RE: Access to localhost to be outlawed?

2015-03-17 Thread SULLIVAN, BRYAN L
I agree. Using the browser to access local-exposed HTTP resources is an important way to bridge the native/mobile gap. User permission (pre-arranged, persistent, or session-based) can be explicitly required if needed, but blanket prohibition on intra-device communication via HTTP is too

Access to localhost to be outlawed?

2015-03-17 Thread Anders Rundgren Since popular services like DropBox and Spotify depend on this non-standardized way of bypassing the browser, I think this strengthens my argument that we really need a standard way to do this. The time for that is now. Anders

[Bug 27931] Override 'flex' and 'transform' styling

2015-03-17 Thread bugzilla Anne changed: What|Removed |Added Status|NEW |RESOLVED

IndieUI Teleconference Agenda; 18 March at 21:00Z

2015-03-17 Thread Janina Sajka
Cross-posting as is usual ... IMPORTANT: The U.S. is now on Daylight Time. Please carefully confirm the time of this teleconference in your time zone using the resources enumerated below. What: IndieUI Task Force Teleconference When: Wednesday 11 March 2:00 PMSan Francisco