[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2022-01-14 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2022-01-07 - 2022-01-14)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

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Issues counts and deltas:
  open7202 ( +3)
  closed 50906 (+81)
  total  58108 (+84)

Open issues with patches: 2886 

Issues opened (48)

#32876: HTMLParser raises exception on some inputs
https://bugs.python.org/issue32876  reopened by iritkatriel

#46298: Automatically check for __slots__-mistakes in Lib
https://bugs.python.org/issue46298  opened by ariebovenberg

#46304: Unable to iterate over lines in a file without a block of code
https://bugs.python.org/issue46304  opened by jaraco

#46309: Task created by StreamReaderProtocol gets garbage collected.
https://bugs.python.org/issue46309  opened by simwr872

#46311: Clean up PyLong_FromLong and PyLong_FromLongLong
https://bugs.python.org/issue46311  opened by mark.dickinson

#46312: range() function could accept slice() objects as parameters
https://bugs.python.org/issue46312  opened by yota moteuchi

#46313: SSLObject does not raise SSLEOFError on OpenSSL 3
https://bugs.python.org/issue46313  opened by alex.gronholm

#46315: Add support for WebAssembly System Interface (wasm32-wasi)
https://bugs.python.org/issue46315  opened by christian.heimes

#46316: Optimize pathlib.Path.iterdir()
https://bugs.python.org/issue46316  opened by barneygale

#46317: Pathlib.rename isn't robust
https://bugs.python.org/issue46317  opened by Oz.Tiram

#46318: asyncio and ssl: ResourceWarning: unclosed transport
https://bugs.python.org/issue46318  opened by mdk

#46323: Use _PyObject_Vectorcall in Modules/_ctypes/callbacks.c
https://bugs.python.org/issue46323  opened by hydroflask

#46325: Documentation for SubprocessTransport.get_pipe_transport retur
https://bugs.python.org/issue46325  opened by xx11mz

#46326: 'venv --clear' should prompt user before nuking entire directo
https://bugs.python.org/issue46326  opened by alimpfard

#46329: Split up the CALL_NO_KW and CALL_KW instructions.
https://bugs.python.org/issue46329  opened by Mark.Shannon

#46330: Simplify the signature of __exit__
https://bugs.python.org/issue46330  opened by Jelle Zijlstra

#46333: ForwardRef.__eq__ does not respect module parameter
https://bugs.python.org/issue46333  opened by andreash

#46334: Glossary URLs with anchor link no longer jump to definitions
https://bugs.python.org/issue46334  opened by trey

#46335: asyncio.create_subprocess_exec throws RuntimeError yet still e
https://bugs.python.org/issue46335  opened by Clint Olsen

#46336: Sixth element of tuple from __reduce__(), inconsistency betwee
https://bugs.python.org/issue46336  opened by lev.bishop

#46337: urllib.parse: Allow more flexibility in schemes and URL resolu
https://bugs.python.org/issue46337  opened by lincolnauster

#46338: libc_ver() runtime error when sys.executable is empty
https://bugs.python.org/issue46338  opened by allie.hammond

#46339: PEG parser segfault from ast.literal_eval
https://bugs.python.org/issue46339  opened by gregory.p.smith

#46340: DeprecationWarning emitted when running asyncio tests
https://bugs.python.org/issue46340  opened by kumaraditya303

#46341: duplicate paragraphs - asyncio Coroutines and Tasks file
https://bugs.python.org/issue46341  opened by davem

#46343: Add PyErr_GetActiveException and PyErr_SetActiveException
https://bugs.python.org/issue46343  opened by iritkatriel

#46349: inspect.getdoc() should append parent class method docs when e
https://bugs.python.org/issue46349  opened by gregory.p.smith

#46350: re.sub, re.Match.expand, etc doesn't allow x, u, U, or N escap
https://bugs.python.org/issue46350  opened by bup

#46351: Makefile missing '/' for some path names
https://bugs.python.org/issue46351  opened by gwolski

#46353: 'pydoc -k' fails when some module's loader is not found
https://bugs.python.org/issue46353  opened by dlax

#46356: [C API] Enforce usage of PyFrame_GetBack()
https://bugs.python.org/issue46356  opened by vstinner

#46360: Inconsistent import behavior for (unusual) submodules
https://bugs.python.org/issue46360  opened by eric.snow

#46361: Small ints aren't always cached properly
https://bugs.python.org/issue46361  opened by brandtbucher

#46363: Two typos in versions 3.7 document translation of zh_CN
https://bugs.python.org/issue46363  opened by perlang

#46364: asyncio subprocess cannot read from /dev/stdin
https://bugs.python.org/issue46364  opened by xoph

#46367: multiprocessing's "spawn" doesn't actually use spawn
https://bugs.python.org/issue46367  opened by jakirkham

#46368: faulthandler: add the ability to dump all interpreters, not on
https://bugs.python.org/issue46368  opened by vstinner

#46369: get_type_hints does not evaluate ForwardRefs inside NewType
https://bugs.python.org/issue46369  opened by andreash

#46371: A better way to resolve ForwardRefs in type aliases across mod
https://bugs.python.org/issue46371  opened by 

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2022-01-07 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2021-12-31 - 2022-01-07)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

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Issues counts and deltas:
  open7199 ( +4)
  closed 50825 (+78)
  total  58024 (+82)

Open issues with patches: 2886 

Issues opened (50)

#34931: os.path.splitext with more dots
https://bugs.python.org/issue34931  reopened by xnovakj

#46009: sending non-None values makes generator raise StopIteration on
https://bugs.python.org/issue46009  reopened by christian.heimes

#46110: compile("-"*300 + "4", '', mode) causes hard crash
https://bugs.python.org/issue46110  reopened by pablogsal

#46216: spurious link to os.system() from os.times() documentation ent
https://bugs.python.org/issue46216  opened by emery.berger

#46217: 3.11 build failure on Win10: new _freeze_module changes?
https://bugs.python.org/issue46217  opened by terry.reedy

#46220: imaplib.py "select" mailbox names containing spaces.
https://bugs.python.org/issue46220  opened by mckenzm

#46223: asyncio cause infinite loop during debug
https://bugs.python.org/issue46223  opened by zillionare

#46225: f_lasti behaves differently for lambdas returned from loops
https://bugs.python.org/issue46225  opened by nedbat

#46226: User specific paths added to System PATH environment variable
https://bugs.python.org/issue46226  opened by akrymskiy

#46227: add pathlib.Path.walk method
https://bugs.python.org/issue46227  opened by Ovsyanka

#46232: Client certificates with UniqueIdentifier in the subject break
https://bugs.python.org/issue46232  opened by kacper

#46234: 3.11: Tracing of decorators now visits the decorator line befo
https://bugs.python.org/issue46234  opened by nedbat

#46235: Do all ref-counting at once for sequence multiplication
https://bugs.python.org/issue46235  opened by Dennis Sweeney

#46237: Incorrect line reported in syntax error
https://bugs.python.org/issue46237  opened by arian-f

#46242: Improve error message when attempting to extend an enum with `
https://bugs.python.org/issue46242  opened by sobolevn

#46244: typing._TypeVarLike missing __slots__
https://bugs.python.org/issue46244  opened by ariebovenberg

#46245: Add support for dir_fd in shutil.rmtree()
https://bugs.python.org/issue46245  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#46246: importlib.metadata.DeprecatedList appears to be missing __slot
https://bugs.python.org/issue46246  opened by ariebovenberg

#46247: in xml.dom.minidom, Node and DocumentLS appear to be missing _
https://bugs.python.org/issue46247  opened by ariebovenberg

#46249: [sqlite3] move set lastrowid out of the query loop and enable 
https://bugs.python.org/issue46249  opened by erlendaasland

#46250: 3.10 docs responsive design removes navigation buttons (next, 
https://bugs.python.org/issue46250  opened by vkvanjavk

#46252: SSLWantReadError causes _SelectorSocketTransport to close
https://bugs.python.org/issue46252  opened by matan1008

#46253: C API documentation of Py_UNICODE_* character properties macro
https://bugs.python.org/issue46253  opened by juliangilbey

#46254: Better fitting type for iterating in the trace_init C function
https://bugs.python.org/issue46254  opened by uriya1998

#46255: Remove unnecessary check in _IOBase._check*() methods
https://bugs.python.org/issue46255  opened by malin

#46258: Minor algorithmic improvements for math.isqrt
https://bugs.python.org/issue46258  opened by mark.dickinson

#46261: [doc] fix inaccuracies in sqlite3.Cursor.lastrowid docs
https://bugs.python.org/issue46261  opened by erlendaasland

#46264: 'I'.lower() should give non dotted i for LANG=tr_TR
https://bugs.python.org/issue46264  opened by fbacher

#46265: Error when cross compiling for hardfloat MIPS
https://bugs.python.org/issue46265  opened by jefferyto

#46267: gzip.compress incorrectly ignores level parameter
https://bugs.python.org/issue46267  opened by rhpvorderman

#46269: '__new__' is never shown in `dir(SomeEnum)`
https://bugs.python.org/issue46269  opened by sobolevn

#46270: Comparison operators in Python Tutorial 5.7
https://bugs.python.org/issue46270  opened by realjanpaulus

#46271: frozen modules are not regenerated on bytecode magic change wh
https://bugs.python.org/issue46271  opened by christian.heimes

#46272: Fix bitwise and logical terminology in python.gram
https://bugs.python.org/issue46272  opened by rhettinger

#46273: Document what asyncio.wait() and asyncio.as_completed() do if 
https://bugs.python.org/issue46273  opened by termim

#46274: Tokenizer module does not handle backslash characters correctl
https://bugs.python.org/issue46274  opened by ucodery

#46275: caret location for syntax error pointing with f-strings
https://bugs.python.org/issue46275  opened by williamnavaraj

#46276: ImportError: DLL load failed while importing
https://bugs.python.org/issue46276  opened by 89z

#46279: [docs] Minor information-ordering issue in __main__ doc

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2021-12-31 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2021-12-24 - 2021-12-31)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
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Issues counts and deltas:
  open7195 ( -1)
  closed 50747 (+41)
  total  57942 (+40)

Open issues with patches: 2871 

Issues opened (32)

#46118: Migrate importlib.resources into a package
https://bugs.python.org/issue46118  reopened by jaraco

#46175: Zero argument super() does not function properly inside genera
https://bugs.python.org/issue46175  opened by tritium

#46177: can't install launcher for all users
https://bugs.python.org/issue46177  opened by Amine

#46178: Remove `.travis.yml`?
https://bugs.python.org/issue46178  opened by sobolevn

#46180: Button clicked failed when mouse hover tooltip and tooltip des
https://bugs.python.org/issue46180  opened by Jason990420

#46181: Destroying an expaned Combobox prevents Entry focus until Alt+
https://bugs.python.org/issue46181  opened by j.lahav

#46182: `super` and descriptor clarification
https://bugs.python.org/issue46182  opened by Arthur-Milchior

#46184: Remove `netlify.toml`?
https://bugs.python.org/issue46184  opened by sobolevn

#46186: replace `io.IncrementalNewlineDecoder` with non incremental ne
https://bugs.python.org/issue46186  opened by guoci

#46187: Optionally support rounding for math.isqrt()
https://bugs.python.org/issue46187  opened by rhettinger

#46192: Optimize builtin functions min() and max()
https://bugs.python.org/issue46192  opened by colorfulappl

#46194: Wrong base class for transport returned by loop.create_datagra
https://bugs.python.org/issue46194  opened by asvetlov

#46195: Annotated and Optional get_type_hints buggy interaction
https://bugs.python.org/issue46195  opened by med2277

#46196: documentation for cmd library should include columnize() funct
https://bugs.python.org/issue46196  opened by sharewell

#46197: ensurepip bootstrap breaks out of isolated environment
https://bugs.python.org/issue46197  opened by kcdodd

#46198: Duplicated test name `test_get_unstructured_invalid_ew` in `te
https://bugs.python.org/issue46198  opened by sobolevn

#46199: Calculation influenced by print
https://bugs.python.org/issue46199  opened by wby78826

#46200: Discourage logging f-strings due to security considerations
https://bugs.python.org/issue46200  opened by ariebovenberg

#46201: PEP 495 misnames PyDateTime_DATE_GET_FOLD
https://bugs.python.org/issue46201  opened by drougge

#46202: remove opcode POP_EXCEPT_AND_RERAISE
https://bugs.python.org/issue46202  opened by iritkatriel

#46203: Add timeout for Windows build steps
https://bugs.python.org/issue46203  opened by mark.dickinson

#46204: Graphlib documentation (general cleanup)
https://bugs.python.org/issue46204  opened by dam1784

#46205: Race condition in runtest_mp leads to hangs (never exits)
https://bugs.python.org/issue46205  opened by colesbury

#46206: Crash when editing emoji containing strings
https://bugs.python.org/issue46206  opened by 10maurycy10

#46207: Log emit performance degradation in RotatingFileHandlers due t
https://bugs.python.org/issue46207  opened by dfritz

#46208: os.path.normpath change between 3.11.0a2 and 3.11.0a3+
https://bugs.python.org/issue46208  opened by hugovk

#46209: add documentation for decoding newlines in the `io` module
https://bugs.python.org/issue46209  opened by guoci

#46210: print deadlocks
https://bugs.python.org/issue46210  opened by notarealdeveloper

#46211: Recursively calling makepasv() finally leads to core dumped.
https://bugs.python.org/issue46211  opened by xxm

#46212: Avoid temporary `varargs` tuple creation in argument passing
https://bugs.python.org/issue46212  opened by colorfulappl

#46213: webbrowser.open doesn't work in Termux
https://bugs.python.org/issue46213  opened by DonaldDuck1313

#46214: Remove unused opcode ROT_FOUR
https://bugs.python.org/issue46214  opened by iritkatriel

Most recent 15 issues with no replies (15)

#46214: Remove unused opcode ROT_FOUR

#46213: webbrowser.open doesn't work in Termux

#46211: Recursively calling makepasv() finally leads to core dumped.

#46210: print deadlocks

#46209: add documentation for decoding newlines in the `io` module

#46207: Log emit performance degradation in RotatingFileHandlers due t

#46205: Race condition in runtest_mp leads to hangs (never exits)

#46204: Graphlib documentation (general cleanup)

#46203: Add timeout for Windows build steps

#46202: remove opcode POP_EXCEPT_AND_RERAISE

#46201: PEP 495 misnames PyDateTime_DATE_GET_FOLD

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2021-12-24 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2021-12-17 - 2021-12-24)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
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Issues counts and deltas:
  open7196 (+16)
  closed 50706 (+41)
  total  57902 (+57)

Open issues with patches: 2866 

Issues opened (37)

#44598: test_constructor (test.test_ssl.ContextTests) ... Fatal Python
https://bugs.python.org/issue44598  reopened by sxt1001

#46118: Migrate importlib.resources into a package
https://bugs.python.org/issue46118  opened by jaraco

#46119: Update bundled pip to 21.3.1 and setuptools to 59.7.0
https://bugs.python.org/issue46119  opened by kumaraditya303

#46120: Add note to `typing.Union` that it is recommended to use `|` i
https://bugs.python.org/issue46120  opened by sobolevn

#46121: Add a note to QueueListener documentation saying that SimpleQu
https://bugs.python.org/issue46121  opened by iamdbychkov

#46124: Deprecation warning in zoneinfo module
https://bugs.python.org/issue46124  opened by xtreak

#46125: Test the preferred API instead of relying on legacy for covera
https://bugs.python.org/issue46125  opened by jaraco

#46126: Unittest output drives developers to avoid docstrings
https://bugs.python.org/issue46126  opened by jaraco

#46128: Strip IsolatedAsyncioTestCase frames from reported stacktraces
https://bugs.python.org/issue46128  opened by asvetlov

#46133: Unclear whether one can (or how to) provide source to exec-gen
https://bugs.python.org/issue46133  opened by posita

#46134: Confusing error message for AttributeError with dataclasses
https://bugs.python.org/issue46134  opened by landonjpginn

#46141: Fix ipaddress.ip_network TypeErrors
https://bugs.python.org/issue46141  opened by bar.harel

#46142: python --help output is too long
https://bugs.python.org/issue46142  opened by eric.araujo

#46143: [docs] IO > Text Encoding info outdated
https://bugs.python.org/issue46143  opened by gilbertson.david

#46146: Python IDLE fails to start (tk font issue?)
https://bugs.python.org/issue46146  opened by mcepl

#46147: Support AddressSanitizer in Windows build
https://bugs.python.org/issue46147  opened by anthonypjshaw

#46148: Optimize pathlib
https://bugs.python.org/issue46148  opened by kumaraditya303

#46149: FIPS usedforsecurity flag is no longer functional with OpenSSL
https://bugs.python.org/issue46149  opened by florinspatar

#46150: test_pathlib assumes "fakeuser" does not exist as user
https://bugs.python.org/issue46150  opened by twouters

#46151: SimpleCookie.js_output is vulnerable to HTML injection
https://bugs.python.org/issue46151  opened by trungpaaa

#46154: MIMEMultipart enforces line endings also for binary subparts
https://bugs.python.org/issue46154  opened by sophonet

#46156: 3.9.9: python built-in SSL module unable to connect to an IIS 
https://bugs.python.org/issue46156  opened by lkraav

#46157: Typo in JSON documentation
https://bugs.python.org/issue46157  opened by jordan-bonecutter

#46158: Hardcoded sysroot path, to MacOSX11.sdk, in python sysconfig
https://bugs.python.org/issue46158  opened by akumar9

#46159: Segfault when using trace functions in 3.11a3
https://bugs.python.org/issue46159  opened by reaperhulk

#46161: `class A(1, 2, 3, **d): pass` gives bad bytecode
https://bugs.python.org/issue46161  opened by zq1997

#46162: Make `builtins.property` generic
https://bugs.python.org/issue46162  opened by sobolevn

#46163: multiprocessing logger deadlocks if used with logging.handlers
https://bugs.python.org/issue46163  opened by iamdbychkov

#46166: Get "self" args or non-null co_varnames from frame object with
https://bugs.python.org/issue46166  opened by Skylion007

#46167: Parse assert (x == y, "Descriptive text") as statement params 
https://bugs.python.org/issue46167  opened by gregory.p.smith

#46168: Incorrect format specified for the "style" key in the configur
https://bugs.python.org/issue46168  opened by bokunogf

#46169: Same-moment datetimes with different ZoneInfo timezones are no
https://bugs.python.org/issue46169  opened by huonw

#46170: Improving the error message when subclassing NewType
https://bugs.python.org/issue46170  opened by Gobot1234

#46171: venv module produces spurious warning that location has moved
https://bugs.python.org/issue46171  opened by layday

#46172: [doc] Outdated description of `license` object
https://bugs.python.org/issue46172  opened by CCXXXI

#46173: float(x) with large x not raise OverflowError
https://bugs.python.org/issue46173  opened by cykerway

#46174: Feature Request for Python Interfaces
https://bugs.python.org/issue46174  opened by Orie

Most recent 15 issues with no replies (15)

#46174: Feature Request for Python Interfaces

#46172: [doc] Outdated description of `license` object

#46170: Improving the error message when subclassing 

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2021-12-17 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2021-12-10 - 2021-12-17)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
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Issues counts and deltas:
  open7180 (-15)
  closed 50665 (+93)
  total  57845 (+78)

Open issues with patches: 2857 

Issues opened (56)

#20741: Documentation archives should be available also in tar.xz form
https://bugs.python.org/issue20741  reopened by iritkatriel

#23522: Misleading note in Statistics module documentation
https://bugs.python.org/issue23522  reopened by gvanrossum

#29221: ABC Recursion Error on isinstance() with less than recursion l
https://bugs.python.org/issue29221  reopened by serhiy.storchaka

#43749: venv module does not copy the correct python exe
https://bugs.python.org/issue43749  reopened by eryksun

#44413: OverflowError: mktime argument out of range after 2019
https://bugs.python.org/issue44413  reopened by andrei.avk

#46044: Update distutils documentation to  say PyPI only accepts tar.g
https://bugs.python.org/issue46044  opened by mbussonn

#46045: NetBSD: do not use POSIX semaphores
https://bugs.python.org/issue46045  opened by wiz

#46050: [pathlib] Option so that OSError does not block glob in pathli
https://bugs.python.org/issue46050  opened by matt32106

#46051: Make @atexit.register work for functions with arguments
https://bugs.python.org/issue46051  opened by quapka

#46052: IDLE: make Ctrl,Alt + IME non-ascii letter work on Windows
https://bugs.python.org/issue46052  opened by anton.bryl

#46053: NetBSD: ossaudio support incomplete
https://bugs.python.org/issue46053  opened by wiz

#46054: Incorrect error when parsing non-utf8 files
https://bugs.python.org/issue46054  opened by pablogsal

#46055: Speed up binary shifting operators
https://bugs.python.org/issue46055  opened by xuxinhang

#46061: Journal execution gives fatal error in Python 3.10.1
https://bugs.python.org/issue46061  opened by eaqrzn

#46064: Permalinks to underscored documentation entries don't work.
https://bugs.python.org/issue46064  opened by Fabian Dill

#46065: re.findall takes forever and never ends
https://bugs.python.org/issue46065  opened by ramzitra

#46066: TypedDict alternative definition syntax with keyword args is c
https://bugs.python.org/issue46066  opened by 97littleleaf11

#46067: SSLContext.set_npn_protocols broken in Python 3.10, tries to c
https://bugs.python.org/issue46067  opened by diabonas

#46068: Change use of warnings.warn to logging.warning in a few places
https://bugs.python.org/issue46068  opened by andrei.avk

#46070: _PyImport_FixupExtensionObject() regression causing a crash in
https://bugs.python.org/issue46070  opened by graysky

#46071: Graphlib documentation
https://bugs.python.org/issue46071  opened by dam1784

#46072: Unify handling of stats in the CPython VM
https://bugs.python.org/issue46072  opened by Mark.Shannon

#46073: ast.unparse produces: 'FunctionDef' object has no attribute 'l
https://bugs.python.org/issue46073  opened by TheRobotCarlson

#46075: CookieJar.extract_cookies doesn't process cookies form local d
https://bugs.python.org/issue46075  opened by keddad

#46076: Document using __slots__ to provide per-attribute docstrings
https://bugs.python.org/issue46076  opened by AlexWaygood

#46077: Include sha256 hashes of release downloads in announcement com
https://bugs.python.org/issue46077  opened by gregory.p.smith

#46079: [doc] Broken URL in "Brief Tour of the Standard Library"
https://bugs.python.org/issue46079  opened by vivekvashist

#46080: argparse.BooleanOptionalAction with default=argparse.SUPPRESS 
https://bugs.python.org/issue46080  opened by felixfontein

#46083: PyUnicode_FSConverter() has confusing reference semantics
https://bugs.python.org/issue46083  opened by twouters

#46084: Python 3.9.6 scan_dir returns filenotfound on long paths, but 
https://bugs.python.org/issue46084  opened by jschwar313

#46085: OrderedDict iterator allocates di_result unnecessarily
https://bugs.python.org/issue46085  opened by Kevin Shweh

#46086: Add ratio_min() function to the difflib library
https://bugs.python.org/issue46086  opened by gibu

#46088: Build hangs under Visual Studio in deepfreeze stage
https://bugs.python.org/issue46088  opened by gvanrossum

#46089: Problems with AF_PACKET sockets
https://bugs.python.org/issue46089  opened by gallard

#46090: C extensions can't swap out live frames anymore
https://bugs.python.org/issue46090  opened by brandtbucher

#46091: IndendationError from multi-line indented statements
https://bugs.python.org/issue46091  opened by ucodery

#46092: Fix/update missing parameters in function signatures for Built
https://bugs.python.org/issue46092  opened by vivekvashist

#46094: Missing unit test on unittest.TestResult to check for required
https://bugs.python.org/issue46094  opened by DreamSh0t

#46095: Warning about iterate/modify has unwarranted detail

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2021-12-10 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2021-12-03 - 2021-12-10)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
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Issues counts and deltas:
  open7195 (-57)
  closed 50572 (+123)
  total  57767 (+66)

Open issues with patches: 2859 

Issues opened (44)

#23469: Delete Misc/*.wpr files
https://bugs.python.org/issue23469  reopened by berker.peksag

#28533: Remove asyncore, asynchat and smtpd modules
https://bugs.python.org/issue28533  reopened by vstinner

#31184: Fix data descriptor detection in inspect.getattr_static
https://bugs.python.org/issue31184  reopened by davidhalter

#45620: A misleading url in 'Floating Point Arithmetic' page
https://bugs.python.org/issue45620  reopened by eric.smith

#45798: Move _decimal build setup into configure
https://bugs.python.org/issue45798  reopened by ned.deily

#45975: Simplify some while-loops with walrus operator
https://bugs.python.org/issue45975  opened by nickdrozd

#45977: Unexpected effect of sys.pycache_prefix = ""
https://bugs.python.org/issue45977  opened by andrei.avk

#45978: deepfreeze opaquely fails on Windows when building from Visual
https://bugs.python.org/issue45978  opened by Dennis Sweeney

#45979: Fix Tkinter tests with old Tk
https://bugs.python.org/issue45979  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#45981: Get raw file name in bytes from ZipFile
https://bugs.python.org/issue45981  opened by accelerator0099

#45985: AttributeError from @property inadvertantly flows into __getat
https://bugs.python.org/issue45985  opened by koreno

#45988: inspect.signature fails on a @staticmethod
https://bugs.python.org/issue45988  opened by PhilipVinc

#45990: Exception notes need more documentation
https://bugs.python.org/issue45990  opened by cool-RR

#45991: Improve ambiguous docstrings in pkgutil
https://bugs.python.org/issue45991  opened by khock

#45992: distutils paths are scattered between PythonXY and PythonXY-32
https://bugs.python.org/issue45992  opened by uranusjr

#45994: Add simple usage to email module
https://bugs.python.org/issue45994  opened by tarao1006

#45995: string formatting: normalize negative zero
https://bugs.python.org/issue45995  opened by John Belmonte

#45996: Worse error from asynccontextmanager in Python 3.10
https://bugs.python.org/issue45996  opened by Dima.Tisnek

#45997: asyncio.Semaphore waiters deque doesn't work
https://bugs.python.org/issue45997  opened by hyzyla

#45998: Document best practice for including and linking python framew
https://bugs.python.org/issue45998  opened by ronaldoussoren

#46005: [doc] replace 'distutils' examples with 'setuptools'
https://bugs.python.org/issue46005  opened by elmjag

#46006: [subinterpreter] _PyUnicode_EqualToASCIIId() issue with subint
https://bugs.python.org/issue46006  opened by vstinner

#46010: Cookie cutter templates to allow variable fields and data tran
https://bugs.python.org/issue46010  opened by Francisco

#46011: Python 3.10 email returns invalid Date: header unchanged.
https://bugs.python.org/issue46011  opened by msapiro

#46013: Confusing period in object.__hash__ doc
https://bugs.python.org/issue46013  opened by JMcB17

#46014: functools.singledispatch does not support Union types
https://bugs.python.org/issue46014  opened by evansd

#46017: Tutorial incorrectly refers to skits rather than sketches.
https://bugs.python.org/issue46017  opened by k2k

#46020: Optimize long_pow for the common case
https://bugs.python.org/issue46020  opened by rhettinger

#46021: fcntl module update supports FreeBSD F_KINFO flag
https://bugs.python.org/issue46021  opened by devnexen

#46022: Multiprocessing.Server.serve_forever runs sys.exit()
https://bugs.python.org/issue46022  opened by bar.harel

#46023: Modules/makesetup generated rules ignore *disabled*
https://bugs.python.org/issue46023  opened by christian.heimes

#46024: Different behaviour with zipfile
https://bugs.python.org/issue46024  opened by flvn.dev

#46026: importlib.resources.read_text() raises FileNotFound
https://bugs.python.org/issue46026  opened by Zac Hatfield-Dodds

#46027: email.utils.parsedate_to_datetime() handling of - offset
https://bugs.python.org/issue46027  opened by fdrake

#46028: 3.11.0a3: under tox, sys._base_executable is wrong
https://bugs.python.org/issue46028  opened by nedbat

#46030: socket module add couple of FreeBSD constants
https://bugs.python.org/issue46030  opened by dcarlier

https://bugs.python.org/issue46031  opened by penguin_wwy

#46032: functools' singledispatch does not support GenericAlias
https://bugs.python.org/issue46032  opened by kumaraditya303

#46033: Duplicated sentence in for statement documentation
https://bugs.python.org/issue46033  opened by michcio1234

#46035: mimetypes.guess_type returns deprecated mimetype application/x
https://bugs.python.org/issue46035  opened by milahu

#46036: Single-phase initialized 

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2021-12-03 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2021-11-26 - 2021-12-03)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
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Issues counts and deltas:
  open7252 (-14)
  closed 50449 (+82)
  total  57701 (+68)

Open issues with patches: 2884 

Issues opened (47)

#44530: Propagate qualname from the compiler unit to code objects for 
https://bugs.python.org/issue44530  reopened by steve.dower

#45813: Importing asyncio after deleting a coroutine object and before
https://bugs.python.org/issue45813  reopened by Dennis Sweeney

#45906: Python github installation issue
https://bugs.python.org/issue45906  opened by mazen001.ahmed001

#45909: sysconfig --generate-posix-vars creates wrong file when cross 
https://bugs.python.org/issue45909  opened by christian.heimes

#45910: mailbox should support options for calling email parser
https://bugs.python.org/issue45910  opened by bpoaugust

#45913: readline + GTK + Pytest Seg Fault with Python 3.7 and 3.10 on 
https://bugs.python.org/issue45913  opened by danyeaw

#45914: Very first multiprocessing example not working on Windows 11
https://bugs.python.org/issue45914  opened by quattrozhou

#45915: Use fcntl(fd, F_GETFD) to check whether an fd is valid
https://bugs.python.org/issue45915  opened by christian.heimes

#45916: documentation link error
https://bugs.python.org/issue45916  opened by cookiez6

#45919: Use WinAPI GetFileType() in is_valid_fd()
https://bugs.python.org/issue45919  opened by eryksun

#45921: codecs module doesn't support iso-8859-6-i, iso-8859-6-e, iso-
https://bugs.python.org/issue45921  opened by msapiro

#45922: Many method, function, built-in... are not clickable and shoul
https://bugs.python.org/issue45922  opened by Arthur-Milchior

#45923: Improve performance of sys.settracing based tools.
https://bugs.python.org/issue45923  opened by Mark.Shannon

#45924: Incorrect traceback when future's exception is raised multiple
https://bugs.python.org/issue45924  opened by iritkatriel

#45925: Upgrade macOS and Windows installers to use SQLite 3.37.0
https://bugs.python.org/issue45925  opened by erlendaasland

#45926: singledispatchmethod doesn't handle named arguments
https://bugs.python.org/issue45926  opened by alisson276

#45927: timeit accepts -c/--clock and -t/--time without any functional
https://bugs.python.org/issue45927  opened by lemburg

#45929: extend json.tool --json-lines to ignore empty rows
https://bugs.python.org/issue45929  opened by ZeD

#45934: python curses newterm implementation
https://bugs.python.org/issue45934  opened by draganic1

#45935: Add test for Issue11109: socketserver.ForkingMixIn leaves zomb
https://bugs.python.org/issue45935  opened by iritkatriel

#45937: Pdb can't use the commands through -c or .pdbrc files
https://bugs.python.org/issue45937  opened by Zrincet

#45938: EmailMessage as_bytes
https://bugs.python.org/issue45938  opened by marc.villain

#45940: add_multiarch_paths breaks cross compilation to Emscripten
https://bugs.python.org/issue45940  opened by ethan smith

#45942: shutil.copytree can raise OSErrors not wrapped in shutil.Error
https://bugs.python.org/issue45942  opened by Floozutter

#45944: Avoid calling isatty() for most open() calls
https://bugs.python.org/issue45944  opened by collinanderson

#45945: compileall.py throws a traceback when using -j0 and thus 'make
https://bugs.python.org/issue45945  opened by Alexander Kanavin

#45946: RecursionError when annotating a field with the same name as a
https://bugs.python.org/issue45946  opened by Gobot1234

#45947: Place dict (and values) pointers at a fixed (negative) offset 
https://bugs.python.org/issue45947  opened by Mark.Shannon

#45948: Unexpected instantiation behavior for xml.etree.ElementTree.XM
https://bugs.python.org/issue45948  opened by rdsteed

#45949: Provide pure-Python implementation of Programs/_freeze_module 
https://bugs.python.org/issue45949  opened by christian.heimes

#45950: Reintroduce bootstrap_python for freezing
https://bugs.python.org/issue45950  opened by christian.heimes

#45953: Statically allocate interpreter states as much as possible.
https://bugs.python.org/issue45953  opened by eric.snow

#45955: Calling read() on HTTPError may cause KeyError in tempfile
https://bugs.python.org/issue45955  opened by sivel

#45957: _tkinter.TclError: expected boolean value but got ""
https://bugs.python.org/issue45957  opened by amin-nejad

#45959: Teach pprint about dict views
https://bugs.python.org/issue45959  opened by rhettinger

#45960: bullseye arm/v7 time.time() Operation not permitted
https://bugs.python.org/issue45960  opened by SaschaJohn

#45962: Clarify that PyModule_AddString{Constant,Macro} use utf-8
https://bugs.python.org/issue45962  opened by Antony.Lee

#45963: Embed interpreter frame in generator.
https://bugs.python.org/issue45963  opened by Mark.Shannon

#45964: gdb test fails when packaging Python 3.10 for 

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2021-11-26 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2021-11-19 - 2021-11-26)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
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Issues counts and deltas:
  open7266 (-24)
  closed 50367 (+81)
  total  57633 (+57)

Open issues with patches: 2879 

Issues opened (36)

#45774: Detect SQLite in configure.ac
https://bugs.python.org/issue45774  reopened by erlendaasland

#45853: Misspelled _IGNORED_ERROS in Lib/pathlib.py
https://bugs.python.org/issue45853  opened by andrei.avk

#45854: winreg: implement RegGetValue
https://bugs.python.org/issue45854  opened by imba-tjd

#45855: PyCapsule_Import still using PyImport_ImportModuleNoBlock
https://bugs.python.org/issue45855  opened by georg.brandl

#45857: PEP 604 Union syntax does not support forward references
https://bugs.python.org/issue45857  opened by TNThung

#45858: Deprecate default converters in sqlite3
https://bugs.python.org/issue45858  opened by iafisher

#45860: UnboundLocalError leads to Illegal instruction crashing CPytho
https://bugs.python.org/issue45860  opened by xxm

#45863: tarfile zeroes ustar header fields unnecessarily
https://bugs.python.org/issue45863  opened by jmr

#45868: xattr support missing in os module under cygwin
https://bugs.python.org/issue45868  opened by enok2

#45869: Unicode and acii regular expressions do not agree on ascii spa
https://bugs.python.org/issue45869  opened by control-k

#45870: There's no readline module on Windows Python (cmd.Cmd)
https://bugs.python.org/issue45870  opened by keeely

#45872: Turtle documentation, write()
https://bugs.python.org/issue45872  opened by willyns

#45874: urllib.parse.parse_qsl does not parse empty query string with 
https://bugs.python.org/issue45874  opened by sattler

#45875: gzip.decompress performance can be improved with memoryviews
https://bugs.python.org/issue45875  opened by rhpvorderman

#45876: Improve accuracy of stdev functions in statistics
https://bugs.python.org/issue45876  opened by rhettinger

#45877: Inconsistency in minimal supported version of Microsoft Visual
https://bugs.python.org/issue45877  opened by arhadthedev

#45878: Use `self.assertRaises` instead of `try/except` in `ctypes/tes
https://bugs.python.org/issue45878  opened by sobolevn

#45879: Access violation
https://bugs.python.org/issue45879  opened by vladexl

#45881: Cross compiling on Linux is untested, undocumented, and broken
https://bugs.python.org/issue45881  opened by christian.heimes

#45882: mailbox fails to read message from mbox
https://bugs.python.org/issue45882  opened by peter.wurmsdobler

#45883: reuse_address mistakenly removed from loop.create_server
https://bugs.python.org/issue45883  opened by jcristharif

#45885: Specialize COMPARE_OP
https://bugs.python.org/issue45885  opened by Dennis Sweeney

#45886: Fix Program/_freeze_module for cross compiling Python
https://bugs.python.org/issue45886  opened by christian.heimes

#45887: [subinterpreters] Pull all interpreter-global objects into one
https://bugs.python.org/issue45887  opened by eric.snow

#45888: Revisit: start_tls() difficult when using asyncio.start_server
https://bugs.python.org/issue45888  opened by rob-blackbourn

#45889: pathlib: Path.match does not work on paths
https://bugs.python.org/issue45889  opened by nickpapior

#45890: Add tests for tracing try-except-finally blocks
https://bugs.python.org/issue45890  opened by iritkatriel

#45894: exception lost when loop.stop() in finally
https://bugs.python.org/issue45894  opened by Amos.Anderson

#45896: Conflicting statements in docs about default support for async
https://bugs.python.org/issue45896  opened by Rob4226

#45897: Frozen dataclasses with slots raise TypeError
https://bugs.python.org/issue45897  opened by trey

#45898: ctypes cfield.c defines duplicate ffi_type_* symbols
https://bugs.python.org/issue45898  opened by christian.heimes

#45901: store app file type ignores command-line arguments
https://bugs.python.org/issue45901  opened by eryksun

#45902: Bytes and bytesarrays can be sorted with a much faster count s
https://bugs.python.org/issue45902  opened by rhpvorderman

#45903: What???s New In Python 3.11: wrong reference to Signature.from
https://bugs.python.org/issue45903  opened by jwilk

#45904: Pasting the U00FF character into Python REPL misinterprets cha
https://bugs.python.org/issue45904  opened by gwk

#45905: Provide a C API for introspectable frames for Cython and simil
https://bugs.python.org/issue45905  opened by Mark.Shannon

Most recent 15 issues with no replies (15)

#45905: Provide a C API for introspectable frames for Cython and simil

#45903: What???s New In Python 3.11: wrong reference to Signature.from

#45901: store app file type ignores command-line arguments

#45890: Add tests for tracing 

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2021-11-19 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2021-11-12 - 2021-11-19)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
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Issues counts and deltas:
  open7290 ( +8)
  closed 50286 (+45)
  total  57576 (+53)

Open issues with patches: 2884 

Issues opened (37)

#34592: cdll.LoadLibrary allows None as an argument
https://bugs.python.org/issue34592  reopened by gregory.p.smith

#41735: Thread locks in zlib module may go wrong in rare case
https://bugs.python.org/issue41735  reopened by malin

#45797: AMD64 Arch Linux Asan Debug buildbot sometimes hangs before te
https://bugs.python.org/issue45797  opened by vstinner

#45802: MozillaCookieJar can't read cookies, should support cookies.sq
https://bugs.python.org/issue45802  opened by akkana

#45803: make_dataclass is missing the documented kw_only argument
https://bugs.python.org/issue45803  opened by kintisheff

#45804: IDLE - faster shell writing
https://bugs.python.org/issue45804  opened by roger.serwy

#45805: CO_FUTURE_ANNOTATIONS flag is not documented or in inspect
https://bugs.python.org/issue45805  opened by saulshanabrook

#45806: Cannot Recover From StackOverflow in 3.9 Tests
https://bugs.python.org/issue45806  opened by Dennis Sweeney

#45808: configure check for HAVE_CRYPT_R is wrong
https://bugs.python.org/issue45808  opened by christian.heimes

#45809: Race condition in WeakKeyDictionary/WeakKeyDictionary
https://bugs.python.org/issue45809  opened by colesbury

#45810: Prohibit invisible control characters in string literals and c
https://bugs.python.org/issue45810  opened by steven.daprano

#45811: Improve error message when source code contains invisible cont
https://bugs.python.org/issue45811  opened by steven.daprano

#45813: Importing asyncio after deleting a coroutine object and before
https://bugs.python.org/issue45813  opened by xxm

#45815: Document exceptions raised by fnmtach
https://bugs.python.org/issue45815  opened by DimitriPapadopoulosOrfanos

#45816: Python does not support standalone MSVC v143 (VS 2022) Build T
https://bugs.python.org/issue45816  opened by February291948

#45818: socketserver.BaseRequestHandler inherited class
https://bugs.python.org/issue45818  opened by matsievskiysv

#45819: Avoid releasing the GIL in nonblocking socket operations
https://bugs.python.org/issue45819  opened by jcristharif

#45821: Many method parameters in the datetime module are positional-o
https://bugs.python.org/issue45821  opened by AlexWaygood

#45823: phyton stopped working
https://bugs.python.org/issue45823  opened by vicentpaul869

#45824: CSV module document does not include how to append files
https://bugs.python.org/issue45824  opened by wesrl

#45825: Heap Segmentation Fault
https://bugs.python.org/issue45825  opened by thewb

#45828: [sqlite3] use unraisable exceptions in callbacks
https://bugs.python.org/issue45828  opened by erlendaasland

#45829: Remove C stack use by specializing BINARY_SUBSCR, STORE_SUBSCR
https://bugs.python.org/issue45829  opened by Mark.Shannon

#45830: Custom pickler memory leak
https://bugs.python.org/issue45830  opened by douglas-raillard-arm

#45832: Misleading membersip expression documentation
https://bugs.python.org/issue45832  opened by harahu

#45833: NamedTemporaryFile deleted before enclosing context manager ex
https://bugs.python.org/issue45833  opened by Brian McCutchon

#45834: Move runtime except: check to the parser
https://bugs.python.org/issue45834  opened by iritkatriel

#45837: Fix turtle deprecations
https://bugs.python.org/issue45837  opened by hugovk

#45838: Incorrect line numbers in GDB Python backtraces [3.9]
https://bugs.python.org/issue45838  opened by colesbury

#45840: Improve cross-references in the data model documentation
https://bugs.python.org/issue45840  opened by AlexWaygood

#45842: AddressSanitizer: bad-free  -  hello world c extension
https://bugs.python.org/issue45842  opened by FrancescElies

#45843: Optimizing LOAD_CONST followed by COMPARE_OP (or IS_OP)
https://bugs.python.org/issue45843  opened by February291948

#45844: Dead link 'consolelib' in faq/library
https://bugs.python.org/issue45844  opened by JMcB17

#45845: Dead link 'pythoncraft.com/OSCON2001'  in faq/library
https://bugs.python.org/issue45845  opened by JMcB17

#45846: Incorrect name capitalisation in faq/programming
https://bugs.python.org/issue45846  opened by JMcB17

#45847: Port module setup to PY_STDLIB_MOD() macro and addext()
https://bugs.python.org/issue45847  opened by christian.heimes

#45848: Pegen's nice error reporting crashes with non-UTF-8 files
https://bugs.python.org/issue45848  opened by petr.viktorin

Most recent 15 issues with no replies (15)

#45848: Pegen's nice error reporting crashes with non-UTF-8 files

#45847: Port module setup to PY_STDLIB_MOD() macro and addext()

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2021-11-12 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2021-11-05 - 2021-11-12)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
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Issues counts and deltas:
  open7282 (+23)
  closed 50241 (+38)
  total  57523 (+61)

Open issues with patches: 2886 

Issues opened (46)

#44439: stdlib wrongly uses len() for bytes-like object
https://bugs.python.org/issue44439  reopened by malin

#45354: test_winconsoleio fails on Windows 11
https://bugs.python.org/issue45354  reopened by vstinner

#45708: PEP 515-style formatting with underscores does not seem to wor
https://bugs.python.org/issue45708  reopened by serhiy.storchaka

#45732: Update python.org Windows and macOS installers to use Tk 8.6.1
https://bugs.python.org/issue45732  opened by ned.deily

#45733: importlib.abc.Traversable.name does not match
https://bugs.python.org/issue45733  opened by jmg

#45735: Promise the long-time truth that `args=list` works
https://bugs.python.org/issue45735  opened by tim.peters

#45736: 2to3 does not support integer division fixing
https://bugs.python.org/issue45736  opened by February291948

#45737: assertLogs to optionally not disable existing handlers
https://bugs.python.org/issue45737  opened by dandiez

#45738: 3.11 exec raises SystemError instead of SyntaxError on char af
https://bugs.python.org/issue45738  opened by pewscorner

#45739: The Python implementation of Decimal does not support the "N" 
https://bugs.python.org/issue45739  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#45742: python -h can't  find -R option
https://bugs.python.org/issue45742  opened by 180909

#45743: Cleanup and simplify setup.py
https://bugs.python.org/issue45743  opened by christian.heimes

#45744: Fix Flawfinder C Errors
https://bugs.python.org/issue45744  opened by osdotsystem

#45752: copy module doc wrongly says it doesn't copy arrays
https://bugs.python.org/issue45752  opened by Stefan Pochmann

#45753: Further speed up Python-to-Python calls.
https://bugs.python.org/issue45753  opened by Mark.Shannon

#45755: Mock spec with a specialized generic class does not mock class
https://bugs.python.org/issue45755  opened by kjamieson

#45756: mock raises exception when using a spec with an attribute that
https://bugs.python.org/issue45756  opened by kjamieson

#45757: compiler emits EXTENDED_ARG + NOP sequence in 3.10
https://bugs.python.org/issue45757  opened by rok.mandeljc

#45758: Crash on Py_DecRef'ing builtin object from previous run
https://bugs.python.org/issue45758  opened by Victor Milovanov

#45759: Improve error messages for non-matching `elif`/`else` statemen
https://bugs.python.org/issue45759  opened by February291948

#45760: Remove "PyNumber_InMatrixMultiply"
https://bugs.python.org/issue45760  opened by brandtbucher

#45761: recursive ProcessPoolExecutor invoke unable to return result
https://bugs.python.org/issue45761  opened by evan0greenup

#45762: Missing `list` symbols in the object inventory
https://bugs.python.org/issue45762  opened by Akarys

#45764: Parse error improvement forgetting ( after def
https://bugs.python.org/issue45764  opened by Carl.Friedrich.Bolz

#45765: importlib.metadata fails to find distributions in empty path
https://bugs.python.org/issue45765  opened by jaraco

#45766: Add direct proportion option to statistics.linear_regression()
https://bugs.python.org/issue45766  opened by rhettinger

#45767: Fix types for dev_t processing in posix module
https://bugs.python.org/issue45767  opened by AMDmi3

#45771: urllib.request.urlopen can leak socket.timeout to callers
https://bugs.python.org/issue45771  opened by thorpe-dev

#45772: socket.socket should be a class instead of a function
https://bugs.python.org/issue45772  opened by arhadthedev

#45773: Compiler hangs during jump elimination
https://bugs.python.org/issue45773  opened by brandtbucher

#45774: Detect SQLite in configure.ac
https://bugs.python.org/issue45774  opened by erlendaasland

#45775: Implementation of colorsys.rgb_to_yuv and vice versa
https://bugs.python.org/issue45775  opened by thomas.stolarski

#45776: abc submodule not an attribute of collections on Python 3.10.0
https://bugs.python.org/issue45776  opened by stcanny

#45779: multiprocessing initializer error with CPython 3.9.6 on Apple 
https://bugs.python.org/issue45779  opened by zhangzheng

#45780: dict. keys view behaviour diverges from set()
https://bugs.python.org/issue45780  opened by gregory.p.smith

#45781: Deleting __debug__ should be an SyntaxError
https://bugs.python.org/issue45781  opened by Carl.Friedrich.Bolz

#45783: test_freeze fails if a file is removed
https://bugs.python.org/issue45783  opened by petr.viktorin

#45786: Avoid allocating when exiting frame; it may be unsafe.
https://bugs.python.org/issue45786  opened by Mark.Shannon

#45787: HOWTO for socket programming and select documentation contradi
https://bugs.python.org/issue45787  opened by AlexWaygood

#45788: sys.prefix include 

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2021-11-05 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2021-10-29 - 2021-11-05)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
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Issues counts and deltas:
  open7259 (+10)
  closed 50203 (+46)
  total  57462 (+56)

Open issues with patches: 2871 

Issues opened (37)

#45641: Error In opening a file through tkinter on macOS Monterey
https://bugs.python.org/issue45641  reopened by devesh.dk373

#45675: pkgutil.get_data() doesn't add subpackages to parent packages 
https://bugs.python.org/issue45675  opened by godlygeek

#45676: Enum: improve generics support
https://bugs.python.org/issue45676  opened by ethan.furman

#45677: [doc] improve sqlite3 docs
https://bugs.python.org/issue45677  opened by erlendaasland

#45680: Documentation on `GenericAlias` objects and `__class_getitem__
https://bugs.python.org/issue45680  opened by AlexWaygood

#45681: tkinter breaks on high resolution screen after ctypes SetProce
https://bugs.python.org/issue45681  opened by GabeMillikan

#45684: `functools.singledispatchmethod` does not define `__class_geti
https://bugs.python.org/issue45684  opened by AlexWaygood

#45686: ElementTree.Element.extend: bad error message when error occur
https://bugs.python.org/issue45686  opened by goodmami

#45687: Infinite recursion in Pickler.persistent_id
https://bugs.python.org/issue45687  opened by embe-navalgo

#45689: Custom Name for ThreadPoolExecutor
https://bugs.python.org/issue45689  opened by RahulARanger

#45690: Argparse exclusive group inside required exclusive group displ
https://bugs.python.org/issue45690  opened by acooke

#45691: Partial moving of core objects to interpreter state is incorre
https://bugs.python.org/issue45691  opened by Mark.Shannon

#45692: IDLE: define word/id chars in one place.
https://bugs.python.org/issue45692  opened by terry.reedy

#45693: `loop.create_server` with port=0 uses different ports for ipv4
https://bugs.python.org/issue45693  opened by jcristharif

#45694: Limit the number of chained exceptions included in formatted t
https://bugs.python.org/issue45694  opened by iritkatriel

#45695: Out-of-tree builds are not tested.
https://bugs.python.org/issue45695  opened by eric.snow

#45696: "Deep-freeze": skip the marshal step by generating C code
https://bugs.python.org/issue45696  opened by gvanrossum

