Re: [Pykaraoke-discuss] DJ/KJ in Denver Checking In

2005-11-28 Thread William Ferrell
On 11/28/05, Kelvin Lawson [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I think that I've never *ever* seen a commercial CDG that scrolls. Ever. KBS will create them, and I should have that in a week or two. But I wouldn't worry *too* much about it. I've got one from Doctor Music, that I used for

Re: [Pykaraoke-discuss] Installer

2005-12-01 Thread William Ferrell
On 12/1/05, Kelvin Lawson [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi Folks, I've used python distutils to make a simple install script for PyKaraoke. Hopefully this should make it easier to create the various packages we need for the distro package managers. I'll test this after tonight's karaoke show. I'd

Re: [Pykaraoke-discuss] FINALLY -- ghod I hate SuSE

2005-12-11 Thread William Ferrell
On 12/11/05, Jay R. Ashworth [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I have it working now. I had to build SDL from tarball source -- the RPM wouldn't even ./configure, much less build a binary (which was my preferred approach). Building it required installing slang-devel and smpeg-devel, both of which

Re: [Pykaraoke-discuss] FINALLY -- ghod I hate SuSE

2005-12-12 Thread William Ferrell
On 12/11/05, Kelvin Lawson [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi Jay, I note that it doesn't handle full-screen well (1280x1024), speedwise; is there something I should be doing there? The CPU horsepower is heavily affected by the display update rate, I think v0.4 went out with a default 60 frames

Re: [Pykaraoke-discuss] Re: FINALLY -- ghod I hate SuSE

2005-12-19 Thread William Ferrell
On 12/19/05, Kelvin Lawson [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi Jay, Thanks for the feedback. So do you think this is an improvement on the previous performance? If it's difficult to tell with the new 1/4 second display-dropping code then let me know and I'll take it out. If it's an improvement then

[Pykaraoke-discuss] [HOWTO] Implementing pitch-shifting and crossfading (for filler music/other sources) for PyKaraoke on Linux with JACK

2006-04-07 Thread William Ferrell
PyKaraoke doesn't currently support pitch-shifting natively during song playback, and this is about the only missing feature that prevents PyKaraoke from being a complete digital replacement for the traditional analog CD+G player. This is the case because PyKaraoke relies on Pygame's MP3/Ogg/WAV

[Pykaraoke-discuss] Pitch-shifting HOWTO updated

2006-04-08 Thread William Ferrell
I've updated my HOWTO to include more configuration details for MPlayer, version numbers for packages used, and more automation details (including a basic script). Have another look if you're curious about such things :)

Re: [Pykaraoke-discuss] The Other End: ProShow; a playback controller for commercial hosting

2006-06-25 Thread William Ferrell
On 6/25/06, Jay R. Ashworth [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Ok, I'll admit; that's *almost* all I've got so far.:-)Not quite: I have a paper sketch of a screen layout.I need to figure out Glade, which I gather is the prototypingenvironment of choice for complicated user interfaces. As I've discussed

Re: [Pykaraoke-discuss] New ripper

2006-06-25 Thread William Ferrell
On 6/25/06, Jay R. Ashworth [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On Sun, Jun 25, 2006 at 06:46:05PM +0100, Drew wrote: Well, having finally gotten SuSE 10.0 onto my laptop and the 100GB drive (which freed up the 80GB to go in the external chassis), I'm about to start ripping my 400 disc library -- which

Re: [Pykaraoke-discuss] Pykaraoke for OSX

2006-11-28 Thread William Ferrell
On 11/28/06, Stief Robert [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi there, i´m interested on Pykaraoke for OSX. If there´s a chance for testing a Beta i would be glad to do this for you. I usually used Winamp and a CDG plugin but now i´ve changed to an imac. I installed PyKaraoke on a mac notebook

Re: [Pykaraoke-discuss] Quick Question

2006-12-31 Thread William Ferrell
On 12/31/06, Kelvin Lawson [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi Ryan, I am wondering if someone can help me out. I want to put together a simple python script or windows executable that can be passed a zipped cdg+mp3 as a command line argument. Play the file (perhaps have an option to select

Re: [Pykaraoke-discuss] pycdg segfault on amd64

2007-02-01 Thread William Ferrell
On 2/1/07, Kelvin Lawson [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi Daniel, This problem was indeed happening with multiple .cdg files, though I can't say if it applied to them all. Because pykaraoke worked with the same files on x86 without incident, however, I doubt that corrupted/rogue data is the

Re: [Pykaraoke-discuss] Command line options for song window

2007-11-28 Thread William Ferrell
On Nov 28, 2007 10:50 PM, Mark Fiedler [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello, I ran several tests launching a song directly via pycdg. The song window always appeared on the screen where it was launched from regardless of the window-x option value. For example, if the terminal window was on

Re: [Pykaraoke-discuss] Visual Artifacts

2009-02-14 Thread William Ferrell
On Sat, Feb 14, 2009 at 8:34 PM, Tim tim-proje...@sentinelchicken.orgwrote: Perhaps this is a known problem, but I thought I would bring it up. The .cdg tracks I just ripped look normal at the beginning of a song, but the longer you play them, the more random mis-colored artifacts start to