Re: [PyMOL] Embedding pymol

2005-10-04 Thread Filipe Maia
While I've got your attention Is it possible to embed a pymol window into a bigger independent application? I've written a PymolQt C++ class that tries to put pymol inside a QWidget and replaced the glut input functions by Qt stuff. I had to do some changes to pymol to make this work

Re: [PyMOL] rendering pictures to publish

2004-12-06 Thread Filipe Maia
For OpenGL-based images, you're limited by the maximum dimensions of your display. Hopefully that restriction will be eliminated before too much longer... Actually the restriction is how big a window your window manager supports, which can be bigger than your display. The png commands still

Re: [PyMOL] List participation commentary......

2004-11-19 Thread Filipe Maia
On Wed, 17 Nov 2004 10:48:49 -0800 (PST), Thomas Stout wrote: Hi All -- Recently I've noticed a growing number of questions being posed to the PyMOL mailing list that never seem to get responses. I infer from this that one or both of two things are happening: either

Re: [PyMOL] Swissprot

2004-10-18 Thread Filipe Maia
Is there a PDB parser class somewhere for reading in the PDB files? layer2/ObjectMolecule2.c:ObjectMoleculePDBStr2CoordSet() is probably a good place to start. -- All generalizations are false, including this one. -- Mark Twain

[PyMOL] Hidden files in file browser

2004-09-08 Thread Filipe Maia
I think it would be nice if pymol didn't show the hidden files in the file browser, as there are usually quite a lot of those in a user home. -- All generalizations are false, including this one. -- Mark Twain

Re: [PyMOL] electron density maps

2004-08-08 Thread Filipe Maia
On Sun, 08 Aug 2004 17:57:00 -0400, christopher faehnle wrote: I am a new pymol user and am trying to load an electron density map (ccp4 format). When I do this nothing happens. Any suggestions, tips, etc would be appreciated. The map probably loads just fine

Re: [PyMOL] Pymol segmentation fault - fedora core 1

2004-07-26 Thread Filipe Maia
On Mon, 26 Jul 2004 10:40:47 +0100, Roger Dodd wrote: Hi everyone, I've recently updated to the 0.97 release of pymol and although it ran fine to start with, it's now generating a segmentation fault. I installed from the * pymol-0_97-bin-linux-libc6-i386.tgz*

[PyMOL] Problem with Save Session

2004-04-20 Thread Filipe Maia
If you open a session, then open another session and do Save Session it will overwrite the file of the first session with the second session and it won't even issue a warning, which was really not what was i expected to when i did the Save Session. I think something like a variable that

[PyMOL] Delete atoms out of unit cell box

2004-04-06 Thread Filipe Maia
Is there an easy way to delete all atoms that fall outside of the unit cell after doing a symexp? I'm doing it by hand which takes too long and is error prone... Thanks in advance.