[PyMOL] bug in resizing viewport?

2004-06-09 Thread Matt Franklin
Hi all - I'm noticing some odd behavior with MacPymol (v0.94) involving the viewport command to resize the window. This command seems like it couldn't be more straightforward: specify width and height in pixels. However, look at the following output: PyMOLviewport 100,100 PyMOLpng test.png

Re: [PyMOL] Breaking down PDB files

2004-06-01 Thread Matt Franklin
Tony Giannetti wrote: Hey everyone, I know I should be past this, but I can't seem to figure out how to do this. I have a couple of crystal structures that contain multiple copies in the asymmetric unit, and I would like to superimpose each copy to see what the differences are. One way is

Re: [PyMOL] True Black?

2004-04-26 Thread Matt Franklin
On Monday, April 26, 2004, at 04:19 PM, pdouc...@chem.ucla.edu wrote: Hello Pymoliacs, I have been playing around with the lighting and gamma settings, but can never get a true black. The black always shows up as grey. Does anyone know how to get black to be black? Pete D. UCLA Chemistry

[PyMOL] restoring default surface coloring

2004-03-01 Thread Matt Franklin
I was recently making a figure of a ligand nestled in its binding pocket, where I wanted the surface of the binding protein colored by electrostatic potential, and the surface of the ligand colored by atom type. So I read in a DelPhi map from Grasp, used ramp_new to set up the color ramp,

Re: [PyMOL] Ray Tracing Crash

2004-01-20 Thread Matt Franklin
Morri Feldman wrote: I am running pymol .93. When I try to ray trace a scene, the gui shows a white status bar that moves halfway across the screen and then freezes. After this the GUI is frozen and must be killed. No error messages are shown. The computer is running RedHat 9 and has 4