Re: [PyMOL] Yaw, Pitch and Roll of CGO

2014-02-17 Thread Paweł Tomaszewski
Thank you Thomas Using camera=0 caused my cone not to do rotations related to the camera position. Cone still rotates not about itself, but about axis of global coordinate system. Do you have any other ideas? Cheers, Paweł 2014-02-06 17:00 GMT+01:00 Thomas Holder

Re: [PyMOL] loading a cube file from the API

2014-02-17 Thread Thomas Holder
Hi Raul, there should be no difference between loading from the GUI or using the load (not Load) command. The cube file needs to have a .cube extension. Cheers, Thomas On 16 Feb 2014, at 19:45, Raúl Mera Adasme wrote: Hi all, I am trying to code a little script that

Re: [PyMOL] loading a cube file from the API

2014-02-17 Thread Raúl Mera Adasme
Hi Thomas, I am using the build that comes with Fedora. One could think they skipped the plugin when compiled, as the error I get is: load something.cube ObjectMolecule: plugin 'cube' cannot open 'kim-dense.cube'. Nevertheless, it does load it correctly when I use Open from the gui. Thanks!

[PyMOL] WARNING: glDrawBuffer caused GL error on windows 7

2014-02-17 Thread Camilo Andrés Jimenez Cruz
Hi everybody I installed pymol 1.6.x unofficial in windows 7 home. As far as I have tested it works well, but the console (as in the screen that the GL window shows when I press escape) and the main window keep constantly showing the message WARNING: glDrawBuffer caused GL error which is