[PyMOL] Determining van der waals radius of a molecule

2010-06-23 Thread Prija Ponnan
Hello I want to determine van der waals radius of a coumarin molecule. Pymol has an option to calculate van der waals radius, but it calculate vdw radius of individual atoms. Is it possible to determine vdw radius of the molecule as a whole. Thank you -- Prija Ponnan

[PyMOL] Calculating % secondary structure

2010-07-07 Thread Prija Ponnan
Hello Can we calculate percentage secondary structural element using Pymol or please suggest me some other program for this purpose Prija -- Prija Ponnan -- This SF.net email is sponsored by Sprint What will you do

[PyMOL] Visualizing protein-ligand complexes of metalloproteins

2011-04-18 Thread Prija Ponnan
Prija Ponnan Research Student Department of Chemistry University of Delhi Delhi-110007, India Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship Program Scholar College of Pharmacy and Nutrition University of Saskatchewan Saskatoon,SKN5C9,Canada

[PyMOL] namd-l: Invitation to Submit Review Article Current Protein Peptide Science (IF: 2.326)

2014-06-27 Thread Prija Ponnan
edited by Prof. Diwan S. Rawat, Dr. Prija Ponnan *, this thematic issue will publish review articles with emphasis on the frontiers of peptide chemistry and biology covering contemporary and emerging applications of peptide science involving topics such as *de novo* design of peptide and peptide