[PyMOL] Plugin menu options and measuring protein cavity volumes in PyMol

2016-08-25 Thread Thomas Pochapsky
I am trying to load a plugin (CAVER) onto my MacPyMOL v 1.7, and according to the Wiki, any version later than 1.5 should have a menu option to manage plugins, but I do not see this anywhere. Was something incorrectly set at installation? Can I correct this? Alternatively (or additionally),

[PyMOL] problems with loading trajectories and topology from AMBER 14

2016-06-17 Thread Thomas Pochapsky
I have had no trouble loading .prmtop and .mdcrd files from AMBER 14 into MacPyMOL locally, just change the name from .prmtop to .top and .mdcrd to .trj, and it works fine. However, if I try to do the same with trajectories and topologies running on an XSEDE node (also using AMBER 14),