[html-imports] Static import in body tag

2015-06-18 Thread Bang Seongbeom
Importing needs to be manipulated by script. But it's too verbose to use script always. If link tag can be inserted in body tag, and inserts importee's document.body to importer, then it would be easily without any scripts. An example is below: component.html: !DOCTYPE html div p

[worker] Integration of WorkerGlobalScope and AbstractWorker

2015-08-23 Thread Bang Seongbeom
The current spec says that the internal worker scope is WorkerGlobalScope(or Dedi-, Shared-), the external is AbstractWorker(or Worker, Shared-.) But it destroys consistency with Window object and confuses users with the difference of WorkerGlobalScope and AbstractWorker. The global scope

[custom-elements] Prefix x- for custom elements like data- attributes

2016-04-25 Thread Bang Seongbeom
It would be good to restrict custom element's name to start with like 'x-' for the future standards. User-defined custom attributes; data attributes are also restricted its name to start with 'data-' so we can define easily new standard attribute names ('aria-*' or everything except for