Re: [Python-Dev] I hope this won't be my last comment here ~ yet it may well be...

2016-04-22 Thread Burkhard Meier
Ok. no more ellipses...what I was trying to share is an unhappy experience I had with the open source Linux community. I am sure this will not happen on this Python Dev list of professionals. Please ignore my comments. >From now on I will focus on contributing to Python (especially on a Windows

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2016-04-22 Thread Python tracker
ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2016-04-15 - 2016-04-22) Python tracker at To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue. Do NOT respond to this message. Issues counts and deltas: open5491 ( +2) closed 33095 (+56) total 38586 (+58) Open issues

Re: [Python-Dev] Modify PyMem_Malloc to use pymalloc for performance

2016-04-22 Thread Victor Stinner
Hi, My pull request has been merged into numpy. numpy now uses PyMem_RawMalloc() rather than PyMem_Malloc() since it uses the memory allocator without holding the GIL: It was proposed to modify numpy to hold the GIL. Maybe it will be done later. It means

[Python-Dev] Issue with DLL import library installation in Cygwin

2016-04-22 Thread Erik Bray
Hi all, I've been working on compiling/installing Python on Cygwin and have hit upon an odd issue in the Makefile that seems to have been around for as long as there's been Cygwin support in it. When building Python on Cygwin, both a libpython-X.Y.dll and a libpython-X.Y.dll.a are created. The