Re: Custom element design with ES6 classes and Element constructors

2015-01-13 Thread Gabor Krizsanits
I think this part of the spec was largely written before ES6 class stuff stabilized, fwiw. Which is not hard, since it's still not stabilized. ;) Isn't there a chance to consider our use-case in ES6 spec. then? Basically, ES6 is moving toward coupling allocation and initialization but the

Re: [Imports]: Styleshet cascading order clarification

2014-11-04 Thread Gabor Krizsanits
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[Imports]: Styleshet cascading order clarification

2014-11-03 Thread Gabor Krizsanits
During our last meeting we all seemed to agree on that defining/implementing order for style-sheets is imports is super hard (if possible) and will bring more pain than it's worth for the web (aka. let's not make an already over-complicated system twice as complicated for very little benefits).

[imports] Spec. polishing

2014-08-19 Thread Gabor Krizsanits
I've heard complains about the readability of the current import draft, and I think the best way to improve it, if we all take some time and point out the parts that could benefit from some polishing. Instead of filing a dozen of tiny bugs, I just went through the spec. again and took some

Re: [HTML imports]: Imports and Content Security Policy

2014-01-30 Thread Gabor Krizsanits
One more thing that little bit worries me, that the most common request when it comes to CSP is banning inline scripts. If all the imports obey the CSP of the master, which I think the only way to go, that also probably means that in most cases we can only use imports those do not have any

[HTML imports]: Removing imports

2014-01-30 Thread Gabor Krizsanits
I've already opened a bug that import removal is not clear to me (, but there is more... So in one way or another imports are cached per master documents so if another link refers to the same import in the import tree it does not have to be

Re: [HTML imports]: Imports and Content Security Policy

2014-01-30 Thread Gabor Krizsanits
The security objection to the original own CSP design was never fully developed - I'm not sure it's necessarily a show-stopper. Nick Well, consider the case when we have the following import tree: I1 | | I2 I3 | | I4 Respectively CSP1, CSP2, CSP3. CSP2 allows I4 to be loaded but