Re: appcache master entries

2013-12-28 Thread Jens O. Meiert
). Maybe you’ll be the first and we’ll see you all in Stockholm one day, but until then send constructive suggestions (a passive aggressive form is normally deemed okay, if you can’t help it)—or just take it. -- Jens O. Meiert

Re: [shadow-dom] text-decoration

2013-01-11 Thread Jens O. Meiert
If you think that I’m the only one who could be confused by the “text-decoration” section then please feel free to disregard the feedback. Otherwise consider adding detail or rewording the section to make it easier to understand. I don’t have anything else to add :) Cheers, Jens. -- Jens O

[html-templates] Typos

2013-01-02 Thread Jens O. Meiert
] -- Jens O. Meiert

Re: [shadow-dom] text-decoration

2012-12-27 Thread Jens O. Meiert
there)? Just asking as I’d like to understand, and to gauge whether there is need to make this more clear for other readers too. -- Jens O. Meiert

[shadow-dom] text-decoration

2012-12-26 Thread Jens O. Meiert
Hi Dimitri, the draft is very brief on this: why must text-decoration not be propagated to shadow trees [1]? Cheers, Jens. [1] -- Jens O. Meiert

[web-components] Typos

2012-12-26 Thread Jens O. Meiert
I noticed two typos in the Web Components draft [1]: * Under “4 Decorators”: “hanlders” * Under “6.3 CSS and Shadow DOM”: “…inherifance” HTH, Jens. [1] -- Jens O. Meiert