#45699: AttributeError: 'list' object has no attribute 'find'
https://bugs.python.org/issue45699  opened by krisp1506

#45701: Add tuple tests to `functools.lru_cache`
https://bugs.python.org/issue45701  opened by sobolevn

#45703: importlib.invalidate_caches() does not invalidate _NamespacePa
https://bugs.python.org/issue45703  opened by hroncok

#45704: string.Formatter.parse does not handle auto-numbered positiona
https://bugs.python.org/issue45704  opened by SDesch

#45706: Add IMAP4.login_plain to imaplib
https://bugs.python.org/issue45706  opened by przemub

#45709: 3.11 regression: tracing with-statement on exit from block
https://bugs.python.org/issue45709  opened by nedbat

#45710: Junction/symbolic folder access error on Windows 11
https://bugs.python.org/issue45710  opened by fstorino

#45711: Simplify the interpreter's (type, val, tb) exception represent
https://bugs.python.org/issue45711  opened by iritkatriel

#45712: Typo in "control flow" documentation
https://bugs.python.org/issue45712  opened by Andy

#45713: gcc warning when compiling Modules/expat/xmltok_ns.c
https://bugs.python.org/issue45713  opened by vamsi1281977

#45719: SubProcess stdin.flush freezes when running python interpreter
https://bugs.python.org/issue45719  opened by djp1012878

#45720: Remove shlwapi dependency on Windows
https://bugs.python.org/issue45720  opened by steve.dower

#45721: Improve error message when python shell command is entered at 
https://bugs.python.org/issue45721  opened by steven.daprano

#45722: documentation missing information on objects in submodules
https://bugs.python.org/issue45722  opened by rapp.jens

#45723: Improve and simplify configure.ac checks
https://bugs.python.org/issue45723  opened by christian.heimes

#45724: Segmentation fault
https://bugs.python.org/issue45724  opened by ghost.in.the.wires

#45725: test_freeze doesn't clean up after itself
https://bugs.python.org/issue45725  opened by Mark.Shannon

#45727: Parse error when missing commas is inconsistent
https://bugs.python.org/issue45727  opened by Carl.Friedrich.Bolz

#45728: SharedMemory documentation: System V vs Posix
https://bugs.python.org/issue45728  opened by jkrupp

#45729: "history and license" link has wrong target
https://bugs.python.org/issue45729  opened by programmerjake

Most recent 15 issues with no replies (15)

#45729: "history and license" link has wrong target

#45728: SharedMemory documentation: System V vs Posix

#45725: test_freeze doesn't clean 

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2021-10-29 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2021-10-22 - 2021-10-29)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
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Issues counts and deltas:
  open7249 (+50)
  closed 50157 (+46)
  total  57406 (+96)

Open issues with patches: 2868 

Issues opened (77)

#45235: argparse does not preserve namespace with subparser defaults
https://bugs.python.org/issue45235  reopened by paul.j3

#45396: Custom frozen modules get ignored.
https://bugs.python.org/issue45396  reopened by eric.snow

#45563: inspect.getframeinfo() doesn't handle frames without lineno
https://bugs.python.org/issue45563  reopened by lemburg

#45578: Missing tests for the dis module
https://bugs.python.org/issue45578  opened by nanjekyejoannah

#45580: argparse.ArgumentParser.add_mutually_exclusive_group : metavar
https://bugs.python.org/issue45580  opened by AbcSxyZ

#45581: [sqlite3] raise MemoryError if sqlite3_open_v2() returns SQLIT
https://bugs.python.org/issue45581  opened by erlendaasland

#45582: Rewrite getpath.c in Python
https://bugs.python.org/issue45582  opened by steve.dower

#45584: Clarifying truncating in documentation
https://bugs.python.org/issue45584  opened by Arthur-Milchior

#45585: Gzipping subprocess output produces invalid .gz file
https://bugs.python.org/issue45585  opened by mherrmann.at

#45587: argparse add_argument_group: distinguish title and description
https://bugs.python.org/issue45587  opened by SelfAdjointOperator

#45588: cached_method similar to cached_property to cache with classes
https://bugs.python.org/issue45588  opened by martenlienen

#45589: webbrowser does not handle opens under Windows WSL properly
https://bugs.python.org/issue45589  opened by guido.fioravantti

#45590: distutils: Upload failed (400): Invalid value for blake2_256_d
https://bugs.python.org/issue45590  opened by jwilk

#45592: NamespaceLoader does not implement create_module or exec_modul
https://bugs.python.org/issue45592  opened by FFY00

#45593: SpooledTemporaryFile.truncate returns None
https://bugs.python.org/issue45593  opened by rooter

#45594: Feature Request: add EHOSTUNREACH subclass to ConnectionError
https://bugs.python.org/issue45594  opened by ntc2

#45597: os.path.realpath returns invalid path for junction pointing to
https://bugs.python.org/issue45597  opened by grv87

#45598: setup.py grep_headers_for() is broken by design
https://bugs.python.org/issue45598  opened by christian.heimes

#45599: Please officially support %G, %V and %u directives in time lib
https://bugs.python.org/issue45599  opened by Raphael

#45600: First sentence in docs for os.environ
https://bugs.python.org/issue45600  opened by andrei.avk

#45602: The grammar misses links that are present everywhere else
https://bugs.python.org/issue45602  opened by Arthur-Milchior

#45606: pathlib.Path.glob() does not list dangling symlink when patter
https://bugs.python.org/issue45606  opened by raek

#45607: Make it possible to enrich an exception's error message
https://bugs.python.org/issue45607  opened by iritkatriel

#45609: Specialize STORE_SUBSCR
https://bugs.python.org/issue45609  opened by Dennis Sweeney

#45610: Cookies with longer paths are listed before cookies with short
https://bugs.python.org/issue45610  opened by IYism

#45611: pprint - low width overrides depth folding
https://bugs.python.org/issue45611  opened by iansedano

#45613: [sqlite3] set threadsafety attribute based on default SQLite t
https://bugs.python.org/issue45613  opened by erlendaasland

#45614: traceback of exception with non-unicode __module__
https://bugs.python.org/issue45614  opened by iritkatriel

#45615: Missing test for type of error when printing traceback for non
https://bugs.python.org/issue45615  opened by iritkatriel

#45616: Python Launcher Matches 3.10 instead of 3.1
https://bugs.python.org/issue45616  opened by Marsfan

#45617: sys.stdin does not iterate correctly on '\r' line separator
https://bugs.python.org/issue45617  opened by kbrazil

#45618: Documentation builds fail with Sphinx 3.2.1
https://bugs.python.org/issue45618  opened by Maciej Olko

#45619: Mentioning structural pattern matching in the list of binding
https://bugs.python.org/issue45619  opened by Arthur-Milchior

#45622: BlockingIOError: [Errno 11] Resource temporarily unavailable w
https://bugs.python.org/issue45622  opened by florinspatar

#45623: static build is broken
https://bugs.python.org/issue45623  opened by egorpugin

#45625: Add support for top-level await
https://bugs.python.org/issue45625  opened by Fred

#45626: Email part with content type message is multipart.
https://bugs.python.org/issue45626  opened by jdhowroyd

#45630: Dump CodeObject API for debugging
https://bugs.python.org/issue45630  opened by penguin_wwy

#45631: missing unittests for overlapping dest when using subparsers
https://bugs.python.org/issue45631  opened by paul.j3

#45632: Strange readline save history 

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2021-10-22 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2021-10-15 - 2021-10-22)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
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Issues counts and deltas:
  open7199 (-202)
  closed 50111 (+289)
  total  57310 (+87)

Open issues with patches: 2841 

Issues opened (65)

#19459: Python does not support the GEORGIAN-PS charset
https://bugs.python.org/issue19459  reopened by vstinner

#40051: Give proper link in help(idlelib/turtledemo/tkinter.sub/test_*
https://bugs.python.org/issue40051  reopened by zach.ware

#43656: TracebackException or StackSummary.extract with capture_locals
https://bugs.python.org/issue43656  reopened by andrei.avk

#45434: [C API] Clean-up the Python.h header file
https://bugs.python.org/issue45434  reopened by vstinner

#45445: Fail if an invalid -X option is provided
https://bugs.python.org/issue45445  reopened by pablogsal

#45474: [C API] marshal.h must not use FILE* type in the limited C API
https://bugs.python.org/issue45474  reopened by petr.viktorin

#45491: help() is too noisy for types used like functions
https://bugs.python.org/issue45491  opened by rhettinger

#45492: stdlib inspect documentation on code.co_names is incorrect
https://bugs.python.org/issue45492  opened by Dutcho

#45493: str() and repr() of enum different in Python 3.11 from Python 
https://bugs.python.org/issue45493  opened by Dutcho

#45496: Tkinter: test_winfo_rgb failure
https://bugs.python.org/issue45496  opened by epaine

#45501: [idea] Successfully creating a venv could print a message.
https://bugs.python.org/issue45501  opened by mdk

#45502: Fix test_shelve and make it discoverable
https://bugs.python.org/issue45502  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#45503: Several improvement point of gdbm module
https://bugs.python.org/issue45503  opened by corona10

#45504: [argparse] Entering a partial config_parser flag works with su
https://bugs.python.org/issue45504  opened by swills1

#45505: Remove unneeded ZipFile IO
https://bugs.python.org/issue45505  opened by data-ux

#45506: Out of source tree builds failing on main - test_importlib oth
https://bugs.python.org/issue45506  opened by gregory.p.smith

#45507: Small oversight in 3.11 gzip.decompress implementation with re
https://bugs.python.org/issue45507  opened by rhpvorderman

#45508: Specialize INPLACE_ADD
https://bugs.python.org/issue45508  opened by Dennis Sweeney

#45509: Gzip header corruption not properly checked.
https://bugs.python.org/issue45509  opened by rhpvorderman

#45510: Specialize BINARY_SUBTRACT
https://bugs.python.org/issue45510  opened by corona10

#45511: input() method limited to 4095 characters on *NIX
https://bugs.python.org/issue45511  opened by Romuald

#45512: [sqlite3] simplify "isolation level"
https://bugs.python.org/issue45512  opened by erlendaasland

#45514: Deprecate legacy functions from importlib.resources (importlib
https://bugs.python.org/issue45514  opened by jaraco

#45517: TarFile.add skips files when tarfile name matches a directory
https://bugs.python.org/issue45517  opened by jkinkead

#45518: Invalid example for typing
https://bugs.python.org/issue45518  opened by bozhiyou

#45519: Minor docstring improvement in __contains__
https://bugs.python.org/issue45519  opened by Ivan.Savov

#45520: Frozen dataclass deep copy doesn't work with __slots__
https://bugs.python.org/issue45520  opened by jfuruness

#45524: Cross-module dataclass inheritance breaks get_type_hints
https://bugs.python.org/issue45524  opened by aidan.b.clark

#45528: mmap: constants not listed in the documentation
https://bugs.python.org/issue45528  opened by goodmami

#45530: Improve listobject.c's unsafe_tuple_compare()
https://bugs.python.org/issue45530  opened by tim.peters

#45531: field "mro" behaves strangely in dataclass
https://bugs.python.org/issue45531  opened by finite-state-machine

#45533: loop.sock_connect doesn't resolve the address parameter on Win
https://bugs.python.org/issue45533  opened by YAtOff

#45534: Failing test_exceptions and test_threading
https://bugs.python.org/issue45534  opened by aritra1911

#45535: Enum's dir() does not contain inherited members
https://bugs.python.org/issue45535  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#45539: Negative lookaround assertions sometimes leak capture groups
https://bugs.python.org/issue45539  opened by jirkamarsik

#45540: module.__package__ and module.__spec__.parent have different s
https://bugs.python.org/issue45540  opened by barry

#45542: Using multiple comparison operators can cause performance issu
https://bugs.python.org/issue45542  opened by akuvfx

#45545: chdir __exit__ is not safe
https://bugs.python.org/issue45545  opened by ucodery

#45546: Unable to pickle enum with nested frozen dataclass?
https://bugs.python.org/issue45546  opened by Eric Cousineau

#45547: Modernize the importlib loaders
https://bugs.python.org/issue45547  opened by FFY00

#45548: Update Modules/Setup

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2021-10-15 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2021-10-08 - 2021-10-15)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
Do NOT respond to this message.

Issues counts and deltas:
  open7401 (+27)
  closed 49822 (+50)
  total  57223 (+77)

Open issues with patches: 2925 

Issues opened (50)

#35081: Move internal headers to Include/internal/
https://bugs.python.org/issue35081  reopened by vstinner

#35134: Add a new Include/cpython/ subdirectory for the "CPython API" 
https://bugs.python.org/issue35134  reopened by vstinner

#42248: Raised exception in Enum keeping user objects alive unnecessar
https://bugs.python.org/issue42248  reopened by pitrou

#44559: Enum: revert to 3.9
https://bugs.python.org/issue44559  reopened by pitrou

#45249: Update doctect SyntaxErrors for location range
https://bugs.python.org/issue45249  reopened by pablogsal

#45414: pathlib.Path.parents negative indexing is wrong for absolute p
https://bugs.python.org/issue45414  opened by josh.r

#45415: Assert oparg < INSTR_OFFSET()
https://bugs.python.org/issue45415  opened by steve.dower

#45417: Enum creation non-linear in the number of values
https://bugs.python.org/issue45417  opened by olliemath

#45420: Python 3.10 final installation failure
https://bugs.python.org/issue45420  opened by wyz23x2

#45423: SSL SNI varies when host contains port number
https://bugs.python.org/issue45423  opened by hexf

#45425: There is an error in the Chinese documentation of contextlib.A
https://bugs.python.org/issue45425  opened by laxtiz

#45427: importlib.readers.MultiplexedPath
https://bugs.python.org/issue45427  opened by daveraja

#45429: [Windows] time.sleep() should use CREATE_WAITABLE_TIMER_HIGH_R
https://bugs.python.org/issue45429  opened by vstinner

#45431: [C API] Rename CFrame or hide it to only export names starting
https://bugs.python.org/issue45431  opened by vstinner

#45435: delete misleading faq entry about atomic operations
https://bugs.python.org/issue45435  opened by graingert

#45436: test_tk.test_configure_type() failed on x86 Gentoo Non-Debug w
https://bugs.python.org/issue45436  opened by vstinner

#45438: inspect not capturing type annotations created by __class_geti
https://bugs.python.org/issue45438  opened by rhettinger

#45442: Update `Virtual Environment` tutorial
https://bugs.python.org/issue45442  opened by shivnaren

#45443: 'ThreadPoolExecutor' object has no attribute 'map'
https://bugs.python.org/issue45443  opened by zohim

#45444: test.test_concurrent_futures fail in x86_ 64 architecture
https://bugs.python.org/issue45444  opened by sxt1001

#45445: Fail if an invalid -X option is provided
https://bugs.python.org/issue45445  opened by pablogsal

#45446: Add a way to hide fields in dataclasses
https://bugs.python.org/issue45446  opened by formigacomcaimbra

#45447: IDLE: Support syntax highlighting for .pyi stub files
https://bugs.python.org/issue45447  opened by AlexWaygood

#45449: Document that collections.abc types are subscriptable
https://bugs.python.org/issue45449  opened by FFY00

#45450: Improve syntax error for parenthesized arguments
https://bugs.python.org/issue45450  opened by pablogsal

#45451: IDLE Shell GUI - remove window border
https://bugs.python.org/issue45451  opened by primexx

#45452: Support crash tolerance feature for gdbm module
https://bugs.python.org/issue45452  opened by corona10

#45455: Fill func.__doc__ lazily
https://bugs.python.org/issue45455  opened by methane

#45457: Documentation for ssl.load_default_certs is outdated
https://bugs.python.org/issue45457  opened by LincolnPuzey

#45459: Limited API support for Py_buffer
https://bugs.python.org/issue45459  opened by christian.heimes

#45460: distutils.sysconfig.get_python_lib() does not respect sysconfi
https://bugs.python.org/issue45460  opened by hroncok

#45463: Documentation inconsistency on the number of identifiers allow
https://bugs.python.org/issue45463  opened by lucach

#45464: TypeError when inheriting from both OSError and AttributeError
https://bugs.python.org/issue45464  opened by marmarek

#45466: Simple curl/wget-like download functionality in urllib (like h
https://bugs.python.org/issue45466  opened by tom.pohl

#45468: Add support for preloading a Python script
https://bugs.python.org/issue45468  opened by Gabriele Tornetta

#45472: Add public C API for partial "unicode-escape" and "raw-unicode
https://bugs.python.org/issue45472  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#45473: Enum: add "name" and "value" keywords to call syntax
https://bugs.python.org/issue45473  opened by aekoch

#45475: gzip fails to read a gzipped file (ValueError: readline of clo
https://bugs.python.org/issue45475  opened by minstrelofc

#45476: [C API] Disallow using PyFloat_AS_DOUBLE() as l-value
https://bugs.python.org/issue45476  opened by vstinner

#45477: configure script cannot detect float word ordering on linux
https://bugs.python.org/issue45477  opened by sourish.basu

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2021-10-08 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2021-10-01 - 2021-10-08)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
Do NOT respond to this message.

Issues counts and deltas:
  open7374 (+33)
  closed 49772 (+38)
  total  57146 (+71)

Open issues with patches: 2920 

Issues opened (51)

#33125: Windows 10 ARM64 platform support
https://bugs.python.org/issue33125  reopened by steve.dower

#45163: Haiku build fix
https://bugs.python.org/issue45163  reopened by ned.deily

#45344: Have zipapp respect SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH
https://bugs.python.org/issue45344  opened by bign8

#45347: datetime subject to rounding?
https://bugs.python.org/issue45347  opened by piro

#45351: asyncio doc: List all sockets in TCP echo server using streams
https://bugs.python.org/issue45351  opened by olafvdspek

#45352: Move documentation for typed generic forms of standard collect
https://bugs.python.org/issue45352  opened by pxeger

#45353: sys.modules: dictionary changed size during iteration
https://bugs.python.org/issue45353  opened by idan57

#45355: Use sizeof(_Py_CODEUNIT) instead of literal 2 for the size of 
https://bugs.python.org/issue45355  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#45356: Calling `help` executes @classmethod @property decorated metho
https://bugs.python.org/issue45356  opened by randolf.scholz

#45357: Idle does not check user config for extention configuration
https://bugs.python.org/issue45357  opened by CoolCat467

#45358: Bogus cookie generated after invalid cookie attribute is input
https://bugs.python.org/issue45358  opened by greob

#45359: TopologicalSorter is not Generic at runtime (but is in typeshe
https://bugs.python.org/issue45359  opened by JacobHayes

#45361: Provide a more convenient way to set an exception as "active",
https://bugs.python.org/issue45361  opened by njs

#45363: Use instruction offsets in co_lnotab
https://bugs.python.org/issue45363  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#45364: Add more documentation for ModuleSpec.loader_state.
https://bugs.python.org/issue45364  opened by eric.snow

#45365: concurrent.futures.Future should be suitable for use outside o
https://bugs.python.org/issue45365  opened by xmorel

#45366: dataclass init=False field with default works but default_fact
https://bugs.python.org/issue45366  opened by simple_coder878

#45367: Specialize BINARY_MULTIPLY
https://bugs.python.org/issue45367  opened by Dennis Sweeney

#45369: Remove LibreSSL workarounds
https://bugs.python.org/issue45369  opened by ramikg

#45371: distutil's runtime_library_dir (rpath) option doesn't work wit
https://bugs.python.org/issue45371  opened by christian.heimes

#45373: ./configure --enable-optimizations should enable LTO
https://bugs.python.org/issue45373  opened by vstinner

#45374: sqlite3: Add configure option to set or auto-detect rpath to s
https://bugs.python.org/issue45374  opened by chaz6

#45376: Run Windows release docs build on regular CI
https://bugs.python.org/issue45376  opened by steve.dower

#45378: Can't find "map" with search on docs.python.org
https://bugs.python.org/issue45378  opened by gvanrossum

#45379: Improve errors related to frozen modules.
https://bugs.python.org/issue45379  opened by eric.snow

#45380: help() appears confused about the module of typing.Annotated
https://bugs.python.org/issue45380  opened by AlexWaygood

#45381: IDLE: "restart shell" while receiving output disables program
https://bugs.python.org/issue45381  opened by capsicumw

#45382: platform() is not able to detect windows 11
https://bugs.python.org/issue45382  opened by sahsariga111

#45383: PyType_FromSpec API fails to use metaclass of bases
https://bugs.python.org/issue45383  opened by seberg

#45384: Accept Final as indicating ClassVar for dataclass
https://bugs.python.org/issue45384  opened by GBeauregard

#45386: xmlrpc.client unimportable due to strfmt ValueError
https://bugs.python.org/issue45386  opened by rtobar2

#45387: GzipFile.write should be buffered
https://bugs.python.org/issue45387  opened by rhpvorderman

#45388: Use JUMP_FORWARD for all forward jumps.
https://bugs.python.org/issue45388  opened by Mark.Shannon

#45389: https://docs.python.org/3/objects.inv still points to 3.9
https://bugs.python.org/issue45389  opened by gaborjbernat

#45390: asyncio.Task doesn't propagate CancelledError() exception corr
https://bugs.python.org/issue45390  opened by pagliaricci.m

#45391: 3.10 objects.inv classifies UnionType as data
https://bugs.python.org/issue45391  opened by gaborjbernat

#45392: docstring of "type" could use an update
https://bugs.python.org/issue45392  opened by mark.dickinson

#45393: help() on operator precedence has confusing entries "await" "x
https://bugs.python.org/issue45393  opened by MFH

#45395: Frozen stdlib modules are discarded if custom frozen modules a
https://bugs.python.org/issue45395  opened by eric.snow

#45396: Custom frozen modules get ignored.
https://bugs.python.org/issue45396  opened by 

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2021-10-01 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2021-09-24 - 2021-10-01)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
Do NOT respond to this message.

Issues counts and deltas:
  open7341 ( +8)
  closed 49734 (+50)
  total  57075 (+58)

Open issues with patches: 2905 

Issues opened (38)

#45288: Inspect - Added sort_result parameter on getmembers function.
https://bugs.python.org/issue45288  opened by Patitotective

#45289: test_dbm and test_dbm_ndbm segfaults in M1 Mac
https://bugs.python.org/issue45289  opened by pablogsal

#45292: Implement PEP 654: Exception Groups
https://bugs.python.org/issue45292  opened by iritkatriel

#45295: Speed up classmethod calls via LOAD_METHOD
https://bugs.python.org/issue45295  opened by kj

#45296: IDLE: Better document close and exit.
https://bugs.python.org/issue45296  opened by terry.reedy

#45297: Improve the IDLE shell save command
https://bugs.python.org/issue45297  opened by steven.daprano

#45298: SIGSEGV when access a fork Event in a spawn Process
https://bugs.python.org/issue45298  opened by kemingy

#45299: SMTP.send_message() does from mangling when it should not
https://bugs.python.org/issue45299  opened by grant.b.edwards

#45300: Building Python documentation with doctest logs a ResourceWarn
https://bugs.python.org/issue45300  opened by vstinner

#45301: pycore_condvar.h: remove Windows conditonal variable emulation
https://bugs.python.org/issue45301  opened by vstinner

#45302: basic builtin functions missing __text_signature__ attributes
https://bugs.python.org/issue45302  opened by xloem

#45303: ast module classes missing __text_signature__ attribute
https://bugs.python.org/issue45303  opened by xloem

#45304: Supporting out-of-band buffers (pickle protocol 5) in multipro
https://bugs.python.org/issue45304  opened by jakirkham

#45305: Incorrect record of call_args_list when using multiple side_ef
https://bugs.python.org/issue45305  opened by dmcnulla

#45306: Docs are incorrect re: constant initialization in the C99 stan
https://bugs.python.org/issue45306  opened by jhaberman

#45311: Threading Semaphore and BoundedSemaphore release method implem
https://bugs.python.org/issue45311  opened by besi7dollma

#45314: Using target python while cross-building
https://bugs.python.org/issue45314  opened by fransdb

#45315: `PyType_FromSpec` does not copy the name
https://bugs.python.org/issue45315  opened by seberg

#45316: [C API] Functions not exported with PyAPI_FUNC()
https://bugs.python.org/issue45316  opened by vstinner

#45317: Document the removal the usage of the C stack in Python to Pyt
https://bugs.python.org/issue45317  opened by Mark.Shannon

#45319: Possible regression in __annotations__ descr for heap type sub
https://bugs.python.org/issue45319  opened by christian.heimes

#45320: Remove deprecated inspect functions
https://bugs.python.org/issue45320  opened by hugovk

#45321: Module xml.parsers.expat.errors misses error code constants of
https://bugs.python.org/issue45321  opened by sping

#45324: The frozen importer should capture info in find_spec().
https://bugs.python.org/issue45324  opened by eric.snow

#45325: Allow "p" in Py_BuildValue
https://bugs.python.org/issue45325  opened by pablogsal

#45326: Unexpected TypeError with type alias+issubclass+ABC
https://bugs.python.org/issue45326  opened by AMDmi3

#45328: http.client.HTTPConnection doesn't work without TCP_NODELAY
https://bugs.python.org/issue45328  opened by rtobar2

#45329: pyexpat: segmentation fault when `--with-system-expat` is spec
https://bugs.python.org/issue45329  opened by y-tag

#45330: dulwich_log performance regression in 3.10
https://bugs.python.org/issue45330  opened by kj

#45331: Can create enum of ranges, cannot create range enum. Range sho
https://bugs.python.org/issue45331  opened by techdragon

#45335: Default TIMESTAMP converter in sqlite3 ignores time zone
https://bugs.python.org/issue45335  opened by iafisher

#45336: Issue with xml.tree.ElementTree.write
https://bugs.python.org/issue45336  opened by twowolfs

#45337: Create venv with pip fails when target dir is under userappdat
https://bugs.python.org/issue45337  opened by AdamYoblick

#45338: Add key argument to collections.Counter
https://bugs.python.org/issue45338  opened by kubataytekin

#45339: concurrent.future.ThreadPoolExecutor should parameterize class
https://bugs.python.org/issue45339  opened by erickpeirson

#45340: Lazily create dictionaries for plain Python objects
https://bugs.python.org/issue45340  opened by Mark.Shannon

#45341: Update "Python Package Index" in Docs
https://bugs.python.org/issue45341  opened by StevenHsuYL

#45342: wrap_socket fails when load_cert_chain is called without setti
https://bugs.python.org/issue45342  opened by shreya1312

Most recent 15 issues with no replies (15)

#45341: Update "Python Package Index" in Docs

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2021-09-24 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2021-09-17 - 2021-09-24)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
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Issues counts and deltas:
  open7333 (-48)
  closed 49684 (+97)
  total  57017 (+49)

Open issues with patches: 2907 

Issues opened (37)

#34451: docs: tutorial/introduction doesn't mention toggle of prompts
https://bugs.python.org/issue34451  reopened by rhettinger

#45237: Python subprocess not honoring append mode for stdout on Windo
https://bugs.python.org/issue45237  opened by wolfgang-kuehn

#45239: email.utils.parsedate_tz raises UnboundLocalError if time has 
https://bugs.python.org/issue45239  opened by benhoyt

#45240: Add +REPORT_NDIFF option to pdb tests that use doctest
https://bugs.python.org/issue45240  opened by andrei.avk

#45242: test_pdb fails
https://bugs.python.org/issue45242  opened by oliphaunt

#45243: [sqlite3] add support for changing connection limits
https://bugs.python.org/issue45243  opened by erlendaasland

#45244: pip not installed with fresh python3.8.10 installation
https://bugs.python.org/issue45244  opened by shreyanse081

#45247: Add explicit support for Cython to the C API.
https://bugs.python.org/issue45247  opened by Mark.Shannon

#45249: SyntaxError location range indicator does not work in doctests
https://bugs.python.org/issue45249  opened by andrei.avk

#45250: Make sure documentation is accurate for what an (async) iterab
https://bugs.python.org/issue45250  opened by brett.cannon

#45251: signal.SIGCLD alias is not available on OSX
https://bugs.python.org/issue45251  opened by tcaswell

#45252: Missing support for Source Specific Multicast
https://bugs.python.org/issue45252  opened by ciresnave

#45253: mimetypes cannot detect mime of mka files
https://bugs.python.org/issue45253  opened by manujchandra

#45254: HAS_SHMEM detection logic is duplicated in implementation and 
https://bugs.python.org/issue45254  opened by sobolevn

#45255: sqlite3.connect() should check if the sqlite file exists and t
https://bugs.python.org/issue45255  opened by iboates

#45256: Remove the usage of the C stack in Python to Python calls
https://bugs.python.org/issue45256  opened by pablogsal

#45258: sysroot_paths in setup.py does not consider -isysroot for macO
https://bugs.python.org/issue45258  opened by isuruf

#45260: Implement superinstruction UNPACK_SEQUENCE_ST
https://bugs.python.org/issue45260  opened by zhangchaospecial

#45261: Unreliable (?) results from timeit (cache issue?)
https://bugs.python.org/issue45261  opened by timholy

#45262: crash if asyncio is used before and after re-initialization if
https://bugs.python.org/issue45262  opened by benjamin-sch

#45264: venv: Make activate et al. export custom prompt prefix as an e
https://bugs.python.org/issue45264  opened by jwodder

#45266: subtype_clear can not be called from derived types
https://bugs.python.org/issue45266  opened by Victor Milovanov

#45267: New install Python 3.9.7 install of Sphinx Document Generator 
https://bugs.python.org/issue45267  opened by pbroe

#45269: c_make_encoder() has uncovered error: "argument 1 must be dict
https://bugs.python.org/issue45269  opened by sobolevn

#45272: 'os.path' should not be a frozen module
https://bugs.python.org/issue45272  opened by steve.dower

#45273: OS-specific frozen modules are built, even on other OSes.
https://bugs.python.org/issue45273  opened by eric.snow

#45274: Race condition in Thread._wait_for_tstate_lock()
https://bugs.python.org/issue45274  opened by vstinner

#45275: Make argparse print description of subcommand when invoke help
https://bugs.python.org/issue45275  opened by longendu

#45276: avoid try 1000 in asyncio all_tasks by making weak collection 
https://bugs.python.org/issue45276  opened by graingert

#45277: typo in codecs documentation
https://bugs.python.org/issue45277  opened by Gronahak

#45278: RuntimeError on race on weakset concurrent iteration
https://bugs.python.org/issue45278  opened by bjs

#45279: avoid redundant _commit_removals pending_removals guard
https://bugs.python.org/issue45279  opened by graingert

#45280: Empty typing.NamedTuple creation is not tested
https://bugs.python.org/issue45280  opened by sobolevn

#45281: Make `is_attribute` and `module` arguments to `ForwardRef` kw-
https://bugs.python.org/issue45281  opened by sobolevn

#45282: isinstance(x, typing.Protocol-class) unexpectedly evaluates pr
https://bugs.python.org/issue45282  opened by daitakahashi

#45283: Top / function argument level ClassVar should not be allowed d
https://bugs.python.org/issue45283  opened by sobolevn

#45284: Better `TypeError` message when a string is indexed using a no
https://bugs.python.org/issue45284  opened by Rin

Most recent 15 issues with no replies (15)

#45283: Top / function argument level ClassVar should not be allowed d

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2021-09-17 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2021-09-10 - 2021-09-17)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
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Issues counts and deltas:
  open7381 ( +5)
  closed 49587 (+63)
  total  56968 (+68)

Open issues with patches: 2938 

Issues opened (37)

#45170: tarfile missing cross-directory checking
https://bugs.python.org/issue45170  opened by xiongpanju

#45171: stacklevel handling in logging module is inconsistent
https://bugs.python.org/issue45171  opened by joukewitteveen

#45172: netbsd CAN protocol flags addition
https://bugs.python.org/issue45172  opened by devnexen

#45173: Remove configparser deprecations
https://bugs.python.org/issue45173  opened by hugovk

#45174: DragonflyBSD fix nis module build
https://bugs.python.org/issue45174  opened by devnexen

#45176: Many regtest failures on Windows with non-ASCII account name
https://bugs.python.org/issue45176  opened by minghua

#45178: Support for linking unnamed temporary files into filesystem on
https://bugs.python.org/issue45178  opened by WGH

#45183: Unexpected exception with zip importer
https://bugs.python.org/issue45183  opened by ronaldoussoren

#45184: Add `pop` function to remove context manager from (Async)ExitS
https://bugs.python.org/issue45184  opened by andreash

#45189: Drop the "list_frozen" command from _test_embed.
https://bugs.python.org/issue45189  opened by eric.snow

#45191: Error.__traceback__.tb_lineno is wrong
https://bugs.python.org/issue45191  opened by nahco314

#45192: The tempfile._infer_return_type function cannot infer the type
https://bugs.python.org/issue45192  opened by rekyungmin

#45193: IDLE Show completions pop-up not working on Ubuntu Linux
https://bugs.python.org/issue45193  opened by taleinat

#45197: IDLE should suppress ValueError for list.remove()
https://bugs.python.org/issue45197  opened by rhettinger

#45198: __set_name__ documentation not clear about its usage with non-
https://bugs.python.org/issue45198  opened by xitop

#45199: IDLE: document search (find) and replace better
https://bugs.python.org/issue45199  opened by terry.reedy

#45200: test_multiprocessing_fork failws with timeout
https://bugs.python.org/issue45200  opened by terry.reedy

#45201: API function PySignal_SetWakeupFd is not exported and unusable
https://bugs.python.org/issue45201  opened by cy

#45203: Improve  specialization stats for LOAD_METHOD and BINARY_SUBSC
https://bugs.python.org/issue45203  opened by Mark.Shannon

#45206: test_contextlib_async logs "Task was destroyed but it is pendi
https://bugs.python.org/issue45206  opened by vstinner

#45209: multiprocessing tests log: UserWarning: resource_tracker: Ther
https://bugs.python.org/issue45209  opened by vstinner

#45210: tp_dealloc docs should mention error indicator may be set
https://bugs.python.org/issue45210  opened by ezyang

#45211: Useful (expensive) information is discarded in getpath.c.
https://bugs.python.org/issue45211  opened by eric.snow

#45213: Frozen modules are looked up using a linear search.
https://bugs.python.org/issue45213  opened by eric.snow

#45214: implement LOAD_NONE opcode
https://bugs.python.org/issue45214  opened by iritkatriel

#45215: Add docs for Mock name and parent args and deprecation warning
https://bugs.python.org/issue45215  opened by andrei.avk

#45216: Remove redundand information from difflib docstrings
https://bugs.python.org/issue45216  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#45218: cmath.log has an invalid signature
https://bugs.python.org/issue45218  opened by mark.dickinson

#45221: Linker flags starting with -h breaks setup.py (regression)
https://bugs.python.org/issue45221  opened by ux

#45222: test_venv: test_with_pip fails on version 3.8.12 with: pip._ve
https://bugs.python.org/issue45222  opened by sxt1001

#45223: test_spawn_doesnt_hang (test.test_pty.PtyTest) fails when stdi
https://bugs.python.org/issue45223  opened by Alexander Kanavin

#45226: Misleading error message when pathlib.Path.symlink_to() fails 
https://bugs.python.org/issue45226  opened by dfntlymaybe

#45229: Always use unittest for collecting tests in regrtests
https://bugs.python.org/issue45229  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#45231: make regen-all changes files on Linux
https://bugs.python.org/issue45231  opened by vstinner

#45233: Allow split key dictionaries with values owned by other object
https://bugs.python.org/issue45233  opened by Mark.Shannon

#45234: copy_file raises FileNotFoundError when src is a directory
https://bugs.python.org/issue45234  opened by Alex Grund

#45235: argparse does not preserve namespace with subparser defaults
https://bugs.python.org/issue45235  opened by ALSchwalm

Most recent 15 issues with no replies (15)

#45235: argparse does not preserve namespace with subparser defaults

#45226: Misleading error message when pathlib.Path.symlink_to() 

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2021-09-10 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2021-09-03 - 2021-09-10)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
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Issues counts and deltas:
  open7376 (-33)
  closed 49524 (+105)
  total  56900 (+72)

Open issues with patches: 2929 

Issues opened (53)

#36550: Avoid creating AttributeError exceptions in the debugger
https://bugs.python.org/issue36550  reopened by iritkatriel

#45083: Need to use the exception class qualname when rendering except
https://bugs.python.org/issue45083  reopened by vstinner

#45089: [sqlite3] the trace callback does not raise exceptions on erro
https://bugs.python.org/issue45089  reopened by petr.viktorin

#45096: Update Tools/freeze to make use of Tools/scripts/freeze_module
https://bugs.python.org/issue45096  opened by eric.snow

#45098: asyncio.CancelledError should contain more information on canc
https://bugs.python.org/issue45098  opened by dreamsorcerer

#45099: asyncio.Task's documentation says that loop arg is removed whe
https://bugs.python.org/issue45099  opened by jack1142

#45100: Improve help() by making typing.overload() information accessi
https://bugs.python.org/issue45100  opened by rhettinger

#45101: Small inconsistency in usage message between the python and sh
https://bugs.python.org/issue45101  opened by kiendang

#45103: IDLE: make configdialog font page survive font failures
https://bugs.python.org/issue45103  opened by terry.reedy

#45105: Incorrect handling of unicode character \U00010900
https://bugs.python.org/issue45105  opened by maxbachmann

#45107: Improve LOAD_METHOD specialization
https://bugs.python.org/issue45107  opened by kj

#45108: frame.f_lasti points at DICT_MERGE instead of CALL_FUNCTION_EX
https://bugs.python.org/issue45108  opened by alexmojaki

#45109: pipes seems designed for bytes but is str-only
https://bugs.python.org/issue45109  opened by rtollert

#45110: argparse repeats itself when formatting help metavars
https://bugs.python.org/issue45110  opened by forest

#45112: Python exception object is different after pickle.dumps and pi
https://bugs.python.org/issue45112  opened by yonghengzero

#45113: [subinterpreters][C API] Add a new function to create PyStruct
https://bugs.python.org/issue45113  opened by shihai1991

#45114: bad example for os.stat
https://bugs.python.org/issue45114  opened by harridu

#45116: Performance regression 3.10b1 and later on Windows
https://bugs.python.org/issue45116  opened by neonene

#45119: test_signal.test_itimer_virtual() failed on AMD64 Fedora Rawhi
https://bugs.python.org/issue45119  opened by vstinner

#45120: Windows cp encodings "UNDEFINED" entries update
https://bugs.python.org/issue45120  opened by rafaelblsilva

#45121: Calling super().__init__ in subclasses of typing.Protocol rais
https://bugs.python.org/issue45121  opened by hauntsaninja

#45122: Remove PyCode_New and PyCode_NewWithPosOnlyArgs
https://bugs.python.org/issue45122  opened by gvanrossum

#45125: Improve tests and docs of how `pickle` works with `SharedMemor
https://bugs.python.org/issue45125  opened by sobolevn

#45126: [sqlite3] cleanup and harden Connection and Cursor __init__
https://bugs.python.org/issue45126  opened by erlendaasland

#45127: Code objects can contain unmarshallable objects
https://bugs.python.org/issue45127  opened by petr.viktorin

#45128: test_multiprocessing fails sporadically on the release artifac
https://bugs.python.org/issue45128  opened by pablogsal

#45130: shlex.join() does not accept pathlib.Path objects
https://bugs.python.org/issue45130  opened by nyuszika7h

#45131: `venv` ??? `ensurepip` may read local `setup.cfg` and fail mys
https://bugs.python.org/issue45131  opened by nutjob4life

#45134: Protocol dealloc not called if Server is closed
https://bugs.python.org/issue45134  opened by MarkReedZ

#45135: dataclasses.asdict() incorrectly calls __deepcopy__() on value
https://bugs.python.org/issue45135  opened by tfish2

#45138: [sqlite3] expand bound values in traced statements when possib
https://bugs.python.org/issue45138  opened by erlendaasland

#45139: Docs: add source directive for minor translation simplificatio
https://bugs.python.org/issue45139  opened by Jean_Abou_Samra

#45140: strict_timestamps for PyZipFile
https://bugs.python.org/issue45140  opened by sakcheen

#45141: mailcap.getcaps() from given file(s)
https://bugs.python.org/issue45141  opened by pacien

#45143: ipaddress multicast v6 RFC documentation correction
https://bugs.python.org/issue45143  opened by hanugit

#45145: Case of headers in urllib.request.Request
https://bugs.python.org/issue45145  opened by emphoeller

#45146: Add a possibility for asyncio.Condition to determine the count
https://bugs.python.org/issue45146  opened by mykola-mokhnach

#45149: Cover directory and zipfile execution in __main__ module docs
https://bugs.python.org/issue45149  opened by ncoghlan

#45150: Add a file_digest() function 

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2021-09-03 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2021-08-27 - 2021-09-03)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
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Issues counts and deltas:
  open7409 ( -4)
  closed 49419 (+67)
  total  56828 (+63)

Open issues with patches: 2945 

Issues opened (38)

#20658: os.environ.clear() fails with empty keys (posix.unsetenv)
https://bugs.python.org/issue20658  reopened by iritkatriel

#37330: open(): remove 'U' mode, deprecated since Python 3.3
https://bugs.python.org/issue37330  reopened by vstinner

#45033: Calls to PyErr_PrintEx in destructors cause calling async func
https://bugs.python.org/issue45033  opened by zbentley

#45034: Improve struct.pack out of range error messages
https://bugs.python.org/issue45034  opened by steven.daprano

#45035: sysconfig's posix_home scheme has different platlib value to d
https://bugs.python.org/issue45035  opened by uranusjr

#45036: turtle.onrelease() event doesn't get triggered sometimes
https://bugs.python.org/issue45036  opened by techn010je11y

#45040: [sqlite3] optimise transaction control functions
https://bugs.python.org/issue45040  opened by erlendaasland

#45041: [sqlite3] simplify executescript()
https://bugs.python.org/issue45041  opened by erlendaasland

#45042: Many multiprocessing tests are silently skipped since 3.9
https://bugs.python.org/issue45042  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#45046: Add support of context managers in unittest
https://bugs.python.org/issue45046  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#45052: WithProcessesTestSharedMemory.test_shared_memory_basics fails 
https://bugs.python.org/issue45052  opened by sobolevn

#45053: MD5SumTests.test_checksum_fodder fails on Windows
https://bugs.python.org/issue45053  opened by sobolevn

#45054: json module should issue warning about duplicate keys
https://bugs.python.org/issue45054  opened by Zeturic

#45055: Fresh build on Windows fails the first time for zlib.c
https://bugs.python.org/issue45055  opened by gvanrossum

#45056: compiler: Unnecessary None in co_consts
https://bugs.python.org/issue45056  opened by methane

#45058: Undefined behavior for syntax "except AError or BError:" accep
https://bugs.python.org/issue45058  opened by kftse20031207

#45060: Do not use the equality operators with None
https://bugs.python.org/issue45060  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#45062: test_asyncio: test_huge_content_recvinto() failed on PPC64LE R
https://bugs.python.org/issue45062  opened by vstinner

#45063: PEP 657 Fine Grained Error Locations: omit indicators if they 
https://bugs.python.org/issue45063  opened by vstinner

#45065: test_asyncio failed (env changed) on s390x RHEL8 Refleaks 3.10
https://bugs.python.org/issue45065  opened by vstinner

#45066: email parser fails to decode quoted-printable rfc822 message a
https://bugs.python.org/issue45066  opened by anarcat

#45067: Failed to build _curses on CentOS 7
https://bugs.python.org/issue45067  opened by orsenthil

#45069: python 3.9.2 contains libcrypto-1_1.dll and libssl-1_1.dll ass
https://bugs.python.org/issue45069  opened by xcl123

#45073: windows installer quiet installation targetdir escapes "quote"
https://bugs.python.org/issue45073  opened by DMI-1407

#45074: asyncio hang in subprocess wait_closed() on Windows, BrokenPip
https://bugs.python.org/issue45074  opened by byllyfish

#45075: confusion between frame and frame_summary in traceback module
https://bugs.python.org/issue45075  opened by iritkatriel

#45077: multiprocessing.Pool(64) crashes on Windows
https://bugs.python.org/issue45077  opened by saschanaz

#45078: test_importlib: test_read_bytes() fails on AMD64 Windows8.1 No
https://bugs.python.org/issue45078  opened by vstinner

#45083: Need to use the exception class qualname when rendering except
https://bugs.python.org/issue45083  opened by iritkatriel

#45084: urllib.parse: remove deprecated functions (splittype, to_bytes
https://bugs.python.org/issue45084  opened by vstinner

#45086: f-string unmatched ']'
https://bugs.python.org/issue45086  opened by Greg Kuhn

#45088: Coroutines & async generators disagree on the iteration protoc
https://bugs.python.org/issue45088  opened by yselivanov

#45089: [sqlite3] the trace callback does not raise exceptions on erro
https://bugs.python.org/issue45089  opened by erlendaasland

#45090: Add pairwise to What's New in Python 3.10; mark it as new in i
https://bugs.python.org/issue45090  opened by ramalho

#45091: inspect.Parameter.__str__ does not include subscripted types i
https://bugs.python.org/issue45091  opened by antonio-caceres

#45093: Add method to compare dicts accounting for order
https://bugs.python.org/issue45093  opened by mcarans

#45094: Consider using __forceinline and __attribute__((always_inline)
https://bugs.python.org/issue45094  opened by vstinner

#45095: Easier loggers traversal tree with a logger.getChildren method
https://bugs.python.org/issue45095  opened by sblondon


[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2021-08-27 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2021-08-20 - 2021-08-27)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
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Issues counts and deltas:
  open7413 (+15)
  closed 49352 (+54)
  total  56765 (+69)

Open issues with patches: 2935 

Issues opened (49)

#42085: Add dedicated slot for sending values
https://bugs.python.org/issue42085  reopened by pablogsal

#44964: Semantics of PyCode_Addr2Line() changed
https://bugs.python.org/issue44964  opened by pablogsal

#44969: Subclassing of annotated types does not always work
https://bugs.python.org/issue44969  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#44970: Re-examine complex pow special case handling
https://bugs.python.org/issue44970  opened by mark.dickinson

#44972: Add workflow_dispatch trigger for GitHub Actions jobs
https://bugs.python.org/issue44972  opened by rmast

#44974: Warning about "Unknown child process pid" in test_asyncio
https://bugs.python.org/issue44974  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#44975: [typing] Runtime protocols with ClassVar data members should s
https://bugs.python.org/issue44975  opened by kj

#44977: Deprecate delegation of int to __trunc__?
https://bugs.python.org/issue44977  opened by mark.dickinson

#44980: Clean up tests that return a value that isn't None
https://bugs.python.org/issue44980  opened by andrei.avk

#44981: wildcard imports should normalise names in `__all__`
https://bugs.python.org/issue44981  opened by christian.kolen

#44982: Add vendor information
https://bugs.python.org/issue44982  opened by FFY00

#44983: Wrong definition of a starred expression in the Language Refer
https://bugs.python.org/issue44983  opened by Takuo Matsuoka

#44985: Inconsistent returned value of inspect.getfullargspec(object._
https://bugs.python.org/issue44985  opened by Mehrzad

#44986: Date formats in help messages of argparse
https://bugs.python.org/issue44986  opened by mail.de.senger

#44987: Speed up unicode normalization of ASCII strings
https://bugs.python.org/issue44987  opened by steven.daprano

#44989: Fix documentation for truth testing
https://bugs.python.org/issue44989  opened by steven.daprano

#44991: [sqlite3] cleanup callbacks (GIL handling, naming, ...)
https://bugs.python.org/issue44991  opened by erlendaasland

#44994: datetime's C implementation verifies fromisoformat is ASCII, b
https://bugs.python.org/issue44994  opened by Julian

#44995: "Hide the prompts and output" works abnormal
https://bugs.python.org/issue44995  opened by yangqing

#44996: tarfile missing TarInfo.offset_data member in documentation
https://bugs.python.org/issue44996  opened by nilsnolde

#44998: tests failed
https://bugs.python.org/issue44998  opened by jett8998

#44999: Argparse missing translates
https://bugs.python.org/issue44999  opened by santhu_reddy12

#45001: Date parsing helpers in email module incorrectly raise IndexEr
https://bugs.python.org/issue45001  opened by wbolster

#45002: won't match correct version of tcl/tk
https://bugs.python.org/issue45002  opened by jett8998

#45004: add Enum to ctypes
https://bugs.python.org/issue45004  opened by ethan.furman

#45005: Two Layers of SSL/TLS
https://bugs.python.org/issue45005  opened by mjbmr

#45006: Add data_offset field to ZipInfo
https://bugs.python.org/issue45006  opened by zhangxp1998

#45007: OpenSSL 1.1.1l is released
https://bugs.python.org/issue45007  opened by ned.deily

#45008: asyncio.gather should not "dedup" awaitables
https://bugs.python.org/issue45008  opened by byllyfish

#45009: Get last modified date of Folders and Files using os.path modu
https://bugs.python.org/issue45009  opened by gopeshsingh

#45012: DirEntry.stat method should release GIL
https://bugs.python.org/issue45012  opened by uosiu

#45013: os.path.isfile fails on path exactly 260 Chars long in Windows
https://bugs.python.org/issue45013  opened by ubermidget2

#45015: Language Reference failing to describe the treatment of starre
https://bugs.python.org/issue45015  opened by Takuo Matsuoka

#45016: Multiprocessing freeze support unclear
https://bugs.python.org/issue45016  opened by ronaldoussoren

#45017: move opcode-related logic from modulefinder to dis
https://bugs.python.org/issue45017  opened by iritkatriel

#45018: Pickling a range iterator with an index of over sizeof(int) st
https://bugs.python.org/issue45018  opened by lukasz.langa

#45019: Freezing modules has manual steps but could be automated.
https://bugs.python.org/issue45019  opened by eric.snow

#45020: Freeze all modules imported during startup.
https://bugs.python.org/issue45020  opened by eric.snow

