RE: [PyMOL] Ray Tracing Crash

2004-01-21 Thread Warren L. DeLano
Morri, The RH9 Patch is described and published on: I would not expect Debian to suffer from the same crash. If it does, then we may be dealing with a genuine bug in PyMOL (assuming that you're not simply running out of RAM). With respect to

Re: [PyMOL] Ray Tracing Crash

2004-01-21 Thread Michael Banck
On Tue, Jan 20, 2004 at 10:52:17PM -0800, Morri Feldman wrote: My debian/testing system at home also has trouble ray tracing, especially with sticks. When it fails I get a segmentation fault. What architecture are you running on? i386 or something else? Do you use pymol's internal

[PyMOL] How to send pymol command to pymol by python interpreter

2004-01-21 Thread Takefumi Sora
Dear Pymol users I launch Pymol in my python program. After that, I can't change objects in pymol in my python program. In short I do not know how to send pymol command (ex cartoon)) to Pymol not by directly input in pymol external command line but by python interpreter. Does

[PyMOL] Re: Problems with PyMOL + XIG Summit2.2

2004-01-21 Thread Michael Ginis
Warren, XiG would like to know what is happening with PyMOL and Accelerated-X. We are not experts with PyMOL so we may need help reproducing the problem. WLDWhat numeric version of Summit are you using? WLDWhat Summit series do you have (LX, DX, CX, WX, etc.)? WLDWhat operating system, distro,

[PyMOL] c-alpha traces

2004-01-21 Thread Michal Kurowski
Hi, Some structure comparison software is only able to generate alignments built of c-alpha atoms of both structures compared. Is Pymol able to visualize such alignment with (faked) backbone shown ? If not what could possibly show it ? Regards, -- Michal Kurowski

[PyMOL] translucent proteins

2004-01-21 Thread Lesley Debono
I would like to be able to make the backbone protein in a structure translucent so that the active site is clearly visible through the protein. Any ideas on how to do this? Lesley

RE: [PyMOL] How to send pymol command to pymol by python interpreter

2004-01-21 Thread Takefumi Sora
Hi. I appreciate your answer, Warren. Thank you. Please let me ask one more question. You said I need two lines first: import pymol pymol.finish_launching() As long as I use,I can't the role of pymol.finish_launching() if I don't call this, what troubles will happen ? Takefumi SORA