[PyMOL] Pymol and Matlab

2004-04-08 Thread Zach
? Thanks a lot for your help! Zach Fernandez

[PyMOL] Re: Pymol debian package

2004-07-30 Thread Zach
Hello Vladimir, May I request you turn off your virtual cards that come as an attachment to every message you send to the list? I already have a small collection of them :) Thanks. Zach

[PyMOL] Questions about ray-tracing

2004-10-05 Thread Zach
the position through the light setting but I am not sure where it is located or what effect I will get by changing the coordinates of the light source. Trial and error is proving to be a difficult choice as I am not sure what I am doing. Any help is really appreciated! Zach

[PyMOL] cmd.translate

2009-06-29 Thread zach powers
-packages/pymol/editing.py, line 1464, in translate raise pymol.CmdException I am sure this is a simple syntax issue but I am unsure of how to write the vector into the cmd.tranlate format. any help would be appreciated. thanks zach cp

[PyMOL] Scene/Mview question

2010-02-24 Thread Zach Charlop-Powers
functions that Warren and others worked so hard to put together. I have been playing with this for a while and can't figure out a solution. I am hoping someone may have some hints on how to proceed. thanks, zach cp grad student mount sinai school of medicine. # setup PyMOL for movies reinitialize set