Re: [Pykaraoke-discuss] DJ/KJ in Denver Checking In

2005-11-28 Thread Kelvin Lawson
I think that I've never *ever* seen a commercial CDG that scrolls. Ever. KBS will create them, and I should have that in a week or two. But I wouldn't worry *too* much about it. I've got one from Doctor Music, that I used for testing the scrolling code. Can't recall if I've seen it on any

[Pykaraoke-discuss] Installer

2005-12-01 Thread Kelvin Lawson
Hi Folks, I've used python distutils to make a simple install script for PyKaraoke. Hopefully this should make it easier to create the various packages we need for the distro package managers. It's in CVS now if anyone wants to try it out. I haven't written any installers before so I may

Re: [Pykaraoke-discuss] FINALLY -- ghod I hate SuSE

2005-12-12 Thread Kelvin Lawson
Hi Jay, Mine is much less happy than that, but, of course, that's at 1280x1024. Can fullscreen mode change the scan rate of the X server? Set it to 640x480x8, and the problem would likely evaporate. I've just spotted the following in the pygame docs: It is usually best to not pass the

Re: [Pykaraoke-discuss] Rip-rap

2005-12-13 Thread Kelvin Lawson
Great! Thanks Jay. It probably ought to have an *overall* time tracking facility, and some logging. And I need to update my cdrdao to permit slowing down; I'm ripping some bad tracks. (Perhaps a way to run the parser and re-rip on errors?) But it's a start. Usage: ripcdg sc 8119 Have you

Re: [Pykaraoke-discuss] Re: FINALLY -- ghod I hate SuSE

2005-12-15 Thread Kelvin Lawson
quicker. The thinking is that a spell of no updates is better than a spell of out of sync updates. Cheers, Kelvin. #!/usr/bin/env python # pycdg - CDG/MP3+G Karaoke Player # Copyright (C) 2005 Kelvin Lawson ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) # # This library is free software; you can redistribute

Re: [Pykaraoke-discuss] CAVS' Super CD+G format

2005-12-19 Thread Kelvin Lawson
Any insights here would be welcome. I infer from the patent that if I can get to MCG files, they might be reasonably parseable with the current engine... I'd definitely like to learn more about this. Do you know if any players other than CAVS have managed to decode it? I haven't heard of any.

Re: [Pykaraoke-discuss] Fast chirping sound when tryingt to play a song

2006-03-13 Thread Kelvin Lawson
Hi Harry, We recently had some trouble getting the graphics to sync up with the audio on lower spec machines. We made a lot of improvements but I'm not convinced that would extend down to 400MHz. That said, I'm surprised it's the audio that's failing. On Windows you should get better

[Pykaraoke-discuss] PyKaraoke v0.4.2

2006-03-29 Thread Kelvin Lawson
That reminds me... I've had v0.4.2 ready to go for some time now. Tthe Linux/source release is on Sourceforge now. The Windows installer will follow later. Changes in this release are: * pycdg: Support starting files without .cdg extension for tab-completion * Fix Border Preset commands

Re: [Pykaraoke-discuss] Pykaraoke, ogg and an intro

2006-03-29 Thread Kelvin Lawson
Well that was fast! That fixed it! Excellent! Above the pygame.init() call in and it seems to solve the problem. If only I'd waited half an hour before releasing v0.4.2 :-) Mind you I'd like to do some testing on this before releasing it anyway. It'll go in the next version. I

Re: [Pykaraoke-discuss] PyKaraoke v0.4.2

2006-04-02 Thread Kelvin Lawson
It's a good solution for Linux, though I don't think JACK or the other stuff runs on Win32 though; it's *possible* you could build a similar kind of toolchain on Win32 though with whatever SDL is using for sound delivery. Well I think all of the calls for pitch-shifting so far have come from

Re: [Pykaraoke-discuss] [HOWTO] Implementing pitch-shifting and crossfading (for filler music/other sources) for PyKaraoke on Linux with JACK

2006-04-10 Thread Kelvin Lawson
Here's a curious idea: I wonder how hard it would be to recast Kelvin's rendering code as an Mplayer codec? Did we already talk about this? I've fancied doing this for some time but haven't got round to it yet. Making an mplayer/ffmpeg codec would give you CD+G for free with a whole bunch of