#45021: Race condition in thread.py
https://bugs.python.org/issue45021  opened by nullptr

#45022: Update libffi to 3.4.2
https://bugs.python.org/issue45022  opened by steve.dower

#45023: Python doesn't exit with proper resultcode on SIGINT in multip
https://bugs.python.org/issue45023  opened by ambwrig

#45024: Cannot extend collections ABCs 

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2021-08-20 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2021-08-13 - 2021-08-20)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
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Issues counts and deltas:
  open7398 ( +5)
  closed 49298 (+49)
  total  56696 (+54)

Open issues with patches: 2928 

Issues opened (35)

#41322: unittest: deprecate test methods returning non-None values
https://bugs.python.org/issue41322  reopened by serhiy.storchaka

#44913: segfault in call to embedded PyModule_New
https://bugs.python.org/issue44913  opened by enometh

#44915: Python keywords as string keys in TypedDict
https://bugs.python.org/issue44915  opened by Doug Hoskisson

#44918: Unhandled Exception (Not Implemented) in HTMLParser().feed
https://bugs.python.org/issue44918  opened by md103

#44919: TypedDict subtypes ignore any other metaclasses in 3.9+
https://bugs.python.org/issue44919  opened by sobolevn

#44920: Support UUIDv6, UUIDv7, and UUIDv8 from the new version of RFC
https://bugs.python.org/issue44920  opened by stevesimmons

#44921: dict subclassing is slow
https://bugs.python.org/issue44921  opened by Marco Sulla

#44924: logging.handlers.QueueHandler does not maintain the exc_text
https://bugs.python.org/issue44924  opened by Miksus

#44925: [docs] Confusing deprecation notice for typing.IO
https://bugs.python.org/issue44925  opened by rittneje

#44926: typing.get_type_hints() raises for type aliases with forward r
https://bugs.python.org/issue44926  opened by mhils

#44927: [sqlite3] proposal: add sqlite3.Cursor.insert() method
https://bugs.python.org/issue44927  opened by AR

#44928: async generator missing unawaited coroutine warning
https://bugs.python.org/issue44928  opened by graingert

#44929: Some RegexFlag cannot be printed in the repr
https://bugs.python.org/issue44929  opened by pablogsal

#44934: Windows installer: Append Python to PATH instead of prepending
https://bugs.python.org/issue44934  opened by bn_append

#44936: test_concurrent_futures: test_cancel_futures_wait_false() and 
https://bugs.python.org/issue44936  opened by vstinner

#44937: test_regrest: test_tools_script_run_tests() failed on GHA Wind
https://bugs.python.org/issue44937  opened by vstinner

#44938: Expose PyErr_ChainExceptions in the stable API
https://bugs.python.org/issue44938  opened by pablogsal

#44939: proposal: add support for regex in Literal type hint
https://bugs.python.org/issue44939  opened by leon.mintz

#44940: Suggest the use of non-capturing groups in re.findall() and re
https://bugs.python.org/issue44940  opened by rondevous

#44941: Add check_methods function to standard library
https://bugs.python.org/issue44941  opened by finnjavier08

#44943: Integrate PyHyphen into the textwrap module?
https://bugs.python.org/issue44943  opened by elsiehupp

#44945: Specialize BINARY_ADD using PEP 659 machinery.
https://bugs.python.org/issue44945  opened by Mark.Shannon

#44946: Integer operations are inefficient for "medium" integers.
https://bugs.python.org/issue44946  opened by Mark.Shannon

#44948: DeprecationWarning: Using ioctl() method
https://bugs.python.org/issue44948  opened by Thomas Trummer

#44951: selector.EpollSelector: EPOLLEXCLUSIVE, round 2
https://bugs.python.org/issue44951  opened by David.Gilman

#44953: Add vectorcall on operator.itemgetter and attrgetter objects
https://bugs.python.org/issue44953  opened by Dennis Sweeney

#44954: Bug in float.fromhex
https://bugs.python.org/issue44954  opened by pgimeno

#44955: Method stopTestRun() is not always called for skipped tests
https://bugs.python.org/issue44955  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#44956: curses getch returns wrong value
https://bugs.python.org/issue44956  opened by arbor

#44957: typing docs: Mention PEP 604 syntax more prominently
https://bugs.python.org/issue44957  opened by srittau

#44958: [sqlite3] only reset statements when needed
https://bugs.python.org/issue44958  opened by erlendaasland

#44959: EXT_SUFFIX is missing '.sl' on HP-UX
https://bugs.python.org/issue44959  opened by florinspatar

#44961: @classmethod doesn't set __wrapped__ the same way as functool'
https://bugs.python.org/issue44961  opened by Thomas701

#44962: asyncio.create_task weakrefset race condition
https://bugs.python.org/issue44962  opened by graingert

#44963: anext_awaitable is not a collections.abc.Generator
https://bugs.python.org/issue44963  opened by lordmauve

Most recent 15 issues with no replies (15)

#44963: anext_awaitable is not a collections.abc.Generator

#44961: @classmethod doesn't set __wrapped__ the same way as functool'

#44955: Method stopTestRun() is not always called for skipped tests

#44953: Add vectorcall on operator.itemgetter and attrgetter objects

#44948: DeprecationWarning: Using ioctl() method

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2021-08-13 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2021-08-06 - 2021-08-13)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
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Issues counts and deltas:
  open7393 ( -4)
  closed 49249 (+60)
  total  56642 (+56)

Open issues with patches: 2924 

Issues opened (39)

#44855: [doc] Complete the sqlite3 exception documentation
https://bugs.python.org/issue44855  opened by erlendaasland

#44859: Improve some sqlite3 errors
https://bugs.python.org/issue44859  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#44860: sysconfig's posix_user scheme has different platlib value to d
https://bugs.python.org/issue44860  opened by uranusjr

#44861: csv.writer stopped to quote values with escapechar with csv.QU
https://bugs.python.org/issue44861  opened by xflr6

#44862: [docs] make "Deprecated since version {deprecated}, will be re
https://bugs.python.org/issue44862  opened by vini.g.fer

#44863: Allow TypedDict to inherit from Generics
https://bugs.python.org/issue44863  opened by sransara

#44864: [argparse] Do not translate user-provided strings in `Argument
https://bugs.python.org/issue44864  opened by jdetrey

#44865: [argparse] Missing translations
https://bugs.python.org/issue44865  opened by jdetrey

#44868: misleading error about fd / follow_symlinks from os.stat()
https://bugs.python.org/issue44868  opened by andrei.avk

#44869: MacOS Monterrey malloc issue
https://bugs.python.org/issue44869  opened by edumorlom

#44874: Deprecate Py_TRASHCAN_SAFE_BEGIN/END
https://bugs.python.org/issue44874  opened by iritkatriel

#44875: Update dis.findlinestarts documentaiton to reflect new usage o
https://bugs.python.org/issue44875  opened by gwk

#44876: .replace functions in datetime do not call __new__
https://bugs.python.org/issue44876  opened by joelgibson

#44877: Python > 3.7 build fails with IBM XL compiler
https://bugs.python.org/issue44877  opened by quellyn

#44881: Consider integration of PyObject_GC_UnTrack() with the trashca
https://bugs.python.org/issue44881  opened by nascheme

#44882: add FileInput.rollback() for in-place filters
https://bugs.python.org/issue44882  opened by samwyse

#44883: configure --with-openssl-rpath=DIR too eager about existence o
https://bugs.python.org/issue44883  opened by Elvis.Pranskevichus

#44884: logging Formatter behavior when using msecs and braces : '{'
https://bugs.python.org/issue44884  opened by fxcallewaert

#44886: asyncio: create_datagram_endpoint() does not return a Datagram
https://bugs.python.org/issue44886  opened by Thomas Trummer

#44887: test_input_tty hangs when run multiple times in the same proce
https://bugs.python.org/issue44887  opened by lukasz.langa

#44888: ssl.OP_LEGACY_SERVER_CONNECT missing
https://bugs.python.org/issue44888  opened by xtkoba

#44889: Specialize LOAD_METHOD with PEP 659 adaptive interpreter
https://bugs.python.org/issue44889  opened by kj

#44892: configparser fails when the file contains a "%" inside a comme
https://bugs.python.org/issue44892  opened by DiddiLeija

#44893: importlib.metadata Entrypoint has a broken _asdict
https://bugs.python.org/issue44893  opened by Ronny.Pfannschmidt

#44894: HTTP request handler should check sys.stderr for None before u
https://bugs.python.org/issue44894  opened by xiaolingbao

#44895: refleak test failure in test_exceptions
https://bugs.python.org/issue44895  opened by iritkatriel

#44896: Issue with unparse in ast module
https://bugs.python.org/issue44896  opened by xiaket

#44897: Integrate trashcan mechanism into _Py_Dealloc
https://bugs.python.org/issue44897  opened by nascheme

#44898: Path.read_bytes() failed when path contains chinese character
https://bugs.python.org/issue44898  opened by russiavk

#44899: tarfile: add support for creating an archive of potentially ch
https://bugs.python.org/issue44899  opened by marko-tuononen

#44900: Implement superinstructions
https://bugs.python.org/issue44900  opened by Mark.Shannon

#44901: Info about used pickle protocol used by multiprocessing.Queue
https://bugs.python.org/issue44901  opened by buhtz

#44903: [Doc] How does one to about getting onto the "Other Graphical 
https://bugs.python.org/issue44903  opened by PySimpleGUI

#44904: Erroneous behaviour for abstract class properties
https://bugs.python.org/issue44904  opened by rzepecki.t

#44905: Abstract instance and class attributes for abstract base class
https://bugs.python.org/issue44905  opened by rzepecki.t

#44906: Crash on deep call stack under Windows
https://bugs.python.org/issue44906  opened by aleReimondo

#44907: examples code output do not match the current version 3.9
https://bugs.python.org/issue44907  opened by yangqing

#44908: recommend httpx as well as requests in http.client/urllib.requ
https://bugs.python.org/issue44908  opened by graingert

#44909: configure should pick /usr/bin/g++ automatically if present
https://bugs.python.org/issue44909  opened by pmenzel

Most recent 15 issues with no 

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2021-08-06 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2021-07-30 - 2021-08-06)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
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Issues counts and deltas:
  open7397 ( +2)
  closed 49189 (+68)
  total  56586 (+70)

Open issues with patches: 2933 

Issues opened (48)

#34013: Inconsistent SyntaxError for print
https://bugs.python.org/issue34013  reopened by brandtbucher

#43853: [sqlite3] Improve sqlite3_value_text() error handling
https://bugs.python.org/issue43853  reopened by serhiy.storchaka

#44206: Add a version number to dict keys.
https://bugs.python.org/issue44206  reopened by pablogsal

#44524: __name__ attribute in typing module
https://bugs.python.org/issue44524  reopened by kj

#44698: Undefined behaviour in Objects/complexobject.c's complex_pow
https://bugs.python.org/issue44698  reopened by mark.dickinson

#44756: In ./Doc, "make html" and "make build" should depend on "make 
https://bugs.python.org/issue44756  reopened by ned.deily

#44786: test_check_c_globals "crashed" and then "FutureWarning: Possib
https://bugs.python.org/issue44786  opened by iritkatriel

#44787: Missing valid directive %D in datetime.strftime() documentatio
https://bugs.python.org/issue44787  opened by vpjtqwv0101

#44788: Possibility to specify port in __init__ of ftplib.FTP
https://bugs.python.org/issue44788  opened by vpjtqwv0101

#44789: CPython cannot be compiled with -pedantic
https://bugs.python.org/issue44789  opened by blastwave

#44791: Substitution of ParamSpec in Concatenate
https://bugs.python.org/issue44791  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#44795: asyncio.run does not allow for graceful shutdown of main task
https://bugs.python.org/issue44795  opened by andreash

#44796: Add __parameters__ and __getitem__ in TypeVar and ParamSpec
https://bugs.python.org/issue44796  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#44799: typing.get_type_hints() raises TypeError for a variable annota
https://bugs.python.org/issue44799  opened by tkomiya

#44800: Code readability: rename interpreter frames to execution frame
https://bugs.python.org/issue44800  opened by ncoghlan

#44802: Substitution does not work after ParamSpec substitution of the
https://bugs.python.org/issue44802  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#44805: asyncio.StreamReader.read hangs for reused socket file descrip
https://bugs.python.org/issue44805  opened by ntc2

#44807: typing.Protocol silently overrides __init__ method of delivere
https://bugs.python.org/issue44807  opened by uriyyo

#44809: Changelog missing removal of StrEnum etc.
https://bugs.python.org/issue44809  opened by srittau

#44810: nturl2path: drive definition
https://bugs.python.org/issue44810  opened by NickVeld

#44811: Change default signature algorithms for context in the ssl lib
https://bugs.python.org/issue44811  opened by anis.gandoura

#44813: generate specialization stat names list into opcode.h
https://bugs.python.org/issue44813  opened by iritkatriel

#44815: asyncio.gather no DeprecationWarning if task are passed
https://bugs.python.org/issue44815  opened by dreamsorcerer

#44816: PEP 626 does not explain the handling of constants, at all.
https://bugs.python.org/issue44816  opened by brandtbucher

#44817: os.path.realpath fails with WinError 161
https://bugs.python.org/issue44817  opened by Spacetown

#44819: assertSequenceEqual does not use _getAssertEqualityFunc
https://bugs.python.org/issue44819  opened by Rarity

#44821: Instance dictionaries should be created eagerly
https://bugs.python.org/issue44821  opened by Mark.Shannon

#44822: [sqlite3] Do not truncate results of user functions and aggreg
https://bugs.python.org/issue44822  opened by erlendaasland

#44826: Specialize STORE_ATTR using PEP 659 machinery.
https://bugs.python.org/issue44826  opened by Mark.Shannon

#44828: Using tkinter.filedialog crashes on macOS Python 3.9.6
https://bugs.python.org/issue44828  opened by Nythepegasus

#44829: zoneinfo.ZoneInfo does not check for Windows device names
https://bugs.python.org/issue44829  opened by apple502j

#44830: Broken Mozilla devguide link in "Dealing with Bugs" doc sectio
https://bugs.python.org/issue44830  opened by mark.dickinson

#44831: Inconsistency between datetime.now() and datetime.fromtimestam
https://bugs.python.org/issue44831  opened by Miksus

#44832: Compiler detection is not strict enough
https://bugs.python.org/issue44832  opened by mathstuf

#44834: contextvars.Context.run w/ coroutines gives inconsistent behav
https://bugs.python.org/issue44834  opened by adriangb

#44836: shutil _unpack_zipfile  filename encoding issue
https://bugs.python.org/issue44836  opened by yogendraksoni

#44839: Convert Python exceptions to appropriate SQLite error codes
https://bugs.python.org/issue44839  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#44840: Nested if/else gets phantom else trace again (3.10)
https://bugs.python.org/issue44840  opened by nedbat

#44841: ZipInfo crashes on filemode

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2021-07-30 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2021-07-23 - 2021-07-30)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
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Issues counts and deltas:
  open7395 (-25)
  closed 49121 (+80)
  total  56516 (+55)

Open issues with patches: 2926 

Issues opened (34)

#15870: PyType_FromSpec should take metaclass as an argument
https://bugs.python.org/issue15870  reopened by belopolsky

#36050: Why does http.client.HTTPResponse._safe_read use MAXAMOUNT
https://bugs.python.org/issue36050  reopened by bmerry

#41103: Removing old buffer support
https://bugs.python.org/issue41103  reopened by methane

#44479: Windows build doesn't regenerate some files
https://bugs.python.org/issue44479  reopened by steve.dower

#44676: Add ability to serialise types.Union
https://bugs.python.org/issue44676  reopened by serhiy.storchaka

#44729: sys.setprofile bug
https://bugs.python.org/issue44729  opened by AliyevH

#44730: unittest.mock.patch does not work as a decorator on generator 
https://bugs.python.org/issue44730  opened by garethmjwilliams

#44733: Feature request: maxtasksperchild for ProcessPoolExecutor
https://bugs.python.org/issue44733  opened by cool-RR

#44735: Failed venv Activation With "&" In Folder Name
https://bugs.python.org/issue44735  opened by adore_blvnk

#44738: io_uring as a new backend to selectors and asyncio
https://bugs.python.org/issue44738  opened by achimnol

#44740: Lowercase "Internet" and "web" in docs
https://bugs.python.org/issue44740  opened by felixxm

#44742: smtplib: less confusing behaviour when giving incorrect multip
https://bugs.python.org/issue44742  opened by cmatte

#44743: asyncio DatagramProtocol stops calling callbacks after OSError
https://bugs.python.org/issue44743  opened by JulianOrteil

#44744: [security] Open redirect attack due to insufficient validation
https://bugs.python.org/issue44744  opened by ready-research

#44745: Manual for python 3.9.6 will not let me search
https://bugs.python.org/issue44745  opened by matthman2019

#44748: argparse: a bool indicating if arg was encountered
https://bugs.python.org/issue44748  opened by Thermi

#44749: LOAD_NAME not using PyObject_GetItem when globals() is a dict 
https://bugs.python.org/issue44749  opened by douglas-raillard-arm

#44760: Turtle Documentation - Contents Hyperlink conflict
https://bugs.python.org/issue44760  opened by ray_giraffe

#44762: getpass.getpass on Windows fallback detection is bad
https://bugs.python.org/issue44762  opened by matejcik

#44764: Handling interruption in async tasks
https://bugs.python.org/issue44764  opened by ilian

#44766: [easy doc] Remove redundant info in README.valgrind
https://bugs.python.org/issue44766  opened by shihai1991

#44767: python -m flask run gives OSError: [WinError 10013] An attempt
https://bugs.python.org/issue44767  opened by chandrakant.rvce

#44769: socketserver.shutdown should stop serve_forever()  immediately
https://bugs.python.org/issue44769  opened by petr.viktorin

#44771: Adopt changes from importlib_resources 5.2
https://bugs.python.org/issue44771  opened by jaraco

#44772: Regression in memory use of instances due to dictionary orderi
https://bugs.python.org/issue44772  opened by Mark.Shannon

#44773: case_insensitive kwarg in str.replace()
https://bugs.python.org/issue44773  opened by nimit.grover24

#44774: incorrect sys.stdout.encoding within a io.StringIO buffer
https://bugs.python.org/issue44774  opened by pcarbonn

#44775: Speed-up typing.cast by implementing it in C
https://bugs.python.org/issue44775  opened by uriyyo

#44776: Docs on mobile do not use monospace font for code snippets, mi
https://bugs.python.org/issue44776  opened by alexprengere

#44779: Checkouts stale following changes to .gitattributes
https://bugs.python.org/issue44779  opened by jaraco

#44780: Incorrect message: "Invalid decimal literal" (python 3.10)
https://bugs.python.org/issue44780  opened by aroberge

#44781: test_distutils emits deprecation warning about distutils
https://bugs.python.org/issue44781  opened by iritkatriel

#44782: LRU class given as example in OrderedDict docs not work on pop
https://bugs.python.org/issue44782  opened by maximeLeurent

#44783: SSL needs client OCSP stapling
https://bugs.python.org/issue44783  opened by pprindeville

Most recent 15 issues with no replies (15)

#44783: SSL needs client OCSP stapling

#44782: LRU class given as example in OrderedDict docs not work on pop

#44781: test_distutils emits deprecation warning about distutils

#44780: Incorrect message: "Invalid decimal literal" (python 3.10)

#44779: Checkouts stale following changes to .gitattributes

#44775: Speed-up typing.cast by implementing it in C

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2021-07-23 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2021-07-16 - 2021-07-23)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
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Issues counts and deltas:
  open7420 (+17)
  closed 49041 (+54)
  total  56461 (+71)

Open issues with patches: 2951 

Issues opened (52)

#44656: Dangerous mismatch between MAXPATHLEN and MAX_PATH on Windows
https://bugs.python.org/issue44656  opened by izbyshev

#44657: instancemethod_call should use PyInstanceMethod_GET_FUNCTION m
https://bugs.python.org/issue44657  opened by colesbury

#44658: No ValueError for duplicate key value in mapping patern when l
https://bugs.python.org/issue44658  opened by jack__d

#44660: email.feedparser Module Lacks Support for Section 3.5 of RFC 6
https://bugs.python.org/issue44660  opened by f18a14c09s

#44662: Add ability to annotate types.Union
https://bugs.python.org/issue44662  opened by uriyyo

#44663: Possible bug in datetime utc
https://bugs.python.org/issue44663  opened by gabhcosta

#44664: builtins.chr and the 'c' format flag raise different errors
https://bugs.python.org/issue44664  opened by bup

#44665: asyncio.create_task() documentation should mention user needs 
https://bugs.python.org/issue44665  opened by bernat

#44666: compileall.compile_file fails when sys.stdout is redirected to
https://bugs.python.org/issue44666  opened by stefanhoelzl

#44667: tokenize.py emits spurious NEWLINE if file ends on a comment w
https://bugs.python.org/issue44667  opened by mdartiailh

#44668: More differences in instance and subclass checks between typin
https://bugs.python.org/issue44668  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#44669: TypeError: 'type' object is not subscriptable
https://bugs.python.org/issue44669  opened by michal.dziczkowski

#44671: Create a built-in yaml module
https://bugs.python.org/issue44671  opened by jarpri08

#44673: Embedded Python - local directories in pythonXX._pth
https://bugs.python.org/issue44673  opened by emve

#44674: dataclasses should allow frozendict default value
https://bugs.python.org/issue44674  opened by gianni

#44675: Cross-platform issues with private methods and multiprocessing
https://bugs.python.org/issue44675  opened by ymerej

#44677: CSV sniffing falsely detects space as a delimiter
https://bugs.python.org/issue44677  opened by pt12lol

#44678: Seperate error message for discontinuous padding in binascii.a
https://bugs.python.org/issue44678  opened by idan22moral

#44679: unittest.mock.sentinel documentation typo
https://bugs.python.org/issue44679  opened by gaydayav

#44680: Reference cycles from a WeakKeyDictionary value to its key are
https://bugs.python.org/issue44680  opened by andersk

#44682: Pdb commands allows to add commands to invalid breakpoint
https://bugs.python.org/issue44682  opened by andrei.avk

#44684: Docs for mock.call
https://bugs.python.org/issue44684  opened by guettli

#44685: Email package issue with Outlook msg files
https://bugs.python.org/issue44685  opened by heghine

#44686: use pkgutil.resolve_name in unittest.mock
https://bugs.python.org/issue44686  opened by graingert

#44687: io.BufferedReader:peek() closes underlying file, breaking peek
https://bugs.python.org/issue44687  opened by liquidpele

#44688: [sqlite3] Remove ASCII limitation from sqlite3.Connection.crea
https://bugs.python.org/issue44688  opened by erlendaasland

#44689: MacOS: Python binaries not portable between Catalina and Big S
https://bugs.python.org/issue44689  opened by bergkvist

#44690: Adopt binacii.a2b_base64's strict mode in base64.b64decode
https://bugs.python.org/issue44690  opened by idan22moral

#44693: Unclear definition of the "__future__" module in Docs
https://bugs.python.org/issue44693  opened by StevenHsuYL

#44694: Message from BytesParser cannot be flattened immediately
https://bugs.python.org/issue44694  opened by vitas1

#44695: asdict use deep copy to dataclass instances
https://bugs.python.org/issue44695  opened by Itayazolay

#44697: Memory leak when asyncio.open_connection raise
https://bugs.python.org/issue44697  opened by seer

#44698: Undefined behaviour in Objects/complexobject.c's complex_pow
https://bugs.python.org/issue44698  opened by twouters

#44699: Simple regex appears to take exponential time in length of inp
https://bugs.python.org/issue44699  opened by brezniczky

#44701: Create a @deprecated decorator (annotation)
https://bugs.python.org/issue44701  opened by Leonardofreua

#44702: Fix weakref doc
https://bugs.python.org/issue44702  opened by Prometheus3375

#44705: Support Windows file open modes for `open` built-in function
https://bugs.python.org/issue44705  opened by lukedeller1

#44707: runtime error: applying zero offset to null pointer in Objects
https://bugs.python.org/issue44707  opened by thatiparthy

#44709: [3.7] Popen Control Characters in stdout affect shell session
https://bugs.python.org/issue44709  opened by San

#44711: Optimize type check in 

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2021-07-16 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2021-07-09 - 2021-07-16)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
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Issues counts and deltas:
  open7403 ( +6)
  closed 48987 (+56)
  total  56390 (+62)

Open issues with patches: 2951 

Issues opened (40)

#29753: [Linux] ctypes packs bitfields Incorrectly
https://bugs.python.org/issue29753  reopened by FFY00

#44184: crash on windows invoking flake8
https://bugs.python.org/issue44184  reopened by twouters

#44592: tkinter focus_get() with non-tkinter Tk widget
https://bugs.python.org/issue44592  reopened by terry.reedy

#44594: AsyncExitStack.enter_async_context() is mishandling exception 
https://bugs.python.org/issue44594  opened by John Belmonte

#44597: Poll returns POLLOUT on Pipe read endpoint on MacOS 10.14
https://bugs.python.org/issue44597  opened by samh42

#44598: test_constructor (test.test_ssl.ContextTests) ... Fatal Python
https://bugs.python.org/issue44598  opened by sxt1001

#44600: match/case statements trace incorrectly in 3.10.0b4
https://bugs.python.org/issue44600  opened by nedbat

#44601: argparse: potential bugs on add_subparser due to allow_abbrev 
https://bugs.python.org/issue44601  opened by zhongxiang117

#44603: REPL: exit when the user types exit instead of asking them to 
https://bugs.python.org/issue44603  opened by theacodes

#44604: [Enhancement] Asyncio task decorator to provide interface to d
https://bugs.python.org/issue44604  opened by aa1371

#44605: functools.total_ordering doesn't work with metaclasses
https://bugs.python.org/issue44605  opened by glyph

#44607: Teleport method for turtle class
https://bugs.python.org/issue44607  opened by Muffinlicious

#44609: Buffer support in the stable ABI
https://bugs.python.org/issue44609  opened by tarun.johar

#44610: Format issue with strftime and %Y
https://bugs.python.org/issue44610  opened by bkaznowski

#44611: CPython uses deprecated randomness API
https://bugs.python.org/issue44611  opened by strombrg

#44614: Broken Pipe in Server of Manager in multiprocessing when final
https://bugs.python.org/issue44614  opened by mutax

#44615: Multiprocessing Pool example and comments incomplete/wrong?
https://bugs.python.org/issue44615  opened by mutax

#44617: Undesired Behavior on `match` using Singleton object
https://bugs.python.org/issue44617  opened by thepabloaguilar

#44618: inspect.signature does not work for datetime classes
https://bugs.python.org/issue44618  opened by mauvilsa

#44620: UUIDv1 is not RFC 4122 compliant
https://bugs.python.org/issue44620  opened by contact2

#44621: Python 3.9 traces async for/else incorrectly
https://bugs.python.org/issue44621  opened by nedbat

#44624: Script name for venv PowerShell activate
https://bugs.python.org/issue44624  opened by pwatson

#44625: Python C API version of `fractions` module
https://bugs.python.org/issue44625  opened by lycantropos

#44627: Python terminal cmd line recall
https://bugs.python.org/issue44627  opened by jggammon

#44628: Remove the broken link for issue #445902 in unixcompiler.py (d
https://bugs.python.org/issue44628  opened by Leonardofreua

#44629: Some files from distutils module are importing all exceptions 
https://bugs.python.org/issue44629  opened by Leonardofreua

#44631: Refactoring the repr() of the _Environ class (os module)
https://bugs.python.org/issue44631  opened by Leonardofreua

#44633: Indexing the union type can return NotImplemented
https://bugs.python.org/issue44633  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#44634: Version is duplicated in name of app in list of installed apps
https://bugs.python.org/issue44634  opened by rakleed

#44637: Quoting issue on header Reply-To
https://bugs.python.org/issue44637  opened by Abridbus

#44640: Fix punctuation in isinstance() error message
https://bugs.python.org/issue44640  opened by wyz23x2

#44642: Union of a type and the typing module function
https://bugs.python.org/issue44642  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#44643: importing does not dispatch to __builtins__.__getitem__ to loo
https://bugs.python.org/issue44643  opened by pxeger

#44644: Implement ???Happy Eyeballs??? algorithim (RFC 8503) in socket
https://bugs.python.org/issue44644  opened by origin400-p

#44645: Python 3.10: Under some trivial circunstances, GIL not release
https://bugs.python.org/issue44645  opened by jcea

#44648: Inspect.getsource raises wrong error on classes in interactive
https://bugs.python.org/issue44648  opened by andrei.avk

#44649: dataclasses slots with init=False field raises AttributeExcept
https://bugs.python.org/issue44649  opened by tefra

#44651: An unclear definition in Doc/glossary.rst
https://bugs.python.org/issue44651  opened by StevenHsuYL

#44653: Parameter substitution in the union type does not work with ty
https://bugs.python.org/issue44653  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#44654: Refactor and clean up the union type implementation

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2021-07-09 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2021-07-02 - 2021-07-09)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
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Issues counts and deltas:
  open7397 ( -1)
  closed 48931 (+40)
  total  56328 (+39)

Open issues with patches: 2952 

Issues opened (28)

#38291: Deprecate the typing.io and typing.re pseudo-modules
https://bugs.python.org/issue38291  reopened by gvanrossum

#44550: Spam
https://bugs.python.org/issue44550  reopened by skoolbeep

#44554: pdb.main is unnecessarily complicated
https://bugs.python.org/issue44554  opened by jaraco

#44556: ctypes unittest crashes with libffi 3.4.2
https://bugs.python.org/issue44556  opened by zan

#44560: Unrecognized charset "eucgb2312_cn" in email header for many M
https://bugs.python.org/issue44560  opened by tommylikehu

#44561: Some expired hyperlinks in Python documentation
https://bugs.python.org/issue44561  opened by StevenHsuYL

#44564: DeprecationWarning in test_enum over formatting
https://bugs.python.org/issue44564  opened by xtreak

#44566: StopIteration subclass suppressed by contextlib.contextmanager
https://bugs.python.org/issue44566  opened by graingert

#44567: venv fails when called from within long path on Windows
https://bugs.python.org/issue44567  opened by schwaerz

#44568: test_constructor (test.test_ssl.ContextTests) ... Fatal Python
https://bugs.python.org/issue44568  opened by sxt1001

#44569: traceback.py: Allow customization of per-frame line formatting
https://bugs.python.org/issue44569  opened by ammar2

#44571: itertools: takedowhile()
https://bugs.python.org/issue44571  opened by pavel-lexyr

#44572: Calls to platform._syscmd_ver() dependent functions consume ST
https://bugs.python.org/issue44572  opened by glukhov.k

#44573: Organize some data files in the Lib/test directory
https://bugs.python.org/issue44573  opened by Leonardofreua

#44574: IDLE: Implement or delete python-context-help.
https://bugs.python.org/issue44574  opened by terry.reedy

#44577: Probably defect in Python 3.7.11
https://bugs.python.org/issue44577  opened by vladislavko

#44579: shutil.copy() inefficient implementation in Windows
https://bugs.python.org/issue44579  opened by sfmc

#44580: pprint does not work for typing.Mapping
https://bugs.python.org/issue44580  opened by hclark

#44581: Interpreter can execute quickened opcodes in tracing mode
https://bugs.python.org/issue44581  opened by Mark.Shannon

#44583: Failure to build on OSF1.
https://bugs.python.org/issue44583  opened by jaykrell

#44584: Deprecate thread debugging PYTHONTHREADDEBUG=1
https://bugs.python.org/issue44584  opened by vstinner

#44585: csv library does not correctly interpret some files
https://bugs.python.org/issue44585  opened by voidloop

#44586: unittest requires __init__.py for test discovery
https://bugs.python.org/issue44586  opened by ma19

#44587: BooleanOptionalAction displays default=SUPPRESS unlike other a
https://bugs.python.org/issue44587  opened by a.badger

#44588: Possible double Py_XDECREF in cpython typeobject.c
https://bugs.python.org/issue44588  opened by Wesley-Jzy

#44589: Pattern Matching - duplicate keys in mapping patterns
https://bugs.python.org/issue44589  opened by quentel

#44590: Create frame objects lazily when needed
https://bugs.python.org/issue44590  opened by Mark.Shannon

#44592: tkinter focus_get() with non-tkinter Tk widget
https://bugs.python.org/issue44592  opened by Akuli

Most recent 15 issues with no replies (15)

#44590: Create frame objects lazily when needed

#44587: BooleanOptionalAction displays default=SUPPRESS unlike other a

#44585: csv library does not correctly interpret some files

#44580: pprint does not work for typing.Mapping

#44569: traceback.py: Allow customization of per-frame line formatting

#44568: test_constructor (test.test_ssl.ContextTests) ... Fatal Python

#44564: DeprecationWarning in test_enum over formatting

#44556: ctypes unittest crashes with libffi 3.4.2

#44554: pdb.main is unnecessarily complicated

#44540: venv: activate.bat fails for venv with special characters in P

#44539: Imghdr JPG Quantized

#44532: multi subinterpreters use _PyStructSequence_InitType failed.

#44528: Move IP version resolving to http.server's API

#44525: Implement CALL_FUNCTION adaptive interpreter optimizations

#44522: [doc] open() function errors='surrogateescape' has inaccurate 

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2021-07-02 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2021-06-25 - 2021-07-02)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
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Issues counts and deltas:
  open7398 (-12)
  closed 48891 (+57)
  total  56289 (+45)

Open issues with patches: 2951 

Issues opened (28)

#23041: csv needs more quoting rules
https://bugs.python.org/issue23041  reopened by skip.montanaro

#41180: marshal load bypass code.__new__ audit event
https://bugs.python.org/issue41180  reopened by steve.dower

#44511: Improve the bytecode for mapping patterns
https://bugs.python.org/issue44511  opened by brandtbucher

#44512: csv.DictWriter: inconsistency in handling of extrasaction arg
https://bugs.python.org/issue44512  opened by andrei.avk

#44514: configparser.rst & bz2.rst leave temp files after 'make doctes
https://bugs.python.org/issue44514  opened by kfollstad

#44515: contextlib test incompatibility with non-refcounted GC
https://bugs.python.org/issue44515  opened by ncoghlan

#44516: Update bundled pip to 21.1.3
https://bugs.python.org/issue44516  opened by sbidoul

#44517: test__xxsubinterpreters: AMD64 Fedora Stable 3.x buildbot abor
https://bugs.python.org/issue44517  opened by erlendaasland

#44518: Finalization of non-exhausted asynchronous generators is defer
https://bugs.python.org/issue44518  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#44521: str.removeprefix(): add strict: bool
https://bugs.python.org/issue44521  opened by socketpair

#44522: [doc] open() function errors='surrogateescape' has inaccurate 
https://bugs.python.org/issue44522  opened by bupjae2

#44524: __name__ attribute in typing module
https://bugs.python.org/issue44524  opened by farcat

#44525: Implement CALL_FUNCTION adaptive interpreter optimizations
https://bugs.python.org/issue44525  opened by kj

#44528: Move IP version resolving to http.server's API
https://bugs.python.org/issue44528  opened by pavel-lexyr

#44530: Propagate qualname from the compiler unit to code objects for 
https://bugs.python.org/issue44530  opened by Gabriele Tornetta

#44531: Add _PyType_AllocNoTrack() function: allocate without tracking
https://bugs.python.org/issue44531  opened by vstinner

#44532: multi subinterpreters use _PyStructSequence_InitType failed.
https://bugs.python.org/issue44532  opened by JunyiXie

#44533: Where are the log file(s)
https://bugs.python.org/issue44533  opened by tygrus

#44534: unittest.mock.Mock.unsafe doc is garbled
https://bugs.python.org/issue44534  opened by roysmith

#44537: Document PGO in devguide
https://bugs.python.org/issue44537  opened by gvanrossum

#44539: Imghdr JPG Quantized
https://bugs.python.org/issue44539  opened by mohamadmansourx

#44540: venv: activate.bat fails for venv with special characters in P
https://bugs.python.org/issue44540  opened by MB113

#44543: Remove depreciated logging.warn() method
https://bugs.python.org/issue44543  opened by Harry-Lees

#44544: Add full list of possible args to textwrap: wrap, fill, shorte
https://bugs.python.org/issue44544  opened by andrei.avk

#44547: fraction.Fraction does not implement __int__.
https://bugs.python.org/issue44547  opened by mamrhein

#44549: BZip 1.0.6 Critical Vulnerability
https://bugs.python.org/issue44549  opened by s.s.mahato

#44552: incomplete documentation of __main__.py
https://bugs.python.org/issue44552  opened by mandolaerik

#44553: types.Union should support GC
https://bugs.python.org/issue44553  opened by kj

Most recent 15 issues with no replies (15)

#44553: types.Union should support GC

#44552: incomplete documentation of __main__.py

#44549: BZip 1.0.6 Critical Vulnerability

#44540: venv: activate.bat fails for venv with special characters in P

#44539: Imghdr JPG Quantized

#44534: unittest.mock.Mock.unsafe doc is garbled

#44532: multi subinterpreters use _PyStructSequence_InitType failed.

#44528: Move IP version resolving to http.server's API

#44525: Implement CALL_FUNCTION adaptive interpreter optimizations

#44522: [doc] open() function errors='surrogateescape' has inaccurate 

#44516: Update bundled pip to 21.1.3

#44515: contextlib test incompatibility with non-refcounted GC

#44514: configparser.rst & bz2.rst leave temp files after 'make doctes

#44512: csv.DictWriter: inconsistency in handling of extrasaction arg

#44511: Improve the bytecode for mapping patterns

Most recent 15 issues waiting for 

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2021-06-25 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2021-06-18 - 2021-06-25)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
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Issues counts and deltas:
  open7410 (-36)
  closed 48834 (+91)
  total  56244 (+55)

Open issues with patches: 2951 

Issues opened (34)

#34389: CPython may fail to build in the presence of a ~/.pydistutils.
https://bugs.python.org/issue34389  reopened by iritkatriel

#43988: Add test.support.check_disallow_instantiation()
https://bugs.python.org/issue43988  reopened by erlendaasland

#44455: compileall should exit nonzero for nonexistent directories
https://bugs.python.org/issue44455  opened by asmeurer

#44457: Finish format() change started in issue43945
https://bugs.python.org/issue44457  opened by ethan.furman

#44461: 'Pdb' object has no attribute 'botframe'
https://bugs.python.org/issue44461  opened by jaraco

#44462: multiprocessing.get hangs if the pool is closed in the signal 
https://bugs.python.org/issue44462  opened by tkc17

#44463: HTTP Cookiejar doesn't support samesite
https://bugs.python.org/issue44463  opened by jwag956

#44464: Remove flake8 exception for deprecation warning (importlib.met
https://bugs.python.org/issue44464  opened by jaraco

#44465: html.escape can be used in a few places in the standard lib in
https://bugs.python.org/issue44465  opened by andrei.avk

#44467: profiling-compatible functools.wraps
https://bugs.python.org/issue44467  opened by Anthony Sottile

#44468: Shouldn't `typing.get_type_hints()` default `globalns` to `{}`
https://bugs.python.org/issue44468  opened by WCA

#44470: 3.11 docs.python.org in Polish not English?
https://bugs.python.org/issue44470  opened by samuelmarks

#44471: Raise TypeError in ExitStack.enter_context() for bad argument
https://bugs.python.org/issue44471  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#44473: logging.handlers.QueueHandler acts unexpected
https://bugs.python.org/issue44473  opened by kai.jmueller

#44474: inspect.getsourceslines() consider lambda of one line only
https://bugs.python.org/issue44474  opened by Welgriv

#44475: Dataclass Causes Infinite Recursion when using type of bytes
https://bugs.python.org/issue44475  opened by andrewonboe

#44479: Windows build doesn't regenerate some files
https://bugs.python.org/issue44479  opened by gvanrossum

#44480: test_compile killed by signal 9 on AMD64 FreeBSD Non-Debug 3.x
https://bugs.python.org/issue44480  opened by vstinner

#44481: Tkinter config() minor documentation bug for shorthand options
https://bugs.python.org/issue44481  opened by spirko

#44482: Possible resource leeak in glob in non-refcount implementation
https://bugs.python.org/issue44482  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#44484: test_concurrent_futures: failure on Windows (x64)
https://bugs.python.org/issue44484  opened by erlendaasland

#44489: _handle_existing_loggers should respect loggers that were manu
https://bugs.python.org/issue44489  opened by ronserruya2

#44490: PEP 604 Union (int | str) doesn't have __parameters__
https://bugs.python.org/issue44490  opened by kj

#44492: Building a C extension on Big Sur and SDK v10.15 fails
https://bugs.python.org/issue44492  opened by philthompson10

#44493: Missing terminated NUL in the length of sockaddr_un
https://bugs.python.org/issue44493  opened by zonyitoo

#44495: wrong FNAME in tarfile if tgz extension is used
https://bugs.python.org/issue44495  opened by maciej.mm.misiak

#44496: string.Formatter class not allowing {.field}
https://bugs.python.org/issue44496  opened by avdwoude

#44498: add deprecation warnings for asynchat, asyncore and smtpd
https://bugs.python.org/issue44498  opened by iritkatriel

#44499: [sqlite3] make sqlite3.Connection exception refs strong
https://bugs.python.org/issue44499  opened by erlendaasland

#44500: Document changes to code object.
https://bugs.python.org/issue44500  opened by Mark.Shannon

#44501: Packing constant call arguments
https://bugs.python.org/issue44501  opened by BTaskaya

#44503: Hide __enter__ calls in mock_open
https://bugs.python.org/issue44503  opened by CendioOssman

#44504: Make docstring quotes consistent in Lib/_collections_abc.py
https://bugs.python.org/issue44504  opened by kuzmovych

#44508: asyncio: document failure mode for loop.call_soon_threadsafe
https://bugs.python.org/issue44508  opened by mark.dickinson

Most recent 15 issues with no replies (15)

#44508: asyncio: document failure mode for loop.call_soon_threadsafe

#44504: Make docstring quotes consistent in Lib/_collections_abc.py

#44500: Document changes to code object.

#44499: [sqlite3] make sqlite3.Connection exception refs strong

#44496: string.Formatter class not allowing {.field}

#44495: wrong FNAME in tarfile 

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2021-06-18 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2021-06-11 - 2021-06-18)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
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Issues counts and deltas:
  open7446 (-11)
  closed 48743 (+67)
  total  56189 (+56)

Open issues with patches: 2962 

Issues opened (41)

#41611: IDLE: problems with completions on Mac
https://bugs.python.org/issue41611  reopened by terry.reedy

#43475: Worst-case behaviour of hash collision with float NaN
https://bugs.python.org/issue43475  reopened by serhiy.storchaka

#44107: HTTPServer can't close http client completely
https://bugs.python.org/issue44107  reopened by ueJone

#44398: IDLE: On macOS, cntl-space/backslash display as ^S/^B
https://bugs.python.org/issue44398  opened by terry.reedy

#44399: log rotator cookbook example might waste disk space
https://bugs.python.org/issue44399  opened by mori-b

#44403: Add os.path.isreserved() function
https://bugs.python.org/issue44403  opened by barneygale

#44404: tkinter's after() AttributeError with functools.partial (no at
https://bugs.python.org/issue44404  opened by phil.tgd

#44405: add program passed as string to dis module.
https://bugs.python.org/issue44405  opened by CCLDArjun

#44406: Divergent sys.prefix behavior causes `python -m build` command
https://bugs.python.org/issue44406  opened by dsmaccy

#44407: A "Coroutines and Tasks" code example needs "asyncio.run(main(
https://bugs.python.org/issue44407  opened by AtsushiSakai

#44408: imaplib fails when server sends extra blank line after literal
https://bugs.python.org/issue44408  opened by jrlevine

#44410: Exception in AsyncMock side_effect cases incorrect refcount
https://bugs.python.org/issue44410  opened by penlect

#44412: Add os.path.fileuri() function
https://bugs.python.org/issue44412  opened by barneygale

#44413: OverflowError: mktime argument out of range after 2019
https://bugs.python.org/issue44413  opened by psijic

#44414: from __future__ import annotations breaks profiler's handling 
https://bugs.python.org/issue44414  opened by wilcoxjay

#44416: test_threading: test_print_exception() hangs and killed after 
https://bugs.python.org/issue44416  opened by vstinner

#44418: unicodedata.ucnhash_CAPI removed from Python 3.10 without depr
https://bugs.python.org/issue44418  opened by hroncok

#44423: copy2 / sendfile fails on linux with large file
https://bugs.python.org/issue44423  opened by kr-g

#44424: Decompress streaming bz2 file
https://bugs.python.org/issue44424  opened by carlosfranzreb

#44425: 'dirty' added to sys.version on Linux and Mac source builds de
https://bugs.python.org/issue44425  opened by mark.final

#44426: Docs fail to build with Sphinx 4 due to Invalid C declaration
https://bugs.python.org/issue44426  opened by ksurma

#44427: File extension for scripts on windows is unclear
https://bugs.python.org/issue44427  opened by maltekliemann

#44428: _ProactorBasePipeTransport.abort() after _ProactorBasePipeTran
https://bugs.python.org/issue44428  opened by graingert

#44429: Tkinter Flow Geometry Manager
https://bugs.python.org/issue44429  opened by Gary73

#44430: [sqlite3] refactor threading tests
https://bugs.python.org/issue44430  opened by erlendaasland

#44431: Add command-line functionality to uuid module
https://bugs.python.org/issue44431  opened by ephenix

#44432: SourceFileLoader.load_module() is mixing content of previosly 
https://bugs.python.org/issue44432  opened by blackandred

#44434: _thread module: Remove redundant PyThread_exit_thread() call t
https://bugs.python.org/issue44434  opened by vstinner

#44435: There is no description of PY_SSIZE_T_CLEAN in docs
https://bugs.python.org/issue44435  opened by jack__d

#44439: PickleBuffer doesn't have __len__ method
https://bugs.python.org/issue44439  opened by malin

#0: logging does not work as documented (setLevel)
https://bugs.python.org/issue0  opened by alex4200

#1: Malformed PyImport_Inittab after re-initialization
https://bugs.python.org/issue1  opened by kryheb

#3: dataclass looks up field default value on the class, not the c
https://bugs.python.org/issue3  opened by eric.smith

#5: Add `site-include` install scheme path in sysconfig
https://bugs.python.org/issue5  opened by FFY00

#6: linecache.getline TypeError when formatting tracebacks in stac
https://bugs.python.org/issue6  opened by graingert

#7: Syntax Error not as detailed as shown
https://bugs.python.org/issue7  opened by khokhareesa.home

#9: Segfault in _PyTrash_begin when faulthandler tries to dump thr
https://bugs.python.org/issue9  opened by dgrisby

#44450: Generator expressions trace differently on Windows than on Mac
https://bugs.python.org/issue44450  opened by nedbat

#44451: test_entry_points_by_index (test.test_importlib.test_metadata_
https://bugs.python.org/issue44451  opened by hroncok

#44452: Allow paths to be joined without worrying 

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2021-06-11 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2021-06-04 - 2021-06-11)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
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Issues counts and deltas:
  open7457 (+31)
  closed 48676 (+53)
  total  56133 (+84)

Open issues with patches: 2955 

Issues opened (60)

#11105: Compiling recursive Python ASTs crash the interpreter
https://bugs.python.org/issue11105  reopened by BTaskaya

#44242: enum.IntFlag regression: missing values cause TypeError
https://bugs.python.org/issue44242  reopened by ethan.furman

#44246: 3.10 beta 1: breaking change in importlib.metadata entry point
https://bugs.python.org/issue44246  reopened by Anthony Sottile

#44314: [doc] SSLContext.set_ciphers() link to OpenSSL cipher list for
https://bugs.python.org/issue44314  opened by cjmayo

#44316: Support preserving path meaning in os.path.normpath() and absp
https://bugs.python.org/issue44316  opened by barneygale

#44317: Suggestion for better syntax errors in tokenizer errors
https://bugs.python.org/issue44317  opened by wyz23x2

#44318: Asyncio classes missing __slots__
https://bugs.python.org/issue44318  opened by Bluenix2

#44319: setup openssl faild on linux (ubuntu 20.04)
https://bugs.python.org/issue44319  opened by Battant

#44321: os.EX_OK for Windows
https://bugs.python.org/issue44321  opened by samuelmarks

#44323: install module fail on windows 10
https://bugs.python.org/issue44323  opened by Battant

#44324: add a "expected expression" syntax error
https://bugs.python.org/issue44324  opened by CCLDArjun

#44325: IDLE: Fix shell comment anomalies
https://bugs.python.org/issue44325  opened by terry.reedy

#44328: time.monotonic() should use a different clock source on Window
https://bugs.python.org/issue44328  opened by lunixbochs2

#44330: IDLE: Colorizer and output tests hang on macOS
https://bugs.python.org/issue44330  opened by terry.reedy

#44331: Generate static PyCodeObjects for faster startup
https://bugs.python.org/issue44331  opened by nascheme

#44334: Use bytearray in urllib.unquote_to_bytes
https://bugs.python.org/issue44334  opened by eng.mustafaelagamey

#44336: Windows buildbots hang after fatal exit
https://bugs.python.org/issue44336  opened by jkloth

#44338: Port LOAD_GLOBAL to adaptive interpreter
https://bugs.python.org/issue44338  opened by Mark.Shannon

#44339: Discrepancy between math.pow(0.0, -inf) and 0.0**-inf
https://bugs.python.org/issue44339  opened by mark.dickinson

#44340: Add support for building cpython with clang thin lto
https://bugs.python.org/issue44340  opened by holmanb

#44342: enum with inherited type won't pickle
https://bugs.python.org/issue44342  opened by Tom.Brown

#44343: Adding the "with" statement support to ContextVar
https://bugs.python.org/issue44343  opened by achimnol

#44344: Documentation for pow() should include the possibility of comp
https://bugs.python.org/issue44344  opened by eyadams

#44346: Fraction constructor may accept spaces around '/'
https://bugs.python.org/issue44346  opened by Sergey.Kirpichev

#44347: Unclear documentation for shutil.copytree()
https://bugs.python.org/issue44347  opened by tilman.vogel

#44348: test_exceptions.ExceptionTests.test_recursion_in_except_handle
https://bugs.python.org/issue44348  opened by kj

#44350: IDLE: support Command-click on window title on macOS
https://bugs.python.org/issue44350  opened by Aivar.Annamaa

#44351: distutils.sysconfig.parse_makefile() regression in Python 3.10
https://bugs.python.org/issue44351  opened by hroncok

#44353: PEP 604 NewType
https://bugs.python.org/issue44353  opened by joperez

#44354: ssl deprecation warnings erganomics
https://bugs.python.org/issue44354  opened by graingert

#44355: Allow spaces in format strings
https://bugs.python.org/issue44355  opened by steven.daprano

#44358: AMD64 RHEL8 LTO + PGO 3.x build failed with: /usr/bin/ld: Dwar
https://bugs.python.org/issue44358  opened by vstinner

#44359: test_ftplib fails as "env changes" if a socket operation times
https://bugs.python.org/issue44359  opened by vstinner

#44361: test_smtpnet failed with SMTPServerDisconnected on x86 Gentoo 
https://bugs.python.org/issue44361  opened by vstinner

#44362: improve documentation of SSL deprecations
https://bugs.python.org/issue44362  opened by graingert

#44365: Bad dataclass post-init example
https://bugs.python.org/issue44365  opened by MicaelJarniac

#44368: Invalid mapping patterns give confusing SyntaxErrors
https://bugs.python.org/issue44368  opened by brandtbucher

#44369: Improve syntax error for wrongly closed strings
https://bugs.python.org/issue44369  opened by pablogsal

#44370: Inconsistent results for min() and max() with math.nan as argu
https://bugs.python.org/issue44370  opened by joel.larose

#44371: asyncio.wait_for does not cancel running tasks in the correct 
https://bugs.python.org/issue44371  opened by ofekkir

#44372: Can't install Python3.8, 3.9, 3.10 various errors 

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2021-06-04 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2021-05-28 - 2021-06-04)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
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Issues counts and deltas:
  open7426 ( +2)
  closed 48623 (+49)
  total  56049 (+51)

Open issues with patches: 2940 

Issues opened (29)

#43921: test_ssl: test_wrong_cert_tls13() and test_pha_required_nocert
https://bugs.python.org/issue43921  reopened by christian.heimes

#44264: Add descriptive error message when environment variable not de
https://bugs.python.org/issue44264  opened by astrosticks

#44266: AttributeError: module 'sys' has no attribute 'original_stdout
https://bugs.python.org/issue44266  opened by chinmay.malvania

#44268: gettext: deprecate selecting plural form by fractional numbers
https://bugs.python.org/issue44268  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#44269: smtplib AUTH command doesn't handle EAI arguments
https://bugs.python.org/issue44269  opened by jrlevine

#44271: asyncio random crash with longtime run
https://bugs.python.org/issue44271  opened by twbt4f

#44275: Is there a mojibake problem rendering interactive help in the 
https://bugs.python.org/issue44275  opened by jessevsilverman

#44276: Replace if-elif-else structure with match-case (PEP634)
https://bugs.python.org/issue44276  opened by Kshitiz17

#44279: doc: contextlib.suppress documentation is imprecise
https://bugs.python.org/issue44279  opened by iritkatriel

#44283: Add jump table for certain safe match-case statements
https://bugs.python.org/issue44283  opened by Dennis Sweeney

#44287: test_asyncio: test_popen() failed on AMD64 Windows8.1 Refleaks
https://bugs.python.org/issue44287  opened by vstinner

#44288: unittest: _is_relevant_tb_level() fails because tb.tb_frame.f_
https://bugs.python.org/issue44288  opened by vstinner

#44289: tarfile.is_tarfile() modifies file object's current position
https://bugs.python.org/issue44289  opened by mateja.and

#44291: Unify logging.handlers.SysLogHandler behavior with SocketHandl
https://bugs.python.org/issue44291  opened by cybergrind

#44292: contextmanager + ExitStack.pop_all()
https://bugs.python.org/issue44292  opened by lucae.mattiello

#44293: PEP 585 breaks inspect.isclass
https://bugs.python.org/issue44293  opened by joperez

#44295: self.assertDictContainsSubset warning is unhelpful
https://bugs.python.org/issue44295  opened by Anthony Sottile

#44296: Should warnings.warn default to stacklevel=2?
https://bugs.python.org/issue44296  opened by Anthony Sottile

#44297: Frame with -1 line number
https://bugs.python.org/issue44297  opened by vstinner

#44299: Enable control over daemon flag in ThreadPoolExecutor and Proc
https://bugs.python.org/issue44299  opened by dkropachev

#44301: Is there a way to provide destructor for module written using 
https://bugs.python.org/issue44301  opened by lycantropos

#44302: compile fail when make install run pip install as sudo
https://bugs.python.org/issue44302  opened by Battant

#44304: segmentation fault appeared in python 3.10.0b2
https://bugs.python.org/issue44304  opened by zzzeek

#44306: asyncio.from_thread
https://bugs.python.org/issue44306  opened by graingert

#44307: date.today() is 2x slower than datetime.now().date()
https://bugs.python.org/issue44307  opened by Anthony Sottile

#44309: Add support for yescrypt in crypt.
https://bugs.python.org/issue44309  opened by besser82

#44310: lru_cache memory leak
https://bugs.python.org/issue44310  opened by Wouter De Borger2

#44312: test_asyncio leaked [1533, 1531, 1533] references, sum=4597
https://bugs.python.org/issue44312  opened by pablogsal

https://bugs.python.org/issue44313  opened by BTaskaya

Most recent 15 issues with no replies (15)

#44309: Add support for yescrypt in crypt.

