Re: [PyMOL] How to get TTT matrix in PyMOL 1.7.6?

2015-08-18 Thread PaweĊ‚ Tomaszewski
Thanks Jared, I have tried the script, and here is what I've got: - I get a quaternions from external source (a 3d manipulator) in a classical form: [x,y,z,w] - I use function: quaternion_matrix(quaternion) from script: m = quaternion_matrix([x, y, z, w])

Re: [PyMOL] Pymol crash when raytracing empty graphics

2015-08-18 Thread Spencer Bliven
Thanks for the quick fix! I would love to get a hotfix if possible. The PDBe API is a nice solution. I think that detecting CA traces will fix 90% of the cases. There are still a few edge cases besides CA which don't have a cartoon mode (e.g. 1hzs, which has a polydeoxyribonucleotide polymer type