Re: [Pykaraoke-discuss] [HOWTO] Implementing pitch-shifting and crossfading (for filler music/other sources) for PyKaraoke on Linux with JACK

2006-04-10 Thread Kelvin Lawson
In fact the only missing piece apart from digital mixing is a lack of straight-from-CD CD+G player, which is something I'm interested in doing anyway, and I think Python can do it. Any hints or thoughts, Kelvin? I've given it some consideration in the past but not in great detail. Pygame can

Re: [Pykaraoke-discuss] subcode and deinterleaving question

2006-04-10 Thread Kelvin Lawson
Hi Drew, I've been reading all the info I can find but I must admit I'm getting a little confused partly because the terms frame and sector do not seem to be used consistently. For instance the ECMA-130 standard seems to refer to 588 bits burnt on to the disk as a frame. Thanks for the

Re: [Pykaraoke-discuss] pykaraoke can't play mpg's [sorry for incomplete mail before]

2006-04-24 Thread Kelvin Lawson
Hi Cyrill, It works now... Glad to hear it! Does this change the resolution for playing? Sorry, I'm not sure what you mean? Quite cool... But it would also have worked just with mplayer or so :) But its easy to be able to start the movies from the same tool. This is true. The MPEG

Re: [Pykaraoke-discuss] New ripper

2006-06-21 Thread Kelvin Lawson
Hello Folks, Thanks a lot for posting your code Drew, glad to hear you got it working. If you don't want the hassle of packaging it up yourself in a release it sounds like a good addition to the cdgtools suite. I tend to use Python for home projects simply because I find it quicker to get

Re: [Pykaraoke-discuss] New ripper

2006-06-25 Thread Kelvin Lawson
Yes, absolutely. I would like to know if anyone else has successfully compiled and test it. Great, I can feel a v0.4 coming on. We're in the middle of buying a house at the moment so time is limited, but I'll have a go at building it here and fitting it into a sensible release package. When

[Pykaraoke-discuss] PyKaraoke v0.5 Released

2006-07-13 Thread Kelvin Lawson
Hi Folks, Thanks to the excellent efforts of David Rose, we've just released PyKaraoke v0.5. Download it at the usual place: Changes in this release are: * Added support for GP2X * CDG: Much improved performance by porting down to C * CDG: Smoother scrolling and

Re: [Pykaraoke-discuss] pykaraoke hardware requirements

2006-11-08 Thread Kelvin Lawson
Hi Martin, what are the minimum hardware requirements for pykaraoke? i have a pentium one box around here, i don't know exactly the mhz and amount of ram, and i supppose it has an old pci video card. I'm not sure what the minimum requirements are I'm afraid. The latest version received some

[Pykaraoke-discuss] PyKaraoke goes to your head

2006-12-11 Thread Kelvin Lawson
How's this for a novel usage of PyKaraoke? Kelvin. - Take Surveys. Earn Cash. Influence the Future of IT Join's Techsay panel

Re: [Pykaraoke-discuss] Pykaraoke for OSX

2006-12-11 Thread Kelvin Lawson
Hi Rob, I've spoken with a PyKaraoke user who has got it running on OSX. You'll need to install Python (, Pygame, WxPython and Numeric. I think the latter three are available from here: He didn't get the compile/install working and we haven't

[Pykaraoke-discuss] CDG Player Seg Faults

2007-01-07 Thread Kelvin Lawson
Folks, I recently started getting seg faults when running pykaraoke/pycdg from source. The version installed into /usr was still running correctly, but I got seg faults when attempting to run from the source directory. I narrowed it down to the external compiled module (_pycdgAux.c), and

Re: [Pykaraoke-discuss] pycdg segfault on amd64

2007-02-01 Thread Kelvin Lawson
Hey Will, I suspect this is either a numeric thing or a pygame thing -- aren't there some compiled bits in those libraries for speed purposes on some systems? I recall having a 64-bit problem myself when I was first mucking with PyKaraoke myself ;) Yep I believe that one was a pygame vs

Re: [Pykaraoke-discuss] Minor PyKaraoke modifications

2007-06-19 Thread Kelvin Lawson
Hi Marcus, Thanks for sending in your changes. Are you interested in submitting them for use by the project? I'll take a look. I haven't done any Windows releases myself since the compilation stage was added, but have you tried using the free Visual Studio Express? Kelvin. Basically, my

Re: [Pykaraoke-discuss] Show the lyrics on an other monitor

2007-08-20 Thread Kelvin Lawson
Hi Floris, I've found that pygame hasn't support for multiple displays so I guess the problem have to be solved with something like os.system('DISPLAY=:0.1 '). Unfortunately I can't figure out the point where the database window opens the lyrics window The playlist GUI ( calls

Re: [Pykaraoke-discuss] So, what's everyone doing with PYK?