#44307: date.today() is 2x slower than datetime.now().date()

#44302: compile fail when make install run pip install as sudo

#44299: Enable control over daemon flag in ThreadPoolExecutor and Proc

#44297: Frame with -1 line number

#44296: Should warnings.warn default to stacklevel=2?

#44295: self.assertDictContainsSubset warning is unhelpful

#44292: contextmanager + ExitStack.pop_all()

#44289: tarfile.is_tarfile() modifies file object's current position

#44287: test_asyncio: test_popen() failed on AMD64 Windows8.1 Refleaks

#44269: smtplib AUTH command doesn't handle EAI arguments

#44264: Add descriptive error message when environment variable not de

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2021-05-28 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2021-05-21 - 2021-05-28)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
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Issues counts and deltas:
  open7424 (-28)
  closed 48574 (+82)
  total  55998 (+54)

Open issues with patches: 2945 

Issues opened (38)

#44209: urllib.robotparser fail on Disallow: /? from google.com
https://bugs.python.org/issue44209  opened by karl.pradene

#44210: Make importlib.metadata._meta.PackageMetadata public
https://bugs.python.org/issue44210  opened by FFY00

#44211: Duplicate '.bmp' key in mimetypes.py, maps to both 'image/bmp'
https://bugs.python.org/issue44211  opened by andreasjansson

#44212: asyncio overrides signal handlers
https://bugs.python.org/issue44212  opened by Francisco Demartino

#44213: LIST_TO_TUPLE placed below the sentence "all of the following 
https://bugs.python.org/issue44213  opened by glubs9

#44214: PyArg_Parse* for vectorcall?
https://bugs.python.org/issue44214  opened by ronaldoussoren

#44215: help() module listing displays import warnings from deprecated
https://bugs.python.org/issue44215  opened by stefanor

#44217: Tkinter/IDLE: literal astral char discombobulates text editing
https://bugs.python.org/issue44217  opened by shreyanavigyan

#44218: Possible Stack Based Buffer Overflow at Programs/_freeze_impor
https://bugs.python.org/issue44218  opened by demonia

#44219: Opening a file holds the GIL when it calls "isatty()"
https://bugs.python.org/issue44219  opened by smurfix

#44220: PyStructSequence_UnnamedField unavailable on Windows
https://bugs.python.org/issue44220  opened by johnboy2

#44221: ImportError: sys.meta_path is None, Python is likely shutting 
https://bugs.python.org/issue44221  opened by luizoti

#44225: stop() on a stopped loop inhibits the next run_forever
https://bugs.python.org/issue44225  opened by mandolaerik

#44226: Threads shutting down in Py 2.7 but not in Py 3.69 while makin
https://bugs.python.org/issue44226  opened by muralidhar.bn

#44229: Intermittent connection errors in ssl tests on macOS CI
https://bugs.python.org/issue44229  opened by erlendaasland

#44230: lookup extensions with the stable ABI under a platform specifi
https://bugs.python.org/issue44230  opened by doko

#44233: Provide Windows Terminal Fragment Extension
https://bugs.python.org/issue44233  opened by mveril

#44234: Debugging with LLDB doesn't work for universal2 installer on m
https://bugs.python.org/issue44234  opened by ronaldoussoren

#44235: Remove l*gettext() and related functions in the gettext module
https://bugs.python.org/issue44235  opened by corona10

#44236: Define SOABI, LIBRARY, LDLIBRARY and LIBPL on Windows
https://bugs.python.org/issue44236  opened by steve.dower

#44237: test_ssl randomly fails on macOS GH Action: test_get_server_ce
https://bugs.python.org/issue44237  opened by vstinner

#44238: Unable to install Python 3.9.5 - Windows Server
https://bugs.python.org/issue44238  opened by RFuentes

#44239: Use platform defined data directories instead of ~/.python_his
https://bugs.python.org/issue44239  opened by oxalica

#44240: Incorrect behavior of LOAD_ATTR  due to overflow in tp_version
https://bugs.python.org/issue44240  opened by Mark.Shannon

#44242: enum.IntFlag regression: missing values cause TypeError
https://bugs.python.org/issue44242  opened by hroncok

#44245: Cross-compilation of CPython 3.8 with _socket module using And
https://bugs.python.org/issue44245  opened by laheller

#44246: 3.10 beta 1: breaking change in importlib.metadata entry point
https://bugs.python.org/issue44246  opened by Anthony Sottile

#44249: Readme typo fix
https://bugs.python.org/issue44249  opened by Ayushparikh-code

#44251: ctypes '_get_soname' fails silently on missing objdump
https://bugs.python.org/issue44251  opened by GuillaumeDesforges

#44252: test_ssl and test_httplib.HTTPSTest crash randomly with "Windo
https://bugs.python.org/issue44252  opened by vstinner

#44254: Change turtledemo button colors
https://bugs.python.org/issue44254  opened by terry.reedy

#44255: strptime and week numbers without week days
https://bugs.python.org/issue44255  opened by Jaap van der Velde

#44257: typo and verbous grammar in the grammar spec
https://bugs.python.org/issue44257  opened by orangebana15

#44258: Support PEP 515 for Fraction's initialization from string
https://bugs.python.org/issue44258  opened by Sergey.Kirpichev

#44259: lib2to3 does not accept "exec" as name
https://bugs.python.org/issue44259  opened by mulugruntz

#44260: _Random.seed() is called twice
https://bugs.python.org/issue44260  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#44261: SocketType documentation misleading
https://bugs.python.org/issue44261  opened by srittau

#44262: tarfile: some content different output
https://bugs.python.org/issue44262  opened by yellowhat

Most recent 15 issues with no replies (15)

#44262: tarfile: 

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2021-05-21 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2021-05-14 - 2021-05-21)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
Do NOT respond to this message.

Issues counts and deltas:
  open7452 (+23)
  closed 48492 (+51)
  total  55944 (+74)

Open issues with patches: 2965 

Issues opened (57)

#39950: Add pathlib.Path.hardlink_to()
https://bugs.python.org/issue39950  reopened by barneygale

#42834: [subinterpreters] Convert "global" static variable caches in _
https://bugs.python.org/issue42834  reopened by kj

#44126: Support cross-compiling of cpython modules using setuptools
https://bugs.python.org/issue44126  reopened by jmoguill2

#44135: issubclass documentation doesn't explain tuple semantic
https://bugs.python.org/issue44135  opened by joaozinho

#44136: Remove pathlib flavours
https://bugs.python.org/issue44136  opened by barneygale

#44138: multiprocessing documentation should note behavior when proces
https://bugs.python.org/issue44138  opened by kushal-kumaran

#44140: WeakKeyDictionary should support lookup by id instead of hash
https://bugs.python.org/issue44140  opened by conchylicultor

#44142: ast.unparse: visually better code generation
https://bugs.python.org/issue44142  opened by BTaskaya

#44145: hmac.update is not releasing the GIL when openssl's hmac is us
https://bugs.python.org/issue44145  opened by gregory.p.smith

#44147: [WinError 193] %1 is not a valid Win32 application
https://bugs.python.org/issue44147  opened by bassel27

#44149: difflib.get_close_matches: Add `key` argument
https://bugs.python.org/issue44149  opened by mustafaquraish

#44151: Improve parameter names and return value ordering for linear_r
https://bugs.python.org/issue44151  opened by rhettinger

#44153: Signaling an asyncio subprocess might raise ProcessLookupError
https://bugs.python.org/issue44153  opened by syntaxcoloring

#44155: Race condition when using multiprocessing BaseManager and Pool
https://bugs.python.org/issue44155  opened by chenzhuowansui

#44156: [subinterpreters] Replace static string caches with subinterpr
https://bugs.python.org/issue44156  opened by kj

#44157: redirect_* should also redirect C-level streams
https://bugs.python.org/issue44157  opened by xmorel

#44158: Clarify documentation for redirected stdout/stderr when using 
https://bugs.python.org/issue44158  opened by tanty

#44159: mimetypes -  "strict" on Windows
https://bugs.python.org/issue44159  opened by Norman Lorrain

#44163: IDLE ValueError in HyperParser
https://bugs.python.org/issue44163  opened by rhettinger

#44164: Document what are resources in importlib.resources
https://bugs.python.org/issue44164  opened by FFY00

#44165: [sqlite3] sqlite3_prepare_v2 micro optimisation: pass string s
https://bugs.python.org/issue44165  opened by erlendaasland

#44166: Make IndexError messages for list more informative
https://bugs.python.org/issue44166  opened by miguendes

#44167: ipaddress.IPv6Address.is_private makes redundant checks
https://bugs.python.org/issue44167  opened by mjpieters

#44170: ShareableList cannot safely handle multibyte utf-8 characters
https://bugs.python.org/issue44170  opened by huwcbjones

#44172: curses module may call delwin() on original window before subw
https://bugs.python.org/issue44172  opened by michaelforney

#44173: Stored (uncompressed) ZipExtFile in zipfile can be seekable at
https://bugs.python.org/issue44173  opened by juniorjpdj

#44174: Unclear meaning of _Private__names in enum docs.
https://bugs.python.org/issue44174  opened by gregory.p.smith

#44175: What do "cased" and "uncased" mean?
https://bugs.python.org/issue44175  opened by otakutyrant

#44176: asyncio.as_completed() raises TypeError when the first supplie
https://bugs.python.org/issue44176  opened by alexdelorenzo

#44178: Add an interpreter-level critical section construct
https://bugs.python.org/issue44178  opened by xmorel

#44180: SyntaxError misidentified in 3.10.0b1 when = used instead of :
https://bugs.python.org/issue44180  opened by aroberge

#44181: SyntaxError in Python 3.10.0b1: wrong token for missing comma
https://bugs.python.org/issue44181  opened by aroberge

#44182: python-config.sh vs python-config.py inconsistency
https://bugs.python.org/issue44182  opened by millert

#44183: Can't install certificates if GUI tools are not installed on m
https://bugs.python.org/issue44183  opened by thetechconspiracy

#44184: crash on windows invoking flake8
https://bugs.python.org/issue44184  opened by Anthony Sottile

#44185: mock_open file handle __exit__ does not call close
https://bugs.python.org/issue44185  opened by williamsjoblom

#44186: TimedRotatingFileHandler overwrite log
https://bugs.python.org/issue44186  opened by aeg

#44187: Implement infrastructure for quickening and specializing
https://bugs.python.org/issue44187  opened by Mark.Shannon

#44188: ThreadPoolExecutor unbalanced semaphore count
https://bugs.python.org/issue44188  opened by 

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2021-05-14 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2021-05-07 - 2021-05-14)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
Do NOT respond to this message.

Issues counts and deltas:
  open7429 ( +1)
  closed 48441 (+64)
  total  55870 (+65)

Open issues with patches: 2949 

Issues opened (41)

#41730: Show deprecation warnings for tkinter.tix
https://bugs.python.org/issue41730  reopened by pablogsal

#44072: Doc: power operator (`**`) present for numbers.Complex, not ad
https://bugs.python.org/issue44072  opened by roryyorke

#44073: [sqlite3] drop statement in_use field in favour of sqlite3_stm
https://bugs.python.org/issue44073  opened by erlendaasland

#44075: Add a PEP578 audit hook for Asyncio loop stalls
https://bugs.python.org/issue44075  opened by orf

#44077: IP_RECVTOS option is missing from socket module
https://bugs.python.org/issue44077  opened by gms

#44078: Output relative path when using PurePath.relative_to
https://bugs.python.org/issue44078  opened by mhammondr

#44079: [sqlite3] remove superfluous statement weak ref list from conn
https://bugs.python.org/issue44079  opened by erlendaasland

#44081: ast.unparse: dont use redundant space separator for lambdas wi
https://bugs.python.org/issue44081  opened by BTaskaya

#44082: Add a method to check interpolation errors in configparser
https://bugs.python.org/issue44082  opened by munircontractor

#44085: Remaining invalid rules in simplified grammar
https://bugs.python.org/issue44085  opened by quentel

#44086: py.svg not found on search result page
https://bugs.python.org/issue44086  opened by jugmac00

#44087: [sqlite3] consider adding Py_TPFLAGS_DISALLOW_INSTANTIATION to
https://bugs.python.org/issue44087  opened by erlendaasland

#44090: Add class binding to unbound super objects for allowing autosu
https://bugs.python.org/issue44090  opened by maggyero

#44091: traceback & inspect modules should verify that the .py source 
https://bugs.python.org/issue44091  opened by gregory.p.smith

#44092: [sqlite3] consider removing special rollback handling
https://bugs.python.org/issue44092  opened by erlendaasland

#44093: compiler detection on macOS seems to be incorrect
https://bugs.python.org/issue44093  opened by xrisk

#44096: Bad clang detection in configure script
https://bugs.python.org/issue44096  opened by xrisk

#44097: add configure option to control the groups of .pyc files to in
https://bugs.python.org/issue44097  opened by pxinwr

#44099: [c-api] Introduce a new slot in PyModuleDef to hold the classe
https://bugs.python.org/issue44099  opened by shreyanavigyan

#44100: test__xxsubinterpreters: test_one() fails in AMD64 Fedora Stab
https://bugs.python.org/issue44100  opened by pablogsal

#44101: Generation of an executable's library file when python is buil
https://bugs.python.org/issue44101  opened by lakor64

#44102: mock_open does not support the use of 'seek()'
https://bugs.python.org/issue44102  opened by nikle

#44105: tempfile.TemporaryDirectory deleted after sleep in threads
https://bugs.python.org/issue44105  opened by colas.le.guernic

#44106: [sqlite3] don't use politicians in examples/docs
https://bugs.python.org/issue44106  opened by erlendaasland

#44107: HTTPServer can't close http client completely
https://bugs.python.org/issue44107  opened by ueJone

#44109: missing dataclass decorator in match-statement example
https://bugs.python.org/issue44109  opened by ahmetveburak

#44110: Improve string's __getitem__ error message
https://bugs.python.org/issue44110  opened by miguendes

#44112: [buildbot] test_asyncio hangs (killed after 3 hours) on Reflea
https://bugs.python.org/issue44112  opened by vstinner

#44115: Improve conversions for fractions
https://bugs.python.org/issue44115  opened by Martin.Teichmann

#44117: [C API] Remove deprecated PyEval_InitThreads()
https://bugs.python.org/issue44117  opened by vstinner

#44120: logging.config.fileConfig/dictConfig can not import class
https://bugs.python.org/issue44120  opened by akihiro

#44121: Missing implementation for formatHeader and formatFooter metho
https://bugs.python.org/issue44121  opened by Harmouch101

#44123: make function parameter sentinel value true singletons
https://bugs.python.org/issue44123  opened by taleinat

#44124: Unhelpful error messages with mis-ordering of f-string specifi
https://bugs.python.org/issue44124  opened by angus-lherrou

#44127: urllib.parse.ParseResult._replace() does not allow replacing u
https://bugs.python.org/issue44127  opened by AstraLuma

#44128: zipfile: Deduplicate ZipExtFile code for init and resetting wh
https://bugs.python.org/issue44128  opened by dhillier

#44129: zipfile: Add descriptive global variables for general purpose 
https://bugs.python.org/issue44129  opened by dhillier

#44131: [C API] Add tests on Py_FrozenMain()
https://bugs.python.org/issue44131  opened by vstinner

#44132: Local import conflict with system import

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2021-05-07 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2021-04-30 - 2021-05-07)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
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Issues counts and deltas:
  open7428 (-25)
  closed 48377 (+104)
  total  55805 (+79)

Open issues with patches: 2946 

Issues opened (48)

#40943: PEP 353: Drop support for PyArg_ParseTuple() "#" formats when 
https://bugs.python.org/issue40943  reopened by methane

#43001: python3.8.9, python3.9.2 test_embed test_tabnanny failed
https://bugs.python.org/issue43001  reopened by asholomitskiy84

#43176: Dataclasses derived from empty frozen bases skip immutability 
https://bugs.python.org/issue43176  reopened by eric.smith

#43882: [security] urllib.parse should sanitize urls containing ASCII 
https://bugs.python.org/issue43882  reopened by gregory.p.smith

#43992: Unable to get external dependencies for CPython on Ubuntu Linu
https://bugs.python.org/issue43992  opened by shreyanavigyan

#43994: change representation of match as / capture as `Name(..., ctx=
https://bugs.python.org/issue43994  opened by Anthony Sottile

#44002: Use functools.lru_cache in urllib.parse instead of 1996 custom
https://bugs.python.org/issue44002  opened by gregory.p.smith

#44005: multiple socket bind failure on Mac OS X with SO_REUSEADDR
https://bugs.python.org/issue44005  opened by giangipy

#44010: IDLE: highlight soft keywords
https://bugs.python.org/issue44010  opened by epaine

#44011: Borrow asyncio ssl implementation from uvloop
https://bugs.python.org/issue44011  opened by asvetlov

#44012: IPv6Address.exploded does not support interface name (scope id
https://bugs.python.org/issue44012  opened by ohwgiles

#44013: tempfile.TemporaryFile: name of file descriptor cannot be reus
https://bugs.python.org/issue44013  opened by zhongxiang117

#44016: Enum related deprecation warnings in test_httpservers and test
https://bugs.python.org/issue44016  opened by xtreak

#44019: operator.call/operator.__call__
https://bugs.python.org/issue44019  opened by Antony.Lee

#44021: enum docs in 3.10:  missing "New in version 3.10"
https://bugs.python.org/issue44021  opened by Akuli

#44023: "tarfile" library will lead to "write any content to any file 
https://bugs.python.org/issue44023  opened by leveryd

#44024: Improve the TypeError message for non-string second arguments 
https://bugs.python.org/issue44024  opened by maggyero

#44025: Match doc: Clarify '_' as a soft keyword
https://bugs.python.org/issue44025  opened by terry.reedy

#44026: IDLE: print "Did you mean?" for AttributeError and NameError
https://bugs.python.org/issue44026  opened by Dennis Sweeney

#44028: Request for locals().update() to work, it is
https://bugs.python.org/issue44028  opened by xuancong84

#44030: Markup with_traceback code example
https://bugs.python.org/issue44030  opened by terry.reedy

#44031: python3.8.9, python3.9.2 test_embed test_tabnanny failed
https://bugs.python.org/issue44031  opened by asholomitskiy84

#44032: Function locals and evaluation stack should be stored in a con
https://bugs.python.org/issue44032  opened by Mark.Shannon

#44035: Regenerating the configure script fails even if dependencies a
https://bugs.python.org/issue44035  opened by pablogsal

#44036: asyncio SSL server can be DOSed, event loop gets blocked: busy
https://bugs.python.org/issue44036  opened by ghost43

#44037: Broad performance regression from 3.10a7 to 3.10b1 with python
https://bugs.python.org/issue44037  opened by rhettinger

#44038: In documentation Section 8.6, the definition of parameter_list
https://bugs.python.org/issue44038  opened by webbnh

#44041: [sqlite3] optimisation: only call sqlite3_column_count when ne
https://bugs.python.org/issue44041  opened by erlendaasland

#44042: [sqlite3]  _pysqlite_connection_begin() optimisations
https://bugs.python.org/issue44042  opened by erlendaasland

#44043: 3.10 b1 armhf Bus Error in hashlib test: test_gil
https://bugs.python.org/issue44043  opened by Anthony Sottile

#44044: ConfigParser: cannot link to ConfigParser.optionxform(option)
https://bugs.python.org/issue44044  opened by jugmac00

#44045: canonicalize "upper-case" -> "uppercase"; "lower-case" -> "low
https://bugs.python.org/issue44045  opened by jugmac00

#44048: test_hashlib failure for "AMD64 RHEL8 FIPS Only Blake2 Builtin
https://bugs.python.org/issue44048  opened by cstratak

#44050: Exceptions in a subinterpreter are changed by another subinter
https://bugs.python.org/issue44050  opened by trygveaa

#44052: patch object as argument should be explicit
https://bugs.python.org/issue44052  opened by CendioOssman

#44053: Can't connect to a server also not showing any type of output
https://bugs.python.org/issue44053  opened by muqadasrasheed652

#44055: NamedTemporaryFile opened twice on Windows
https://bugs.python.org/issue44055  opened by frenzy

#44057: Inconsitencies in `__init_subclass__` in a generic class

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2021-04-30 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2021-04-23 - 2021-04-30)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
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Issues counts and deltas:
  open7453 (-21)
  closed 48273 (+86)
  total  55726 (+65)

Open issues with patches: 2968 

Issues opened (48)

#42737: PEP 563: drop annotations for complex assign targets
https://bugs.python.org/issue42737  reopened by BTaskaya

#43926: Clean metadata (importlib_metadata 4.0)
https://bugs.python.org/issue43926  opened by jaraco

#43927: Remove IOError references from the tutorial
https://bugs.python.org/issue43927  opened by hugetim

#43928: Fix the typo in documentation
https://bugs.python.org/issue43928  opened by jeffreytse

#43930: Update bundled pip to 21.1 and setuptools to 56.0.0
https://bugs.python.org/issue43930  opened by sbidoul

#43931: Add the Python version to the API data.
https://bugs.python.org/issue43931  opened by Gabriele Tornetta

#43935: Fix typo in Turtle.back docstring
https://bugs.python.org/issue43935  opened by tarjeiba

#43936: os.path.realpath() normalizes paths before resolving links on 
https://bugs.python.org/issue43936  opened by barneygale

#43937: Turtle uses the default root window
https://bugs.python.org/issue43937  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#43939: Deadlock in logging
https://bugs.python.org/issue43939  opened by DaRoee

#43941: Unit test failure in test_gdb only with -O0
https://bugs.python.org/issue43941  opened by larry

#43942: RawDescriptionHelpFormatter seems to be ignored for argument d
https://bugs.python.org/issue43942  opened by rrt

#43943: test_ssl fails in the macos CI
https://bugs.python.org/issue43943  opened by pablogsal

#43944: Processes in Python 3.9 exiting with code 1 when It's created 
https://bugs.python.org/issue43944  opened by Genarito

#43945: [Enum] standardize format() behavior
https://bugs.python.org/issue43945  opened by ethan.furman

#43946: unpickling a subclass of list fails when it implements its own
https://bugs.python.org/issue43946  opened by gregory.p.smith

#43948: sysconfig???s osx_framework_user puts headers in different loc
https://bugs.python.org/issue43948  opened by uranusjr

#43949: binascii.Error raised in smtplib when initial_response_ok=Fals
https://bugs.python.org/issue43949  opened by junpengruan

#43950: Include column offsets for bytecode instructions
https://bugs.python.org/issue43950  opened by pablogsal

#43952: Multiprocessing UNIX socket connection: client freeze if authk
https://bugs.python.org/issue43952  opened by anon01

#43953: InitVar should not be available on a @dataclass-decorated clas
https://bugs.python.org/issue43953  opened by superbobry

#43956: C-API: Incorrect default value for Py_SetProgramName
https://bugs.python.org/issue43956  opened by joukewitteveen

#43957: [Enum] update __contains__ to return True for valid values
https://bugs.python.org/issue43957  opened by ethan.furman

#43962: test_interpreters: when TestInterpreterAttrs.test_id_type() is
https://bugs.python.org/issue43962  opened by vstinner

#43964: ctypes CDLL search path issue on MacOS
https://bugs.python.org/issue43964  opened by Victor.Lazzarini

#43965: dataclasses.replace breaks when __init__ is overrriden in subc
https://bugs.python.org/issue43965  opened by SebastianSpeitel

#43967: Valgrind memcheck on Py_Initialize
https://bugs.python.org/issue43967  opened by simonaldrich

#43968: os.path.realpath() unexpected breaking change: resolves subst'
https://bugs.python.org/issue43968  opened by sfmc

#43969: "bad magic number" when Python 2's pyc file exists without py 
https://bugs.python.org/issue43969  opened by mitchhentges

#43971: documentation: no spacing around default args in annotated fun
https://bugs.python.org/issue43971  opened by moselhy

#43972: Simple HTTP Request Handler in http.server does not set a cont
https://bugs.python.org/issue43972  opened by sirosen

#43974: setup.py should set Py_BUILD_CORE_MODULE as defined macro
https://bugs.python.org/issue43974  opened by christian.heimes

#43975: Incorrect MIME type returned for .js files Windows 10.
https://bugs.python.org/issue43975  opened by smeans

#43976: Introduce mechanism to allow Python distributors to add custom
https://bugs.python.org/issue43976  opened by FFY00

#43977: Implement the latest semantics for PEP 634 for matching collec
https://bugs.python.org/issue43977  opened by Mark.Shannon

#43978: Incorrect "versionadded" info in typing.NoReturn documentation
https://bugs.python.org/issue43978  opened by Mariatta

#43979: Simplify urllib.parse_qsl
https://bugs.python.org/issue43979  opened by cito

#43980: netrc module looks for .netrc even on Windows where the conven
https://bugs.python.org/issue43980  opened by jheiselman

#43981: test_idle is leaking references
https://bugs.python.org/issue43981  opened by pablogsal

#43982: Code coverage on the CI: validate codecov shell script checksu

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2021-04-23 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2021-04-16 - 2021-04-23)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
Do NOT respond to this message.

Issues counts and deltas:
  open7474 (-48)
  closed 48187 (+101)
  total  55661 (+53)

Open issues with patches: 2971 

Issues opened (41)

#10663: configure shouldn't set a default OPT
https://bugs.python.org/issue10663  reopened by Arfrever

#28254: Add C API for gc.enable, gc.disable, and gc.isenabled
https://bugs.python.org/issue28254  reopened by scoder

#38605: [typing] PEP 563: Postponed evaluation of annotations: enable 
https://bugs.python.org/issue38605  reopened by pablogsal

#38659: enum classes cause slow startup time
https://bugs.python.org/issue38659  reopened by pablogsal

#43874: argparse crashes on subparsers with no dest/metava
https://bugs.python.org/issue43874  opened by terence.honles

#43875: glob.glob with ** does not always detect symlink loops
https://bugs.python.org/issue43875  opened by rrt

#43877: Logging Cookbook ambiguity
https://bugs.python.org/issue43877  opened by bluebloodpole

#43878: ./configure fails on Apple Silicon with coreutils uname
https://bugs.python.org/issue43878  opened by keith

#43879: Add native_thread_id to PyThreadState
https://bugs.python.org/issue43879  opened by Gabriele Tornetta

#43880: 3.10 SSL module deprecations
https://bugs.python.org/issue43880  opened by christian.heimes

#43881: add platform availabity information for os.sched_getaffinity
https://bugs.python.org/issue43881  opened by guoci

#43882: [security] urllib.parse should sanitize urls containing ASCII 
https://bugs.python.org/issue43882  opened by orsenthil

#43883: Making urlparse WHATWG conformant
https://bugs.python.org/issue43883  opened by orsenthil

#43884: Cannot cleanly kill a subprocess using high-level asyncio APIs
https://bugs.python.org/issue43884  opened by rabraham

#43886: Extending/embedding Python documentation outdated/incomplete
https://bugs.python.org/issue43886  opened by fede.evol

#43888: GitHub Actions CI/CD `Coverage` job is broken on master
https://bugs.python.org/issue43888  opened by webknjaz

#43889: Pickle performance regression in 3.10
https://bugs.python.org/issue43889  opened by kj

#43890: Deadlock when mixing event loops and subprocesses
https://bugs.python.org/issue43890  opened by thomas

#43891: co_annotations branch caused a crash in stackeffect() in compi
https://bugs.python.org/issue43891  opened by larry

#43892: Make match patterns explicit in the AST
https://bugs.python.org/issue43892  opened by ncoghlan

#43893: typing.get_type_hints does not accept type annotations with le
https://bugs.python.org/issue43893  opened by jarryshaw

#43894: IDLE editor file minor refactoring
https://bugs.python.org/issue43894  opened by epaine

#43895: Unnecessary Cache of Shared Object Handles
https://bugs.python.org/issue43895  opened by Ian.H

#43897: Implement support for validation of pattern matching ASTs
https://bugs.python.org/issue43897  opened by BTaskaya

#43899: separate builtin function
https://bugs.python.org/issue43899  opened by alvarezdqal

#43901: Add an empty annotations dict to all unannotated classes and m
https://bugs.python.org/issue43901  opened by larry

#43902: ssl module: add getter for SSL_CTX* and SSL*
https://bugs.python.org/issue43902  opened by christian.heimes

#43905: dataclasses.astuple does deepcopy on all fields
https://bugs.python.org/issue43905  opened by mandolaerik

#43907: pickle.py bytearray memoization bug with protocol 5
https://bugs.python.org/issue43907  opened by Carl.Friedrich.Bolz

#43908: array.array should remain immutable
https://bugs.python.org/issue43908  opened by gvanrossum

#43910: cgi.parse_header does not handle escaping correctly
https://bugs.python.org/issue43910  opened by msg555

#43912: http.client.BadStatusLine raised and response contains request
https://bugs.python.org/issue43912  opened by andymaier

#43913: unittest module cleanup functions not run unless tearDownModul
https://bugs.python.org/issue43913  opened by rtarpine

#43914: Highlight invalid ranges in SyntaxErrors
https://bugs.python.org/issue43914  opened by pablogsal

#43916: Check that new heap types cannot be created uninitialised
https://bugs.python.org/issue43916  opened by pablogsal

#43918: anext builtin docstring has no signature text or info about de
https://bugs.python.org/issue43918  opened by eriknw

#43921: test_ssl fails on Windows buildbots
https://bugs.python.org/issue43921  opened by pablogsal

#43922: Double dots in quopri transported emails
https://bugs.python.org/issue43922  opened by Julien Castiaux

#43923: Can't create generic NamedTuple as of py3.9
https://bugs.python.org/issue43923  opened by FHTMitchell

#43924: print unexpected values in infinite loop
https://bugs.python.org/issue43924  opened by rafihassan190041234

#43925: Add hangul syllables to unicodedata.decomposititon

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2021-04-16 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2021-04-09 - 2021-04-16)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
Do NOT respond to this message.

Issues counts and deltas:
  open7522 ( -2)
  closed 48086 (+78)
  total  55608 (+76)

Open issues with patches: 2993 

Issues opened (52)

#37251: Mocking a MagicMock with a function spec results in an AsyncMo
https://bugs.python.org/issue37251  reopened by gregory.p.smith

#40066: Enum: modify __repr__, __str__; update docs
https://bugs.python.org/issue40066  reopened by ethan.furman

#40432: Pegen regenerate project for Windows not working
https://bugs.python.org/issue40432  reopened by pablogsal

#43764: Turning off generation of __match_args__ for dataclasses
https://bugs.python.org/issue43764  reopened by eric.smith

#43802: Seg fault on macOS using multiprocessing.JoinableQueue
https://bugs.python.org/issue43802  opened by jacobtylerwalls

#43803: ctypes string_at/wstring_at - bad argument name used in docs a
https://bugs.python.org/issue43803  opened by talhayon1

#43804: Add more info about building C/C++ Extensions on Windows using
https://bugs.python.org/issue43804  opened by shreyanavigyan

#43805: multiprocessing.Queue hangs when process on other side dies
https://bugs.python.org/issue43805  opened by kormang

#43806: asyncio.StreamReader hangs when reading from pipe and other pr
https://bugs.python.org/issue43806  opened by kormang

#43807: JSONDecodeError: Extra Data Raised on Long Valid JSON
https://bugs.python.org/issue43807  opened by UnknownRetiredGuy

#43811: Run GHA CI with multiple OpenSSL versions
https://bugs.python.org/issue43811  opened by christian.heimes

#43813: Denial of service on http.server module with large request met
https://bugs.python.org/issue43813  opened by demonia

#43814: Fix the error message for disallowed __weakref__ slots
https://bugs.python.org/issue43814  opened by maggyero

#43815: documentation for types.new_class() mention misleading default
https://bugs.python.org/issue43815  opened by eric.smith

#43817: Add typing.get_annotations()
https://bugs.python.org/issue43817  opened by larry

#43818: Email does not apply policy to multipart messages with defects
https://bugs.python.org/issue43818  opened by jishac

#43819: ExtensionFileLoader Does Not Implement invalidate_caches
https://bugs.python.org/issue43819  opened by Ian.H

#43821: Undocumented behavior of sleep functions and asyncio delayed e
https://bugs.python.org/issue43821  opened by Josef Havr??nek

#43826: Resource warnings in test_subprocess
https://bugs.python.org/issue43826  opened by xtreak

#43827: abc conflicts with __init_subclass__
https://bugs.python.org/issue43827  opened by vladhoi

#43829: MappingProxyType cannot hash a hashable underlying mapping
https://bugs.python.org/issue43829  opened by andymaier

#43832: asyncio + multiprocessing = core dump in sem_trywait
https://bugs.python.org/issue43832  opened by Andrei Pozolotin

#43833: Unexpected Parsing of Numeric Literals Concatenated with Boole
https://bugs.python.org/issue43833  opened by sco1

#43834: Use context manager in StringIO example
https://bugs.python.org/issue43834  opened by John Hagen

#43835: Dataclasses don't call base class __init__
https://bugs.python.org/issue43835  opened by Paul Pinterits

#43837: Operator precedence documentation could be more clear
https://bugs.python.org/issue43837  opened by aidan.feldman

#43838: There is a way to access an underlying mapping in MappingProxy
https://bugs.python.org/issue43838  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#43843: libregrtest: mark a test as failed if a thread logs an unexpec
https://bugs.python.org/issue43843  opened by vstinner

#43845: test_concurrent_futures leaks many dangling threads on FreeBSD
https://bugs.python.org/issue43845  opened by vstinner

#43846: Control stack usage in large expressions
https://bugs.python.org/issue43846  opened by Mark.Shannon

#43847: [Windows] ntpath.realpath() of bytes root directory may raise 
https://bugs.python.org/issue43847  opened by 9001

#43848: gzip.py: explain optional argument mtime
https://bugs.python.org/issue43848  opened by jwuttke

#43851: Optimise SQLite builds on macOS and Windows
https://bugs.python.org/issue43851  opened by erlendaasland

#43852: [sqlite3] Improve tuple creation
https://bugs.python.org/issue43852  opened by erlendaasland

#43853: [sqlite3] Fix sqlite3_value_text() usage
https://bugs.python.org/issue43853  opened by erlendaasland

#43854: curses: returns incorrect chars after resuming a suspended pro
https://bugs.python.org/issue43854  opened by darrikonn

#43855: test_ssl: test_msg_callback_deadlock_bpo43577() failed on macO
https://bugs.python.org/issue43855  opened by vstinner

#43856: Docs for importlib.metadata should mention Python version
https://bugs.python.org/issue43856  opened by pitrou

#43857: Fix the AttributeError message for deletion of a missing attri

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2021-04-09 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2021-04-02 - 2021-04-09)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
Do NOT respond to this message.

Issues counts and deltas:
  open7524 (+19)
  closed 48008 (+70)
  total  55532 (+89)

Open issues with patches: 2999 

Issues opened (60)

#24160: Pdb sometimes raises exception when trying to remove a breakpo
https://bugs.python.org/issue24160  reopened by pablogsal

#39899: `pathlib.Path.expanduser()` does not call `os.path.expanduser(
https://bugs.python.org/issue39899  reopened by steve.dower

#43708: Tkinter theme settings object schema is missing
https://bugs.python.org/issue43708  opened by WHK102

#43712: PEP 597: fileinput uses locale encoding
https://bugs.python.org/issue43712  opened by methane

#43714: re.split(), re.sub(): '\Z' must consume end of string if it ma
https://bugs.python.org/issue43714  opened by alegrigoriev

#43715: curses inch() and scrbkgd() documentation ommissions
https://bugs.python.org/issue43715  opened by pjfarleyiii

#43717: Confusing OSError on HTTP CONNECT failure
https://bugs.python.org/issue43717  opened by michael-o

#43718: HTTP CONNECT response not subject to debug level
https://bugs.python.org/issue43718  opened by michael-o

#43721: Documentation of property.{getter,setter,deleter} fails to men
https://bugs.python.org/issue43721  opened by Antony.Lee

#43722: PEP 597: FileCookieJar uses locale encoding
https://bugs.python.org/issue43722  opened by methane

#43723: Deprecate camelCase aliases from threading.py
https://bugs.python.org/issue43723  opened by Jelle Zijlstra

#43725: Create a release branch ABI stability regression test
https://bugs.python.org/issue43725  opened by gregory.p.smith

#43727: futures cancelled by ThreadPoolExecutor.shutdown() not yielded
https://bugs.python.org/issue43727  opened by bigbenhur

#43731: PEP 597: logging.fileConfig() uses locale encoding.
https://bugs.python.org/issue43731  opened by methane

#43732: PEP 597: mailcap uses locale encoding
https://bugs.python.org/issue43732  opened by methane

#43733: PEP 597: netrc uses locale encoding.
https://bugs.python.org/issue43733  opened by methane

#43735: PEP 597: os.popen() and pipes uses locale encoding
https://bugs.python.org/issue43735  opened by methane

#43737: Documentation of modulo operator should document behaviour cle
https://bugs.python.org/issue43737  opened by anthony-flury

#43738: Clarify public name of curses.window
https://bugs.python.org/issue43738  opened by rmccampbell7

#43739: Fixing the example code in Doc/extending/extending.rst to decl
https://bugs.python.org/issue43739  opened by shreyanavigyan

#43740: Long paths in imp.load_dynamic()  lead to segfault
https://bugs.python.org/issue43740  opened by xxm

#43741: http.client leaks from self.fp.read()
https://bugs.python.org/issue43741  opened by HynekPetrak

#43742: tcp_echo_client in asyncio streams example does not work. Hang
https://bugs.python.org/issue43742  opened by jcolo

#43743: BlockingIOError: [Errno 11] Resource temporarily unavailable: 
https://bugs.python.org/issue43743  opened by p.conesa.mingo

#43744: enum: Adding a member named _classname__ raises IndexError
https://bugs.python.org/issue43744  opened by smurfix

#43749: venv module does not copy the correct python exe
https://bugs.python.org/issue43749  opened by Ian Norton

#43750: Undefined constant PACKET_MULTIHOST referred to in package soc
https://bugs.python.org/issue43750  opened by Tom Cook

#43751: await anext() returns None when default is given
https://bugs.python.org/issue43751  opened by pewscorner

#43752: [sqlite3] Fetching an empty value from date column raises Valu
https://bugs.python.org/issue43752  opened by felixxm

#43753: [C API] Add Py_Is(x, y) and Py_IsNone(x) functions
https://bugs.python.org/issue43753  opened by vstinner

#43754: Eliminate bindings for partial pattern matches
https://bugs.python.org/issue43754  opened by brandtbucher

#43756: About updating audit events when function gains new arguments
https://bugs.python.org/issue43756  opened by gousaiyang

#43757: pathlib: move 'resolve()' logic out of path flavour
https://bugs.python.org/issue43757  opened by barneygale

#43758: dict.config TimedRotatingFileHandler filename .suffix does not
https://bugs.python.org/issue43758  opened by tea940314

#43760: The DISPATCH() macro is not as efficient as it could be.
https://bugs.python.org/issue43760  opened by Mark.Shannon

#43761: Documenting dataclass and namedtuple changes for structural pa
https://bugs.python.org/issue43761  opened by freundTech

#43762: Add audit events for loading of sqlite3 extensions
https://bugs.python.org/issue43762  opened by erlendaasland

#43763: [sqlite3] Use SQLITE_DBCONFIG_ENABLE_LOAD_EXTENSION iso. sqlit
https://bugs.python.org/issue43763  opened by erlendaasland

#43766: Implement PEP 647 (User-Defined Type Guards) in typing.py

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2021-04-02 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2021-03-26 - 2021-04-02)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
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Issues counts and deltas:
  open7505 ( +7)
  closed 47938 (+67)
  total  55443 (+74)

Open issues with patches: 2984 

Issues opened (53)

#37368: test_asyncio: test_create_server_ssl_match_failed() failed on 
https://bugs.python.org/issue37368  reopened by nascheme

#43510: PEP 597: Implemente encoding="locale" option and EncodingWarni
https://bugs.python.org/issue43510  reopened by methane

#43634: Extensions build does not respect --jobs setting
https://bugs.python.org/issue43634  opened by JustAnotherArchivist

#43635: Documentation needs to declare CalledProcessError as potential
https://bugs.python.org/issue43635  opened by jennievh

#43636: test_descr fails randomly when executed with -R :
https://bugs.python.org/issue43636  opened by pablogsal

#43638: MacOS os.statvfs() has rollover for >4TB disks at each 4TB (32
https://bugs.python.org/issue43638  opened by sanderjo

#43639: Do not raise AttributeError on instance attribute update/delet
https://bugs.python.org/issue43639  opened by maggyero

#43640: Add warnings to ssl.PROTOCOL_TLSv1 and ssl.PROTOCOL_TLSv1_1 do
https://bugs.python.org/issue43640  opened by illia-v

#43641: Update `ssl.PROTOCOL_TLSv1_2` docs since it is not the newest 
https://bugs.python.org/issue43641  opened by illia-v

#43642: ctypes.util.find_library can't find the lib on Alpine
https://bugs.python.org/issue43642  opened by An1c0de

#43643: importlib.readers.MultiplexedPath.name is not a property
https://bugs.python.org/issue43643  opened by ap--

#43646: ForwardRef name conflict during evaluation
https://bugs.python.org/issue43646  opened by tefra

#43649: time.strftime('%z') doesn't return UTC offset in the form ??HH
https://bugs.python.org/issue43649  opened by ede123

#43650: MemoryError on zip.read in shutil._unpack_zipfile
https://bugs.python.org/issue43650  opened by igorvoltaic

#43651: PEP 597: Fix EncodingWarning warnings in the Python stdlib
https://bugs.python.org/issue43651  opened by methane

#43652: Upgrade Windows tcl/tk to 8.6.11
https://bugs.python.org/issue43652  opened by terry.reedy

#43654: IDLE: Applying settings disables tab completion
https://bugs.python.org/issue43654  opened by terry.reedy

#43655: Tkinter: Not setting _NET_WM_WINDOW_TYPE on FileDialog
https://bugs.python.org/issue43655  opened by patrickmelix

#43656: StackSummary.format fails if str(value) fails
https://bugs.python.org/issue43656  opened by moi90

#43658: implementations of the deprecated load_module import loader AP
https://bugs.python.org/issue43658  opened by kale-smoothie

#43659: AIX: test_curses crashes buildbot
https://bugs.python.org/issue43659  opened by Michael.Felt

#43661: api-ms-win-core-path-l1-1.0.dll, redux of 40740 (which has sin
https://bugs.python.org/issue43661  opened by tkacvinsky

#43663: Python interpreter works abnormally after interrupting logging
https://bugs.python.org/issue43663  opened by xxm

#43664: Long computations in pdb.run() lead to segfault
https://bugs.python.org/issue43664  opened by xxm

#43666: AIX: Lib/_aix_support.py may break in a WPAR environment
https://bugs.python.org/issue43666  opened by Michael.Felt

#43667: Solaris: Fix broken Unicode encoding in non-UTF locales
https://bugs.python.org/issue43667  opened by kulikjak

#43668: Segfault with for fresh ubuntu 20.04 install
https://bugs.python.org/issue43668  opened by axel_1234

#43669: PEP 644: Require OpenSSL 1.1.1 or newer
https://bugs.python.org/issue43669  opened by christian.heimes

#43671: segfault when using tkinter + pygame for ~5 minutes
https://bugs.python.org/issue43671  opened by Pycryptor10

#43672: Raise ImportWarning when calling find_loader()
https://bugs.python.org/issue43672  opened by brett.cannon

#43676: Doctest ELLIPSIS explanation hard to follow when they're missi
https://bugs.python.org/issue43676  opened by Tim.Hatch

#43678: TypeError: get() got an unexpected keyword argument 'vars'
https://bugs.python.org/issue43678  opened by cis-muzahid

#43679: ttk.Sizegrip disappears under Windows 10 UI Scaling, with dpiA
https://bugs.python.org/issue43679  opened by msmith

#43680: Remove undocumented io.OpenWrapper and _pyio.OpenWrapper
https://bugs.python.org/issue43680  opened by vstinner

#43681: doctest forgets previous imports
https://bugs.python.org/issue43681  opened by ethan.furman

#43682: Make static methods created by @staticmethod callable
https://bugs.python.org/issue43682  opened by vstinner

#43683: Handle generator (and coroutine) state in the bytecode.
https://bugs.python.org/issue43683  opened by Mark.Shannon

#43684: Add combined opcodes
https://bugs.python.org/issue43684  opened by gvanrossum

#43686: re.match appears to hang with certain combinations of pattern 
https://bugs.python.org/issue43686  opened by alegrigoriev


[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2021-03-26 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2021-03-19 - 2021-03-26)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
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Issues counts and deltas:
  open7498 (+17)
  closed 47871 (+58)
  total  55369 (+75)

Open issues with patches: 2984 

Issues opened (54)

#33164: Blake 2 module update
https://bugs.python.org/issue33164  reopened by christian.heimes

#42129: Support resources in namespace packages
https://bugs.python.org/issue42129  reopened by vstinner

#43560: Modify SAX/expat parsing to avoid fragmentation of already-tin
https://bugs.python.org/issue43560  opened by ridgerat1611

#43561: Modify XML parsing library descriptions to forewarn of content
https://bugs.python.org/issue43561  opened by ridgerat1611

#43562: test_ssl.NetworkedTests.test_timeout_connect_ex fails if netwo
https://bugs.python.org/issue43562  opened by carljm

#43563: Use dedicated opcodes to speed up calls/attribute lookups with
https://bugs.python.org/issue43563  opened by v2m

#43564: ftp tests in test_urllib2net fail instead of skipping on unrea
https://bugs.python.org/issue43564  opened by carljm

#43565: PyUnicode_KIND macro does not has specified return type
https://bugs.python.org/issue43565  opened by maxbachmann

#43567: regen.vcxproj cannot regenerate some necessary files
https://bugs.python.org/issue43567  opened by pjx206

#43568: Drop support for Mac OS X < 10.3 module linking
https://bugs.python.org/issue43568  opened by jmr

#43570: pyspecific.py >  AuditEvent mess with translations
https://bugs.python.org/issue43570  opened by mdk

#43574: Regression in overallocation for literal list initialization i
https://bugs.python.org/issue43574  opened by Chad.Netzer

#43576: python3.6.4 os.environ error when write chinese to file
https://bugs.python.org/issue43576  opened by rushant

#43578: With asyncio subprocess, send_signal() and the child process w
https://bugs.python.org/issue43578  opened by lincheney

#43579: Leak in asyncio.selector_events._SelectorSocketTransport
https://bugs.python.org/issue43579  opened by begnac

#43582: SSLContext.sni_callback docs inaccurately describe available h
https://bugs.python.org/issue43582  opened by theandrew168

#43583: make test failures, 2 tests failed: test_embed test_tabnan
https://bugs.python.org/issue43583  opened by Pattesvador

#43584: Doc description of str.title() upper case vs. title case.
https://bugs.python.org/issue43584  opened by grant.b.edwards

#43585: perf_counter() returns computers uptime
https://bugs.python.org/issue43585  opened by txhx38

#43588: [Subinterpreters]: use static variable under building Python w
https://bugs.python.org/issue43588  opened by JunyiXie

#43590: Collapse sidebar issue on https://docs.python.org/3/
https://bugs.python.org/issue43590  opened by lucijan345

#43592: test_importlib: test_multiprocessing_pool_circular_import() fa
https://bugs.python.org/issue43592  opened by vstinner

#43593: pymalloc is not aware of Memory Tagging Extension (MTE) and cr
https://bugs.python.org/issue43593  opened by ggardet

#43594: A metaclass that inherits both `ABC`  and `ABCMeta` breaks on 
https://bugs.python.org/issue43594  opened by erezinman

#43595: Can not add a metclass that inherits both ABCMeta & ABC to a U
https://bugs.python.org/issue43595  opened by erezinman

#43596: change assertRaises message when wrong exception is raised
https://bugs.python.org/issue43596  opened by rsk2

#43597: robotparser should support specifying SSL context
https://bugs.python.org/issue43597  opened by Tchinmai7

#43598: test_subprocess logs multiple ResourceWarning warnings
https://bugs.python.org/issue43598  opened by vstinner

#43599: Setting long domain of locale.dgettext() crashes Python interp
https://bugs.python.org/issue43599  opened by xxm

#43600: IDLE: fix highlight locationfor f-string field errors
https://bugs.python.org/issue43600  opened by terry.reedy

#43602: Include Decimal's in numbers.Real
https://bugs.python.org/issue43602  opened by Sergey.Kirpichev

#43604: Fix tempfile.mktemp()
https://bugs.python.org/issue43604  opened by David Luke??

