[PyMOL] Molecular sculpting video

2002-07-15 Thread Patricia.A.Elkins
I can't find the molecular sculpting video on the home page. I have looked under Movies and Gallery. Could someone point out its location to me please? Thanks, Trissa

[PyMOL] Re: movie -script - conversion from .png to .tga

2002-07-15 Thread Patricia.A.Elkins
I am trying to run the mkmov1.pml script from the Pymol page. I am stopped at the line /for i in glob(png/*):os.system(convert +i+ re.sub(png, tga, re.sub(_,.,i))) I get the errors: Traceback (innermost last): File /apps/pymol/modules/pymol/parser.py, line 98, in parse

[PyMOL] molecular sculpting

2002-07-18 Thread Patricia.A.Elkins
I would like to understand the molecular sculpting possibilities of pymol but haven't been able to figure it out yet. When using the wizard, the first request is to click and atom but how to proceed from there? I have used the bit of script provided on the web page and deformed the benzene