[PyMOL] RE: pymol and powermate

2004-02-17 Thread Panepucci, Ezequiel
 Thanks for sharing this. 
 my pleasure

 Will your python script, along with powermate.py, work on other 
 platforms like OSX where the default driver/kernel extensions that 
 come with the powermate have been installed, or is this specific to 
 the linux driver? 
 as far as I know, the code I wrote uses the linux generic event interface
 so it will only work under linux, but then again, I only touch Macs every
 now and then so it could be that porting is easy for a MacOS X expert.


[PyMOL] patch to add filtering to the settings editor

2004-01-24 Thread Panepucci, Ezequiel

Hi There,

I've written a little patch to add a filtering capability
on the dialog used to edit the settings.

The patch will add a new menu entry under Edit all...
named Edit All (filter)

The new dialog has a field where you can type either a word
or a complex regular expression and hit enter and the list 
of settings should narrow down. 

Try for example sphe|line|surf (without the quotes)

To go back to the full list, clear the field and hit enter, 
an empty string matches all settings.

Follow the instructions below to patch the file PMGApp.py
and add the attached file to the same directory where PMGApp.py

Have fun.

# FILE ./pymol/modules/pmg_tk/PMGapp.py

# LINE 20
# change it so it reads
from SetEditorFilter import SetEditor, SetEditorFilter

# LINE 1383
# add this code (make sure the indentation is correct)

  self.menuBar.addmenuitem('Setting', 'command',
 'Edit PyMOL Settings',
 label=self.pad+'Edit All (filter)',
   command = lambda s=self: SetEditorFilter(s))

# FILE ./pymol/modules/pmg_tk/SetEditorFilter.py

#add the attached file as SetEditorFilter.py

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