#43605: Issue of scopes unclear in documentation, or wrongly implement
https://bugs.python.org/issue43605  opened by bruno.loff

#43606: PySimpleGUI: initial huge window & no widgets visible
https://bugs.python.org/issue43606  opened by bennett78

#43607: urllib's request.pathname2url not compatible with extended-len
https://bugs.python.org/issue43607  opened by levineds

#43608: `bytes_concat` and Buffer cleanup
https://bugs.python.org/issue43608  opened by seberg

#43609: ast.unparse-ing a FunctionType gives ambiguous result
https://bugs.python.org/issue43609  opened by cleoold

#43610: Ctrl C makes interpreter exit
https://bugs.python.org/issue43610  opened by xxm

#43611: Function tcflow() in module termios can not be interupted when
https://bugs.python.org/issue43611  opened by xxm


[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2021-03-19 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2021-03-12 - 2021-03-19)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
Do NOT respond to this message.

Issues counts and deltas:
  open7481 ( +3)
  closed 47813 (+75)
  total  55294 (+78)

Open issues with patches: 2980 

Issues opened (66)

#35943: PyImport_GetModule() can return partially-initialized module
https://bugs.python.org/issue35943  reopened by pitrou

#37788: fix for bpo-36402 (threading._shutdown() race condition) cause
https://bugs.python.org/issue37788  reopened by mark.dickinson

#42161: Remove private _PyLong_Zero and _PyLong_One variables
https://bugs.python.org/issue42161  reopened by rhettinger

#43334: venv does not install libpython
https://bugs.python.org/issue43334  reopened by anuppari

#43439: [security] Add audit events on GC functions giving access to a
https://bugs.python.org/issue43439  reopened by steve.dower

#43481: PyEval_EvalCode() namespace issue not observed in Python 2.7.
https://bugs.python.org/issue43481  opened by chrisgmorton

#43482: Py_AddPendingCall Inserted Function Never Called in 3.8, works
https://bugs.python.org/issue43482  opened by chrisgmorton

#43484: we can create valid datetime objects that become invalid if th
https://bugs.python.org/issue43484  opened by zzzeek

#43486: Python 3.9 installer not updating ARP table
https://bugs.python.org/issue43486  opened by codaamok

#43487: Rename __unicode__ methods to __str__ in 2to3 conversion
https://bugs.python.org/issue43487  opened by bartbroere

#43490: IDLE freezes at random
https://bugs.python.org/issue43490  opened by aledeaux

#43492: Upgrade to SQLite 3.35.2 in macOS and Windows
https://bugs.python.org/issue43492  opened by erlendaasland

#43493: EmailMessage mis-folding headers of a certain length
https://bugs.python.org/issue43493  opened by mglover

#43494: Minor changes to Objects/lnotab_notes.txt
https://bugs.python.org/issue43494  opened by skip.montanaro

#43495: Missing frame block push in compiler_async_comprehension_gener
https://bugs.python.org/issue43495  opened by tomkpz

#43497: SyntaxWarning for "assertion is always true, perhaps remove pa
https://bugs.python.org/issue43497  opened by darke

#43498: "dictionary changed size during iteration" error in _ExecutorM
https://bugs.python.org/issue43498  opened by kulikjak

#43500: Add filtercase() into fnmatch
https://bugs.python.org/issue43500  opened by wyz23x2

#43501: email._header_value_parse throws AttributeError on display nam
https://bugs.python.org/issue43501  opened by elenril

#43502: [C-API] Convert obvious unsafe macros to static inline functio
https://bugs.python.org/issue43502  opened by erlendaasland

#43503: [subinterpreters] PyObject statics exposed in the limited API 
https://bugs.python.org/issue43503  opened by eric.snow

#43504: effbot.org down
https://bugs.python.org/issue43504  opened by mdk

#43505: [sqlite3] Explicitly initialise and shut down sqlite3
https://bugs.python.org/issue43505  opened by erlendaasland

#43508: Miscompilation information for tarfile.open() when given too m
https://bugs.python.org/issue43508  opened by xxm

#43509: CFunctionType object should be hashable in Python
https://bugs.python.org/issue43509  opened by xxm

#43510: PEP 597: Implemente encoding="locale" option and EncodingWarni
https://bugs.python.org/issue43510  opened by methane

#43511: tkinter with Tk 8.6.11 is slow on macOS
https://bugs.python.org/issue43511  opened by thomaswamm

#43513: venv: recreate symlinks on --upgrade
https://bugs.python.org/issue43513  opened by ThiefMaster

#43514: Disallow fork in a subinterpreter affects multiprocessing plug
https://bugs.python.org/issue43514  opened by franku

#43517: Fix false positives in circular import detection with from-imp
https://bugs.python.org/issue43517  opened by pitrou

#43518: textwrap.shorten does not always respect word boundaries
https://bugs.python.org/issue43518  opened by annesylvie

#43520: Fraction only handles regular slashes ("/") and fails with oth
https://bugs.python.org/issue43520  opened by weightwatchers-carlanderson

#43522: SSLContext.hostname_checks_common_name appears to have no effe
https://bugs.python.org/issue43522  opened by Quentin.Pradet

#43523: Handling Ctrl+C while waiting on I/O in Windows
https://bugs.python.org/issue43523  opened by sovetov

#43524: Addition of peek and peekexactly methods to asyncio.StreamRead
https://bugs.python.org/issue43524  opened by awalgarg

#43525: pathlib: Highlight pathlib operator behavior with anchored pat
https://bugs.python.org/issue43525  opened by diegoe

#43526: Programmatic management of BytesWarning doesn't work for nativ
https://bugs.python.org/issue43526  opened by xmorel

#43527: Support full stack trace extraction in warnings.
https://bugs.python.org/issue43527  opened by xmorel

#43528: "connect_read_pipe" raises errors on Windows for STDIN
https://bugs.python.org/issue43528  opened by 

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2021-03-12 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2021-03-05 - 2021-03-12)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
Do NOT respond to this message.

Issues counts and deltas:
  open7478 (+34)
  closed 47738 (+36)
  total  55216 (+70)

Open issues with patches: 2968 

Issues opened (56)

#43198: Operations on sets more than hundred times less efficient with
https://bugs.python.org/issue43198  reopened by rhettinger

#43411: wm_manage fails with ttk.Frame
https://bugs.python.org/issue43411  opened by mfncooper

#43412: object.h -Wcast-qual warning
https://bugs.python.org/issue43412  opened by petere

#43413: tuple subclasses allow kwargs
https://bugs.python.org/issue43413  opened by jaraco

#43414: os.get_terminal_size() should use file descriptors in Windows
https://bugs.python.org/issue43414  opened by eryksun

#43416: Add README files in Include/cpython and Include/internal
https://bugs.python.org/issue43416  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#43417: ast.unparse: Simplify buffering logic
https://bugs.python.org/issue43417  opened by BTaskaya

#43418: FTPLib module crashes when server returns byte message instead
https://bugs.python.org/issue43418  opened by hugochiaxyz8

#43419: contextvars does not work properly in asyncio REPL.
https://bugs.python.org/issue43419  opened by lanfon72

#43420: Optimize rational arithmetics
https://bugs.python.org/issue43420  opened by Sergey.Kirpichev

#43421: os.device_encoding(fd) should support any console fd in Window
https://bugs.python.org/issue43421  opened by eryksun

#43422: Revert _decimal C API changes
https://bugs.python.org/issue43422  opened by pitrou

#43424: Document the `controller.name` field in `webbrowser` module
https://bugs.python.org/issue43424  opened by ilyagr

#43425: test_peg_generator.test_c_parser emits DeprecationWarning due 
https://bugs.python.org/issue43425  opened by xtreak

#43426: test_importlib.test_windows emits deprecation warning over usa
https://bugs.python.org/issue43426  opened by xtreak

#43427: Possible error on the descriptor howto guide
https://bugs.python.org/issue43427  opened by marcosmodenesi

#43428: Sync importlib_metadata enhancements through 3.7.
https://bugs.python.org/issue43428  opened by jaraco

#43429: mmap.size() raises OSError on Unix for anonymous memory
https://bugs.python.org/issue43429  opened by ZackerySpytz

#43430: Exception raised when attempting to create Enum via functional
https://bugs.python.org/issue43430  opened by suhailsingh247

#43431: Subprocess timeout causes output to be returned as bytes in te
https://bugs.python.org/issue43431  opened by macdjord

#43432: Add function `clear` to the `os` module
https://bugs.python.org/issue43432  opened by parsampsh

#43433: xmlrpc.client ignores query in URI ("?action=xmlrpc2") since p
https://bugs.python.org/issue43433  opened by OndrejPtak

#43434: sqlite3.Connection(...) bypasses 'sqlite3.connect' audit hooks
https://bugs.python.org/issue43434  opened by erlendaasland

#43437: venv activate bash script has wrong line endings on windows
https://bugs.python.org/issue43437  opened by jmoguill2

#43438: [doc] sys.addaudithook() documentation should be more explicit
https://bugs.python.org/issue43438  opened by vstinner

#43441: [Subinterpreters]: global variable next_version_tag cause meth
https://bugs.python.org/issue43441  opened by JunyiXie

#43442: multicorevm: guarantee type multi sub interpreters safe
https://bugs.python.org/issue43442  opened by JunyiXie

#43443: Should shelve support dict union?
https://bugs.python.org/issue43443  opened by Dominik V.

#43444: [sqlite3] Move MODULE_NAME def from setup.py to module.h
https://bugs.python.org/issue43444  opened by erlendaasland

#43447: Generate vectorcall code to parse arguments using Argument Cli
https://bugs.python.org/issue43447  opened by vstinner

#43451: pydoc terminal suboptimal rendering of complex annotations
https://bugs.python.org/issue43451  opened by dw

#43452: Microoptimize PyType_Lookup for cache hits
https://bugs.python.org/issue43452  opened by dino.viehland

#43453: docs: runtime_checkable example refers to changed behavior in 
https://bugs.python.org/issue43453  opened by Henry Schreiner

#43454: [sqlite3] Add support for R*Tree callbacks
https://bugs.python.org/issue43454  opened by erlendaasland

#43455: pathlib mistakenly assumes os.getcwd() is a resolved path in W
https://bugs.python.org/issue43455  opened by eryksun

#43457: Include simple file loading and saving functions in JSON stand
https://bugs.python.org/issue43457  opened by nervecenter

#43458: Tutorial should mention about variable scope in try/except/fin
https://bugs.python.org/issue43458  opened by deekox

#43459: Race conditions when the same source file used to build mutlip
https://bugs.python.org/issue43459  opened by mgorny

#43460: Exception copy  error
https://bugs.python.org/issue43460  opened by douglas-raillard-arm

#43461: Tottime column for 

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2021-03-05 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2021-02-26 - 2021-03-05)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
Do NOT respond to this message.

Issues counts and deltas:
  open7444 (+14)
  closed 47702 (+66)
  total  55146 (+80)

Open issues with patches: 2959 

Issues opened (53)

#43331: [Doc][urllib.request] Explicit the fact that header keys are s
https://bugs.python.org/issue43331  opened by axel3rd

#43332: http/client.py: - uses multiple network writes, possibly causi
https://bugs.python.org/issue43332  opened by zveinn

#4: utf8 in BytesGenerator
https://bugs.python.org/issue4  opened by darcy.beurle

#43334: venv does not install libpython
https://bugs.python.org/issue43334  opened by anuppari

#43336: document whether io.TextIOBase.readline(size>0) will always re
https://bugs.python.org/issue43336  opened by calestyo

#43337: export the set newline value on TextIOBase/TextIOWrapper
https://bugs.python.org/issue43337  opened by calestyo

#43338: [feature request] Please provide offical installers for securi
https://bugs.python.org/issue43338  opened by zby1234

#43340: json.load() can raise UnicodeDecodeError, but this is not docu
https://bugs.python.org/issue43340  opened by mattheww

#43341: functools.partial missing __weakref__ descriptor?
https://bugs.python.org/issue43341  opened by bup

#43346: subprocess.run() sometimes ignores timeout in Windows
https://bugs.python.org/issue43346  opened by eryksun

#43347: IDLE crashes in macOS Apple chip, maybe completions
https://bugs.python.org/issue43347  opened by rhettinger

#43348: XMLRPC behaves strangely under pythonw, not under python
https://bugs.python.org/issue43348  opened by tim_magee

#43350: [sqlite3] Active statements are reset twice in _pysqlite_query
https://bugs.python.org/issue43350  opened by erlendaasland

#43351: `RecursionError` during deallocation
https://bugs.python.org/issue43351  opened by andrewvaughanj

#43352: Add a Barrier object in asyncio lib
https://bugs.python.org/issue43352  opened by yduprat

#43353: Document that logging.getLevelName() can return a numeric valu
https://bugs.python.org/issue43353  opened by felixxm

#43354: xmlrpc.client: Fault.faultCode erroneously documented to be a 
https://bugs.python.org/issue43354  opened by jugmac00

#43355: __future__.annotations breaks inspect.signature()
https://bugs.python.org/issue43355  opened by 1ace

#43356: PyErr_SetInterrupt should have an equivalent that takes a sign
https://bugs.python.org/issue43356  opened by pitrou

#43357: Python memory cleaning
https://bugs.python.org/issue43357  opened by absvsb

#43358: Bad free in assemble function
https://bugs.python.org/issue43358  opened by alex.henrie

#43359: Dead assignment in Py_UniversalNewlineFgets
https://bugs.python.org/issue43359  opened by alex.henrie

#43360: Dead initialization in parse_abbr function
https://bugs.python.org/issue43360  opened by alex.henrie

#43361: Dead assignment in idna_converter function
https://bugs.python.org/issue43361  opened by alex.henrie

#43362: Bad free in py_sha3_new_impl function
https://bugs.python.org/issue43362  opened by alex.henrie

#43364: Windows: Make UTF-8 mode more accessible
https://bugs.python.org/issue43364  opened by methane

#43365: Operation conflict between time package and file in python 3.8
https://bugs.python.org/issue43365  opened by minaki_2525

#43366: Unclosed bracket bug in code.interact prevents identifying syn
https://bugs.python.org/issue43366  opened by aroberge

#43367: submodule of c-extension module is quirky
https://bugs.python.org/issue43367  opened by mattip

#43371: Mock.assert_has_calls works strange
https://bugs.python.org/issue43371  opened by dmitriy.mironiyk

#43372: ctypes: test_frozentable fails when make regen-frozen
https://bugs.python.org/issue43372  opened by hroncok

#43374: Apple refuses apps written in Python
https://bugs.python.org/issue43374  opened by adigeo

#43377: _PyErr_Display should be available in the CPython-specific API
https://bugs.python.org/issue43377  opened by Maxime Belanger

#43378: Pattern Matching section in tutorial refers to | as or
https://bugs.python.org/issue43378  opened by ramalho

#43379: Pasting multiple lines in the REPL is broken since 3.9
https://bugs.python.org/issue43379  opened by romainfv

#43380: Assigning function parameter to class attribute by the same na
https://bugs.python.org/issue43380  opened by jennydaman

#43381: add small test for frozen module line number table
https://bugs.python.org/issue43381  opened by nascheme

#43382: github CI blocked by the Ubuntu CI with an SSL error
https://bugs.python.org/issue43382  opened by gregory.p.smith

#43384: Include regen-stdlib-module-names in regen-all
https://bugs.python.org/issue43384  opened by nascheme

#43387: Enable pydoc to run as background job
https://bugs.python.org/issue43387  opened by digitaldragon

#43388: shutil._fastcopy_sendfile() makes 

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2021-02-26 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2021-02-19 - 2021-02-26)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
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Issues counts and deltas:
  open7430 ( +2)
  closed 47636 (+58)
  total  55066 (+60)

Open issues with patches: 2946 

Issues opened (40)

#23882: unittest discovery doesn't detect namespace packages when give
https://bugs.python.org/issue23882  reopened by terry.reedy

#26600: Thread safety issue with MagickMock __str__: sometimes returns
https://bugs.python.org/issue26600  reopened by iritkatriel

#43271: AMD64 Windows10 3.x crash with Windows fatal exception: stack 
https://bugs.python.org/issue43271  opened by vstinner

#43273: Mock `_mock_wraps` is undocumented and inconsistently named
https://bugs.python.org/issue43273  opened by Woodz

#43279: Update code taken from Keccak Code Package
https://bugs.python.org/issue43279  opened by illia-v

#43281: Walrus comprehension rebind checking behavior
https://bugs.python.org/issue43281  opened by gousaiyang

#43282: Add split install targets to install tests separately from lib
https://bugs.python.org/issue43282  opened by eschwartz

#43284: Wrong windows build in 20H2
https://bugs.python.org/issue43284  opened by bugale bugale

#43285: ftplib use host from PASV response
https://bugs.python.org/issue43285  opened by ricexdream

#43286: Clarify that Popen.returncode does not get auto-set when the p
https://bugs.python.org/issue43286  opened by Antony.Lee

#43287: Use PEP 590 vectorcall to speed up calls to filter()
https://bugs.python.org/issue43287  opened by corona10

#43288: test_importlib failure due to missing skip() method
https://bugs.python.org/issue43288  opened by nascheme

#43289: step bug in turtle's for loop
https://bugs.python.org/issue43289  opened by Yehuda

#43292: xml.ElementTree iterparse filehandle left open
https://bugs.python.org/issue43292  opened by vkisforever

#43295: datetime.strptime emits IndexError on parsing 'z' as %z
https://bugs.python.org/issue43295  opened by itchyny

#43296: [sqlite3] Fix sqlite3_value_blob() usage
https://bugs.python.org/issue43296  opened by erlendaasland

#43298: Windows build cannot detect missing Windows SDK
https://bugs.python.org/issue43298  opened by mytechnotalent

#43299: pyclbr.readmodule_ex traversing "import __main__": dies with V
https://bugs.python.org/issue43299  opened by kxrob

#43300: "bisect" module should support reverse-sorted sequences
https://bugs.python.org/issue43300  opened by mCoding

#43305: A typo in /Modules/_io/bufferedio.c
https://bugs.python.org/issue43305  opened by malin

#43306: Error in multiprocessing.Pool's initializer doesn't stop execu
https://bugs.python.org/issue43306  opened by nemeskeyd

#43307: Sync site.py and sysconfig.py with PyPy
https://bugs.python.org/issue43307  opened by mattip

#43308: subprocess.Popen leaks file descriptors opened for DEVNULL or 
https://bugs.python.org/issue43308  opened by cptpcrd

#43311: bpo-43311: PyInterpreterState_New use thread-specific data tst
https://bugs.python.org/issue43311  opened by JunyiXie

#43312: Interface to select preferred "user" or "home" sysconfig schem
https://bugs.python.org/issue43312  opened by uranusjr

#43313: feature: support pymalloc for subinterpreters. each subinterpr
https://bugs.python.org/issue43313  opened by JunyiXie

#43315: Decimal.__str__ has no way to force exact decimal representati
https://bugs.python.org/issue43315  opened by sim1234

#43318: pdb can't output the prompt message when successfully clear br
https://bugs.python.org/issue43318  opened by hjzin

#43319: A possible misleading expression in the Virtual Environment Tu
https://bugs.python.org/issue43319  opened by cmhzc

#43320: test test_webbrowser "can't locate runnable browser" with enab
https://bugs.python.org/issue43320  opened by swamper123

#43321: PyArg_ParseTuple() false-returns SUCCESS though SystemError an
https://bugs.python.org/issue43321  opened by kxrob

#43322: Inconsistent '#include' notation in extensions tutorial doc
https://bugs.python.org/issue43322  opened by mhughes

#43323: UnicodeEncodeError: surrogates not allowed when parsing invali
https://bugs.python.org/issue43323  opened by andersk

#43324: asyncio
https://bugs.python.org/issue43324  opened by AliyevH

#43325: Documentation should warn that 'is' is not a safe comparison o
https://bugs.python.org/issue43325  opened by anthony-flury

#43326: About Zipfile
https://bugs.python.org/issue43326  opened by Fcscanf

#43327: The docs falsely state that PyImport_ImportFrozenModuleObject(
https://bugs.python.org/issue43327  opened by ZackerySpytz

#43328: make test errors
https://bugs.python.org/issue43328  opened by asholomitskiy84

#43329: Multiprocessing Manager Client Not Reconnecting
https://bugs.python.org/issue43329  opened by boom0192

#43330: xmlrpc.Server URI query and fragment are discarded from HTTP q

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2021-02-19 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2021-02-12 - 2021-02-19)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
Do NOT respond to this message.

Issues counts and deltas:
  open7428 (+13)
  closed 47578 (+49)
  total  55006 (+62)

Open issues with patches: 2943 

Issues opened (43)

#37146: opcode cache for LOAD_GLOBAL emits false alarm in memory leak 
https://bugs.python.org/issue37146  reopened by vstinner

#42990: Improve the C code for calling Python code: _PyEval_EvalCode()
https://bugs.python.org/issue42990  reopened by vstinner

#43209: system cannot find the file specified in subprocess.py
https://bugs.python.org/issue43209  opened by robertjrichardson

#43211: Python is not responding after running program
https://bugs.python.org/issue43211  opened by diasybarrett

#43212: Link to class and function source code on GitHub
https://bugs.python.org/issue43212  opened by boris

#43214: site: Potential UnicodeDecodeError when handling pth file
https://bugs.python.org/issue43214  opened by methane

#43215: Document Happy Eyeballs arguments of asyncio.open_connection
https://bugs.python.org/issue43215  opened by illia-v

#43216: Removal of @asyncio.coroutine in Python 3.10
https://bugs.python.org/issue43216  opened by illia-v

#43219: shutil.copy raises IsADirectoryError when the directory does n
https://bugs.python.org/issue43219  opened by jerpint

#43220: Argparse: Explicit default required arguments with add_mutuall
https://bugs.python.org/issue43220  opened by keith

#43223: [security] http.server: Open Redirection if the URL path start
https://bugs.python.org/issue43223  opened by hamzaavvan

#43224: Add support for PEP 646 (Variadic Generics) to typing.py
https://bugs.python.org/issue43224  opened by mrahtz

#43225: Add missing value returned by methods on cookiejar
https://bugs.python.org/issue43225  opened by eamanu

#43226: build from 3.9.1 tarball on WSL failed
https://bugs.python.org/issue43226  opened by DoctorDan

#43228: Regression in function builtins
https://bugs.python.org/issue43228  opened by vstinner

#43229: freeze searches libpython3.9.so in /usr/lib instead /usr/lib/x
https://bugs.python.org/issue43229  opened by chba

#43232: Prohibit previously deprecated operations on asyncio.trsock.Tr
https://bugs.python.org/issue43232  opened by illia-v

#43233: test_os: test_copy_file_range_offset fails on FreeBSD CURRENT
https://bugs.python.org/issue43233  opened by pablogsal

#43234: Prohibit passing non-ThreadPoolExecutor executors to loop.set_
https://bugs.python.org/issue43234  opened by illia-v

#43235: Tools/scripts/stable_abi.py should also check PC/python3dll.c 
https://bugs.python.org/issue43235  opened by vstinner

#43236: Windows IDLE taskbar icon jump list fails to open recent files
https://bugs.python.org/issue43236  opened by veganaiZe

#43239: PyCFunction_New is not exported with PyAPI_FUNC
https://bugs.python.org/issue43239  opened by petr.viktorin

#43242: Add Void type to typing library
https://bugs.python.org/issue43242  opened by ocket

#43244: Move PyArena C API to the internal C API
https://bugs.python.org/issue43244  opened by vstinner

#43245: Add keyword argument support to ChainMap.new_child()
https://bugs.python.org/issue43245  opened by rhettinger

#43246: Dict copy optimization violates subclass invariant
https://bugs.python.org/issue43246  opened by jab

#43247: How to search for a __main__ module using pyclbr in Python3?
https://bugs.python.org/issue43247  opened by kebab-mai-haddi

#43248: platform.libc_ver() returns no information on Alpine Linux
https://bugs.python.org/issue43248  opened by Omer.Katz

#43250: [C API] Depreate or remove PyFPE_START_PROTECT() and PyFPE_END
https://bugs.python.org/issue43250  opened by vstinner

#43251: sqlite3_column_name() failures should raise MemoryError
https://bugs.python.org/issue43251  opened by erlendaasland

#43252: deepcopy of weakref proxies
https://bugs.python.org/issue43252  opened by konrad.schwarz

#43253: asyncio open_connection fails when a socket is explicitly clos
https://bugs.python.org/issue43253  opened by danielen1337

#43256: Document that PyErr_SetInterrupt is async-signal-safe
https://bugs.python.org/issue43256  opened by pitrou

#43257: get_type_hints evaluates class variables before type hints
https://bugs.python.org/issue43257  opened by xirdneh

#43259: argparse: allow add_mutually_exclusive_group on add_argument_g
https://bugs.python.org/issue43259  opened by calestyo

#43260: Never release buffer when MemoryError in print()
https://bugs.python.org/issue43260  opened by Ramin Farajpour Cami

#43261: Python 3.9 repair on Windows do not recover pip module
https://bugs.python.org/issue43261  opened by Prometheus3375

#43262: "_weakrefset.py", line 56: IndexError: pop from empty list
https://bugs.python.org/issue43262  opened by jhshi89

#43263: threading module unable to run
https://bugs.python.org/issue43263  opened by 

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2021-02-12 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2021-02-05 - 2021-02-12)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
Do NOT respond to this message.

Issues counts and deltas:
  open7415 (+36)
  closed 47529 (+34)
  total  54944 (+70)

Open issues with patches: 2944 

Issues opened (51)

#41754: Webbrowser Module Cannot Find xdg-settings on OSX
https://bugs.python.org/issue41754  reopened by serhiy.storchaka

#43139: test_ttk test_compound and test_tk test_type fails with Tk 8.6
https://bugs.python.org/issue43139  opened by felixonmars

#43140: built-in open() doesn't use locale.getpreferredencoding() as t
https://bugs.python.org/issue43140  opened by smallbigcake

#43141: `asdict` fails with frozen dataclass keys; tries to use raw di
https://bugs.python.org/issue43141  opened by enaumov

#43142: Do not add duplicate FDs to list in duplicate_for_child()
https://bugs.python.org/issue43142  opened by sanchit

#43143: Allow multiple assignment (i.e. tuple on LHS) in walrus operat
https://bugs.python.org/issue43143  opened by pfalcon

#43144: test_unicodedata: test_normalization uses network but doesn't 
https://bugs.python.org/issue43144  opened by arekm

#43145: Leak of locks from multiprocessing.Process
https://bugs.python.org/issue43145  opened by bstaletic

#43146: 3.10a5 regression: AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no at
https://bugs.python.org/issue43146  opened by The Compiler

#43148: Call sys.unraisablehook in the REPL when sys.excepthook is bro
https://bugs.python.org/issue43148  opened by Julian

#43152: warning: unused variable 'code'
https://bugs.python.org/issue43152  opened by corona10

#43153: tempfile seems to treat a file as a directory when processing 
https://bugs.python.org/issue43153  opened by mehwhatever0

#43154: code.InteractiveConsole can crash if sys.excepthook is broken
https://bugs.python.org/issue43154  opened by Carl.Friedrich.Bolz

#43155: PyCMethod_New not defined in python3.lib
https://bugs.python.org/issue43155  opened by barry-scott

#43156: Python windows installer has a confusing name - add setup to i
https://bugs.python.org/issue43156  opened by barry-scott

#43158: uuid won't build when libuuid is installed in a non-standard p
https://bugs.python.org/issue43158  opened by larry

#43159: pathlib with_suffix() should accept suffix not start with dot
https://bugs.python.org/issue43159  opened by elbarkwon

#43160: argparse: add extend_const action
https://bugs.python.org/issue43160  opened by roganartu

#43162: Enum regression: AttributeError when accessing class variables
https://bugs.python.org/issue43162  opened by hroncok

#43164: test_nntplib.NetworkedNNTP_SSLTests fails on "AMD64 RHEL8 FIPS
https://bugs.python.org/issue43164  opened by cstratak

#43165: Support the same files with new param in shutil.copyfile
https://bugs.python.org/issue43165  opened by milanbalazs

#43167: Add a note to the macOS installer welcome window about customi
https://bugs.python.org/issue43167  opened by barry-scott

#43168: macOS python install shares /usr/local with homebrew and can c
https://bugs.python.org/issue43168  opened by barry-scott

#43169: argparse: support options similar to find's -exec
https://bugs.python.org/issue43169  opened by pkkm

#43172: Fix test_readline when compiled using --with-readline=edit
https://bugs.python.org/issue43172  opened by gregory.p.smith

#43175: filecmp is not working for UTF-8 BOM file.
https://bugs.python.org/issue43175  opened by suresh

#43176: Dataclasses derived from empty frozen bases skip immutability 
https://bugs.python.org/issue43176  opened by hbq1

#43177: How to use `long double` as a PyObject?
https://bugs.python.org/issue43177  opened by ganesh3597

#43179: Remove s390 support
https://bugs.python.org/issue43179  opened by christian.heimes

#43181: Python macros don’t shield arguments
https://bugs.python.org/issue43181  opened by numberZero

#43182: TURTLE: Default values for basic Turtle commands
https://bugs.python.org/issue43182  opened by Bruce1979

#43184: Missing docs for LoggerAdapter manager and name property
https://bugs.python.org/issue43184  opened by yoavp10

#43185:  AssertRaises() causes core dump in handling recursi
https://bugs.python.org/issue43185  opened by CharlesFengY

#43186: Recursive call causes core dump in assertRaises
https://bugs.python.org/issue43186  opened by CharlesFengY

#43187: Dict creation in recursive function cause interpreter crashes.
https://bugs.python.org/issue43187  opened by CharlesFengY

#43188:  multiple operations of dict causes core dump of Python 
https://bugs.python.org/issue43188  opened by CharlesFengY

#43189:  decorator function run_with_locale() crashes Py
https://bugs.python.org/issue43189  opened by CharlesFengY

#43190: < test.support > check_free_after_iterating( ) causes core dum
https://bugs.python.org/issue43190  opened by CharlesFengY

#43191: Shared Memory for array of object

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2021-02-05 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2021-01-29 - 2021-02-05)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
Do NOT respond to this message.

Issues counts and deltas:
  open7379 (-209)
  closed 47495 (+284)
  total  54874 (+75)

Open issues with patches: 2926 

Issues opened (55)

#16202: sys.path[0] security issues
https://bugs.python.org/issue16202  reopened by christian.heimes

#24275: lookdict_* give up too soon
https://bugs.python.org/issue24275  reopened by Jim.Jewett

#42278: Remove usage of tempfile.mktemp in stdlib
https://bugs.python.org/issue42278  reopened by epaine

#42616: C Extensions on Darwin that link against libpython are likely 
https://bugs.python.org/issue42616  reopened by froody

#43048: Printing RecursionError results in RecursionError
https://bugs.python.org/issue43048  reopened by iritkatriel

#43064: Cannot clear signal handler set with loop.add_signal_handler i
https://bugs.python.org/issue43064  opened by selimb

#43065: 'concurrent.futures' stucks in 3.9.1
https://bugs.python.org/issue43065  opened by doublex

#43066: Zipfile with leading slashes
https://bugs.python.org/issue43066  opened by garrison.taylor

#43067: inspect.signature(bytes.hex) raises ValueError "builtin has in
https://bugs.python.org/issue43067  opened by boris

#43068: test_subprocess: test_specific_shell() fails on AMD64 FreeBSD 
https://bugs.python.org/issue43068  opened by vstinner

#43069: Python fails to read a script whose path is `/dev/fd/X`
https://bugs.python.org/issue43069  opened by ciprian.craciun

#43071: IDLE: Windows 7 - Trackpad two-finger vertical scrolling is no
https://bugs.python.org/issue43071  opened by Kritzy

#43072: Memory Leak when using Thread
https://bugs.python.org/issue43072  opened by goyalakshat14

#43073: Adding a ctypes.Union to a ctypes.BigEndianStructure results i
https://bugs.python.org/issue43073  opened by MrSurly

#43075: ReDoS in request
https://bugs.python.org/issue43075  opened by yetingli

#43077: Update bundled pip to 21.0.1 and setuptools to 52.0.0
https://bugs.python.org/issue43077  opened by paul.moore

#43079: wrong IP address range given for ipv4_mapped
https://bugs.python.org/issue43079  opened by alwhaley

#43080: pprint for dataclass instances
https://bugs.python.org/issue43080  opened by LewisGaul

#43081: Recursive call crash module multiprocessing
https://bugs.python.org/issue43081  opened by xxm

#43084: curses.window.enclose() should return bool
https://bugs.python.org/issue43084  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#43085: Loosening | and |= operator type checking restriction
https://bugs.python.org/issue43085  opened by Siy_V

#43086: Excess data in not handled properly in binascii.a2b_base64()
https://bugs.python.org/issue43086  opened by idan22moral

#43087: ctypes documentation error
https://bugs.python.org/issue43087  opened by metolone

#43092: Python installation fails to install pip3 if pip, setuptools i
https://bugs.python.org/issue43092  opened by quotemstr

#43093: Make modules picklable
https://bugs.python.org/issue43093  opened by Arusekk

#43094: sqlite3.create_function takes parameter named narg, not num_pa
https://bugs.python.org/issue43094  opened by nchammas

#43095: Windows does not raise IsADirectoryError
https://bugs.python.org/issue43095  opened by Jairo Llopis

#43096: Adding `read_into` method to `asyncio.StreamReader`
https://bugs.python.org/issue43096  opened by jakirkham

#43098: tarfile list() method does not show file type
https://bugs.python.org/issue43098  opened by val.shkolnikov

#43101: Add deprecation of float limits for resource to documentation
https://bugs.python.org/issue43101  opened by nafur

#43103: Add configure --without-static-libpython to not build libpytho
https://bugs.python.org/issue43103  opened by vstinner

#43105: Can't import extension modules resolved via relative paths in 
https://bugs.python.org/issue43105  opened by smunday

#43109: When using Apple Clang, --with-lto builds should not check for
https://bugs.python.org/issue43109  opened by acmorrow

#43111: webbrowser.py triggers unwanted XQuartz startup
https://bugs.python.org/issue43111  opened by hans-meine

#43112: SOABI on Linux does not distinguish between GNU libc and musl 
https://bugs.python.org/issue43112  opened by ncopa

#43115: locale.getlocale fails if locale is set
https://bugs.python.org/issue43115  opened by AndersMunch

#43118: inspect.signature() raises RuntimeError on failed to resolve t
https://bugs.python.org/issue43118  opened by tkomiya

#43119: asyncio.Queue.put never yields if the queue is unbounded
https://bugs.python.org/issue43119  opened by spenczar

#43120: Some OSX syslog facilities are missing from syslog module
https://bugs.python.org/issue43120  opened by ronaldoussoren

#43122: Python Launcher doesn't open a terminal window
https://bugs.python.org/issue43122  opened by kjw

#43123: email MIME splitting

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2021-01-29 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2021-01-22 - 2021-01-29)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
Do NOT respond to this message.

Issues counts and deltas:
  open7588 (+10)
  closed 47211 (+50)
  total  54799 (+60)

Open issues with patches: 3032 

Issues opened (40)

#33387: Simplify bytecodes for try-finally, try-except and with blocks
https://bugs.python.org/issue33387  reopened by iritkatriel

#36675: Doctest directives and comments missing from code samples
https://bugs.python.org/issue36675  reopened by mdk

#43006: Changed behaviour of inspect.signature() in Python 3.10
https://bugs.python.org/issue43006  opened by Zac Hatfield-Dodds

#43007: set_wakeup_fd() only works in main thread
https://bugs.python.org/issue43007  opened by MeneMeneTekel

#43009: Port curses capi pointer array to a struct
https://bugs.python.org/issue43009  opened by shihai1991

#43010: @functools.wraps and abc.abstractmethod interoperability
https://bugs.python.org/issue43010  opened by erezinman

#43012: Remove pathlib accessors
https://bugs.python.org/issue43012  opened by barneygale

#43013: IDLE:  update code, mostly by cleanups of 2.x or 2to3 artifact
https://bugs.python.org/issue43013  opened by terry.reedy

#43015: Add str.replaceall?
https://bugs.python.org/issue43015  opened by Nathaniel Manista

#43016: Improve tests for curses
https://bugs.python.org/issue43016  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#43017: Improve error message in the parser when using un-parenthesise
https://bugs.python.org/issue43017  opened by pablogsal

#43019: wait_for(to_thread)) does not work as expected. Extra document
https://bugs.python.org/issue43019  opened by synchronizing

#43022: Unable to dynamically load functions from python3.dll
https://bugs.python.org/issue43022  opened by paul.moore

#43024: improve signature (in help, etc) for functions taking sentinel
https://bugs.python.org/issue43024  opened by iritkatriel

#43026: Missing words renders meaning unclear in fcntl.html
https://bugs.python.org/issue43026  opened by EzraBC

#43027: Calling _PyBytes_Resize() on 1-byte bytes may raise error
https://bugs.python.org/issue43027  opened by malin

#43029: unittest: Add assertUniqeIn
https://bugs.python.org/issue43029  opened by rousseldenis

#43030: signed/unsigned mismatch in Py_UNICODE_ISSPACE macro
https://bugs.python.org/issue43030  opened by doko

#43034: Python tutorial misleads users about floor division behavior
https://bugs.python.org/issue43034  opened by jessevsilverman

#43035: FileNotFoundError in distutils\file_util.py copy_tree
https://bugs.python.org/issue43035  opened by knzivid

#43036: TOS-behaviour documentation is inconsistent
https://bugs.python.org/issue43036  opened by xmorel

#43039: tempfile.TemporaryDirectory() name string is incorrect
https://bugs.python.org/issue43039  opened by eosborne

#43041: copying WeakValueDictionary is not iteration safe
https://bugs.python.org/issue43041  opened by djromberg

#43042: tutorial ambiguous about creation of local symbol table for re
https://bugs.python.org/issue43042  opened by jessevsilverman

#43043: Python tutorial could make rules for default argument definiti
https://bugs.python.org/issue43043  opened by jessevsilverman

#43045: Instructions for installing pip on Ubuntu/WSL2 is incomplete
https://bugs.python.org/issue43045  opened by lennart.borgman

#43046: argparse: capturing actions
https://bugs.python.org/issue43046  opened by monkeyman79

#43047: logging.config formatters documentation is out of sync with co
https://bugs.python.org/issue43047  opened by iwienand

#43048: Printing RecursionError results in RecursionError
https://bugs.python.org/issue43048  opened by vlad2

#43049: Use io.IncrementalNewlineDecoder for doctest newline conversio
https://bugs.python.org/issue43049  opened by pdonis

#43050: threading timer memory leak
https://bugs.python.org/issue43050  opened by fengjiang

#43052: _dyld_shared_cache_contains_path needs SYSTEM_VERSION_COMPAT=0
https://bugs.python.org/issue43052  opened by isuruf

#43053: Speed up math.isqrt, again
https://bugs.python.org/issue43053  opened by juraj.sukop

#43054: What does the existence of a struct in a header file imply abo
https://bugs.python.org/issue43054  opened by Mark.Shannon

#43056: Use of dicts in sections 4.2 and 4.7 of Python tutorial a bit 
https://bugs.python.org/issue43056  opened by jessevsilverman

#43058: setting a logging Handler name
https://bugs.python.org/issue43058  opened by bcohen

#43059: sqlite3: Externally developed?
https://bugs.python.org/issue43059  opened by user1347091

#43060: Convert _decimal C API from pointer array to struct
https://bugs.python.org/issue43060  opened by erlendaasland

#43062: Non-integer values in collections.Counter
https://bugs.python.org/issue43062  opened by HuangFuSL

#43063: zipfile.Path / importlib.resources raises KeyError if a file w

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2021-01-22 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2021-01-15 - 2021-01-22)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
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Issues counts and deltas:
  open7578 (+32)
  closed 47161 (+35)
  total  54739 (+67)

Open issues with patches: 3037 

Issues opened (52)

#42604: EXT_SUFFIX too short on FreeBSD and AIX
https://bugs.python.org/issue42604  reopened by vstinner

#42937: (IPv4 dummy address) considered globally reachable
https://bugs.python.org/issue42937  opened by cdirkx

#42939: Linux's chattr i.e. ioctl(FS_IOC_SETFLAGS) is not supported in
https://bugs.python.org/issue42939  opened by socketpair

#42940: Incorrect behavior of inspect.signature(f).bind
https://bugs.python.org/issue42940  opened by slavkostrov

#42941: Infinite loop in asyncio sslproto
https://bugs.python.org/issue42941  opened by linxy95

#42943: singledispatchmethod should expose registry of all known overl
https://bugs.python.org/issue42943  opened by Ilya.Kulakov

#42946: email: ValueError in get_section when parsing header with non-
https://bugs.python.org/issue42946  opened by The Compiler

#42947: email: Handling when both extended/ascii parameter (filename*/
https://bugs.python.org/issue42947  opened by The Compiler

#42948: bytearray.copy is undocumented
https://bugs.python.org/issue42948  opened by wim.glenn

#42949: pdb & multiprocessing.Pool: AttributeError: module '__main__' 
https://bugs.python.org/issue42949  opened by macfreek

#42950: Incorrect exception behavior in handling recursive call.
https://bugs.python.org/issue42950  opened by xxm

#42952: Incorrect handling of EC_KEY_new_by_curve_name() in the _ssl m
https://bugs.python.org/issue42952  opened by ZackerySpytz

#42955: Add sys.module_names: list of stdlib module names (Python and 
https://bugs.python.org/issue42955  opened by vstinner

#42956: Easy conversion between range and slice
https://bugs.python.org/issue42956  opened by nemeskeyd

#42957: os.readlink produces wrong result on windows
https://bugs.python.org/issue42957  opened by simon mackenzie

#42958: filecmp.cmp(shallow=True) isn't actually shallow when only mti
https://bugs.python.org/issue42958  opened by AlexVndnblcke

#42960: resources module, FreeBSD update adding RLIMIT_KQUEUES constan
https://bugs.python.org/issue42960  opened by devnexen

#42961: Use-after-free (of a heap type) during finalization
https://bugs.python.org/issue42961  opened by bstaletic

#42962: Windows: SystemError during os.kill(..., signal.CTRL_C_EVENT)
https://bugs.python.org/issue42962  opened by William.Schwartz

#42963: [multiprocessing] Calling pool.terminate() from an error_callb
https://bugs.python.org/issue42963  opened by sjelin

#42964: Draft PEP blob etc
https://bugs.python.org/issue42964  opened by larry

#42966: argparse: customizable help formatter
https://bugs.python.org/issue42966  opened by monkeyman79

#42967: [security] urllib.parse.parse_qsl(): Web cache poisoning - `; 
https://bugs.python.org/issue42967  opened by AdamGold

#42968: multiprocessing handle leak on Windows when child process is k
https://bugs.python.org/issue42968  opened by dgrunwald

#42969: pthread_exit & PyThread_exit_thread from PyEval_RestoreThread 
https://bugs.python.org/issue42969  opened by gregory.p.smith

#42970: File path with blank causes open error in 3.8, not in 3.7
https://bugs.python.org/issue42970  opened by dday52

#42971: Some errnos for BSD/OSX are missing from errno module
https://bugs.python.org/issue42971  opened by ngie

#42972: [C API] Heap types (PyType_FromSpec) must fully implement the 
https://bugs.python.org/issue42972  opened by vstinner

#42973: argparse: mixing optional and positional arguments... not agai
https://bugs.python.org/issue42973  opened by monkeyman79

#42974: tokenize reports incorrect end col offset and line string when
https://bugs.python.org/issue42974  opened by romanows

#42976: __text_signature__ parser silently drops arguments with certai
https://bugs.python.org/issue42976  opened by Antony.Lee

#42977: Tkinter Optionmenu Too Narrow on Mac
https://bugs.python.org/issue42977  opened by zjdavid

#42979: _zoneinfo: zoneinfomodule_exec() doesn't check for PyDateTime_
https://bugs.python.org/issue42979  opened by vstinner

#42980: argparse: GNU-style help formatter
https://bugs.python.org/issue42980  opened by will

#42981: Error messages raised by _hashlib_scrypt_impl() are slightly m
https://bugs.python.org/issue42981  opened by illia-v

#42982: Update suggested number of iterations for pbkdf2_hmac()
https://bugs.python.org/issue42982  opened by illia-v

#42985: AMD64 Arch Linux Asan 3.x fails: command timed out: 1200 secon
https://bugs.python.org/issue42985  opened by vstinner

#42986: pegen parser: Crash on SyntaxError with f-string on Windows
https://bugs.python.org/issue42986  opened by neonene

#42988: Information disclosure via pydoc -p: /getfile?key=path allows 

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2021-01-15 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2021-01-08 - 2021-01-15)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
Do NOT respond to this message.

