[PyMOL] Finding RNA/DNA complementary base pairs using PyMOL

2017-03-13 Thread PaweĊ‚ Tomaszewski
Dear all, Is there a function or script which in simple way can find a complementary base-pairs in my (deoxy)ribonucleic acid? Suppose I have some double stranded RNA/DNA structure loaded into PyMOL. Now I've chosen some nocleotyde or set of many nucleotydes and just want to find residues of its

Re: [PyMOL] problems creating object using align method

2017-03-13 Thread David Hall
The error is due to you not surrounding AlnAB in quotes, so python treats it as a variable which has not been defined. That said, align modifies the coordinates of the existing object, the object created just shows the correspondence of residues used for alignment. To save the superimposed

[PyMOL] problems creating object using align method

2017-03-13 Thread Sanaa Syed
Hello, Can somebody please help me with creating aligned object using pymol API? i want to split chains from my protein and superimpose first chain on the rest. the chains get loaded. and superimposed as well but i am unable to save superimposed coordinates in a new file because no object is