Re: [shadow-dom] ::before/after on shadow hosts

2015-07-01 Thread Tab Atkins Jr.
All right, sounds pretty unanimous that #2 (current behavior) is what we should go with. I'll clarify the Scoping spec. Thanks! ~TJ

RE: PSA: publishing new WD of Service Workers on June 25

2015-07-01 Thread Jungkee Song
Thanks for comments. I'll address them in the ED. I didn't get through them all yet, but * in parallel isn't defined, but it sounds like you mean in parallel to the main sequence not in parallel to themselves, I'd strongly encourage a definition. in parallel is defined here:

Re: [admin] Moving Custom Elements bugs to Github [Was: Re: Custom Elements bugs will be also migrated]

2015-07-01 Thread Xiaoqian Wu
On 1 Jul, 2015, at 1:30 pm, Hayato Ito wrote: Thank you. I appreciate that. Then, let me migrate all open bugs of 'Component Model'. I think that include also HTML Imports bugs in addition to Custom Elements bugs. When I finish, I'll announce that. SGTM. Please go