Issues counts and deltas:
  open7546 ( -3)
  closed 47126 (+71)
  total  54672 (+68)

Open issues with patches: 3027 

Issues opened (41)

#41837: Upgrade installers to OpenSSL 1.1.1i
https://bugs.python.org/issue41837  reopened by christian.heimes

#42869: pydoc does not append .html to documentation
https://bugs.python.org/issue42869  opened by mdk

#42871: Regex compilation crashed if I change order of alternatives un
https://bugs.python.org/issue42871  opened by Renji

#42872: Inconsistent exceptions thrown by pathlib.Path.mkdir on differ
https://bugs.python.org/issue42872  opened by Hong Xu

#42874: running configure on Solaris 10 gives grep "illegal option" er
https://bugs.python.org/issue42874  opened by martin.wheatley.home

#42875: argparse incorrectly shows help string on a new line in case o
https://bugs.python.org/issue42875  opened by DiPaolo

#42878: urllib.request.HTTPPasswordMgr.is_suburi does not care about o
https://bugs.python.org/issue42878  opened by Fongeme

#42880: ctypes: variadic function call still doesn't work on Apple Sil
https://bugs.python.org/issue42880  opened by lazymio

#42881: Should typing.get_type_hints change None annotations?
https://bugs.python.org/issue42881  opened by larry

#42884: array.index() missing start and end
https://bugs.python.org/issue42884  opened by daniel.nicorici

#42885: Regex performance problem with ^ aka AT_BEGINNING
https://bugs.python.org/issue42885  opened by 2d4d

#42887: Multiple assignments of attribute "__sizeof__" will cause a se
https://bugs.python.org/issue42887  opened by xxm

#42888: Not installed “libgcc_s.so.1” causes parser crash.
https://bugs.python.org/issue42888  opened by xxm

#42889: Incorrect behavior of Python parser after ast node of test pro
https://bugs.python.org/issue42889  opened by xxm

#42892: AttributeError in email.message.get_body()
https://bugs.python.org/issue42892  opened by xavier2

#42893: Strange XPath search behavior of xml.etree.ElementTree.Element
https://bugs.python.org/issue42893  opened by robpats

#42894: Debugging native Python modules on Windows with Visual Studio 
https://bugs.python.org/issue42894  opened by jmoguill2

#42896: Solaris 11.4 crle output not handled correctly
https://bugs.python.org/issue42896  opened by dmurphy18

#42897: Expose a way to determine if a process has been closed or not
https://bugs.python.org/issue42897  opened by petervansickel

#42899: Is it legal to eliminate tests of a value, when that test has 
https://bugs.python.org/issue42899  opened by stestagg

#42901: [Enum] move member creation to __set_name__ in order to suppor
https://bugs.python.org/issue42901  opened by ethan.furman

#42902: a python embedded program may load "C:\Lib\os.py" on windows 
https://bugs.python.org/issue42902  opened by houjingyi233

#42904: get_type_hints does not provide localns for classes
https://bugs.python.org/issue42904  opened by pbryan

#42909: Email header with  stuffing takes very long to parse
https://bugs.python.org/issue42909  opened by eriker

#42911: Addition chains for pow saves 5-20% time for pow(int,int)
https://bugs.python.org/issue42911  opened by jneb

#42913: asyncio.ProactorEventLoop mishandles signal wakeup file descri
https://bugs.python.org/issue42913  opened by hidmic

#42914: pprint numbers with underscore
https://bugs.python.org/issue42914  opened by fov

#42915: enum.Flag ~ bitwise negation is very slow and can't be defined
https://bugs.python.org/issue42915  opened by aspin2

#42916: Support for DICOM image file format in imghdr module
https://bugs.python.org/issue42916  opened by claw

#42917: Block stack size for frame objects should be dynamically sizab
https://bugs.python.org/issue42917  opened by tomkpz

#42918: Nested multi-line expression will lead to "compile()" fails
https://bugs.python.org/issue42918  opened by xxm

#42919: Blank in multiline “if expressions” will lead to EOF error
https://bugs.python.org/issue42919  opened by xxm

#42921: Inferred Optional type of wrapper function arguments
https://bugs.python.org/issue42921  opened by joperez

#42923: Py_FatalError(): dump the list of extension modules
https://bugs.python.org/issue42923  opened by vstinner

#42924: bytearray_repeat copies from ob_bytes instead of ob_start
https://bugs.python.org/issue42924  opened by tholl

#42925: Error trace of else inside class
https://bugs.python.org/issue42925  opened by ChenXuan

#42926: Split compiler into code-gen, optimizer and assembler.
https://bugs.python.org/issue42926  opened by Mark.Shannon

#42927: Inline cache for slots
https://bugs.python.org/issue42927  opened by gvanrossum

#42929: On Windows, shutil.move doesn't raise FileExistsError if dst e
https://bugs.python.org/issue42929  opened by fireattack

#42931: Include 

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2021-01-08 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2021-01-01 - 2021-01-08)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
Do NOT respond to this message.

Issues counts and deltas:
  open7549 ( -7)
  closed 47055 (+71)
  total  54604 (+64)

Open issues with patches: 3026 

Issues opened (39)

#42807: smtplib send_message should gives more clear exception if the 
https://bugs.python.org/issue42807  opened by oon

#42808: Add PyType_Type.tp_vectorcall for type(obj) performance
https://bugs.python.org/issue42808  opened by Dennis Sweeney

#42809: Improve pickle tests for recursive data
https://bugs.python.org/issue42809  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#42812: @overload-ing method of parent class without actual implementa
https://bugs.python.org/issue42812  opened by chaim422

#42813: Extra spaces cause unexpected EOF error in "compile" function 
https://bugs.python.org/issue42813  opened by xxm

#42815: new thread doesn't copy context of the parent thread
https://bugs.python.org/issue42815  opened by uriyyo

#42819: readline 8.1 bracketed paste
https://bugs.python.org/issue42819  opened by dtrodrigues

#42820: Sphinx conf.py needs_version entry is outdated
https://bugs.python.org/issue42820  opened by timhoffm

#42823: Incorrect frame.f_lineno when frame.f_trace is set
https://bugs.python.org/issue42823  opened by Mark.Shannon

#42825: Build libraries with "/OPT:REF" linker optimization on Windows
https://bugs.python.org/issue42825  opened by Austin-Lamb

#42827: pegen parser: Multiline eval with assignment to function call:
https://bugs.python.org/issue42827  opened by mdk

#42830: tempfile mkstemp() leaks file descriptors if os.close() is not
https://bugs.python.org/issue42830  opened by mieczyslaw.torchala

#42831: IDLE fix colours for MacOS dark mode
https://bugs.python.org/issue42831  opened by epaine

#42832: classmethod change in 3.9 needs better documentation
https://bugs.python.org/issue42832  opened by iritkatriel

#42833: Lib/urllib/request.py: digest algorithm should be case insensi
https://bugs.python.org/issue42833  opened by Pierre.Tardy

#42834: [subinterpreters] Convert "global" static variable caches in _
https://bugs.python.org/issue42834  opened by kj

#42836: docs: struct: clarify struct caching behaviour
https://bugs.python.org/issue42836  opened by uniq10

#42837: Symbol table incorrectly identifies code as a generator, when 
https://bugs.python.org/issue42837  opened by Mark.Shannon

#42838: Wait for cleanup coroutines before event loop is closed.
https://bugs.python.org/issue42838  opened by xloem

#42839: SourceFileLoader does not (fully) accept path-like objects
https://bugs.python.org/issue42839  opened by favonia

#42840: `type` takes **kwargs for __init_subclass__
https://bugs.python.org/issue42840  opened by esoma

#42843: What min_sphinx for Python 3.10
https://bugs.python.org/issue42843  opened by mdk

#42844: Turtle Module -- "onclick" arguments enchancement
https://bugs.python.org/issue42844  opened by sc1341

#42848: asyncio produces an unexpected traceback with recursive __geta
https://bugs.python.org/issue42848  opened by asleep-cult

#42849: pool worker can't be terminated
https://bugs.python.org/issue42849  opened by huangzhesi

#42850: Process hangs when calling urllib.request in a multiprocessing
https://bugs.python.org/issue42850  opened by fakufaku

#42851: Subclassing Enum with ipaddress.IPv4Network/IPv6Network raises
https://bugs.python.org/issue42851  opened by felixxm

#42853: `OverflowError: signed integer is greater than maximum` in ssl
https://bugs.python.org/issue42853  opened by amacd31

#42854: OpenSSL 1.1.1: use SSL_write_ex() and SSL_read_ex()
https://bugs.python.org/issue42854  opened by christian.heimes

#42855: pathlib.exists on Windows raises an exception on URL like/bad 
https://bugs.python.org/issue42855  opened by gaborjbernat

#42856: ensurepip: add configure --with-wheel-pkg-dir=PATH to get whee
https://bugs.python.org/issue42856  opened by vstinner

#42859: smtplib: recipe for certifying message delivery
https://bugs.python.org/issue42859  opened by dgoldenberg123

#42861: ipaddress - add ability to get next closet subnet of any prefi
https://bugs.python.org/issue42861  opened by fasial.mahmood94

#42862: Use functools.lru_cache iso. _sqlite.Cache in sqlite3 module
https://bugs.python.org/issue42862  opened by erlendaasland

#42863: Python venv inconsistent folder structure on windows
https://bugs.python.org/issue42863  opened by jmoguill2

#42864: Improve error messages regarding unclosed parentheses
https://bugs.python.org/issue42864  opened by pablogsal

#42865: sysconfig appends CFLAGS to LD
https://bugs.python.org/issue42865  opened by Greentwip

#42867: Entry Widget not editable on Windows 10, but is on Linux Ubunt
https://bugs.python.org/issue42867  opened by jmccabe

#42868: SpooledTemporaryFile.__iter__ is not transparent to rollover

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2021-01-01 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2020-12-25 - 2021-01-01)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
Do NOT respond to this message.

Issues counts and deltas:
  open7556 ( +2)
  closed 46984 (+59)
  total  54540 (+61)

Open issues with patches: 3033 

Issues opened (44)

#40521: [subinterpreters] Make free lists and unicode caches per-inter
https://bugs.python.org/issue40521  reopened by vstinner

#40631: PEG Parser: Cannot used starred expression in parenthesised ex
https://bugs.python.org/issue40631  reopened by pablogsal

#41224: Document is_annotate() in symtable and update doc strings
https://bugs.python.org/issue41224  reopened by serhiy.storchaka

#42744: pkg_resources seems to treat python 3.10 as python 3.1
https://bugs.python.org/issue42744  opened by RhinosF1

#42746: python3.7.3 - ssl.SSLContext() - "Killed"
https://bugs.python.org/issue42746  opened by hgmmym

#42747: Remove Py_TPFLAGS_HAVE_VERSION_TAG flag?
https://bugs.python.org/issue42747  opened by vstinner

#42752: multiprocessing Queue leaks a file descriptor associated with 
https://bugs.python.org/issue42752  opened by crazycasta

#42756: smtplib.LMTP.connect() raises TypeError if `timeout` is not sp
https://bugs.python.org/issue42756  opened by wuestengecko

#42757: Class has two prototypes
https://bugs.python.org/issue42757  opened by SinTh0r4s

#42759: Take into acount a Tcl interpreter when compare variables and 
https://bugs.python.org/issue42759  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#42760: inspect.iscoroutine returns False for asynchronous generator m
https://bugs.python.org/issue42760  opened by plammens

#42762: infinite loop resulted by "yield"
https://bugs.python.org/issue42762  opened by xxm

#42763: Exposing a race in the "_warnings" resulting Python parser cra
https://bugs.python.org/issue42763  opened by xxm

#42765: Introduce new data model method __iter_items__
https://bugs.python.org/issue42765  opened by conqp

#42766: urllib.request.HTTPPasswordMgr uses commonprefix instead of co
https://bugs.python.org/issue42766  opened by nagdon

#42767: Review usage of atomic variables in signamodule.c
https://bugs.python.org/issue42767  opened by vstinner

#42769: concurrent.futures.ProcessPoolExecutor is unable to forward ex
https://bugs.python.org/issue42769  opened by damien.levac

#42771: Implement interactive hotkey, Ctrl+L to clear the console in W
https://bugs.python.org/issue42771  opened by mixmastamyk

#42772: randrange() mishandles step when stop is None
https://bugs.python.org/issue42772  opened by rhettinger

#42773: build.yml workflow not testing on pushes
https://bugs.python.org/issue42773  opened by ammar2

#42775: __init_subclass__ should be called in __init__
https://bugs.python.org/issue42775  opened by ethan.furman

#42776: The string find method shows the problem
https://bugs.python.org/issue42776  opened by andyye

#42777: WindowsPath does not implement is_mount but ntpath implements 
https://bugs.python.org/issue42777  opened by db

#42778: Add follow_symlinks=True parameter to both os.path.samefile() 
https://bugs.python.org/issue42778  opened by Tom Hale

#42780: os.set_inheritable() fails for O_PATH file descriptors on Linu
https://bugs.python.org/issue42780  opened by cptpcrd

#42782: shutil.move creates a new directory even on failure
https://bugs.python.org/issue42782  opened by winsonluk

#42783: asyncio.sleep(0) idiom is not documented
https://bugs.python.org/issue42783  opened by simonw

#42784: issues with object.h includes
https://bugs.python.org/issue42784  opened by bigbossbro08

#42785: Support operator module callables in inspect.signature
https://bugs.python.org/issue42785  opened by plammens

#42787: email.utils.getaddresses improper parsing of unicode realnames
https://bugs.python.org/issue42787  opened by konstantin2

#42789: Do not skip test_curses on non-tty
https://bugs.python.org/issue42789  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#42790: test.regrtest outputs to stdout instead of stderr
https://bugs.python.org/issue42790  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#42791: There is no way to json encode object to str.
https://bugs.python.org/issue42791  opened by kaltovichartyom

#42794: test_nntplib fails on CI
https://bugs.python.org/issue42794  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#42795: Asyncio loop.create_server doesn't bind to any interface if ho
https://bugs.python.org/issue42795  opened by plammens

#42796: tempfile doesn't seem to play nicely with os.chdir on Windows
https://bugs.python.org/issue42796  opened by Gabriele Tornetta

#42797: Allow doctest to select tests via -m/--match option
https://bugs.python.org/issue42797  opened by costas-basdekis

#42798: pip search fails
https://bugs.python.org/issue42798  opened by Paul Watson

#42799: Please document fnmatch LRU cache size (256) and suggest alter
https://bugs.python.org/issue42799  opened by joshtriplett

#42800: Traceback objects allow accessing frame objects without 

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2020-12-25 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2020-12-18 - 2020-12-25)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
Do NOT respond to this message.

Issues counts and deltas:
  open7554 ( +0)
  closed 46925 (+68)
  total  54479 (+68)

Open issues with patches: 3033 

Issues opened (49)

#42634: Incorrect line number in bytecode for try-except-finally
https://bugs.python.org/issue42634  reopened by nedbat

#42676: zoneinfo uses locale depending functions for parsing
https://bugs.python.org/issue42676  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#42677: Support comments in argparse fromfile_prefix_chars files
https://bugs.python.org/issue42677  opened by nabelekt

#42678: [Enum] _sunder_ methods only looked up in the last Enum class 
https://bugs.python.org/issue42678  opened by ethan.furman

#42679: Minor improvement in datetime.timestamp() docs
https://bugs.python.org/issue42679  opened by olvinroght

#42680: unicode identifiers not accessible or assignable through globa
https://bugs.python.org/issue42680  opened by outofculture

#42681: mistake in curses documentation
https://bugs.python.org/issue42681  opened by arbor

#42682: awaiting a wrapped asyncio.Task multiple times gives long, rep
https://bugs.python.org/issue42682  opened by lilydjwg

#42683: asyncio should handle keyboard interrupt while the event loop 
https://bugs.python.org/issue42683  opened by paul.moore

#42684: Improvements to documentation for PyUnicode_FS{Converter,Decod
https://bugs.python.org/issue42684  opened by Antony.Lee

#42686: include built-in Math functions in SQLite to 3.35.0 of march 2
https://bugs.python.org/issue42686  opened by Big Stone

#42687: tokenize module does not recognize Barry as FLUFL
https://bugs.python.org/issue42687  opened by esoma

#42688: ctypes memory error on Apple Silicon with external libffi
https://bugs.python.org/issue42688  opened by erykoff

#42690: Aiohttp fails when using intel ax200 wireless card
https://bugs.python.org/issue42690  opened by JasperTecHK

#42692: Build fails on macOS when compiler doesn't define __has_builti
https://bugs.python.org/issue42692  opened by jmr

#42693: "if 0:" lines are traced; they didn't use to be
https://bugs.python.org/issue42693  opened by nedbat

#42694: Failed test_new_curses_panel in test_curses
https://bugs.python.org/issue42694  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#42696: Duplicated unused bytecodes at end of function
https://bugs.python.org/issue42696  opened by nedbat

#42698: Deadlock in pysqlite_connection_dealloc()
https://bugs.python.org/issue42698  opened by hydroflask

#42700: xml.parsers.expat.errors description of codes/messages is flip
https://bugs.python.org/issue42700  opened by goodmami

#42705: Intercepting thread lock objects not working under context man
https://bugs.python.org/issue42705  opened by mhmdkanj

#42707: Python uses ANSI CP for stdio on Windows console instead of us
https://bugs.python.org/issue42707  opened by u36959

#42710: Viewing pydoc API documentation
https://bugs.python.org/issue42710  opened by Faris Chugthai

#42712: Segmentation fault in running ast.literal_eval() with large ex
https://bugs.python.org/issue42712  opened by xxm

#42713: Segmentation fault in running eval() with large expression siz
https://bugs.python.org/issue42713  opened by xxm

#42714: Segmentation fault in running compile() with large expression 
https://bugs.python.org/issue42714  opened by xxm

#42715: Segmentation fault in running exec() with large expression siz
https://bugs.python.org/issue42715  opened by xxm

#42716: Segmentation fault in running ast.parse() with large expressio
https://bugs.python.org/issue42716  opened by xxm

#42717: The python interpreter crashed with "_enter_buffered_busy"
https://bugs.python.org/issue42717  opened by xxm

#42719: Eliminate NOPs in the assembler, by emitting zero-width entrie
https://bugs.python.org/issue42719  opened by Mark.Shannon

#42721: Using of simple dialogs without default root window
https://bugs.python.org/issue42721  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#42722: Add --debug command line option to unittest to enable post-mor
https://bugs.python.org/issue42722  opened by Dominik V.

#42724: Change library name when building.
https://bugs.python.org/issue42724  opened by corentin.bolou27

#42725: PEP 563: Should the behavior change for yield/yield from's
https://bugs.python.org/issue42725  opened by BTaskaya

#42727: [Enum] EnumMeta.__prepare__ needs to accept **kwds
https://bugs.python.org/issue42727  opened by ethan.furman

#42728: Typo in documentation: importlib.metadata
https://bugs.python.org/issue42728  opened by sighingnow

#42730: TypeError/hang inside of Time.Sleep() when _thread.interrupt_m
https://bugs.python.org/issue42730  opened by AR-Kareem

#42731: Enhancement request for proxying PyString
https://bugs.python.org/issue42731  opened by Thrameos

#42733: [issue] io's r+ mode truncate(0)
https://bugs.python.org/issue42733  opened by 

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2020-12-18 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2020-12-11 - 2020-12-18)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
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Issues counts and deltas:
  open7554 (-13)
  closed 46857 (+66)
  total  54411 (+53)

Open issues with patches: 3040 

Issues opened (40)

#15651: PEP 3121, 384 refactoring applied to elementtree module
https://bugs.python.org/issue15651  reopened by vstinner

#26564: Malloc debug hooks: display memory block traceback on error
https://bugs.python.org/issue26564  reopened by iritkatriel

#36541: Make lib2to3 grammar better match Python, support the := walru
https://bugs.python.org/issue36541  reopened by gregory.p.smith

#42624: sqlite3 package document mistake
https://bugs.python.org/issue42624  opened by seeker-Liu

#42626: readline history, vi-editingmode and ANSI color codes bug
https://bugs.python.org/issue42626  opened by nijoakim

#42627: urllib.request.getproxies() misparses Windows registry proxy s
https://bugs.python.org/issue42627  opened by benrg

#42628: binascii doesn't work on some base64
https://bugs.python.org/issue42628  opened by kwatsen2

#42629: PyObject_Call not behaving as documented
https://bugs.python.org/issue42629  opened by maxbachmann

#42630: Variable.__init__ raises obscure AttributeError
https://bugs.python.org/issue42630  opened by shippo_

#42631: Multiprocessing module hangs on os.read() on Linux
https://bugs.python.org/issue42631  opened by to7m

#42633: Wave documentation doesn't mention signed/unsigned requirement
https://bugs.python.org/issue42633  opened by mattgwwalker

#42636: shielded task exception never retrieved when outer task cancel
https://bugs.python.org/issue42636  opened by natano

#42637: Python macos11.0 release note tkinter problems in news
https://bugs.python.org/issue42637  opened by epaine

#42641: Deprecate os.popen() function
https://bugs.python.org/issue42641  opened by vstinner

#42642: logging: add high priority log level for warnings being cleare
https://bugs.python.org/issue42642  opened by ncoghlan

#42643: http.server does not support HTTP range requests
https://bugs.python.org/issue42643  opened by Decorater

#42646: Add function that supports "applying" methods
https://bugs.python.org/issue42646  opened by wyz23x2

#42647: Unable to use concurrent.futures in atexit hook
https://bugs.python.org/issue42647  opened by jd

#42648: subprocess: add a helper/parameter to catch exec() OSError exc
https://bugs.python.org/issue42648  opened by vstinner

#42649: RecursionError when parsing unwieldy expression (regression fr
https://bugs.python.org/issue42649  opened by mjo

#42650: Can people use dest=argparse.SUPPRESS in custom Action classes
https://bugs.python.org/issue42650  opened by bmw

#42651: Recursive traceback crashes  Python Interpreter
https://bugs.python.org/issue42651  opened by xxm

#42652: recursive in finally clause cause Python interpreter crash.
https://bugs.python.org/issue42652  opened by xxm

#42653: Expose ISO-TP Contants for Linux >= 5.10
https://bugs.python.org/issue42653  opened by rumpelsepp

#42654: Add folder for python customizations: __sitecustomize__
https://bugs.python.org/issue42654  opened by mariocj89

#42655: Fix subprocess extra_groups gid conversion
https://bugs.python.org/issue42655  opened by kulikjak

#42657: Python 3.9.1 building process could not use local standard lib
https://bugs.python.org/issue42657  opened by xz_sophos

#42658: os.path.normcase() is inconsistent with Windows file system
https://bugs.python.org/issue42658  opened by sogom

#42659: Objects of uname_result Class Cannot be Successfully Pickled
https://bugs.python.org/issue42659  opened by CrocoDuck

#42660: _zoneinfo.c incorrectly checks bounds of `day` variable in cal
https://bugs.python.org/issue42660  opened by p-ganssle

#42663: zoneinfo does not support full range of allowed transition hou
https://bugs.python.org/issue42663  opened by p-ganssle

#42666: getting a class source regresses in Python 3.9
https://bugs.python.org/issue42666  opened by t-vi

#42667: shelve module is not thread-safe during accessing different da
https://bugs.python.org/issue42667  opened by gardener.willy

#42669: "except" documentation still suggests nested tuples are allowe
https://bugs.python.org/issue42669  opened by cjwatson

#42670: Missing word in itertools.product
https://bugs.python.org/issue42670  opened by snoyes

#42671: Make the Python finalization more deterministic
https://bugs.python.org/issue42671  opened by vstinner

#42672: tkinter/__init__.py raises a NameError if NoDefaultRoot()
https://bugs.python.org/issue42672  opened by shippo_

#42673: Optimize round_size for rehashing
https://bugs.python.org/issue42673  opened by jneb

#42674: __init_subclass__ only called for first subclass when class ha
https://bugs.python.org/issue42674  opened by ccgahagan

#42675: Document changes made in bpo-42195

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2020-12-11 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2020-12-04 - 2020-12-11)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
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Issues counts and deltas:
  open7567 ( +6)
  closed 46791 (+46)
  total  54358 (+52)

Open issues with patches: 3047 

Issues opened (43)

#39707: Abstract property setter/deleter implementation not enforced, 
https://bugs.python.org/issue39707  reopened by josh.r

#39825: EXT_SUFFIX inconsistent between sysconfig and distutils.syscon
https://bugs.python.org/issue39825  reopened by vstinner

#42456: Logical Error
https://bugs.python.org/issue42456  reopened by Kshitish

#42571: [docs] add links to Glossary#parameter in libraries
https://bugs.python.org/issue42571  opened by fredg1

#42572: Better path handling with argparse
https://bugs.python.org/issue42572  opened by ascola

#42575: Suggest to add an LinkedList data structure to python
https://bugs.python.org/issue42575  opened by SamUnimelb

#42577: Unhelpful syntax error when expression spans multiple lines
https://bugs.python.org/issue42577  opened by lazka

#42578: Add tip when encountering UnicodeDecode/EncodeError in open()
https://bugs.python.org/issue42578  opened by wyz23x2

#42580: ctypes.util.find_library("libc") fails
https://bugs.python.org/issue42580  opened by doko

#42581: Docs site redirection doesn't work for 3.9
https://bugs.python.org/issue42581  opened by kaxing

#42584: Upgrade macOS and Windows installers to use SQLite 3.34.0
https://bugs.python.org/issue42584  opened by erlendaasland

#42585: Segmentation fault on Linux with multiprocess queue
https://bugs.python.org/issue42585  opened by julien.stegle

#42586: unittest.mock.Mock spec can't be array/ndarray in Python 3.9
https://bugs.python.org/issue42586  opened by valeriupredoi

#42587: memoryview rely on _Bool undefined behavior (test_buffer fails
https://bugs.python.org/issue42587  opened by vstinner

#42588: Improvements to graphlib.TopologicalSorter.static_order() docu
https://bugs.python.org/issue42588  opened by bluetech

#42589: doc: Wrong "from" keyword link in Exceptions doc
https://bugs.python.org/issue42589  opened by iritkatriel

#42590: Something like Rust's std::sync::Mutex – combining a mutex p
https://bugs.python.org/issue42590  opened by jstasiak

#42591: Method Py_FrozenMain missing in libpython3.9
https://bugs.python.org/issue42591  opened by chba

#42594: Provide a way to skip magic-number search in ZipFile(mode='a')
https://bugs.python.org/issue42594  opened by Bart Robinson

#42596: aarch64 Fedora Rawhide LTO + PGO 3.8 fails to build Python: /u
https://bugs.python.org/issue42596  opened by vstinner

#42597: Improve documentation of locals() w.r.t. "free variables" vs. 
https://bugs.python.org/issue42597  opened by Dominik V.

#42598: Some configure checks rely on implicit function declaration
https://bugs.python.org/issue42598  opened by jmr

#42600: Cancelling tasks waiting for asyncio.Conditions crashes w/ Run
https://bugs.python.org/issue42600  opened by hynek

#42601: [doc] add more examples and additional explanation to re.sub
https://bugs.python.org/issue42601  opened by harvastum

#42602: seekable() returns True on pipe objects in Windows
https://bugs.python.org/issue42602  opened by nedsociety

#42603: Tkinter: pkg-config is not used to get location of tcl and tk 
https://bugs.python.org/issue42603  opened by m000

#42604: EXT_SUFFIX too short on FreeBSD and AIX
https://bugs.python.org/issue42604  opened by mattip

#42605: dir_util.copy_tree crashes if folder it previously created is 
https://bugs.python.org/issue42605  opened by vlasenkoalexey

#42606: Support POSIX atomicity guarantee of O_APPEND on Windows
https://bugs.python.org/issue42606  opened by izbyshev

#42608: Installation failed from source code on Debian ([307/416] test
https://bugs.python.org/issue42608  opened by alimp5

#42609: Eval with too high string multiplication crashes newer Python 
https://bugs.python.org/issue42609  opened by Erik-Lamers1

#42610: Get the type from a variable
https://bugs.python.org/issue42610  opened by wlf100220

#42611: PEP 594
https://bugs.python.org/issue42611  opened by aeros

#42612: Software Designer
https://bugs.python.org/issue42612  opened by deepanshugarg09

#42613: freeze.py doesn't support sys.platlibdir different than lib no
https://bugs.python.org/issue42613  opened by vstinner

#42614: Pathlib does not support a Cyrillic character 'й'
https://bugs.python.org/issue42614  opened by hidr0.frbg

#42615: Redundant jump instructions due to deleted unreachable bytecod
https://bugs.python.org/issue42615  opened by OmG

#42616: C Extensions on Darwin that link against libpython are likely 
https://bugs.python.org/issue42616  opened by froody

#42617: Enhancement request  for PyType_FromSpecWIthBases add option f
https://bugs.python.org/issue42617  opened by Thrameos

#42618: Enhancement request for importing stacktraces from 

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2020-12-04 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2020-11-27 - 2020-12-04)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
Do NOT respond to this message.

Issues counts and deltas:
  open7561 (-18)
  closed 46745 (+103)
  total  54306 (+85)

Open issues with patches: 3050 

Issues opened (53)

#41879: Outdated description of async iterables in documentation of as
https://bugs.python.org/issue41879  reopened by nickgaya

#42491: Tkinter wait_visibility hanging when used in thread
https://bugs.python.org/issue42491  opened by spcmicro

#42492: [unittest] Missing docs for context manager attributes
https://bugs.python.org/issue42492  opened by jayman

#42498: smtplib is glitchy after receive server code 500
https://bugs.python.org/issue42498  opened by izomiac

#42504: Failure to build with MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET=11 on Big Sur
https://bugs.python.org/issue42504  opened by fxcoudert

#42507: test_ttk_guionly test failures on macOS with Tcl/Tk 8.6.10
https://bugs.python.org/issue42507  opened by ned.deily

#42508: macOS IDLE with Tk 8.6.10 in 3.9.1rc1 universal2 installer fai
https://bugs.python.org/issue42508  opened by ned.deily

#42512: typing: Confusing that BinaryIO and IO[bytes] cannot be used i
https://bugs.python.org/issue42512  opened by conchylicultor

#42513: Socket.recv hangs
https://bugs.python.org/issue42513  opened by Barney Stratford

#42514: Relocatable framework for macOS
https://bugs.python.org/issue42514  opened by gregneagle

#42516: Add function to get caller's name
https://bugs.python.org/issue42516  opened by steve.dower

#42517: Enum: do not convert private names into members
https://bugs.python.org/issue42517  opened by ethan.furman

#42519: [C API] Upgrade the C API in extension modules
https://bugs.python.org/issue42519  opened by vstinner

#42520: add_dll_directory only accepts absolute paths
https://bugs.python.org/issue42520  opened by Antony.Lee

#42524: pdb access to return value
https://bugs.python.org/issue42524  opened by Romuald

#42525: Optimize class/module level annotation
https://bugs.python.org/issue42525  opened by uriyyo

#42526: Exceptions in asyncio.Server callbacks are not retrievable
https://bugs.python.org/issue42526  opened by tmewett

#42527: UnicodeEncode error in BaseHttpRequestHandler class when send 
https://bugs.python.org/issue42527  opened by wangyanfeng.p

#42528: Improve the docs of most Py*_Check{,Exact} API calls
https://bugs.python.org/issue42528  opened by antocuni

#42529: CPython DLL initialization routine failed from PYC cache file
https://bugs.python.org/issue42529  opened by Thrameos

#42531: importlib.resources.path() raises TypeError for packages witho
https://bugs.python.org/issue42531  opened by William.Schwartz

#42532: spec_arg's __bool__ is called while initializing NonCallableMo
https://bugs.python.org/issue42532  opened by idanweiss97

#42533: Document encodings.idna limitations
https://bugs.python.org/issue42533  opened by rixx

#42534: venv does not work correctly when imported from .zip
https://bugs.python.org/issue42534  opened by jussienko

#42535: unittest.patch confuses modules with base modules
https://bugs.python.org/issue42535  opened by twolodzko

#42536: Iterating on a zip keeps objects alive longer than expected (t
https://bugs.python.org/issue42536  opened by vstinner

#42538: AsyncIO strange behaviour
https://bugs.python.org/issue42538  opened by Alexander-Greckov

#42539: Missing parenthesis in `platform._sys_version_parser`
https://bugs.python.org/issue42539  opened by crazy95sun

#42540: Debug pymalloc crash when using os.fork() [regression]
https://bugs.python.org/issue42540  opened by CendioOssman

#42541: Tkinter colours wrong on MacOS universal2
https://bugs.python.org/issue42541  opened by epaine

#42542: weakref documentation does not fully describe proxies
https://bugs.python.org/issue42542  opened by rgov

#42543: case sensitivity in open() arguments
https://bugs.python.org/issue42543  opened by sean.grogan

#42544: In windows, asyncio.run_in_executor strips logger class inform
https://bugs.python.org/issue42544  opened by adsherman09

#42545: Check that all symbols in the limited ABI are exported
https://bugs.python.org/issue42545  opened by pablogsal

#42547: argparse: add_argument(... nargs='+', metavar=) does no
https://bugs.python.org/issue42547  opened by m_khvoinitsky

#42548: debugger stops at breakpoint of `pass` that is not actually re
https://bugs.python.org/issue42548  opened by gatekeeper.mail

#42549: "quopri" line endings not standard conform
https://bugs.python.org/issue42549  opened by dmaurer

#42551: Generator `yield`s counted as primitive calls by cProfile
https://bugs.python.org/issue42551  opened by matthew.suozzo

#42552: Automatically set parent thread idents on thread start
https://bugs.python.org/issue42552  opened by gaborjbernat

#42554: distutils.util.get_platform() depends on minor version for mac

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2020-11-27 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2020-11-20 - 2020-11-27)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
Do NOT respond to this message.

Issues counts and deltas:
  open7579 (-14)
  closed 46642 (+80)
  total  54221 (+66)

Open issues with patches: 3054 

Issues opened (37)

#28468: Add platform.freedesktop_os_release()
https://bugs.python.org/issue28468  reopened by christian.heimes

#42392: remove the 'loop' parameter from __init__ in all classes in as
https://bugs.python.org/issue42392  reopened by yselivanov

#42413: Replace custom exceptions for timeouts with TimeoutError
https://bugs.python.org/issue42413  reopened by christian.heimes

#42422: Py_Decref on value crash the interpreter in Python/ceval.c:110
https://bugs.python.org/issue42422  opened by sbz

#42425: Possible leak in initialization of errmap for OSError
https://bugs.python.org/issue42425  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#42429: Behavior of general (%g, :g) formatting inconsistent for decim
https://bugs.python.org/issue42429  opened by Kwpolska

#42431: Fix outdated bytes comments
https://bugs.python.org/issue42431  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#42433: mailbox.mbox fails on non ASCII characters
https://bugs.python.org/issue42433  opened by flokli

#42434: Library json, file json/encoder.py: Function floatstr should b
https://bugs.python.org/issue42434  opened by salacdav

#42436: Google use wrong "hightlight" argument
https://bugs.python.org/issue42436  opened by amirouche

#42437: crypt produces wrong hashes for passwords containing dollar si
https://bugs.python.org/issue42437  opened by m.stoichkovaaa

#42442: Tarfile to stdout documentation example
https://bugs.python.org/issue42442  opened by ilaughlin

#42443: Provide Thread creation hook support
https://bugs.python.org/issue42443  opened by stanczyk

#42444: pathlib.PurePath properties annotated with .. data directive
https://bugs.python.org/issue42444  opened by p-ganssle

#42447: robotsparser deny all with some rules
https://bugs.python.org/issue42447  opened by contact

#42451: Indicate in the docs that PyTuple_GetItem does not support neg
https://bugs.python.org/issue42451  opened by Antony.Lee

#42452: FIX Optimize 'rgb_to_hls'
https://bugs.python.org/issue42452  opened by jjerphan

#42454: Move slice creation to the compiler for constants
https://bugs.python.org/issue42454  opened by BTaskaya

#42455: Add decorator_with_params function to functools module
https://bugs.python.org/issue42455  opened by uriyyo

#42457: ArgumentParser nested subparsers resolve paths in improper ord
https://bugs.python.org/issue42457  opened by carsonwilber

#42461: os.statvfs_result doesn't show f_fsid
https://bugs.python.org/issue42461  opened by Rethan

#42464: Pathlib resolve() resolves non-existent ".." components with s
https://bugs.python.org/issue42464  opened by john.engelke

#42465: Reference to subclass method resolve() in PurePath docs
https://bugs.python.org/issue42465  opened by john.engelke

#42466: asyncio loop.getaddrinfo raises RuntimeError
https://bugs.python.org/issue42466  opened by kappa

#42469: Space in re's {min,max} should raise an error, rather than fai
https://bugs.python.org/issue42469  opened by reuven

#42470: DeprecationWarning triggers for sequences which happen to be s
https://bugs.python.org/issue42470  opened by xmorel

#42471: Slowdown in socket tests noticed since Py3.8
https://bugs.python.org/issue42471  opened by X-Istence

#42474: improve test coverage for TracebackException's __eq__
https://bugs.python.org/issue42474  opened by iritkatriel

#42476: Allow cross compiling python for macos-arm64 from macos-x86_64
https://bugs.python.org/issue42476  opened by isuruf

#42477: ip_interface addition and subtraction changes netmask
https://bugs.python.org/issue42477  opened by wyko.ter.haar

#42478: ipaddress.IPv4network.interfaces()
https://bugs.python.org/issue42478  opened by wyko.ter.haar

#42480: Python Tkinter crashes on macOS 11.1 beta
https://bugs.python.org/issue42480  opened by kode54

#42481: Add to pathlib function to check permission similar to os.acce
https://bugs.python.org/issue42481  opened by copalco

#42482: TracebackException should not hold reference to the exception 
https://bugs.python.org/issue42482  opened by iritkatriel

#42483: Way working directory is added to sys.path differs between usi
https://bugs.python.org/issue42483  opened by plammens

#42484: parse_message_id, get_msg_id, get_obs_local_part is poorly wri
https://bugs.python.org/issue42484  opened by dxn126

#42485: Full grammar specification should link to PEP 617
https://bugs.python.org/issue42485  opened by snoopjedi

Most recent 15 issues with no replies (15)

#42485: Full grammar specification should link to PEP 617

#42484: parse_message_id, get_msg_id, get_obs_local_part is poorly wri

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2020-11-20 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2020-11-13 - 2020-11-20)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
Do NOT respond to this message.

Issues counts and deltas:
  open7593 (-35)
  closed 46562 (+103)
  total  54155 (+68)

Open issues with patches: 3061 

Issues opened (52)

#25710: zipimport is not PEP 3147 or PEP 488 compliant
https://bugs.python.org/issue25710  reopened by brett.cannon

#41561: test_ssl fails in Ubuntu 20.04: test_min_max_version_mismatch
https://bugs.python.org/issue41561  reopened by christian.heimes

#42296: Infinite loop uninterruptable on Windows in 3.10
https://bugs.python.org/issue42296  reopened by eryksun

#42352: A string representation of slice objects with colon syntax
https://bugs.python.org/issue42352  opened by rossbar

#42353: Proposal: re.prefixmatch method (alias for re.match)
https://bugs.python.org/issue42353  opened by gregory.p.smith

#42355: symtable: get_namespace doesn't check whether if there are mul
https://bugs.python.org/issue42355  opened by BTaskaya

#42356: Dict inline manipulations
https://bugs.python.org/issue42356  opened by tomek.hlawiczka

#42357: Wrong Availability for signal.SIGCHLD
https://bugs.python.org/issue42357  opened by myzhang1029

#42358: Python 3.9.0 unable to detect ax_cv_c_float_words_bigendian va
https://bugs.python.org/issue42358  opened by blastwave

#42360: In the namedtuple documentation, mention that typename should 
https://bugs.python.org/issue42360  opened by alegonz

#42361: Use Tcl/Tk 8.6.10 in build-installer.py when building on recen
https://bugs.python.org/issue42361  opened by ronaldoussoren

#42362: Switch to clang as default compiler in build-installer.py
https://bugs.python.org/issue42362  opened by ronaldoussoren

#42363: I think it will be better to output self._state for debugging
https://bugs.python.org/issue42363  opened by jimlinntu

#42367: Restore os.makedirs ability to apply mode to all directories c
https://bugs.python.org/issue42367  opened by gregory.p.smith

#42369: Reading ZipFile not thread-safe
https://bugs.python.org/issue42369  opened by Thomas

#42370: test_ttk_guionly: test_to() fails on the GitHub Ubuntu job
https://bugs.python.org/issue42370  opened by vstinner

#42371: datetime.fromisoformat(): Omitted colon in timezone suffix rai
https://bugs.python.org/issue42371  opened by Bengt.Lüers

#42373: PEP 626 does not specify behavior of tracing for keywords.
https://bugs.python.org/issue42373  opened by Mark.Shannon

#42375: subprocess DragonFlyBSD build update
https://bugs.python.org/issue42375  opened by devnexen

#42376: Add helpers to populate modules in C
https://bugs.python.org/issue42376  opened by christian.heimes

#42377: allow typing.cast with TYPE_CHECKING
https://bugs.python.org/issue42377  opened by dpinol

#42378: logging reopens file with same mode, possibly truncating
https://bugs.python.org/issue42378  opened by ecatmur2

#42380: Build windows binaries with MS VS2019 16.8+ / MSVC 19.28+
https://bugs.python.org/issue42380  opened by h-vetinari

#42382: No easy way to get the distribution which provided a importlib
https://bugs.python.org/issue42382  opened by s0undt3ch

#42383: Pdb does not correclty restart the target if it changes the cu
https://bugs.python.org/issue42383  opened by hexagonrecursion

#42384: Inconsistent sys.path between python and pdb
https://bugs.python.org/issue42384  opened by hexagonrecursion

#42385: Should enum.auto's behavior be adjusted for StrEnum to return 
https://bugs.python.org/issue42385  opened by Antony.Lee

#42386: Update icons for macOS 11
https://bugs.python.org/issue42386  opened by 17jiangz1

#42387: Pdb should restore the execution environment before reexecutin
https://bugs.python.org/issue42387  opened by hexagonrecursion

#42388: subprocess.check_output(['echo', 'test'], text=True, input=Non
https://bugs.python.org/issue42388  opened by ThiefMaster

#42389: test_multiprocessing: @requires_hashdigest() prevents test dis
https://bugs.python.org/issue42389  opened by christian.heimes

#42390: Other Python implementations may not expose the module name in
https://bugs.python.org/issue42390  opened by wmeehan

#42391: Clarify documentation of TestCase.assertIs
https://bugs.python.org/issue42391  opened by cool-RR

#42392: remove the 'loop' parameter from __init__ in all classes in as
https://bugs.python.org/issue42392  opened by yselivanov

#42393: Raise overflow errors iso. deprecation warnings in socket.hton
https://bugs.python.org/issue42393  opened by erlendaasland

#42395: aclosing was not added to __all__ in contextlib
https://bugs.python.org/issue42395  opened by tomgrin10

#42401: Plislit does not handle date timezone correctly
https://bugs.python.org/issue42401  opened by jcbertin

#42402: Termios module documentation is extremely lacking
https://bugs.python.org/issue42402  opened by dan.merillat

#42404: clinic: add option to pass module object to 

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2020-11-13 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2020-11-06 - 2020-11-13)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
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Issues counts and deltas:
  open7628 (+11)
  closed 46459 (+62)
  total  54087 (+73)

Open issues with patches: 3064 

Issues opened (60)

#32426: Tkinter: reference document of possible cursor names
https://bugs.python.org/issue32426  reopened by terry.reedy

#32682: test_zlib improve version parsing
https://bugs.python.org/issue32682  reopened by pmpp

#40077: Convert static types to heap types: use PyType_FromSpec()
https://bugs.python.org/issue40077  reopened by pitrou

#40137: TODO list when PEP 573 "Module State Access from C Extension M
https://bugs.python.org/issue40137  reopened by vstinner

#40939: Remove the old parser
https://bugs.python.org/issue40939  reopened by vstinner

#41832: PyType_FromSpec() should accept tp_doc=NULL
https://bugs.python.org/issue41832  reopened by petr.viktorin

#42131: [zipimport] Update zipimport to use specs
https://bugs.python.org/issue42131  reopened by brett.cannon

#42273: Using LazyLoader leads to AttributeError
https://bugs.python.org/issue42273  reopened by brett.cannon

#42280: The list of standard generic collections is incomplete
https://bugs.python.org/issue42280  opened by jack1142

#42281: Inconsistent ProcessPoolExecutor behaviour on macOS between 3.
https://bugs.python.org/issue42281  opened by mustafaquraish

#42286: f_trace gets call on different lines each loop
https://bugs.python.org/issue42286  opened by MegaIng

#42287: Use Py_NewRef & Py_XNewRef where applicable
https://bugs.python.org/issue42287  opened by Yonatan Goldschmidt

#42289: Found a secret/private key in code.
https://bugs.python.org/issue42289  opened by krrishdhaneja

#42290: Unicode inconsistent display after concencated
https://bugs.python.org/issue42290  opened by xxm

#42291: Incorrect signature of CodeType.replace()
https://bugs.python.org/issue42291  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#42292: C API: Allocating Objects on the Heap. Misleading documentatio
https://bugs.python.org/issue42292  opened by igo95862

#42293: Installation of pyinstaller in Windows fails with utf8 error
https://bugs.python.org/issue42293  opened by giomach

#42294: [C API] Add new C functions with more regular reference counti
https://bugs.python.org/issue42294  opened by vstinner

#42297: [argparse] Bad error message formatting when using custom usag
https://bugs.python.org/issue42297  opened by TurboTurtle

#42298: Documented interaction of single-stage init and sub-interprete
https://bugs.python.org/issue42298  opened by pkerling

#42299: Add test_formatter (or remove deprecated formatter module?)
https://bugs.python.org/issue42299  opened by terry.reedy

#42300: Typo in translation to portuguese
https://bugs.python.org/issue42300  opened by ronan.soares

#42302: [Turtle] Add clockwise and anticlockwise method as alias to ri
https://bugs.python.org/issue42302  opened by zenr

#42304: [easy C] long type performance waste in 64-bit Windows build
https://bugs.python.org/issue42304  opened by malin

#42305: Added Auto_Complete DropBox Suggestion For Tkinter
https://bugs.python.org/issue42305  opened by RajvirSingh1313

#42306: wrong exception handling in case asyncio.shiled usage
https://bugs.python.org/issue42306  opened by Alex Alex

#42307: make install must not copy python.o into $prefix/lib/python3.1
https://bugs.python.org/issue42307  opened by vstinner

#42309: BUILD: AIX-64-bit segmentation fault
https://bugs.python.org/issue42309  opened by Michael.Felt

#42315: `python -m` semantics conflict with `__file__`'s being optiona
https://bugs.python.org/issue42315  opened by William.Schwartz

#42316: Walrus Operator in list index
https://bugs.python.org/issue42316  opened by Brando753

#42317: Docs of `typing.get_args`: Mention that due to caching of typi
https://bugs.python.org/issue42317  opened by Dominik V.

#42318: [tkinter] surrogate pairs in Tcl/Tk string when pasting an emo
https://bugs.python.org/issue42318  opened by ronaldoussoren

#42321: Limitations of building a static python library on Windows (MS
https://bugs.python.org/issue42321  opened by maarten

#42322: Spectre mitigations in CPython interpreter
https://bugs.python.org/issue42322  opened by sahnaseredini

#42323: [AIX] test_math: test_nextafter(float('nan'), 1.0) does not re
https://bugs.python.org/issue42323  opened by vstinner

#42324: Doctest: directives
https://bugs.python.org/issue42324  opened by konrad.schwarz

#42325: UnicodeDecodeError executing ./setup.py during build
https://bugs.python.org/issue42325  opened by skip.montanaro

#42327: Add PyModule_Add()
https://bugs.python.org/issue42327  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#42328: ttk style.map function incorrectly handles the default state f
https://bugs.python.org/issue42328  opened by patthoyts

#42330: Add browsh in the webbrowser module

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2020-11-06 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2020-10-30 - 2020-11-06)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
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Issues counts and deltas:
  open7617 ( -9)
  closed 46397 (+75)
  total  54014 (+66)

Open issues with patches: 3062 

Issues opened (43)

#37319: Deprecate using random.randrange() with non-integers
https://bugs.python.org/issue37319  reopened by serhiy.storchaka

#42160: unnecessary overhead in tempfile
https://bugs.python.org/issue42160  reopened by vstinner

#42213: Get rid of cyclic GC hack in sqlite3.Connection and sqlite3.Ca
https://bugs.python.org/issue42213  opened by erlendaasland

#42215: urlparse with a Windows path returns the drive name as the sch
https://bugs.python.org/issue42215  opened by rangelspam

#42217: compiler: merge co_code and co_lnotab
https://bugs.python.org/issue42217  opened by methane

#42220: Argparse: wildcards processing
https://bugs.python.org/issue42220  opened by Andrew

#4: Modernize integer test/conversion in randrange()
https://bugs.python.org/issue4  opened by rhettinger

#42225: Tkinter hangs or crashes when displaying astral chars
https://bugs.python.org/issue42225  opened by terry.reedy

#42228: Activate.ps1 clears PYTHONHOME
https://bugs.python.org/issue42228  opened by mathstuf

#42231: test_zipimport failure
https://bugs.python.org/issue42231  opened by vstinner

#42232: mmap module add Darwin specific madvise options
https://bugs.python.org/issue42232  opened by devnexen

#42233: GenericAlias does not support union type expressions
https://bugs.python.org/issue42233  opened by kj

#42234: pathlib relative_to behaviour change
https://bugs.python.org/issue42234  opened by armins.bagrats

#42235: [macOS] Use --enable-optimizations in build-installer.py
https://bugs.python.org/issue42235  opened by ronaldoussoren

#42237: test_socket.SendfileUsingSendfileTest fails on illumos
https://bugs.python.org/issue42237  opened by wiedi

#42238: Deprecate suspicious.py?
https://bugs.python.org/issue42238  opened by mdk

#42239: IDLE: Restore or keep calltip when needed
https://bugs.python.org/issue42239  opened by terry.reedy

#42243: Don't access the module dictionary directly
https://bugs.python.org/issue42243  opened by erlendaasland

#42244: TimedRotatingFileHandler doesn’t handle the switch to/from D
https://bugs.python.org/issue42244  opened by Cristian Martinez de Morentin

#42245: concurrent.futures.ProcessPoolExecutor freezes depending on co
https://bugs.python.org/issue42245  opened by DanilZ

#42246: Implement PEP 626
https://bugs.python.org/issue42246  opened by Mark.Shannon

#42247: unittest hides traceback frames in chained exceptions
https://bugs.python.org/issue42247  opened by dseomn

#42248: Raised exception in Enum keeping user objects alive unnecessar
https://bugs.python.org/issue42248  opened by efroemling

#42252: Embeddable Python indicates that it uses PYTHONPATH
https://bugs.python.org/issue42252  opened by teeks99

#42253: xml.dom.minidom.rst missed informations
https://bugs.python.org/issue42253  opened by jedie2

#42255: webbrowser.MacOSX is unused, untested and undocumented
https://bugs.python.org/issue42255  opened by ronaldoussoren

#42256: BaseCookie.__parse_string() doesn't work with expires= between
https://bugs.python.org/issue42256  opened by paulie4

#42257: platform.libc_ver() doesn't consider in case of executable is 
https://bugs.python.org/issue42257  opened by kurochan

#42258: argparse: show choices once per argument
https://bugs.python.org/issue42258  opened by mendelmaleh

#42259: pprint: infinite recursion for saferepr() when using nested ob
https://bugs.python.org/issue42259  opened by danbst

#42260: [C API] Add PyInterpreterState_SetConfig(): reconfigure an int
https://bugs.python.org/issue42260  opened by vstinner

#42261: Windows legacy I/O mode mistakenly ignores the device encoding
https://bugs.python.org/issue42261  opened by eryksun

#42264: Deprecate or remove sqlite3.OptimizedUnicode
https://bugs.python.org/issue42264  opened by erlendaasland

#42267: Python 3.9 broken installer
https://bugs.python.org/issue42267  opened by JackSkellington

#42268: ./configure failing when --with-memory-sanitizer specified
https://bugs.python.org/issue42268  opened by JaonHax

#42269: Add ability to set __slots__ in dataclasses
https://bugs.python.org/issue42269  opened by eric.smith

#42270: libregrtest BrokenPipeError on OpenEmbedded builds
https://bugs.python.org/issue42270  opened by threexc

#42271: Remove the error and the zipfile.ZipFile.BadZipfile aliases
https://bugs.python.org/issue42271  opened by PedanticHacker

#42272: Warning filter message/module documentation is misleading
https://bugs.python.org/issue42272  opened by kevinoid

#42273: Using LazyLoader leads to AttributeError
https://bugs.python.org/issue42273  opened by KevKeating

#42275: Jupyter Lab Terminals not available (error was No 

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2020-10-30 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2020-10-23 - 2020-10-30)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
Do NOT respond to this message.

