Re: [PyMOL] question on differential coloring of protein chains

2004-02-17 Thread Mario Sanches
Hi Alex. hello- i am new to pymol and am trying to figure out how to differentially color different chains (i.e. different proteins) in the structure i am viewing. the structure i am working with is actually a structure of two proteins that were co-crystalized and i would like assign

[PyMOL] powermate in linux

2004-02-17 Thread Ezequiel Panepucci
Hello There, I've written a very little piece of python code that uses William R Sowerbutts's rudimentary (his own words) python interface to the powermate device. BE WARNED!! This hack will crash your pymol session when you type quit to terminate your pymol session. this wouldn't be a problem

[PyMOL] RE: pymol and powermate

2004-02-17 Thread Panepucci, Ezequiel
Thanks for sharing this. my pleasure Will your python script, along with, work on other platforms like OSX where the default driver/kernel extensions that come with the powermate have been installed, or is this specific to the linux driver? as far as I know, the code I