2008-01-21 Thread Kelvin Lawson
Hey Will, Good to hear from you. PYK has always been pretty good :) The patches I submitted back (I think) in 2005 (yeesh, has it really been that long already?!?!) made it do pretty much everything I ever wanted it to do; the only thing it's missing now from a raw functionality

Re: [Pykaraoke-discuss] how to display Polish chars from *.kar?

2008-02-26 Thread Kelvin Lawson
Hi Maciek, It turns out that one of the recent releases removed support for international chars from the kar player - it will be fixed in the next release. Regards, Kelvin. New Pykaraoke user here. Hello to Everyone! I need to play *.kar with Polish characters. No matter what is typed

Re: [Pykaraoke-discuss] CDG C implementation

2008-06-24 Thread Kelvin Lawson
Hi John, How do I get PyKaraoke to use the C implementation and not the python implementation. I'm running GNU/Linux. It should build and use the C implementation if you use python install to install it. This must be run with root privs. If you see the message Using Python

[Pykaraoke-discuss] PyKaraoke v0.6 Released

2008-06-26 Thread Kelvin Lawson
Hi Folks, We are please to announce the release of PyKaraoke v0.6. There are many new features and improvements in this version. Here are some of the highlights: * Much improved GUI with many new features and additional configuration options. * Launch external media players to play other

Re: [Pykaraoke-discuss] Timidity SoundFonts

2008-06-30 Thread Kelvin Lawson
Hi, thank you for great work you've done with pykaraoke! This is my problem: pykaraoke works well with default timidity's settings, but if i change timidity's configuration to use other Soundfonts files, pykaraoke don't output any sound. Of course i try to use new SoundFont file with

Re: [Pykaraoke-discuss] Time Left

2008-09-24 Thread Kelvin Lawson
Hi John, Forgot to add that the format for the status message I'm considering is: [Current Time/Time Remaining] Artist - Title Sounds good to me, the Playing text is redundant. Thanks, Kelvin. - This SF.Net email is

Re: [Pykaraoke-discuss] error when trying to install in debian

2008-10-13 Thread Kelvin Lawson
No problem Nick. Kelvin. Surelly, haha Good Kelvin, good. apt-get install python-dev solve my problem. Thanks for all! On Mon, Oct 13, 2008 at 8:13 AM, Kelvin Lawson [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi Nick, It looks like you are missing several important header files like Python.h

Re: [Pykaraoke-discuss] Next Feature

2008-11-03 Thread Kelvin Lawson
Hi John, I was thinking the next feature I'm going to tackle is having the ability to add the singers name in the play-list. Thoughts? I get contacted regularly by people who would like to use PyKaraoke for professional hosting, so I think you would make a lot of friends with this. I'll dig

Re: [Pykaraoke-discuss] cdgtools - static

2009-02-16 Thread Kelvin Lawson
Hi Tim, You could ascertain whether it was the MP3 encode by fiddling with the cdgrip() function in It saves a raw WAV file, then encodes to MP3. If you're comfortable modifying the Python code then you could try omitting the MP3 encode step to see whether the raw WAV works (you can

Re: [Pykaraoke-discuss] DJ Player Progress

2009-03-04 Thread Kelvin Lawson
Hi John, Just giving an update on the DJ player progress. It's moving along nicely. Should have something to show in the next few days. Is this something that as a community we would like to be a part of PyKaraoke, or would it be best to spin it off as a separate project? Thanks

Re: [Pykaraoke-discuss] DJ Player Progress

2009-03-09 Thread Kelvin Lawson
Hi John, On Wednesday 4 March 2009 18:30:20 Kelvin Lawson wrote: Thanks for keeping us posted. Did you implement a new frontend or is it an extension of the main Wx GUI? Either way I'm happy to incorporate any new features within PyKaraoke. I've actually done both. I've created