Issues counts and deltas:
  open7626 (+18)
  closed 46322 (+64)
  total  53948 (+82)

Open issues with patches: 3063 

Issues opened (60)

#30681: email.utils.parsedate_to_datetime() should return None when da
https://bugs.python.org/issue30681  reopened by serhiy.storchaka

#41919: Modify test_codecs to use the new codecs.unregister() function
https://bugs.python.org/issue41919  reopened by pablogsal

#42131: [zipimport] Update zipimport to use specs
https://bugs.python.org/issue42131  opened by brett.cannon

#42132: Use specs instead of just __loader__ in C code
https://bugs.python.org/issue42132  opened by brett.cannon

#42133: Update the stdlib to fall back to __spec__.parent if __loader_
https://bugs.python.org/issue42133  opened by brett.cannon

#42134: Raise ImportWarning when falling back to find_module()
https://bugs.python.org/issue42134  opened by brett.cannon

#42135: [importlib] Deprecate find_module() implementations
https://bugs.python.org/issue42135  opened by brett.cannon

#42136: [importlib] deprecate module_repr() methods
https://bugs.python.org/issue42136  opened by brett.cannon

#42137: Raise an ImportWarning for calling module_repr() on loaders
https://bugs.python.org/issue42137  opened by brett.cannon

#42140: asyncio.wait function creates futures set two times
https://bugs.python.org/issue42140  opened by dutradda

#42142: FAIL tkinter ttk LabeledScale test_resize, and more
https://bugs.python.org/issue42142  opened by terry.reedy

#42146: subprocess.Popen() leaks cwd in case of uid/gid overflow
https://bugs.python.org/issue42146  opened by izbyshev

#42149: Python 'make test' failed inside ssh+tmux
https://bugs.python.org/issue42149  opened by kmash

#42151: Pure Python xml.etree.ElementTree is missing default attribute
https://bugs.python.org/issue42151  opened by obfusk

#42152: Use PyDict_Contains() and PyDict_SetDefault() instead of PyDic
https://bugs.python.org/issue42152  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#42153: doc: library imaplib a url not available
https://bugs.python.org/issue42153  opened by chrisxiao

#42154: Bad proxy returned immediately after BaseManager server restar
https://bugs.python.org/issue42154  opened by jryan

#42158: http.server doesn't guess n-quads, n-triples, notation3 and Tr
https://bugs.python.org/issue42158  opened by DylanVanAssche

#42159: AsyncMock restores stopped patch if same object stopped multip
https://bugs.python.org/issue42159  opened by lisroach

#42162: The license page for Python 3.0 is messed up
https://bugs.python.org/issue42162  opened by MaT1g3R

#42163: _replace() no longer works on platform.uname_result objects
https://bugs.python.org/issue42163  opened by cs-shadow

#42164: Python fails to compile in the Fedora Stable LTO buildbots
https://bugs.python.org/issue42164  opened by pablogsal

#42166: corrupted size vs. prev_size
https://bugs.python.org/issue42166  opened by kannanf9t

#42167: Documentation for SETUP_WITH opcode is wrong
https://bugs.python.org/issue42167  opened by pxeger

#42171: Add PEP 573 to the stable ABI
https://bugs.python.org/issue42171  opened by petr.viktorin

#42173: Drop Solaris support
https://bugs.python.org/issue42173  opened by vstinner

#42174: shutil.get_terminal_size() returns 0 when run in a pty
https://bugs.python.org/issue42174  opened by The Compiler

#42177: Improving KeyError exception
https://bugs.python.org/issue42177  opened by zingero

#42178: failed pickle hangs python on exit in CMD.exe only
https://bugs.python.org/issue42178  opened by charles.mcmarrow.4

#42179: Clarify chaining exceptions in tutorial/errors.rst
https://bugs.python.org/issue42179  opened by Vladimir Ryabtsev

#42181: describe PyEval_CallObjectWithKeywords and its replacement
https://bugs.python.org/issue42181  opened by j5w6

#42182: 3.10 Documentation Not Hyperlinking Some Methods
https://bugs.python.org/issue42182  opened by kj

#42183: Stack overflow error with asyncio.all_tasks and wait_for
https://bugs.python.org/issue42183  opened by Gobot1234

#42184: pdb exits unexpectedly when calling args
https://bugs.python.org/issue42184  opened by xgenadam

#42185: class body bytecode uses less efficient *_NAME opcodes
https://bugs.python.org/issue42185  opened by gregory.p.smith

#42186: unittest overrides more serious warnings filter added before u
https://bugs.python.org/issue42186  opened by yilei

#42187: Deprecating / removing token.ISTERMINAL/ISNONTERMINAL
https://bugs.python.org/issue42187  opened by BTaskaya

#42188: forkserver not reused in child processes
https://bugs.python.org/issue42188  opened by cchomey

#42189: copy.deepcopy() no longer works on platform.uname_result objec
https://bugs.python.org/issue42189  opened by rocallahan

#42190: global declarations affect too much inside exec or 

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2020-10-23 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2020-10-16 - 2020-10-23)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
Do NOT respond to this message.

Issues counts and deltas:
  open7608 (-99)
  closed 46258 (+176)
  total  53866 (+77)

Open issues with patches: 3059 

Issues opened (66)

#2190: MozillaCookieJar ignores HttpOnly cookies
https://bugs.python.org/issue2190  reopened by terry.reedy

#25655: Python errors related to failures loading DLL's lack informati
https://bugs.python.org/issue25655  reopened by steve.dower

#33987: IDLE: use ttk.Frame for ttk widgets
https://bugs.python.org/issue33987  reopened by terry.reedy

#38820: Make Python compatible with OpenSSL 3.0.0
https://bugs.python.org/issue38820  reopened by christian.heimes

#40703: PyType_FromSpec*() overwrites the type's "__module__"
https://bugs.python.org/issue40703  reopened by petr.viktorin

#41950: Typo in Python 3.9 what's new page
https://bugs.python.org/issue41950  reopened by gvanrossum

#42026: index function return first index for same element if repetiti
https://bugs.python.org/issue42026  reopened by chetanpalliwal13

#42054: email message get_content throws KeyError for content main typ
https://bugs.python.org/issue42054  opened by msapiro

#42058: Process not running with args
https://bugs.python.org/issue42058  opened by vbanait

#42059: TypedDict(...) as function does not respect "total" when setti
https://bugs.python.org/issue42059  opened by alex.gronholm

#42060: Usage of assert in http/client.py
https://bugs.python.org/issue42060  opened by fbidu

#42061: Document __format__ method for IPv[46]Address
https://bugs.python.org/issue42061  opened by eric.smith

#42062: Usage of HTTPResponse.url
https://bugs.python.org/issue42062  opened by fbidu

#42063: More options to http.server & SimpleHTTPRequestHandler
https://bugs.python.org/issue42063  opened by jacobsorme

#42064: Convert sqlite3 to multi-phase initialisation (PEP 489)
https://bugs.python.org/issue42064  opened by erlendaasland

#42066: CookieJar cookies should not be sorted
https://bugs.python.org/issue42066  opened by IKermani

#42067: Type annotation in for-loops
https://bugs.python.org/issue42067  opened by gaaartner

#42068: For macOS, package the included Tcl and Tk frameworks in a rat
https://bugs.python.org/issue42068  opened by culler

#42070: I think the rationale to keep IsoCalendarDate private from the
https://bugs.python.org/issue42070  opened by msimpasona

#42073: classmethod does not pass "type/owner" when invoking wrapped _
https://bugs.python.org/issue42073  opened by eriknw

#42074: setup error on windows
https://bugs.python.org/issue42074  opened by rikkuguzai

#42075: Verbose/confusing default format on warnings
https://bugs.python.org/issue42075  opened by Mithil

#42076: urllib ResourceWarning in case of usage of FTP
https://bugs.python.org/issue42076  opened by icegood

#42078: _tracemalloc.c and Clang-cl
https://bugs.python.org/issue42078  opened by gvanem

#42079: Why does tarfile.next swallow InvalidHeaderError
https://bugs.python.org/issue42079  opened by jan.schatz

#42082: Eliminate test_peg_generator redundant output
https://bugs.python.org/issue42082  opened by terry.reedy

#42083: PyStructSequence_NewType broken in 3.8
https://bugs.python.org/issue42083  opened by wdi2

#42085: Add dedicated slot for sending values
https://bugs.python.org/issue42085  opened by v2m

#42086: AST: Document / re-design? the simple constructor nodes from s
https://bugs.python.org/issue42086  opened by BTaskaya

#42087: Remove pre-AIX 6.1 dead code paths
https://bugs.python.org/issue42087  opened by kadler

#42088: types.SimpleNamespace.__repr__ documentation inconsistency
https://bugs.python.org/issue42088  opened by avrahami.ben

#42090: zipfile.Path.joinpath API inconsistent with pathlib.Path.joinp
https://bugs.python.org/issue42090  opened by conchylicultor

#42091: strftime returns empty string for -d, -I 3.8.3
https://bugs.python.org/issue42091  opened by PMARINA

#42092: test_host_resolution_bad_address does not always fail as expec
https://bugs.python.org/issue42092  opened by barry

#42094: isoformat() / fromisoformat() for datetime.timedelta
https://bugs.python.org/issue42094  opened by Erik Cederstrand

#42095: plistlib: Add tests that compare with plutil(1)
https://bugs.python.org/issue42095  opened by ronaldoussoren

#42096: zipfile.is_zipfile incorrectly identifying a gzipped file as a
https://bugs.python.org/issue42096  opened by aroussel

#42097: Python 3.7.9 logging/threading/fork hang
https://bugs.python.org/issue42097  opened by Adq

#42098: Test suite should verify auditing events get triggered
https://bugs.python.org/issue42098  opened by akuchling

#42099: Fix reference to ob_type in unionobject.c and ceval
https://bugs.python.org/issue42099  opened by nascheme

#42100: Add _PyType_GetModuleByDef
https://bugs.python.org/issue42100  opened by petr.viktorin

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2020-10-16 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2020-10-09 - 2020-10-16)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
Do NOT respond to this message.

Issues counts and deltas:
  open7707 (+17)
  closed 46082 (+53)
  total  53789 (+70)

Open issues with patches: 3125 

Issues opened (46)

#41987: singledispatchmethod raises an error when relying on a forward
https://bugs.python.org/issue41987  opened by glyph

#41988: No hyphen in broken up word in documentation
https://bugs.python.org/issue41988  opened by cryvate

#41989: htmlparser unclosed script tag causes data loss
https://bugs.python.org/issue41989  opened by waylan

#41990: venv module clashes with pip --user ... improve coordination.
https://bugs.python.org/issue41990  opened by bernd.wechner

#41994: Refcount issues in import
https://bugs.python.org/issue41994  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#41995: five possible Null Pointer Dereference bugs.
https://bugs.python.org/issue41995  opened by brightest3379

#41999: imaplib Time2Internaldate crashing with time.struct_time suppl
https://bugs.python.org/issue41999  opened by sajicek

#42001: Deprecate `typing.io` Wrapper Namespace
https://bugs.python.org/issue42001  opened by rohitkg98

#42004: Allow uploading files with SimpleHTTPRequestHandler
https://bugs.python.org/issue42004  opened by lufte

#42005: profile/cProfile CLI should catch BrokenPipeError
https://bugs.python.org/issue42005  opened by zmwangx

#42006: Stop using PyDict_GetItem, PyDict_GetItemString and _PyDict_Ge
https://bugs.python.org/issue42006  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#42008: Internal Random class calling seed() with incorrect argument
https://bugs.python.org/issue42008  opened by rhettinger

#42009: Unable to compile with message compiler due to source order
https://bugs.python.org/issue42009  opened by chrisburr

#42010: Generic types accept indexing/subscripting, causing confusion
https://bugs.python.org/issue42010  opened by kj

#42012: typing support in wsgiref
https://bugs.python.org/issue42012  opened by srittau

#42013: venv on Windows with symlinks is broken if invoked with -I
https://bugs.python.org/issue42013  opened by gaborjbernat

#42014: shutil.rmtree calls onerror with different function than faile
https://bugs.python.org/issue42014  opened by nijel

#42016: Add ksh to venv examples
https://bugs.python.org/issue42016  opened by fibonacci

#42018: winreg SetValue(Ex) should mention integer as an acceptable va
https://bugs.python.org/issue42018  opened by kwojniak_box

#42019: Override MagicMock special methods
https://bugs.python.org/issue42019  opened by Indy

#42022: Allow ensurepip to work without bundled wheels
https://bugs.python.org/issue42022  opened by FFY00

#42023: Argparse: Add a "display" arg
https://bugs.python.org/issue42023  opened by ThatXliner

#42024: Exception ignored in: https://bugs.python.org/issue42024  opened by jayesh007

#42025: zoneinfo: wrong time difference across transition when tzinfo 
https://bugs.python.org/issue42025  opened by d.grellscheid

#42027: /passive run of Windows installer fail silently on Win7
https://bugs.python.org/issue42027  opened by colin-b

#42028: Regression in mimetypes for image/bmp
https://bugs.python.org/issue42028  opened by xpdseth

#42032: Setting PYTHONPYCACHEPREFIX using ~ (tilde) creates a "~" fold
https://bugs.python.org/issue42032  opened by vkbo

#42033: Seemingly unnecessary complexification of foo(**kw)
https://bugs.python.org/issue42033  opened by xmorel

#42034: Unchecked return in Objects/typeobject.c and possible uninitia
https://bugs.python.org/issue42034  opened by monocle-ai

#42035: [C API] PyType_GetSlot cannot get tp_name
https://bugs.python.org/issue42035  opened by fancitron

#42036: Unchecked return in Modules/posixmodule.c from multiple functi
https://bugs.python.org/issue42036  opened by monocle-ai

#42037: Documentation confusion in CookieJar functions
https://bugs.python.org/issue42037  opened by markus

#42038: Tracemalloc's format() doc contradictory
https://bugs.python.org/issue42038  opened by lisroach

#42040: Change IDLE 'more information' splash line, change doc name
https://bugs.python.org/issue42040  opened by terry.reedy

#42041: venv subprocess call to python resolves to wrong interpreter
https://bugs.python.org/issue42041  opened by keller00

#42042: docs.python.org for 3.10 missing the new refererence record.
https://bugs.python.org/issue42042  opened by corona10

#42043: zipfile.Path should support inheritance
https://bugs.python.org/issue42043  opened by conchylicultor

#42044: Running Python in unbuffered mode may not write all contents t
https://bugs.python.org/issue42044  opened by fabioz

#42045: Add support to async code to pdb
https://bugs.python.org/issue42045  opened by hack.augusto

#42046: Unable to write to file without elevated privileges
https://bugs.python.org/issue42046  opened by john_miller

#42047: DragonFlyBSD thread native id 

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2020-10-09 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2020-10-02 - 2020-10-09)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
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Issues counts and deltas:
  open7690 ( +2)
  closed 46029 (+69)
  total  53719 (+71)

Open issues with patches: 3126 

Issues opened (42)

#41913: EnvBuilder.install_scripts should use explicit permissions
https://bugs.python.org/issue41913  opened by Frederik Rietdijk

#41914: test_pdb fails
https://bugs.python.org/issue41914  opened by sumagnadas

#41915: unittest.mock.create_autospec(Obj, instance=True) has self key
https://bugs.python.org/issue41915  opened by ettang

#41916: cxx pthread check is not overrideable
https://bugs.python.org/issue41916  opened by virtuald

#41918: exec fails to take locals into account when running list compr
https://bugs.python.org/issue41918  opened by qpeter

#41919: Modify test_codecs to use the new codecs.unregister() function
https://bugs.python.org/issue41919  opened by shihai1991

#41921: REDoS in parseentities
https://bugs.python.org/issue41921  opened by yetingli

#41926: Unpredictable behavior when parsing xml. (xml.etree.ElementTre
https://bugs.python.org/issue41926  opened by CyberCreator

#41928: ZipFile does not supports Unicode Path Extra Field (0x7075) zi
https://bugs.python.org/issue41928  opened by ivan.sorokin.tech

#41929: Detect OEM code page for zip archives in ZipFile based on syst
https://bugs.python.org/issue41929  opened by ivan.sorokin.tech

#41930: Wrap sqlite3_serialize API in sqlite3 module
https://bugs.python.org/issue41930  opened by Kerrick Staley

#41932: Incorrect struct definition with bitfields
https://bugs.python.org/issue41932  opened by berthin

#41933: Wording of s * n in Common Sequence Operations is not optimal
https://bugs.python.org/issue41933  opened by mdk

#41938: concurrent.futures.wait calls len() on an possible iterable
https://bugs.python.org/issue41938  opened by rohitkg98

#41940: AMD64 Debian root 3.x: tests fail because downloaded files sta
https://bugs.python.org/issue41940  opened by vstinner

#41943: unittest.assertLogs passes unexpectedly
https://bugs.python.org/issue41943  opened by mrbean-bremen

#41944: [security] Python testsuite calls eval() on content received v
https://bugs.python.org/issue41944  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#41945: http.cookies.SimpleCookie.parse error after [keys]
https://bugs.python.org/issue41945  opened by xnovakj

#41946: Add concrete examples to os.path documentation
https://bugs.python.org/issue41946  opened by theacodes

#41948: Runtime error while trying to use Python3.9 with virtualenv
https://bugs.python.org/issue41948  opened by abhicantdraw

#41949: Redefinition of HMAC functions prevents static linking
https://bugs.python.org/issue41949  opened by indygreg

#41950: Typo in Python 3.9 what's new page
https://bugs.python.org/issue41950  opened by kigawas

#41951: python-3.8.2.exe /uninstall /quiet fails with Exit code: 0x643
https://bugs.python.org/issue41951  opened by szheng

#41954: [mock] Recursion on mocking inspect.isfunction
https://bugs.python.org/issue41954  opened by stanislavlevin

#41956: Regression in HTMLParser on malformed tags
https://bugs.python.org/issue41956  opened by dan

#41959: Doc/library/asyncio-policy.rst grammar error
https://bugs.python.org/issue41959  opened by raulcd

#41960: Add globalns and localns to the inspect.signature and inspect.
https://bugs.python.org/issue41960  opened by BTaskaya

#41961: Windows install failure "could not set file security"
https://bugs.python.org/issue41961  opened by steve.dower

#41962: Make threading._register_atexit public?
https://bugs.python.org/issue41962  opened by Ben.Darnell

#41963: ConfigParser: stripping of comments should be documented
https://bugs.python.org/issue41963  opened by jugmac00

#41966: datetime.time issue with pickling in PyPy
https://bugs.python.org/issue41966  opened by 

#41967: Handle annotations in the parser to avoid the need for roundtr
https://bugs.python.org/issue41967  opened by pablogsal

#41969: ttk.RadioButtons mis-sized under Windows 10 UI Scaling, with d
https://bugs.python.org/issue41969  opened by Athanasius

#41971: multiple tests in test_tools fail since Python 3.9
https://bugs.python.org/issue41971  opened by felixonmars

#41972: bytes.find consistently hangs in a particular scenario
https://bugs.python.org/issue41972  opened by Zeturic

#41973: Docs: TypedDict is now of type function instead of class
https://bugs.python.org/issue41973  opened by gaborjbernat

#41975: Textwrap to conform to https://www.unicode.org/reports/tr14/tr
https://bugs.python.org/issue41975  opened by mdk

#41977: ctypes array inside structure requires explicit garbage collec
https://bugs.python.org/issue41977  opened by maxim.pichler

#41980: Argparse documentation is slightly misleading
https://bugs.python.org/issue41980  opened by ygingras

#41981: Errors building python 

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2020-10-02 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2020-09-25 - 2020-10-02)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
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Issues counts and deltas:
  open7688 ( +9)
  closed 45960 (+41)
  total  53648 (+50)

Open issues with patches: 3138 

Issues opened (36)

#41773: Clarify handling of infinity and nan in random.choices
https://bugs.python.org/issue41773  reopened by rhettinger

#41864: Compiler error in _zoneinfo.c:1227: error: #pragma GCC diagnos
https://bugs.python.org/issue41864  opened by micwin

#41866: Document error in chinese version of contextlib.
https://bugs.python.org/issue41866  opened by siyuan

#41867: Include options for timespec in docstrings of isoformat
https://bugs.python.org/issue41867  opened by cool-RR

#41868: SMTPLIB integrate or provide option to use "logging"
https://bugs.python.org/issue41868  opened by hpkkumar007

#41869: Multiprocessing Manager Object Cleanup
https://bugs.python.org/issue41869  opened by boom0192

#41875: __builtin_unreachable error in gcc 4.4.5
https://bugs.python.org/issue41875  opened by yota moteuchi

#41876: Add __repr__ for Tkinter Font objects
https://bugs.python.org/issue41876  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#41877: Check against misspellings of assert etc. in mock
https://bugs.python.org/issue41877  opened by vabr2

#41878: python3 fails to use custom mapping object as symbols in eval(
https://bugs.python.org/issue41878  opened by Robert Haschke

#41879: Outdated description of async iterables in documentation of as
https://bugs.python.org/issue41879  opened by nickgaya

#41880: Get Python include directories from sysconfigdata
https://bugs.python.org/issue41880  opened by benwolsieffer

#41882: CCompiler.has_function does not delete temporary files
https://bugs.python.org/issue41882  opened by termim

#41883: ctypes pointee goes out of scope, then pointer in struct dangl
https://bugs.python.org/issue41883  opened by NankerPhelge

#41884: tempfile.py TemporaryDirectory/mkdtemp defaults to mode 0o700,
https://bugs.python.org/issue41884  opened by ray-sit

#41886: PyType_Type is documented incorrectly
https://bugs.python.org/issue41886  opened by da-woods

#41887: ast.literal_eval does not accept strings with leading whitespa
https://bugs.python.org/issue41887  opened by gousaiyang

#41889: enum: Mixin and int base class regression in 3.8.6
https://bugs.python.org/issue41889  opened by puddly

#41891: asyncio.wait_for does not wait for task/future to be completed
https://bugs.python.org/issue41891  opened by rkojedzinszky

#41892: use both "for in" and "ElementTree.remove" has a index bug
https://bugs.python.org/issue41892  opened by WoodyWoo

#41894: UnicodeDecodeError during load failure in non-UTF-8 locale
https://bugs.python.org/issue41894  opened by kadler

#41895: PyMethodDef does NOT have any fields contain context in embedd
https://bugs.python.org/issue41895  opened by dexter

#41896: Moving index with wordstart expression includes non-alphanumbe
https://bugs.python.org/issue41896  opened by pyTama

#41898: Any logging causes assertLogs to pass
https://bugs.python.org/issue41898  opened by udalrich.schermer

#41900: XML C14N serialisation fails with default namespace
https://bugs.python.org/issue41900  opened by scoder

#41902: Micro optimization for range.index if step is 1
https://bugs.python.org/issue41902  opened by corona10

#41903: PyNumber_InPlacePower ignores o3 if o1 implements __ipow__
https://bugs.python.org/issue41903  opened by hodgestar

#41904: datetime.datetime.today makes no sense and should be removed
https://bugs.python.org/issue41904  opened by yurzo

#41905: add update_abstractmethods function to update an ABC's abstrac
https://bugs.python.org/issue41905  opened by avrahami.ben

#41906: logging.config.dictConfig does not work with callable filters
https://bugs.python.org/issue41906  opened by raybb

#41907: Regression in IntFlag behaviour in f-string
https://bugs.python.org/issue41907  opened by rt121212121

#41908: Make IDLE Start Menu entry more descriptive
https://bugs.python.org/issue41908  opened by terry.reedy

#41909: Segfault on __getattr__ infinite recursion on certain attribut
https://bugs.python.org/issue41909  opened by bluetech

#41910: Document that object.__eq__ implements `a is b`
https://bugs.python.org/issue41910  opened by brett.cannon

#41911: Language reference incorrectly says comparison expressions ret
https://bugs.python.org/issue41911  opened by brett.cannon

#41912: Long generator chain causes segmentation fault
https://bugs.python.org/issue41912  opened by karzes

Most recent 15 issues with no replies (15)

#41912: Long generator chain causes segmentation fault

#41911: Language reference incorrectly says comparison expressions ret

#41910: Document that object.__eq__ implements `a is b`

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2020-09-25 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2020-09-18 - 2020-09-25)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
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Issues counts and deltas:
  open7679 ( +4)
  closed 45919 (+49)
  total  53598 (+53)

Open issues with patches: 3131 

Issues opened (45)

#32218: add __iter__ to enum.Flag members
https://bugs.python.org/issue32218  reopened by ethan.furman

#35328: Set a environment variable for venv prompt
https://bugs.python.org/issue35328  reopened by brett.cannon

#41494: Adds window resizing support to Lib/pty.py [ SIGWINCH ]
https://bugs.python.org/issue41494  reopened by soumendra

#41617: __builtin_bswap16 is used without checking it is supported
https://bugs.python.org/issue41617  reopened by jmr

#41756: Do not always use exceptions to return result from coroutine
https://bugs.python.org/issue41756  reopened by serhiy.storchaka

#41812: Broken link on documentation header
https://bugs.python.org/issue41812  opened by cocoatomo

#41813: Clarify specification of object.__await__
https://bugs.python.org/issue41813  opened by plammens

#41814: Mismatch between the manipulation of `sys.path` by `runpy` and
https://bugs.python.org/issue41814  opened by maggyero

#41818: Lib/pty.py major revision
https://bugs.python.org/issue41818  opened by soumendra

#41819: Fix some compiler warnings
https://bugs.python.org/issue41819  opened by samuelmarks

#41822: Document the mean of values for sys.float_info.rounds
https://bugs.python.org/issue41822  opened by rhettinger

#41823: Add more fields to sys.float_info
https://bugs.python.org/issue41823  opened by rhettinger

#41824: Docs for typing.ForwardRef don't state that it was added in 3.
https://bugs.python.org/issue41824  opened by dom1310df

#41825: os.waitid() documentation needs TLC
https://bugs.python.org/issue41825  opened by georg.brandl

#41826: test_peg_generator compilation warnings
https://bugs.python.org/issue41826  opened by skip.montanaro

#41829: sqlite3.Row always read as tuple when supplied to executemany
https://bugs.python.org/issue41829  opened by tony.wu

#41830: "NameError: name 'AttributeError' is not defined"
https://bugs.python.org/issue41830  opened by sasowmy1

#41831: Restore default __str__ of tkinter.EventType
https://bugs.python.org/issue41831  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#41832: PyType_FromSpec() should accept tp_doc=NULL
https://bugs.python.org/issue41832  opened by vstinner

#41834: Remove _Py_CheckRecursionLimit variable
https://bugs.python.org/issue41834  opened by vstinner

#41835: Speed up dict vectorcall creation using keywords
https://bugs.python.org/issue41835  opened by Marco Sulla

#41837: Upgrade installers to OpenSSL 1.1.1h
https://bugs.python.org/issue41837  opened by ned.deily

#41838: Value error is showing in docset python (class)
https://bugs.python.org/issue41838  opened by mkay6122

#41839: Fix error checking in sched_get_priority_ functions
https://bugs.python.org/issue41839  opened by kulikjak

#41840: [regression] symtable.Symbol.is_local() is no longer True for 
https://bugs.python.org/issue41840  opened by CendioOssman

#41841: idlelib/NEWS.txt for 3.10.0 and backports
https://bugs.python.org/issue41841  opened by terry.reedy

#41842: Add codecs.unregister() to unregister a codec search function
https://bugs.python.org/issue41842  opened by vstinner

#41843: Reenable sendfile in shutil.copyfile() on Solaris
https://bugs.python.org/issue41843  opened by kulikjak

#41844: IDLE subsection of What's New 3.9
https://bugs.python.org/issue41844  opened by terry.reedy

#41845: Promote PyObject_GenericGetDict to the stable API
https://bugs.python.org/issue41845  opened by alex

#41846: IDLE subsection of What's New 3.10
https://bugs.python.org/issue41846  opened by terry.reedy

#41847: Update "install launcher for all users" installer option
https://bugs.python.org/issue41847  opened by steve.dower

#41848: PEG parser doesn't allow lambda in for_if_clause
https://bugs.python.org/issue41848  opened by slebedev

#41849: Support reading long lines with io._WindowsConsoleIO
https://bugs.python.org/issue41849  opened by eryksun

#41850: inspect.py: access block stack
https://bugs.python.org/issue41850  opened by gchalony

#41851: tkinter: add font neg and equal methods
https://bugs.python.org/issue41851  opened by epaine

#41852: Inconsistent errors for JSON-encoding NaNs with allow_nan=Fals
https://bugs.python.org/issue41852  opened by earwig

#41853: Windows docs for command line install don't mention /log optio
https://bugs.python.org/issue41853  opened by forrestshields2

#41854: argparse.add_mutually_exclusive_group fails for optional posit
https://bugs.python.org/issue41854  opened by rrt

#41855: FastPath.zip_children can give duplicate results on Python 3.8
https://bugs.python.org/issue41855  opened by jaraco

#41856: argparse: auto-generated synopsis omits REMAINDER argument

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2020-09-18 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2020-09-11 - 2020-09-18)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
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Issues counts and deltas:
  open7675 (-22)
  closed 45870 (+67)
  total  53545 (+45)

Open issues with patches: 3122 

Issues opened (29)

#41768: unittest.mock spec calls class properties
https://bugs.python.org/issue41768  opened by melwitt

#41769: Positional arguments which use store boolean actions do not be
https://bugs.python.org/issue41769  opened by rjeffman

#41770: Import  module doesn't updated
https://bugs.python.org/issue41770  opened by prasechen

#41771: bdist_wininst doesn't execute postinstall script
https://bugs.python.org/issue41771  opened by mhammond

#41772: Zipfile.testzip considers wrong password as correct
https://bugs.python.org/issue41772  opened by Amir

#41774: While removing element from list using for and remove(), which
https://bugs.python.org/issue41774  opened by sreedevi.ha

#41775: IDLE: change Shell window title
https://bugs.python.org/issue41775  opened by terry.reedy

#41777: When using `python -bb`, `struct.calcsize` raises a warning wh
https://bugs.python.org/issue41777  opened by tadeu

#41779: add BLOB photo to sqlite3 python
https://bugs.python.org/issue41779  opened by alizaerialora

#41781: Typos in typing.py
https://bugs.python.org/issue41781  opened by pxeger

#41784: Promote PyUnicode_AsUTF8AndSize to be available with the limit
https://bugs.python.org/issue41784  opened by alex

#41787: adding PEP references to documentation
https://bugs.python.org/issue41787  opened by cameron

#41790: C-API documentation ignores heap types and says type objects m
https://bugs.python.org/issue41790  opened by koubaa

#41791: mimetypes module does not recognize jp2 type
https://bugs.python.org/issue41791  opened by naro

#41793: Inaccuracy about reflected operands in datamodel docs.
https://bugs.python.org/issue41793  opened by wim.glenn

#41794: Memory leak in asyncio server
https://bugs.python.org/issue41794  opened by EmperorBale

#41796: _ast module state should be made per interpreter
https://bugs.python.org/issue41796  opened by vstinner

#41797: PyModule_GetState doesn't work with LazyLoader
https://bugs.python.org/issue41797  opened by petr.viktorin

#41798: [C API] Revisit usage of the PyCapsule C API with multi-phase 
https://bugs.python.org/issue41798  opened by vstinner

#41799: splunklib.client does not handle Unicode characters
https://bugs.python.org/issue41799  opened by jpatel

#41800: Python installation fails when run under system account if the
https://bugs.python.org/issue41800  opened by Jurko.Gospodnetić

#41801: 23 tests failed for 3.9.0b2-64 installed on Windows 10
https://bugs.python.org/issue41801  opened by terry.reedy

#41802: Missing documentation for 'PyDict_DelItem' behavior
https://bugs.python.org/issue41802  opened by ideasman42

#41803: Robots.txt
https://bugs.python.org/issue41803  opened by admin2

#41804: test_epoll fails test_control_and_wait() randomly on aarch64 R
https://bugs.python.org/issue41804  opened by vstinner

#41805: types.GenericAlias and types.Union have no documentation
https://bugs.python.org/issue41805  opened by pxeger

#41806: socket methods with timeout take very slow path on Windows
https://bugs.python.org/issue41806  opened by steve.dower

#41807: Warnings when installing Linter on VS code on Linux and Window
https://bugs.python.org/issue41807  opened by zamunda

#41809: finding file attributes in Windows seems to fail
https://bugs.python.org/issue41809  opened by musiquegraeme

Most recent 15 issues with no replies (15)

#41807: Warnings when installing Linter on VS code on Linux and Window

#41806: socket methods with timeout take very slow path on Windows

#41801: 23 tests failed for 3.9.0b2-64 installed on Windows 10

#41793: Inaccuracy about reflected operands in datamodel docs.

#41790: C-API documentation ignores heap types and says type objects m

#41781: Typos in typing.py

#41775: IDLE: change Shell window title

#41771: bdist_wininst doesn't execute postinstall script

#41769: Positional arguments which use store boolean actions do not be

#41768: unittest.mock spec calls class properties

#41761: multiprocessing.Queue prevents program exit when containing a 

#41754: Webbrowser Module Cannot Find xdg-settings on OSX

#41752: Wave shouldn't try to close an open file at all costs


[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2020-09-11 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2020-09-04 - 2020-09-11)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
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Issues counts and deltas:
  open7697 ( +5)
  closed 45803 (+39)
  total  53500 (+44)

Open issues with patches: 3136 

Issues opened (38)

#19521: Parallel build race condition on AIX since python-2.7
https://bugs.python.org/issue19521  reopened by skrah

#38240: assertCountEqual is horribly misleading, sounds like only coun
https://bugs.python.org/issue38240  reopened by vitaly.krug

#41724: SQLite returns "str" instead of "datetime.datetime" with aggre
https://bugs.python.org/issue41724  opened by ravi-misra

#41725: bz2 would use a dedicated exception for data error
https://bugs.python.org/issue41725  opened by mgorny

#41726: Update refcounts info of PyType_FromModuleAndSpec in refcounts
https://bugs.python.org/issue41726  opened by shihai1991

#41727: Confusing presentation for configuration settings references
https://bugs.python.org/issue41727  opened by MegMM

#41728: Debug logging when adding a TarFile object
https://bugs.python.org/issue41728  opened by ebalsley

#41729: test_winconsoleio fails and hangs on Windows
https://bugs.python.org/issue41729  opened by terry.reedy

#41730: Show deprecation warnings for tkinter.tix
https://bugs.python.org/issue41730  opened by wyz23x2

#41731: test_cmd_line_script fails with verbosity level more than 1
https://bugs.python.org/issue41731  opened by xtreak

#41734: Refactor b32{encode,decode} tests
https://bugs.python.org/issue41734  opened by FFY00

#41735: Thread locks in zlib module may go wrong in rare case
https://bugs.python.org/issue41735  opened by malin

#41736: test_site: test_s_option() failed on AMD64 Windows8.1 Refleaks
https://bugs.python.org/issue41736  opened by vstinner

#41737: Improper NotADirectoryError when opening a file under a fake d
https://bugs.python.org/issue41737  opened by danny87105

#41738: MIME type for *.zip becomes application/x-zip-compressed on Wi
https://bugs.python.org/issue41738  opened by danny87105

#41739: test_logging: threading_cleanup() failed to cleanup 1 threads 
https://bugs.python.org/issue41739  opened by vstinner

#41740: Improve error message for string concatenation via `sum`
https://bugs.python.org/issue41740  opened by phillip.m.feld...@gmail.com

#41741: test_peg_generator timed out (25 min) on x86 Gentoo Non-Debug 
https://bugs.python.org/issue41741  opened by vstinner

#41742: Request for docs.python.org/3/library/configparser.html#except
https://bugs.python.org/issue41742  opened by leveque

#41744: NuGet python.props only works in python nuget, not other varia
https://bugs.python.org/issue41744  opened by vslavik

#41745: BoundArguments.arguments used in the recommended way to call a
https://bugs.python.org/issue41745  opened by Julian

#41746: Add optional type information to asdl_seq objects
https://bugs.python.org/issue41746  opened by pablogsal

#41747: dataclasses: generated method's using the wrong qualname
https://bugs.python.org/issue41747  opened by BTaskaya

#41748: HTMLParser: parsing error
https://bugs.python.org/issue41748  opened by nowasky.jr

#41749: Little improve on imghdr library
https://bugs.python.org/issue41749  opened by eamanu

#41751: Error copying an instance of a subclass of OrderedDict
https://bugs.python.org/issue41751  opened by erezinman

#41752: Wave shouldn't try to close an open file at all costs
https://bugs.python.org/issue41752  opened by biosthezerg

#41753: subprocess.run on windows does not convert path to string
https://bugs.python.org/issue41753  opened by kaushik.ghose

#41754: Webbrowser Module Cannot Find xdg-settings on OSX
https://bugs.python.org/issue41754  opened by tony.diloreto

#41755: Docs: Please remove `from distutils.core import setup`
https://bugs.python.org/issue41755  opened by guettli

#41756: Do not always use exceptions to return result from coroutine
https://bugs.python.org/issue41756  opened by v2m

#41757: weakmethod's ref is deleted before weakref's garbage-collect c
https://bugs.python.org/issue41757  opened by kratsg

#41758: turtledemo.colormixer crashes with a stack overflow
https://bugs.python.org/issue41758  opened by tusharsadhwani

#41760: 3.8.6 rc1 documentation fails to build with sphinx 3.2.1
https://bugs.python.org/issue41760  opened by doko

#41761: multiprocessing.Queue prevents program exit when containing a 
https://bugs.python.org/issue41761  opened by Dominik Schmid

#41762: Documentation job fails on CIs: duplicate token description of
https://bugs.python.org/issue41762  opened by vstinner

#41763: IDLE: scale font to Windows' "zoom" factor
https://bugs.python.org/issue41763  opened by epaine

#41764: sub function would not work without the flags but the search w
https://bugs.python.org/issue41764  opened by bayat

Most recent 15 issues with no replies (15)

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2020-09-04 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2020-08-28 - 2020-09-04)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
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Issues counts and deltas:
  open7692 (+20)
  closed 45764 (+44)
  total  53456 (+64)

Open issues with patches: 3129 

Issues opened (44)

#41657: Refactor for object source files variable in Makefile
https://bugs.python.org/issue41657  opened by ElianMariano

#41658: http.client not allowing non-ascii in headers
https://bugs.python.org/issue41658  opened by yellalena

#41659: PEG discrepancy on 'if {x} {a}: pass'
https://bugs.python.org/issue41659  opened by gvanrossum

#41660: multiprocessing.Manager objects lose connection info
https://bugs.python.org/issue41660  opened by tim.peters

#41661: os.path.relpath does not document ValueError on Windows with d
https://bugs.python.org/issue41661  opened by andymaier

#41662: Bugs in binding parameters in sqlite3
https://bugs.python.org/issue41662  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#41663: Support Windows pseudoterminals in pty and termios modules
https://bugs.python.org/issue41663  opened by cs01

#41667: The python PEG generator incorrectly handles empty sequences i
https://bugs.python.org/issue41667  opened by pablogsal

#41669: Case mismatch between "include" and "Include"
https://bugs.python.org/issue41669  opened by indygreg

#41670: ceval traces code differently with USE_COMPUTED_GOTOS
https://bugs.python.org/issue41670  opened by nedbat

#41671: inspect.getdoc/.cleandoc doesn't always remove trailing blank 
https://bugs.python.org/issue41671  opened by RalfM

#41672: imaplib: wrong return type documented
https://bugs.python.org/issue41672  opened by norbertcyran

#41673: Result of multiprocessing.heap.BufferWrapper.create_memoryview
https://bugs.python.org/issue41673  opened by Eric Wieser

#41676: asyncio.Event.wait broken link from asyncio.Event
https://bugs.python.org/issue41676  opened by graingert

#41677: os.access() doesn't recognize lack of permissions on an SMB mo
https://bugs.python.org/issue41677  opened by mvpel

#41680: Turtles in Python 3.8.5 crashes OSX 10.14.6
https://bugs.python.org/issue41680  opened by dulcimoo

#41682: test_asyncio: Proactor test_sendfile_close_peer_in_the_middle_
https://bugs.python.org/issue41682  opened by aeros

#41684: argparse: unexpected subparser behaviour on parse_args with na
https://bugs.python.org/issue41684  opened by lucca.ruhland

#41686: C++ Embedded 'time.sleep()' is not working on Windows host due
https://bugs.python.org/issue41686  opened by hafizbilal100

#41687: sendfile implementation is not compatible with Solaris
https://bugs.python.org/issue41687  opened by kulikjak

#41688: Document how **= does not fall back on **
https://bugs.python.org/issue41688  opened by brett.cannon

#41692: Deprecate immortal interned strings: PyUnicode_InternImmortal(
https://bugs.python.org/issue41692  opened by vstinner

#41695: http.cookies.SimpleCookie.parse could not parse cookies when o
https://bugs.python.org/issue41695  opened by brayer.benoit

#41696: asyncio.run interacts surprisingly with debug mode
https://bugs.python.org/issue41696  opened by hauntsaninja

#41698: io.[Text]IOBase.seek doesn't take keyword parameter - revisite
https://bugs.python.org/issue41698  opened by andymaier

#41699: Potential memory leak with asyncio and run_in_executor
https://bugs.python.org/issue41699  opened by sophia2

#41701: Buildbot web page: connection lost after 1 minute, then displa
https://bugs.python.org/issue41701  opened by vstinner

#41702: Inconsistent behaviour in strftime
https://bugs.python.org/issue41702  opened by valdemarrolfsen

#41703: Most bytecode changes are absent from Python 3.9 What's new
https://bugs.python.org/issue41703  opened by mdartiailh

#41704: logging module needs some form of introspection or debugging s
https://bugs.python.org/issue41704  opened by jackjansen

#41705: os.makedirs fails on long-path UNC-paths if it is the first su
https://bugs.python.org/issue41705  opened by Safihre

#41706: docs: operator dunder (`__add__`, et al.) invocations describe
https://bugs.python.org/issue41706  opened by wchargin

#41707: Builtins like int() and float() should not blindly treat buffe
https://bugs.python.org/issue41707  opened by amohr

#41708: request make uninstall target
https://bugs.python.org/issue41708  opened by jeffs

#41710: Timeout is affected by jumps in system time
https://bugs.python.org/issue41710  opened by wocket

#41711: Socker send method throws a timeout exception
https://bugs.python.org/issue41711  opened by pppig

#41712: REDoS in purge
https://bugs.python.org/issue41712  opened by yetingli

#41713: _signal module leak: test_interpreters leaked [1424, 1422, 142
https://bugs.python.org/issue41713  opened by vstinner

#41714: multiprocessing.Queue deadlock
https://bugs.python.org/issue41714  opened by rpurdie

#41715: REDoS in c_analyzer

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2020-08-28 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2020-08-21 - 2020-08-28)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
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Issues counts and deltas:
  open7672 (+21)
  closed 45720 (+24)
  total  53392 (+45)

Open issues with patches: 3116 

Issues opened (35)

#41610: Any Raspberry Pi Zero Projects to try?
https://bugs.python.org/issue41610  reopened by supriyasingh

#41613: get_type_hints regression for 3.9 and 3.10
https://bugs.python.org/issue41613  opened by BTaskaya

#41614: Items put on Queue in thread in child process sometimes not se
https://bugs.python.org/issue41614  opened by alexmojaki

#41615: sys.argv may be None or an empty list
https://bugs.python.org/issue41615  opened by jaraco

#41617: __builtin_bswap16 is used without checking it is supported
https://bugs.python.org/issue41617  opened by jmr

#41618: [C API] How many slots of static types should be exposed in Py
https://bugs.python.org/issue41618  opened by shihai1991

#41619: Subprocesses created with DETACHED_PROCESS can pop up a consol
https://bugs.python.org/issue41619  opened by paul.moore

#41620: Python Unittest does not return results object when the test i
https://bugs.python.org/issue41620  opened by Tabrizian

#41621: defaultdict miss behave when using default_factory passed as k
https://bugs.python.org/issue41621  opened by moshemorad12340

#41622: Add support for emoji-data.txt and emoji-variation-sequences.t
https://bugs.python.org/issue41622  opened by jack1142

#41625: Add splice() to the os module
https://bugs.python.org/issue41625  opened by pablogsal

#41626: port shebang of tools from python2 to python3
https://bugs.python.org/issue41626  opened by shihai1991

#41627: Relocate user site packages on Windows 32-bit
https://bugs.python.org/issue41627  opened by steve.dower

#41628: All unittest.mock autospec-generated methods are coroutine fun
https://bugs.python.org/issue41628  opened by twm

#41629: __class__ not set defining 'X' as . Was __
https://bugs.python.org/issue41629  opened by zzzeek

#41630: Enable curses support on Windows
https://bugs.python.org/issue41630  opened by maarten

#41631: _ast module: get_global_ast_state() doesn't work with Mercuria
https://bugs.python.org/issue41631  opened by vstinner

#41633: pydoc skips methods of nested classes
https://bugs.python.org/issue41633  opened by bkline

#41634: Typo in curses documentation
https://bugs.python.org/issue41634  opened by pipythonmc

#41635: flaky test.test_asyncio.test_events.ProactorEventLoopTests.tes
https://bugs.python.org/issue41635  opened by graingert

#41636: distutils.util.strtobool documented behaviour
https://bugs.python.org/issue41636  opened by Graham.Oliver

#41637: Calling a function with an infinite number of parameters is no
https://bugs.python.org/issue41637  opened by Camion

#41638: Error message: sqlite3.ProgrammingError: You did not supply a 
https://bugs.python.org/issue41638  opened by WolfgangFahl

#41639: Unpickling derived class of list does not call __init__()
https://bugs.python.org/issue41639  opened by andymaier

#41640: module zipfile issue on closing
https://bugs.python.org/issue41640  opened by bastian.ebeling

#41641: Add a "message" action to warnings, to trigger for every *uniq
https://bugs.python.org/issue41641  opened by xmorel

#41642: Buildbot: workers detached every minute and "no space left on 
https://bugs.python.org/issue41642  opened by xtreak

#41643: make shutil.make_archive always accept pathlib objects
https://bugs.python.org/issue41643  opened by graingert

#41644: builtin type kwargs
https://bugs.python.org/issue41644  opened by joperez

#41645: Typo First Page of Documentation
https://bugs.python.org/issue41645  opened by kagarwal

#41646: shutil.copy documentation should clarify support for path-like
https://bugs.python.org/issue41646  opened by Jonatan Skogsfors

#41649: Can't pass  Path like objects to subprocess api's on Windows.
https://bugs.python.org/issue41649  opened by rasjani

#41653: About the use of cpython console mode problem
https://bugs.python.org/issue41653  opened by twoone3

#41654: Segfault when raising MemoryError
https://bugs.python.org/issue41654  opened by hoefling

#41655: New Node may not be visited in lib2to3.refactor.RefactoringToo
https://bugs.python.org/issue41655  opened by chrome

Most recent 15 issues with no replies (15)

#41653: About the use of cpython console mode problem

#41643: make shutil.make_archive always accept pathlib objects

#41641: Add a "message" action to warnings, to trigger for every *uniq

#41637: Calling a function with an infinite number of parameters is no

#41636: distutils.util.strtobool documented behaviour

#41635: flaky 

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2020-08-21 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2020-08-14 - 2020-08-21)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
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Issues counts and deltas:
  open7651 (+28)
  closed 45696 (+23)
  total  53347 (+51)

Open issues with patches: 3110 

Issues opened (45)

#37943: mimetypes.guess_extension() doesn’t get JPG right
https://bugs.python.org/issue37943  reopened by _savage

#41513: Scale by power of two in math.hypot()
https://bugs.python.org/issue41513  reopened by rhettinger

#41527: smart quotes in Lib/pydoc_data/topics.py file
https://bugs.python.org/issue41527  reopened by ned.deily

#41556: hostname verification fails if hostname starts with literal IP
https://bugs.python.org/issue41556  opened by dnmvisser

#41557: Upgrade Windows and macOS builds to use SQLite 3.33
https://bugs.python.org/issue41557  opened by erlendaasland

#41559: Add support for PEP 612 to typing.py
https://bugs.python.org/issue41559  opened by gvanrossum

#41560: pathlib.Path.glob fails on empty string
https://bugs.python.org/issue41560  opened by alex.heger

#41561: test_ssl fails in Ubuntu 20.04: test_min_max_version_mismatch
https://bugs.python.org/issue41561  opened by bugsrep

#41562: StreamReaderProtocol inheritance
https://bugs.python.org/issue41562  opened by danpascu

#41563: .python_history file causes considerable slowdown
https://bugs.python.org/issue41563  opened by bytecookie

#41564: Cannot access member "hex" for type "ByteString"
https://bugs.python.org/issue41564  opened by anacrolix

#41566: Include much faster DEFLATE implementations in Python's gzip a
https://bugs.python.org/issue41566  opened by rhpvorderman

#41567: multiprocessing.Pool from concurrent threads failure on 3.9.0r
https://bugs.python.org/issue41567  opened by drougge

#41569: json.JSONEncoder.default should be called for dict keys as wel
https://bugs.python.org/issue41569  opened by david.byrne222

#41570: Add DearPyGui to faq/gui.rst
https://bugs.python.org/issue41570  opened by jhoffstadt

#41571: Implement thread-related commands in pdb
https://bugs.python.org/issue41571  opened by pablogsal

#41573: Correct wrong sentences in General FAQ
https://bugs.python.org/issue41573  opened by wyz23x2

#41575: Please use active voice "Return foobar" instead of passive voi
https://bugs.python.org/issue41575  opened by denilsonsa

#41576: document BaseException in favour of bare except in error tutor
https://bugs.python.org/issue41576  opened by graingert

#41577: Cannot use ProcessPoolExecutor if in a decorator?
https://bugs.python.org/issue41577  opened by bob.fang.london

#41584: Clarify documentation for binary arithmetic operation subclass
https://bugs.python.org/issue41584  opened by brett.cannon

#41585: policy.max_line_length is incorrectly assumed to never be None
https://bugs.python.org/issue41585  opened by equaeghe

#41586: Allow to set pipe size on subprocess.Popen.
https://bugs.python.org/issue41586  opened by rhpvorderman

#41588: Potential Memory leak with concurrent.futures.ThreadPoolExecut
https://bugs.python.org/issue41588  opened by or12

#41589: Strange behavior with sparse.dok_matrix  decimal is cast to in
https://bugs.python.org/issue41589  opened by browser.365

#41590: "zip()" very slowly for this
https://bugs.python.org/issue41590  opened by email0.ya

#41591: Comprehensions documentation
https://bugs.python.org/issue41591  opened by wtaha

#41592: Make _SubParsersAction public
https://bugs.python.org/issue41592  opened by sourcedelica

#41593: pathlib PermissionError problem
https://bugs.python.org/issue41593  opened by leonyxz

#41594: Intermittent failures of loop.subprocess_exec() to capture out
https://bugs.python.org/issue41594  opened by kyleam

#41595: curses' window.chgat does not change color when specifying cur
https://bugs.python.org/issue41595  opened by maarten

#41596: Re: Asyncio Fatal Error on SSL Transport - IndexError Deque In
https://bugs.python.org/issue41596  opened by m_emori

#41597: Fatal Error on SSL Transport - sslv3 alert bad record mac
https://bugs.python.org/issue41597  opened by m_emori

#41598: rnd() + rndup() in math
https://bugs.python.org/issue41598  opened by marco_ocram

#41599: get/set_payload deprecated, but get_set_content do not provide
https://bugs.python.org/issue41599  opened by equaeghe

#41601: Performance issue using isspace() in extension module on Windo
https://bugs.python.org/issue41601  opened by Clemens

#41602: Python doesn't exit with proper resultcode on SIGINT in runpy 
https://bugs.python.org/issue41602  opened by graingert

#41603: Compilation issue 3.8.5 with Redhat 7.8 and gcc version 4.8.5 
https://bugs.python.org/issue41603  opened by thangmanims

#41604: [curses.panel] Failed panel.set_userptr  will decrement refcou
https://bugs.python.org/issue41604  opened by maarten

#41605: t = re.sub(".*", "*", src) has different ouput
https://bugs.python.org/issue41605  opened 

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2020-08-14 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2020-08-07 - 2020-08-14)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
Do NOT respond to this message.

