[admin] Need a list for Extract Widget patent [Was: Re: PSA: Web Components vs Extract Widget patent]

2015-05-28 Thread Arthur Barstow
Rigo, Wendy, Jeff - I don't think it is appropriate to use WebApps' public-webapps list regarding Web Components vs Extract Widget patent [1]. What list should be used? (FYI, Aymeric Vitte's original disclosure was forwarded to the list [1], and Aymeric's followups are [2] and [3]).

RE: [ime-api] [blink-dev] Removing IME API code from Blink

2015-05-28 Thread Travis Leithead
That sounds good to me (working the UI challenges for IME together with grammar/spell checking). Is this a direction the current IME spec could take--possibly with a big refactor to consider dropping the ClientRect exposure--or would it be better to publish as Note the current approach and

Re: PSA: Web Components vs Extract Widget patent

2015-05-28 Thread Aymeric Vitte
Please see https://gist.github.com/Ayms/64dfd60ddae05aeaff4e This is a brief code comparison between the extract widget projects from the patent and the Polymer project. Since we knew exactly what we had to look for, we found it, the conclusion is: Not seeing obvious similitudes between the

Re: CfC: Moving webstorage to REC 2nd Edition; deadline May 21

2015-05-28 Thread Xiaoqian Wu
Hi Art, and all, I believe we have enough review on the current editor's draft to publish directly a CR. We don't need to do the extra WD step. If implementors or others have additional comments, they can do so during the CR phase. So I propose that we publish a CR directly. Thanks. —