trusted Events Alternative

2014-07-22 Thread Ben Peters
Semi-trusted events in the Clipboard API spec [1] are a potential solution to 
an important problem- sites should be able to use the same infrastructure 
(clipboard events) with their own triggers (button with execCommand('paste') as 
browser initiated clipboard operations (like user presses control+v or uses the 
context menu's 'paste' option). However, I don't really know if 'semi-trusted' 
events are the solution. Users will almost certainly be using the keyboard or 
mouse with websites, so requiring an event to originate from keyboard or mouse 
doesn't seem to make them trusted at all. I know there has been some discussion 
of removing them from the spec [2]. What is the status of that?

As an alternative to semi-trusted events, perhaps we should have something 
similar to input type=file? Perhaps a new input type that must display a 
localized word for cut, copy, or paste, and must not be occluded by any 
other element, could trigger real, trusted clipboard events? I'm not sure how 
this would work, but it seems worth a discussion at least.



[Bug 26394] [imports]: the |import| attribute returns null if the UA does not support imports?

2014-07-22 Thread bugzilla

Morrita Hajime changed:

   What|Removed |Added

 Resolution|--- |FIXED

--- Comment #2 from Morrita Hajime ---
Makes sense. It sounds like we don't have to mentions about that.

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