Re: CfC: publish Proposed Recommendation of Indexed Database; deadline November 9

2014-11-14 Thread Arthur Barstow

On 11/2/14 2:27 PM, Arthur Barstow wrote:
During WebApps' October 27 meeting [Mins], the group reviewed the 
Indexed Database  testing data [Data] and agreed the specification 
should be published as a Proposed Recommendation (see [CR]). As such, 
this is Call for Consensus to publish a Proposed Recommendation of 
Indexed Database.

If you have any comments or concerns about this CfC, please reply to 
this e-mail by November 9 at the latest. Positive response is 
preferred and encouraged, and silence will be considered as agreement 
with the proposal.

We now have a DRAFT Proposed Recommendation:


It is based on the latest ED and includes Jonas' fix for Bug [25251]. It 
does not include the three Block Issues that are in the CR (my 
understanding is Joshua intends to remove those issue blocks from the ED).

[Diff] is a diff between [CR] and [Draft-PR].

-Thanks, AB




[Bug 27325] New: [Shadow]: Figure out how session history should work for iframes in shadow DOM

2014-11-14 Thread bugzilla

Bug ID: 27325
   Summary: [Shadow]: Figure out how session history should work
for iframes in shadow DOM
   Product: WebAppsWG
   Version: unspecified
  Hardware: PC
OS: Linux
Status: NEW
  Severity: normal
  Priority: P2
 Component: Component Model
QA Contact:
Depends on: 26365

Currently iframes shouldn't be loaded at all in shadow DOM, but that
will probably change in bug 26365.

If some pages are then loaded to a shadow iframe, should the pages end up to
session history?
is the tricky part, and in

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Re: CfC: publish a WG Note of Fullscreen; deadline November 14

2014-11-14 Thread Arthur Barstow

On 11/8/14 2:07 PM, wrote:

08.11.2014, 14:43, Domenic Denicola

From: Arthur Barstow []

  OK, so I just checked in a patch that sets the Latest Editor's Draft points 
to Anne's document

I think it would be ideal to change the label to e.g. See Instead or Maintained 
Version or Replaced By. Framing the WHATWG as a source of Editor's Drafts for the W3C is 
unnecessarily combative.

Agree that it's the wrong framing, and the point is that the current W3C work 
is recognised as being supereseded...

I just updated the Draft WG Note to use See Instead

-Thanks, AB

Re: CfC: publish WG Note of UI Events; deadline November 14

2014-11-14 Thread Кошмарчик
On Fri, Nov 7, 2014 at 7:36 AM, Anne van Kesteren wrote:

 On Fri, Nov 7, 2014 at 4:28 PM, Arthur Barstow
  If anyone has comments or concerns about this CfC, please reply by
  14 at the latest.

 My concern is that we previously agreed that UI Events would be a much
 more suitable name for the contents of DOM Level 3 Events.

I agree. UI Events is a much more descriptive name for the content.

My primary concern is that we (specifically, I) have been telling people
that UI Events is not the same as D3E. If we change this, then I'll have to
have those conversations all over again, but reversed. ^_^

But we
 would keep using DOM Level 3 Events because it would be done quickly
 and then we'd move on to UI Events. As we now know we did not finish
 DOM Level 3 Events quickly.

FWIW, we pushed to have it done quickly and it was delayed:
(1) once because the spec was a step backward from DOM2 in some regards and
that needed to be fixed,
(2) again because there was feedback that style and presentation should be
updated to match more recent specs.

#2 is when the WG effectively decided that cleaning up the presentation was
more important than releasing it quickly.

So I would like us to abandon that name
 and settle on UI Events.


With regards to the current contents of UI Events, I assume that publishing
a gutted WD Note is meant simply to establish a historical record of what
was worked on before the content is deleted?  When we were focusing on
completing the D3E spec quickly, this is where we sent items that we felt
should be part of D3E, but would take too much time to finalize. We'll want
to reconsider some of these items for inclusion back in D3E (er... I mean
UI Events).