Re: [PyMOL] ribbon-like with one color

2006-10-06 Thread Mario Sanches
Thank you for that tip Mark. Using those palettes I managed to compose the cartoon that I wanted. Thank you all that sent me scripts and tips. All the best, Mario Sanches Mark A Saper wrote: There are actually other spectrums built into the PyMOL. To use one of them, type spectrum

Re: [PyMOL] ribbon-like with one color

2006-10-05 Thread Mario Sanches
Thank you for the script Andreas, it worked fine. Now, is there any way to define wich objet is going to be colored? I want to use different color hues for two different objects. Thank you, Mario Sanches Andreas Henschel wrote: Hi Mario, you can define new colors wit the set_color command

[PyMOL] ribbon-like with one color

2006-10-04 Thread Mario Sanches
I am trying to color a structure with a ribbon like feature but not going from blue to red, but instead, using differente blue hues (or red hues, etc). Is that possible? Thank, -- Mario Sanches Laboratório Nacional de Luz Síncrotron Cristalografia e Espectroscopia de Biomoléculas Tel: +55 19

[PyMOL] residues with no bound

2004-10-20 Thread Mario Sanches
Hi Pymolers I have a pdb file with two subsequent double conformation residues. When I load this on pymol those two residues are not bound. Is there any special command I have to use to bound then in this case? Thanks in advance. Mario sanches

Re: [PyMOL] question on differential coloring of protein chains

2004-02-17 Thread Mario Sanches
each chain separately: show cartoon, (mole c;A) show cartoon, (copy c;B) (in the case you what a cartoon representation of chains A and B). I hope that helps you. -- Mario Sanches, PhD Student Protein Crystallography Group São Paulo University, São Carlos Physics Institute Phone: +55 (16) 273