[issue10510] distutils upload/register should use CRLF in HTTP requests

2014-02-21 Thread Matthew Iversen
Matthew Iversen added the comment: Sorry, I referenced http://bugs.python.org/issue12169 before. distutils multipart/form-data encoding still breaks the spec for MIME, which demands CRLF line endings. Especially since it is now sending HTTP 1.1 requests which should conform. The patch

[issue12169] Factor out common code for d2 commands register, upload and upload_docs

2014-02-20 Thread Matthew Iversen
Matthew Iversen added the comment: Hi, I'm wondering why this branch was never merged in? AFIAK, it's roundabout here - http://hg.python.org/cpython/log/28e4cd8fd864/Lib/packaging/command/upload.py It'd be great to have distutils submit forms that are compliant with the MIME spec (in my use

[issue1537721] csv module: add header row to DictWriter

2009-04-18 Thread Matthew Iversen
Matthew Iversen teh@gmail.com added the comment: Skip, you were arguing in another csv issue on a NamedTupleReader that the Reader and Writer should work in concert together. Certainly, making this default functionality for DictWriter would definitely make it work more in concert