Re: [Pykaraoke-discuss] DJ Player Progress

2009-03-09 Thread Kelvin Lawson
If, for example, my company takes a GPLd program and modifies it, we could use it in-house with impunity, but we could not distribute it to anyone else without including *the sources for any changes we made*. We aren't compelled to distribute those changes, though, merely because we *made*

Re: [Pykaraoke-discuss] Extended Debate

2009-08-01 Thread Kelvin Lawson
Hi John, 2009/7/31 John Schneiderman There's some debate here where I work about moving forward with the PyKaraoke project. At this time nothing has been decided or set in stone. We want to open up communications to see if our goals fit the community. We are looking for a

Re: [Pykaraoke-discuss] installation problem on linux

2009-08-30 Thread Kelvin Lawson
Hi Francesco, Fedora splits pygame up into a pygame and pygame-devel package. In order to compile the fast CDG playback module you need to also install the pygame-devel package. Thanks, Kelvin. 2009/8/30 Francesco Ruvolo Hello, I'm trying to install on Fedora 11, I have:

Re: [Pykaraoke-discuss] pykaraoke windows developer

2010-05-04 Thread Kelvin Lawson
Hi Steve, Good to hear from you. I was reading the and saw a couple posts about the project looking for a developer to look over the Windows port. Has a developer been found yet? I'm a developer by day and a while ago hacked on the pykaraoke source to make some

Re: [Pykaraoke-discuss] pykaraoke windows developer

2010-05-13 Thread Kelvin Lawson
to you. Steve On Tue, May 4, 2010 at 4:29 PM, Kelvin Lawson wrote: Hi Steve, Good to hear from you. I was reading the and saw a couple posts about the project looking for a developer to look over the Windows port.  Has a developer been found yet

Re: [Pykaraoke-discuss] Filename encoding on Linux

2010-12-16 Thread Kelvin Lawson
Hi Matt, Thanks for taking the time to submit a patch. I have attached a patch which converts all directory names to str objects before scanning them. It makes thing work here. I have not tested it out on other platforms, but I believe since I remain with str objects, all encoding issues

Re: [Pykaraoke-discuss] no Add Songs button in Ubuntu Maverick Natty

2011-01-11 Thread Kelvin Lawson
Hi Jeffrey, Do you mean the Add new songs to database option from the File menu? Would you mind sending a screenshot please? Thanks, Kelvin. On 11 January 2011 23:31, Jeffrey Katz wrote: With Ubuntu Maverick Natty, updated to current, there is no Add Songs button

Re: [Pykaraoke-discuss] no Add Songs button in Ubuntu Maverick Natty

2011-01-12 Thread Kelvin Lawson
UBUNTU_MENUPROXY=0 found at and, uninstalling appmenu-gtk found at On Tue, Jan 11, 2011 at 3:37 PM, Kelvin Lawson kelv...@users.sf.netwrote: Hi Jeffrey, Do you

[Pykaraoke-discuss] PyKaraoke Development

2011-06-19 Thread Kelvin Lawson
All, If you are involved in developing for PyKaraoke, or you like trying out the latest development code, please be aware that we have moved the source tree to Github: Here you will also find a work-in-progress branch that is not quite ready for release

Re: [Pykaraoke-discuss] Bug report

2011-11-15 Thread Kelvin Lawson
Hi Pietro, Thanks, I have added this to the issues list at Github: Best regards, Kelvin. On 14 November 2011 17:41, Pietro Battiston wrote: Hello, there are some MIDI files (I can provide an example only privately,

Re: [Pykaraoke-discuss] Bug report

2011-11-15 Thread Kelvin Lawson
. On 15 November 2011 13:38, Pietro Battiston wrote: Il giorno mar, 15/11/2011 alle 08.56 +, Kelvin Lawson ha scritto: Hi Pietro, Thanks, I have added this to the issues list at Github: Maybe a link from

Re: [Pykaraoke-discuss] Welcome to the Pykaraoke-discuss mailing list

2013-05-28 Thread Kelvin Lawson
Could be: did you download the SDL_mixer sources and build them yourself? Could be a version mismatch or similar. The instructions for building that were written quite some time ago and something could have changed. On 28 May 2013 17:32, Conor Dowdall wrote: No luck