Re: [PyMOL] exporting surfaces

2004-10-20 Thread C Want
Subject: [PyMOL] exporting surfaces Dear Pymol users, Does anyone know if there is a way to export surfaces into a file format suitable for import into 3D modellers (ie. Blender, 3DSMax, Lightwave, etc)? For that matter, is it possible at all to export anything in pymol? Hi Peter, I wrote a

RE: [PyMOL] Swissprot

2004-10-20 Thread Warren DeLano
Jules, Right now (and for the foreseeable future) PyMOL's sequence viewer shows actual atoms in an object (whether or not they have coordinates). There isn't currently any way to retrieve that information other than by looking at atoms... model=cmd.get_model(object-name) for atom in model.atom:

[PyMOL] residues with no bound

2004-10-20 Thread Mario Sanches
Hi Pymolers I have a pdb file with two subsequent double conformation residues. When I load this on pymol those two residues are not bound. Is there any special command I have to use to bound then in this case? Thanks in advance. Mario sanches