[PyMOL] Object-specific transparency

2002-07-25 Thread Gareth Stockwell
I would like to make one isosurface transparent, and leave another solid (or set different levels of transparency for each). I know object-specific transparency works for molecule objects, e.g. load molA.pdb, A load molB.pdb, B show surface, A show surface, B set transparency, 0.5, A

Re: [PyMOL] Suppress some output

2002-07-25 Thread Nathaniel Echols
Is there a way to keep my program 'quiet', or I can customize the output message myself? Depending on your OS and shell, something like this may work: denethor:~ /usr/local/pymol/pymol.com /dev/null 2/dev/null This works under Bash in any modern Linux distribution, from what I've seen. I

[PyMOL] Re: fitting residues

2002-07-25 Thread Jason Maynes
Hello: I am trying to color residues off a cartoon loop and want to color the sticks version of the residue down to the Ca, but not the Ca itself (ie. the residue and the cartoon are different colors). The problem is that if I color the Ca, then that section of the cartoon also gets colored. If