Issues counts and deltas:
  open7623 (+25)
  closed 45673 (+26)
  total  53296 (+51)

Open issues with patches: 3108 

Issues opened (40)

#33786: @asynccontextmanager doesn't work well with async generators
https://bugs.python.org/issue33786  reopened by ned.deily

#41505: asyncio.gather of large streams with limited resources
https://bugs.python.org/issue41505  opened by kamadorueda

#41506: Inclusion or documentation of extended with syntax in 3.9
https://bugs.python.org/issue41506  opened by asmeurer

#41507: Use utf-8 in "Reading and Writing Files" tutorial.
https://bugs.python.org/issue41507  opened by inada.naoki

#41509: ntpath.relpath behaves differently on Windows with trailing sp
https://bugs.python.org/issue41509  opened by jaraco

#41510: Mentions of pdb.set_trace() in library/functions and library/s
https://bugs.python.org/issue41510  opened by Maciej Olko

#41513: Scale by power of two in math.hypot()
https://bugs.python.org/issue41513  opened by rhettinger

#41515: typing.get_type_hints generates KeyError
https://bugs.python.org/issue41515  opened by eric.fahlgren

#41516: venv activate scripts do not pass ShellCheck
https://bugs.python.org/issue41516  opened by user93448

#41517: Able to subclass enum with members by using multiple inheritan
https://bugs.python.org/issue41517  opened by talsuk5

#41519: `pkgutil.get_data` causes future imports of children modules t
https://bugs.python.org/issue41519  opened by cnezin

#41521: Replace whitelist/blacklist with allowlist/denylist
https://bugs.python.org/issue41521  opened by vstinner

#41522: IDLE: configdialog tab icons
https://bugs.python.org/issue41522  opened by epaine

#41523: functools.cached_property does not satisfy the property check
https://bugs.python.org/issue41523  opened by Bernat Gabor

#41524: PyOS_mystricmp advances pointers too far
https://bugs.python.org/issue41524  opened by wmeehan

#41525: Python '--help' has corrupted text.
https://bugs.python.org/issue41525  opened by WildCard65

#41526: Python 3.9.0rc1 "setup successful" dialog box overflow
https://bugs.python.org/issue41526  opened by PeterL777

#41527: smart quotes in Lib/pydoc_data/topics.py file
https://bugs.python.org/issue41527  opened by xtreak

#41528: Use math module in turtle
https://bugs.python.org/issue41528  opened by TrangOul

#41529: Unable to compile 3.0b3 on Ubuntu systems: Fatal Python error:
https://bugs.python.org/issue41529  opened by ajung

#41530: zoneinfo: ZoneInfo raises IsADirectoryError instead of ZoneInf
https://bugs.python.org/issue41530  opened by josh.ja.butt

#41531: Python 3.9 regression: Literal dict with > 65535 items are one
https://bugs.python.org/issue41531  opened by hroncok

#41533: Bugfix: va_build_stack leaks the stack if do_mkstack fails
https://bugs.python.org/issue41533  opened by tontinton

#41534: argparse : allow_abbrev behavior between 3.7 and 3.8
https://bugs.python.org/issue41534  opened by r1kk3r

#41535: platform win32_ver produces incorrect value for release on Win
https://bugs.python.org/issue41535  opened by jvm3487

#41536: pathlib's Path("NUL:").resolve() throws an error on windows
https://bugs.python.org/issue41536  opened by phillmac

#41538: Allow customizing python interpreter in venv.EnvBuilder
https://bugs.python.org/issue41538  opened by abbec

#41539: print blocks with multiprocessing and buffered output
https://bugs.python.org/issue41539  opened by moi90

#41540: Test test_maxcontext_exact_arith (_decimal) consumes all memor
https://bugs.python.org/issue41540  opened by T.Rex

#41541: Make pty.spawn set window size
https://bugs.python.org/issue41541  opened by soumendra

#41543: contextlib.nullcontext doesn't work with async context manager
https://bugs.python.org/issue41543  opened by tomgrin10

#41544: multiprocessing.dummy.Process lacks daemon parameter
https://bugs.python.org/issue41544  opened by moi90

#41545: gc API requiring matching number of gc.disable - gc.enable cal
https://bugs.python.org/issue41545  opened by Yonatan Goldschmidt

#41546: pprint() gives exception when ran from pythonw
https://bugs.python.org/issue41546  opened by luizeldorado

#41548: Tk Window rendering on macOS Big Sur
https://bugs.python.org/issue41548  opened by roger.meier

#41549: IDLE leaks `_` into hint box
https://bugs.python.org/issue41549  opened by wyz23x2

#41550: SimpleQueues put blocks if feeded with strings greater than 2*
https://bugs.python.org/issue41550  opened by rgrewe

#41551: test.support has way too many imports in libregrtest
https://bugs.python.org/issue41551  opened by thatiparthy

#41552: uuid.uuid1() on certain Macs does not generate unique IDs
https://bugs.python.org/issue41552  opened by terrygreeniaus

#41553: encoded-word abused for header line folding causes RFC 2047 vi

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2020-08-07 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2020-07-31 - 2020-08-07)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
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Issues counts and deltas:
  open7598 (+14)
  closed 45647 (+39)
  total  53245 (+53)

Open issues with patches: 3098 

Issues opened (34)

#41075: IDLE: Better support history navigation
https://bugs.python.org/issue41075  reopened by terry.reedy

#41453: A possible reference leak in _locale.localeconv()
https://bugs.python.org/issue41453  opened by ZackerySpytz

#41455: Python Devguide differs from python docs
https://bugs.python.org/issue41455  opened by ypank

#41458: Avoid overflow/underflow in math.prod()
https://bugs.python.org/issue41458  opened by rhettinger

#41459: pickle.load raises SystemError on malformed input
https://bugs.python.org/issue41459  opened by Guillaume

#41460: Translation Error in in Functional Programming HOWTO page
https://bugs.python.org/issue41460  opened by mydairyyao

#41461: test_pathlib assumes underlying filesystem permits creation wi
https://bugs.python.org/issue41461  opened by Michael.Felt

#41462: os.set_blocking() raises OSError on VxWorks RTOS
https://bugs.python.org/issue41462  opened by pxinwr

#41463: Avoid duplicating jump information from opcode.py in compile.c
https://bugs.python.org/issue41463  opened by Mark.Shannon

#41468: Unrecoverable server exiting
https://bugs.python.org/issue41468  opened by albertpython

#41470: smtplib.SMTP should reset internal 'helo' and 'ehlo' state wit
https://bugs.python.org/issue41470  opened by Dadeos

#41471: After installing python 3.x on Mac pip doesn't work at all
https://bugs.python.org/issue41471  opened by peteje66

#41472: webbrowser uses deprecated env variables to detect desktop typ
https://bugs.python.org/issue41472  opened by Trevinho

#41473: test_gdb fails on AMD64 Fedora Rawhide 3.x
https://bugs.python.org/issue41473  opened by vstinner

#41474: Missing dependency on Include/cpython/frameobject.h
https://bugs.python.org/issue41474  opened by skip.montanaro

#41475: __future__.annotations set to become default in Python 4.0?
https://bugs.python.org/issue41475  opened by cool-RR

#41477: test_genericalias fails if ctypes is missing
https://bugs.python.org/issue41477  opened by vstinner

#41478: Empty representation of AssertionError
https://bugs.python.org/issue41478  opened by Ilya Kamenshchikov

#41482: docstring errors in ipaddress.IPv4Network
https://bugs.python.org/issue41482  opened by eric.frederich

#41483: Do not acquire lock in MemoryHandler.flush() if no target defi
https://bugs.python.org/issue41483  opened by ankostis

#41486: Add _BlocksOutputBuffer for bz2/lzma/zlib module
https://bugs.python.org/issue41486  opened by malin

#41487: Builtin bigint modulo operation can be made faster when the ba
https://bugs.python.org/issue41487  opened by shlomif2

#41489: HTMLParser : HTMLParser.error creating multiple errors.
https://bugs.python.org/issue41489  opened by AbcSxyZ

#41490: Update bundled pip to 20.2.1 and setuptools to 49.2.1
https://bugs.python.org/issue41490  opened by steve.dower

#41491: plistlib can't load macOS BigSur system LaunchAgent
https://bugs.python.org/issue41491  opened by jckwhet

#41492: Fix signing description for Windows release builds
https://bugs.python.org/issue41492  opened by steve.dower

#41494: Add window resizing support [ SIGWINCH ] to Lib/pty
https://bugs.python.org/issue41494  opened by soumendra

#41496: Create public API for typing._eval_type
https://bugs.python.org/issue41496  opened by Dominik V.

#41497: Potential UnicodeDecodeError in dis
https://bugs.python.org/issue41497  opened by zkonge

#41498: Undefinied _Py_Sigset_Converter function when HAVE_SIGSET_T no
https://bugs.python.org/issue41498  opened by Roman Yurchak

#41499: logging nested file path
https://bugs.python.org/issue41499  opened by Norfeldt

#41501: 0x80070643, can't install any version
https://bugs.python.org/issue41501  opened by BSMMedia

#41502: Option for Colored Logging in http.server Module
https://bugs.python.org/issue41502  opened by alichtman

#41503: Race between setTarget and flush in logging.handlers.MemoryHan
https://bugs.python.org/issue41503  opened by iritkatriel

Most recent 15 issues with no replies (15)

#41503: Race between setTarget and flush in logging.handlers.MemoryHan

#41502: Option for Colored Logging in http.server Module

#41501: 0x80070643, can't install any version

#41498: Undefinied _Py_Sigset_Converter function when HAVE_SIGSET_T no

#41496: Create public API for typing._eval_type

#41494: Add window resizing support [ SIGWINCH ] to Lib/pty

#41489: HTMLParser : HTMLParser.error creating 

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2020-07-31 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2020-07-24 - 2020-07-31)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
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Issues counts and deltas:
  open7584 (+15)
  closed 45608 (+48)
  total  53192 (+63)

Open issues with patches: 3084 

Issues opened (48)

#41388: IDLE fails to detect corresponding opening parenthesis
https://bugs.python.org/issue41388  opened by Alexey Burdin

#41390: Errors and warnings on generate bytecode files
https://bugs.python.org/issue41390  opened by kloczek

#41391: Make test_unicodedata pass when running without network
https://bugs.python.org/issue41391  opened by yan12125

#41394: Document '_' in interpreter tutorial
https://bugs.python.org/issue41394  opened by wyz23x2

#41395: pickle and pickletools cli interface doesn't close input and o
https://bugs.python.org/issue41395  opened by xtreak

#41396: pystate.c:_PyCrossInterpreterData_Release() does not clear py 
https://bugs.python.org/issue41396  opened by Tomasz Pytel

#41397: Restore default implementation of __ne__ in Counter
https://bugs.python.org/issue41397  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#41398: cgi module, parse_multipart fails
https://bugs.python.org/issue41398  opened by Magnus Johnsson

#41399: Add stacklevel support for exceptions
https://bugs.python.org/issue41399  opened by wyz23x2

#41400: Remove references to nonexisting __ne__ methods
https://bugs.python.org/issue41400  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#41401: Using non-ascii that require UTF-8 breaks AIX testing
https://bugs.python.org/issue41401  opened by Michael.Felt

#41402: email: ContentManager.set_content calls nonexistent method enc
https://bugs.python.org/issue41402  opened by joreiff

#41403: Uncaught AttributeError in unittest.mock._get_target
https://bugs.python.org/issue41403  opened by webisteme

#41404: IDLE: test iomenu
https://bugs.python.org/issue41404  opened by terry.reedy

#41406: BufferedReader causes Popen.communicate losing the remaining o
https://bugs.python.org/issue41406  opened by Frost Ming

#41410: Opening a file in binary mode makes a difference on all platfo
https://bugs.python.org/issue41410  opened by bkline

#41411: Improve and consolidate f-strings docs
https://bugs.python.org/issue41411  opened by ezio.melotti

#41412: After installation on Windows7, 64bit Python 3.9.0b5 reports "
https://bugs.python.org/issue41412  opened by Martin Borus

#41413: IDLE: exit at input() prompt is not complete
https://bugs.python.org/issue41413  opened by IrvKalb

#41415: duplicated signature of dataclass in help()
https://bugs.python.org/issue41415  opened by sir-sigurd

#41416: Restore default implementation of __ne__ in mixins Set and Map
https://bugs.python.org/issue41416  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#41419: Path.mkdir and os.mkdir don't respect setgid if its parent is 
https://bugs.python.org/issue41419  opened by Xophmeister

#41420: Academic Free License v. 2.1 link is not found and is obsolete
https://bugs.python.org/issue41420  opened by DmytroLitvinov

#41421: Random.paretovariate sometimes raises ZeroDivisionError for sm
https://bugs.python.org/issue41421  opened by David MacIver

#41422: C Unpickler memory leak via memo
https://bugs.python.org/issue41422  opened by kale-smoothie

#41423: `multiprocessing.Array` and `multiprocessing.managers.SyncMana
https://bugs.python.org/issue41423  opened by jthistle

#41424: [tkinter] Grammatical error in "Packer" docs
https://bugs.python.org/issue41424  opened by brett.cannon

#41425: [tkinter] "Coupling Widget Variables" example missing code
https://bugs.python.org/issue41425  opened by brett.cannon

#41428: PEP 604 -- Allow writing union types as X | Y
https://bugs.python.org/issue41428  opened by maggiemoss

#41429: Let fnmatch.filter accept a tuple of patterns
https://bugs.python.org/issue41429  opened by adelfino

#41430: Document C docstring behavior
https://bugs.python.org/issue41430  opened by jameshcorbett

#41431: Optimize dict_merge for copy
https://bugs.python.org/issue41431  opened by inada.naoki

#41432: IDLE: Handle bad highlight tab color config
https://bugs.python.org/issue41432  opened by terry.reedy

#41433: Logging libraries BufferingHandler flushed twice at shutdown
https://bugs.python.org/issue41433  opened by adamist521

#41434: IDLE: Option to warn user on "Run Module" if file is not Pytho
https://bugs.python.org/issue41434  opened by wyz23x2

#41435: Allow to retrieve ongoing exception handled by every threads
https://bugs.python.org/issue41435  opened by jd

#41437: SIGINT blocked by socket operations like recv on Windows
https://bugs.python.org/issue41437  opened by zmwangx

#41438: TimeoutError behavior changes on async.wait_for from python3.7
https://bugs.python.org/issue41438  opened by Yerken Tussupbekov

#41439: some test cases in test_uuid.py and test_ssl.py fail on some o
https://bugs.python.org/issue41439  opened by pxinwr

#41440: os.cpu_count doesn't work on 

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2020-07-24 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2020-07-17 - 2020-07-24)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
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Issues counts and deltas:
  open7569 (+19)
  closed 45560 (+43)
  total  53129 (+62)

Open issues with patches: 3075 

Issues opened (44)

#38946: IDLE on macOS 10.15 Catalina does not open double-clicked file
https://bugs.python.org/issue38946  reopened by ned.deily

#41288: Pickle crashes unpickling invalid NEWOBJ_EX opcode
https://bugs.python.org/issue41288  reopened by serhiy.storchaka

#41314: PEP 563 and annotations __future__ mandatory version
https://bugs.python.org/issue41314  reopened by gvanrossum

#41326: Build failure in blurb-it repo: "Failed building wheel for yar
https://bugs.python.org/issue41326  opened by Mariatta

#41328: Hudson CI is not available anymore
https://bugs.python.org/issue41328  opened by DmytroLitvinov

#41330: Inefficient error-handle for CJK encodings
https://bugs.python.org/issue41330  opened by malin

#41332: connect_accepted_socket() missing from AbstractEventLoop
https://bugs.python.org/issue41332  opened by alex.gronholm

#41335: free(): invalid pointer in list_ass_item() in Python 3.7.3
https://bugs.python.org/issue41335  opened by Howard_Landman

#41336: Sporadic segfaults during zoneinfo object creation stopped usi
https://bugs.python.org/issue41336  opened by xtreak

#41340: Not very good strcpy implementation in cpython/Python/strdup.c
https://bugs.python.org/issue41340  opened by fj92f3jj923f923

#41341: Recursive evaluation of ForwardRef (and PEP 563)
https://bugs.python.org/issue41341  opened by joperez

#41344: SharedMemory crash when size is 0
https://bugs.python.org/issue41344  opened by vinay0410

#41345: Remote end closed connection without response
https://bugs.python.org/issue41345  opened by Michal Arbet

#41346: test_thousand and compileall hangs on riscv64
https://bugs.python.org/issue41346  opened by felixonmars

#41348: Support replacing global function pointers in a shared library
https://bugs.python.org/issue41348  opened by Unai Martinez

#41349: idle not going full screen when I rotate screen 90° on mac
https://bugs.python.org/issue41349  opened by Tim Z

#41350: Use of zipfile.Path causes attempt to write after ZipFile is c
https://bugs.python.org/issue41350  opened by Nick Henderson

#41352: FileIO.readall() should raise "UnsupportedOperation" when in "
https://bugs.python.org/issue41352  opened by Ziyi Wang

#41353: Indicate supported sound header formats
https://bugs.python.org/issue41353  opened by nanjekyejoannah

#41354: filecmp.cmp documentation does not match actual code
https://bugs.python.org/issue41354  opened by chanke

#41355: os.link(..., follow_symlinks=False) without linkat(3)
https://bugs.python.org/issue41355  opened by ronaldoussoren

#41356: Convert bool.__new__ to argument clinic
https://bugs.python.org/issue41356  opened by Dennis Sweeney

#41357: pathlib.Path.resolve incorrect os.path equivalent
https://bugs.python.org/issue41357  opened by Jendrik Weise

#41359: argparse mutually exclusive group  does not exclude in some ca
https://bugs.python.org/issue41359  opened by kkarbowiak

#41360: method _tunnel does not allow for a standard proxy authenticat
https://bugs.python.org/issue41360  opened by Namyotkin

#41362: Regenerating parser table fails (windows)
https://bugs.python.org/issue41362  opened by constantmarks

#41365: Python Launcher is sorry to say... No pyvenv.cfg file
https://bugs.python.org/issue41365  opened by Packhash

#41367: Popen Timeout raised on 3.6 but not on 3.8
https://bugs.python.org/issue41367  opened by Joan Prat Rigol

#41368: Allow compiling Python with llvm-clang on Windows.
https://bugs.python.org/issue41368  opened by William Pickard

#41369: Update to libmpdec-2.5.1
https://bugs.python.org/issue41369  opened by skrah

#41370: PEP 585 and ForwardRef
https://bugs.python.org/issue41370  opened by joperez

#41371: test_zoneinfo fails when lzma module is unavailable
https://bugs.python.org/issue41371  opened by doodspav

#41372: Log exception never retrieved in concurrent.futures
https://bugs.python.org/issue41372  opened by bar.harel

#41373: IDLE: edit/save files created by Windows Explorer
https://bugs.python.org/issue41373  opened by terry.reedy

#41374: socket.TCP_* no longer available with cygwin 3.1.6+
https://bugs.python.org/issue41374  opened by lazka

#41376: site.getusersitepackages() incorrectly claims that PYTHONNOUSE
https://bugs.python.org/issue41376  opened by pelson

#41377: memoryview of str (unicode)
https://bugs.python.org/issue41377  opened by jakirkham

#41380: Add snake example to turtledemo
https://bugs.python.org/issue41380  opened by Ehsonjon Gadoev

#41381: Google chat handler in Logging module
https://bugs.python.org/issue41381  opened by anandtripathi5

#41383: Provide a limit arguments for __repr__
https://bugs.python.org/issue41383  opened by 

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2020-07-17 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2020-07-10 - 2020-07-17)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
Do NOT respond to this message.

Issues counts and deltas:
  open7550 (+20)
  closed 45517 (+35)
  total  53067 (+55)

Open issues with patches: 3067 

Issues opened (39)

#39960: Using typename.__setattr__ in extension type with Py_TPFLAGS_H
https://bugs.python.org/issue39960  reopened by gvanrossum

#41271: Add support for io_uring to cpython
https://bugs.python.org/issue41271  opened by cooperlees

#41272: New clause in FOR and WHILE instead of ELSE
https://bugs.python.org/issue41272  opened by catrudis

#41273: asyncio: proactor read transport: use recv_into instead of rec
https://bugs.python.org/issue41273  opened by tontinton

#41275: Clarify whether Futures can be awaited multiple times
https://bugs.python.org/issue41275  opened by JustAnotherArchivist

#41277: documentation: os.setxattr() errno EEXIST and ENODATA
https://bugs.python.org/issue41277  opened by w0rthle$$

#41278: IDLE: Clarify some completion details in doc
https://bugs.python.org/issue41278  opened by Alex-Python-Programmer

#41279: Convert StreamReaderProtocol to a BufferedProtocol
https://bugs.python.org/issue41279  opened by tontinton

#41281: Wrong/missing code formats in datetime documentation
https://bugs.python.org/issue41281  opened by yyyan

#41282: Deprecate and remove distutils
https://bugs.python.org/issue41282  opened by jaraco

#41283: The parameter name for imghdr.what in the documentation is wro
https://bugs.python.org/issue41283  opened by aeltawela

#41287: __doc__ attribute is not set in property-derived classes
https://bugs.python.org/issue41287  opened by Sergei Izmailov

#41292: Dead link in Windows FAQ
https://bugs.python.org/issue41292  opened by Michel Samia

#41293: fix confusing example in hashlib docs
https://bugs.python.org/issue41293  opened by Pavel Trukhanov

#41294: Allow '__qualname__' to be an instance of 'DynamicClassAttribu
https://bugs.python.org/issue41294  opened by WildCard65

#41295: CPython 3.8.4 regression on __setattr__ in multiinheritance wi
https://bugs.python.org/issue41295  opened by kam193

#41297: Remove doctest import from heapq
https://bugs.python.org/issue41297  opened by alexchandel

#41298: Enable handling logoff and shutdown Windows console events
https://bugs.python.org/issue41298  opened by eryksun

#41299: Python3 threading.Event().wait time is twice as large as Pytho
https://bugs.python.org/issue41299  opened by SD

#41300: IDLE: add missing import io in iomenu.py
https://bugs.python.org/issue41300  opened by nirinA raseliarison

#41303: perf_counter result does not count system sleep time in Mac OS
https://bugs.python.org/issue41303  opened by nooB

#41305: Add StreamReader.readinto()
https://bugs.python.org/issue41305  opened by tontinton

#41306: test_tk test_widgets.ScaleTest fails with Tk 8.6.10
https://bugs.python.org/issue41306  opened by felixonmars

#41307: "email.message.Message.as_bytes":  fails to correctly handle "
https://bugs.python.org/issue41307  opened by dmaurer

#41308: socket.connect() slow to time out on Windows
https://bugs.python.org/issue41308  opened by steve.dower

#41309: test_subprocess.test_pause_reading timing out randomly on Wind
https://bugs.python.org/issue41309  opened by steve.dower

#41310: micro-optimization: increase our float parsing speed by Nx
https://bugs.python.org/issue41310  opened by gregory.p.smith

#41311: Add a function to get a random sample from an iterable (reserv
https://bugs.python.org/issue41311  opened by oscarbenjamin

#41314: __future__ doc and PEP 563 conflict
https://bugs.python.org/issue41314  opened by wyz23x2

#41315: Add mathematical functions as wrappers to decimal.Decimal meth
https://bugs.python.org/issue41315  opened by Jean Abou Samra

#41316: tarfile: Do not write full path in FNAME field
https://bugs.python.org/issue41316  opened by ArtemSBulgakov

#41317: sock_accept() does not remove server socket reader on cancella
https://bugs.python.org/issue41317  opened by alex.gronholm

#41318: Better error message of "Cannot recover from stack overflow."
https://bugs.python.org/issue41318  opened by th

#41320: async process closing after event loop closed
https://bugs.python.org/issue41320  opened by kcwu

#41321: Calculate timestamp is wrong in datetime.datetime
https://bugs.python.org/issue41321  opened by dh4931

#41322: unittest: Generator test methods will always be marked as pass
https://bugs.python.org/issue41322  opened by defreng

#41323: Perform "peephole" optimization directly on control-flow graph
https://bugs.python.org/issue41323  opened by Mark.Shannon

#41324: Add a minimal decimal capsule API
https://bugs.python.org/issue41324  opened by skrah

#41325: Document addition of `mock.call_args.args` and `mock.call_args
https://bugs.python.org/issue41325  opened by uspike

Most recent 15 issues with no 

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2020-07-10 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2020-07-03 - 2020-07-10)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
Do NOT respond to this message.

Issues counts and deltas:
  open7530 (+10)
  closed 45482 (+58)
  total  53012 (+68)

Open issues with patches: 3058 

Issues opened (41)

#39542: Cleanup object.h header
https://bugs.python.org/issue39542  reopened by rhettinger

#41194: Python 3.9.0b3 crash on compile() in PyAST_Check() when the _a
https://bugs.python.org/issue41194  reopened by arcivanov

#41203: Replace references to OS X in documentation with macOS
https://bugs.python.org/issue41203  opened by pxeger

#41205: Documentation Decimal power 0 to the 0 is Nan (versus 0 to the
https://bugs.python.org/issue41205  opened by JD-Veiga

#41209: Scripts Folder is Empty
https://bugs.python.org/issue41209  opened by Jamesss04

#41210: LZMADecompressor.decompress(FORMAT_RAW) truncate output when i
https://bugs.python.org/issue41210  opened by miurahr

#41212: Emoji Unicode failing in standard release of Python 3.8.3 / tk
https://bugs.python.org/issue41212  opened by Ben Griffin

#41214: -O0: Segmentation fault in _PyArg_UnpackStack
https://bugs.python.org/issue41214  opened by Vincent LE GARREC

#41217: Obsolete note for default asyncio event loop on Windows
https://bugs.python.org/issue41217  opened by waszil

#41219: Mimetypes doesn't support audio/webm
https://bugs.python.org/issue41219  opened by cere blanco

#41220: add optional make_key argument to lru_cache
https://bugs.python.org/issue41220  opened by Itayazolay

#41221: io.TextIOWrapper ignores silently partial write if buffer is u
https://bugs.python.org/issue41221  opened by mjacob

#41222: Undocumented behaviour change of POpen.stdout.readine with buf
https://bugs.python.org/issue41222  opened by yann

#41223: `object`-backed `memoryview`'s `tolist` errors
https://bugs.python.org/issue41223  opened by jakirkham

#41226: Supporting `strides` in `memoryview.cast`
https://bugs.python.org/issue41226  opened by jakirkham

#41228: Fix the typo in the description of calendar.monthcalendar(year
https://bugs.python.org/issue41228  opened by ndini

#41229: Asynchronous generator memory leak
https://bugs.python.org/issue41229  opened by zkonge

#41231: Type annotations lost when using wraps by default
https://bugs.python.org/issue41231  opened by David Caro

#41232: Python `functools.wraps` doesn't deal with defaults correctly
https://bugs.python.org/issue41232  opened by Thor Whalen2

#41233: Missing links to errnos on Built-in Exceptions page
https://bugs.python.org/issue41233  opened by yyyan

#41234: Remove symbol.sym_name
https://bugs.python.org/issue41234  opened by nanjekyejoannah

#41236: "about" button in MacOS caused an error
https://bugs.python.org/issue41236  opened by Baozhen Chen

#41238: Python 3 shelve.DbfilenameShelf is generating 164 times larger
https://bugs.python.org/issue41238  opened by Paweł Miech

#41241: Unnecessary Type casting in 'if condition'
https://bugs.python.org/issue41241  opened by ys19991

#41245: cmath module documentation is misleading on branch cuts
https://bugs.python.org/issue41245  opened by mark.dickinson

#41246: IOCP Proactor same socket overlapped callbacks
https://bugs.python.org/issue41246  opened by tontinton

#41248: Python manual forced in maximized window
https://bugs.python.org/issue41248  opened by Mischiew Rithe

#41249: TypedDict inheritance doesn't work with get_type_hints and pos
https://bugs.python.org/issue41249  opened by keithblaha

#41253: unittest -h shows a flag -s but it doesn't work
https://bugs.python.org/issue41253  opened by Faris Chugthai

#41254: Add to/from string methods to datetime.timedelta
https://bugs.python.org/issue41254  opened by tebeka

#41255: Argparse.parse_args exits on unrecognized option with exit_on_
https://bugs.python.org/issue41255  opened by mhughes

#41256: activate script created by venv is not smart enough
https://bugs.python.org/issue41256  opened by kunaltyagi

#41257: mimetypes.guess_extension('video/x-matroska') return wrong val
https://bugs.python.org/issue41257  opened by Saber Hayati

#41259: Find adverbs is not correct on the documentation
https://bugs.python.org/issue41259  opened by Rim Chatti

#41260: datetime: strftime method takes different keyword argument: fm
https://bugs.python.org/issue41260  opened by Anthony Sottile

#41261: 3.9-dev SEGV in object_recursive_isinstance in ast.literal_eva
https://bugs.python.org/issue41261  opened by arcivanov

#41262: Convert memoryview to Argument Clinic
https://bugs.python.org/issue41262  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#41265: lzma/bz2 module: inefficient buffer growth algorithm
https://bugs.python.org/issue41265  opened by malin

#41266: Wrong hint when class methods and builtins named same
https://bugs.python.org/issue41266  opened by wyz23x2

#41268: 3.9-dev regression? TypeError: exec_module() missing 1 require

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2020-07-03 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2020-06-26 - 2020-07-03)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
Do NOT respond to this message.

Issues counts and deltas:
  open7520 (+30)
  closed 45424 (+44)
  total  52944 (+74)

Open issues with patches: 3042 

Issues opened (54)

#41004: Hash collisions in IPv4Interface and IPv6Interface
https://bugs.python.org/issue41004  reopened by corona10

#41129: Python extension modules fail to build on Mac 10.15.1 (Catalin
https://bugs.python.org/issue41129  opened by andrewfg1992

#41130: Improve/fix FreeBSD Bluetooth socket support
https://bugs.python.org/issue41130  opened by myfreeweb

#41131: Augment random.choices() with the alias method
https://bugs.python.org/issue41131  opened by rhettinger

#41133: Insufficient description of cyclic garbage collector for C API
https://bugs.python.org/issue41133  opened by iabervon

#41134: distutils.dir_util.copy_tree FileExistsError when updating sym
https://bugs.python.org/issue41134  opened by Tom Hale

#41135: Suggested change to http.server.HTTPServer to prevent socket r
https://bugs.python.org/issue41135  opened by Michael Rich

#41136: argparse uses default encoding when read arguments from file
https://bugs.python.org/issue41136  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#41137: pdb uses the locale encoding for .pdbrc
https://bugs.python.org/issue41137  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#41138: trace CLI reads source files using the locale encoding
https://bugs.python.org/issue41138  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#41139: cgi uses the locale encoding for log files
https://bugs.python.org/issue41139  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#41140: cgitb uses the locale encoding for log files
https://bugs.python.org/issue41140  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#41141: remove unneeded handling of '.' and '..' from patlib.Path.iter
https://bugs.python.org/issue41141  opened by sir-sigurd

#41143: distutils uses the locale encoding for the .pypirc file
https://bugs.python.org/issue41143  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#41145: EmailMessage.as_string is altering the message state and actua
https://bugs.python.org/issue41145  opened by mardiros

#41146: Convert signal.default_int_handler() to Argument Clinic
https://bugs.python.org/issue41146  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#41147: Document that redirect_std{out,err} yield the new stream as th
https://bugs.python.org/issue41147  opened by PeterJCLaw

#41148: IDLE uses the locale encoding for config files
https://bugs.python.org/issue41148  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#41149: Threads can fail to start
https://bugs.python.org/issue41149  opened by Barney Stratford

#41150: pipes uses text files and the locale encodig
https://bugs.python.org/issue41150  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#41151: Support for new Windows pseudoterminals in the subprocess modu
https://bugs.python.org/issue41151  opened by njs

#41154: test_pkgutil:test_name_resolution fails on some platforms
https://bugs.python.org/issue41154  opened by RJ722

#41157: email.message_from_string() is unable to find the headers for 
https://bugs.python.org/issue41157  opened by jpatel

#41160: Cross-compiling for GNU/Hurd fails
https://bugs.python.org/issue41160  opened by mbakke

#41162: Clear audit hooks after destructors
https://bugs.python.org/issue41162  opened by steve.dower

#41163: test_weakref hangs
https://bugs.python.org/issue41163  opened by Peter Kuťák

#41165: [Python 3.10] Remove APIs deprecated long enough
https://bugs.python.org/issue41165  opened by inada.naoki

#41167: Add new formats to PyArg_ParseTuple for "str or None"
https://bugs.python.org/issue41167  opened by inada.naoki

#41168: Lack of proper checking in PyObject_SetAttr leads to segmentat
https://bugs.python.org/issue41168  opened by Iman Sharafodin

#41169: socket.inet_pton raised when pass an IPv6 address like "[::]" 
https://bugs.python.org/issue41169  opened by seahoh

#41170: Use strnlen instead of strlen when the size i known.
https://bugs.python.org/issue41170  opened by Niclas Larsson

#41171: Create companion methods of "PyType_FromSpec*" to allow settin
https://bugs.python.org/issue41171  opened by WildCard65

#41172: test_peg_generator C tests fail on Windows ARM
https://bugs.python.org/issue41172  opened by steve.dower

#41173: Windows ARM buildbots cannot upload results
https://bugs.python.org/issue41173  opened by steve.dower

#41174: asyncio.coroutine decorator returns a non-generator function w
https://bugs.python.org/issue41174  opened by a-feld

#41175: Static analysis issues reported by GCC 10
https://bugs.python.org/issue41175  opened by cstratak

#41176: revise Tkinter mainloop dispatching flag behavior
https://bugs.python.org/issue41176  opened by Richard Sheridan

#41177: ConvertingList and ConvertingTuple lack iterators and Converti
https://bugs.python.org/issue41177  opened by godot_gildor

#41178: Registry writes on Windows Store - workaround

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2020-06-26 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2020-06-19 - 2020-06-26)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
Do NOT respond to this message.

Issues counts and deltas:
  open7490 (+14)
  closed 45380 (+75)
  total  52870 (+89)

Open issues with patches: 3035 

Issues opened (62)

#15849: PEP 3121, 384 Refactoring applied to xx module
https://bugs.python.org/issue15849  reopened by vstinner

#35975: Put back the ability to parse files where async/await aren't k
https://bugs.python.org/issue35975  reopened by gvanrossum

#41041: Multiprocesing Pool borken on macOS REPL
https://bugs.python.org/issue41041  opened by mbussonn

#41043: Escape the literal part of the path for glob()
https://bugs.python.org/issue41043  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#41045: f-string's "debug" feature is undocumented
https://bugs.python.org/issue41045  opened by eric.smith

#41046: unittest: make skipTest a classmethod
https://bugs.python.org/issue41046  opened by jameshcorbett

#41048: read_mime_types() should read the rule file using UTF-8, not t
https://bugs.python.org/issue41048  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#41050: class multiprocessing.Value calls set_start_method
https://bugs.python.org/issue41050  opened by Kernel Plevitsky

#41051: Flush file after warning is written
https://bugs.python.org/issue41051  opened by mjacob

#41052: Opt out serialization/deserialization for heap type
https://bugs.python.org/issue41052  opened by corona10

#41053: open() fails to read app exec links
https://bugs.python.org/issue41053  opened by saschanaz

#41056: minor NULL pointer and sign issues reported by Coverity
https://bugs.python.org/issue41056  opened by gregory.p.smith

#41059: Large number of Coverity reports for parser.c
https://bugs.python.org/issue41059  opened by gregory.p.smith

#41061: Incorrect expressions / assert with side effect in hashtable
https://bugs.python.org/issue41061  opened by christian.heimes

#41062: Advanced Debugger Support C-API is useless without HEAD_LOCK()
https://bugs.python.org/issue41062  opened by pashkin

#41063: Avoid using the locale encoding for open() in tests
https://bugs.python.org/issue41063  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#41064: f-string SyntaxError gives offset within fake line, other issu
https://bugs.python.org/issue41064  opened by JNCressey

#41065: Use zip-strict in zoneinfo
https://bugs.python.org/issue41065  opened by cool-RR

#41066: Update documentation for Pathlib
https://bugs.python.org/issue41066  opened by thatiparthy

#41067: Haiku build fix - posix module
https://bugs.python.org/issue41067  opened by devnexen

#41073: [C API] PyType_GetSlot() should accept static types
https://bugs.python.org/issue41073  opened by vstinner

#41075: Make support of navigating through prev. commands in IDLE more
https://bugs.python.org/issue41075  opened by wyz23x2

#41076: Pre-feed the parser with the f-string expression location
https://bugs.python.org/issue41076  opened by lys.nikolaou

#41078: [C API] Convert PyTuple_GET_ITEM() macro to a static inline fu
https://bugs.python.org/issue41078  opened by vstinner

#41079: _PyAsyncGenWrappedValue_Type is never Readied
https://bugs.python.org/issue41079  opened by Tomasz Pytel

#41081: Exclude __pycache__ directories from backups using CACHEDIR.TA
https://bugs.python.org/issue41081  opened by jstasiak

#41082: Error handling and documentation of Path.home()
https://bugs.python.org/issue41082  opened by timhoffm

#41083: plistlib can't decode date from year 0
https://bugs.python.org/issue41083  opened by shields-fn

#41084: Signify that a SyntaxError comes from an fstring in the error 
https://bugs.python.org/issue41084  opened by lys.nikolaou

#41086: Exception for uninstantiated interpolation (configparser)
https://bugs.python.org/issue41086  opened by scrummyin

#41088: Extend the AST Validator to validate all identifiers
https://bugs.python.org/issue41088  opened by BTaskaya

#41090: Support for "Universal 2" binary builds
https://bugs.python.org/issue41090  opened by ronaldoussoren

#41091: Remove recommendation in curses module documentation to initia
https://bugs.python.org/issue41091  opened by mjacob

#41092: Report actual size from 'os.path.getsize'
https://bugs.python.org/issue41092  opened by stephenfin

#41093: TCPServer's server_forever() shutdown immediately when calling
https://bugs.python.org/issue41093  opened by tontinton

#41095: inspect.signature() doesn't parse __text_signature__ containin
https://bugs.python.org/issue41095  opened by vstinner

#41096: Need command to exit PDB interactive shell
https://bugs.python.org/issue41096  opened by Kerrick Staley

#41097: confusing BufferError: Existing exports of data: object cannot
https://bugs.python.org/issue41097  opened by arigo

#41098: Deprecating PyUnicodeEncodeError_Create
https://bugs.python.org/issue41098  opened by inada.naoki

#41099: Deprecating PyUnicodeTranslateError_Create

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2020-06-19 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2020-06-12 - 2020-06-19)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
Do NOT respond to this message.

Issues counts and deltas:
  open7476 (+29)
  closed 45305 (+47)
  total  52781 (+76)

Open issues with patches: 3026 

Issues opened (61)

#39949: truncating match in regular expression match objects repr
https://bugs.python.org/issue39949  reopened by eric.smith

#40890: Dict views should be introspectable
https://bugs.python.org/issue40890  reopened by serhiy.storchaka

#40964: Connection to IMAP server cyrus.andrew.cmu.edu hangs
https://bugs.python.org/issue40964  opened by christian.heimes

#40965: Segfault when importing unittest module via C API
https://bugs.python.org/issue40965  opened by The Comet

#40967: asyncio.Task.all_tasks() and asyncio.Task.current_task() must 
https://bugs.python.org/issue40967  opened by remi.lapeyre

#40968: urllib does not send http/1.1 ALPN extension
https://bugs.python.org/issue40968  opened by pmenzel

#40970: Error in Python Datamodel Documentation
https://bugs.python.org/issue40970  opened by chrisyeh96

#40971: Documentation still mentions 'u' string formatting option
https://bugs.python.org/issue40971  opened by gphemsley

#40974: possible optimization: SHRINK_STACK(n)
https://bugs.python.org/issue40974  opened by shrink_stack

#40975: contextlib.AsyncExitStack enter_async_context and aclose shoul
https://bugs.python.org/issue40975  opened by naglis

#40977: asyncio.trsock.TransportSocket says some APIs will be prohibit
https://bugs.python.org/issue40977  opened by ronaldoussoren

#40978: Document that typing.SupportsXXX protocols are runtime checkab
https://bugs.python.org/issue40978  opened by ramalho

#40979: typing module docs: keep text, add subsections
https://bugs.python.org/issue40979  opened by ramalho

#40980: group names of bytes regexes are strings
https://bugs.python.org/issue40980  opened by matpi

#40982: copytree example in shutil
https://bugs.python.org/issue40982  opened by Alberto Torres Barrán

#40984: re.compile's repr truncates patterns at 200 characters
https://bugs.python.org/issue40984  opened by matpi

#40986: Async generators are not garbage collected
https://bugs.python.org/issue40986  opened by vytas

#40987: Add tests to test_interpreters to import C extension modules c
https://bugs.python.org/issue40987  opened by vstinner

#40988: singledispatchmethod significantly slower than singledispatch
https://bugs.python.org/issue40988  opened by CaselIT

#40989: [C API] Remove _Py_NewReference() and _Py_ForgetReference() fr
https://bugs.python.org/issue40989  opened by vstinner

#40990: Make http.server support SSL
https://bugs.python.org/issue40990  opened by remi.lapeyre

#40992: Wrong warning in asyncio debug mode
https://bugs.python.org/issue40992  opened by Alex Alex

#40994: Very confusing documenation for abc.Collections
https://bugs.python.org/issue40994  opened by Sydney Pemberton

#40995: reprlib.Repr.__init__ should accept arguments
https://bugs.python.org/issue40995  opened by remi.lapeyre

#40996: urllib should fsdecode percent-encoded parts of file URIs on U
https://bugs.python.org/issue40996  opened by mjacob

#40998: Compiler warnings in ubsan builds
https://bugs.python.org/issue40998  opened by christian.heimes

#40999: implicit-int-float-conversion warnings in time and math code
https://bugs.python.org/issue40999  opened by christian.heimes

#41000: IDLE: only allow single instance
https://bugs.python.org/issue41000  opened by epaine

#41001: Provide wrapper for eventfd
https://bugs.python.org/issue41001  opened by christian.heimes

#41002: HTTPResponse.read with amt is slow
https://bugs.python.org/issue41002  opened by bmerry

#41004: Hash collisions in IPv4Interface and IPv6Interface
https://bugs.python.org/issue41004  opened by nnewram

#41005: Permission denied: 'xdg-settings' when executing 'jupyter note
https://bugs.python.org/issue41005  opened by SBC King

#41007: test_importlib logs ResourceWarning: test_path.CommonTests.tes
https://bugs.python.org/issue41007  opened by vstinner

#41008: multiprocessing.Connection.poll raises BrokenPipeError on Wind
https://bugs.python.org/issue41008  opened by zanchey

#41009: @support.requires_*_version broken for classes
https://bugs.python.org/issue41009  opened by christian.heimes

#41010: email.message.EmailMessage.get_body
https://bugs.python.org/issue41010  opened by patrick totzke

#41011: [venv] record which executable and command were used to create
https://bugs.python.org/issue41011  opened by brett.cannon

#41012: Some code comments refer to removed initfsencoding()
https://bugs.python.org/issue41012  opened by mjacob

#41013: test_os.test_memfd_create() fails on AMD64 FreeBSD Shared 3.x
https://bugs.python.org/issue41013  opened by vstinner

#41014: warning: 'sqlite3_trace' is deprecated
https://bugs.python.org/issue41014  opened by svaddi


[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2020-06-12 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2020-06-05 - 2020-06-12)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
Do NOT respond to this message.

Issues counts and deltas:
  open7447 ( +3)
  closed 45258 (+78)
  total  52705 (+81)

Open issues with patches: 3009 

Issues opened (57)

#29782: Use __builtin_clzl for bits_in_digit if available
https://bugs.python.org/issue29782  reopened by vstinner

#40878: Use c99 on the aixtools bot
https://bugs.python.org/issue40878  opened by skrah

#40882: memory leak in multiprocessing.shared_memory.SharedMemory in W
https://bugs.python.org/issue40882  opened by eryksun

#40884: Added defaults parameter for logging.Formatter
https://bugs.python.org/issue40884  opened by bar.harel

#40885: Cannot pipe GzipFile into subprocess
https://bugs.python.org/issue40885  opened by Nehal Patel

#40886: Add PYTHONLOGGING environment variable and -L cmdline argument
https://bugs.python.org/issue40886  opened by bar.harel

#40891: Use pep573 in functools
https://bugs.python.org/issue40891  opened by shihai1991

#40892: IDLE: use rlcompleter suffixed for completions
https://bugs.python.org/issue40892  opened by terry.reedy

#40893: tkinter integrate TkDND support
https://bugs.python.org/issue40893  opened by epaine

#40894: asyncio.gather() cancelled() always False
https://bugs.python.org/issue40894  opened by timmwagener

#40896: Missing links to Source Code in Documentation pages
https://bugs.python.org/issue40896  opened by edison.abahurire

#40897: Inheriting from class that defines __new__ causes inspect.sign
https://bugs.python.org/issue40897  opened by ezyang

#40899: Document exceptions raised by importlib.import
https://bugs.python.org/issue40899  opened by j13r

#40900: uuid module build fix on FreeBSD proposal
https://bugs.python.org/issue40900  opened by devnexen

#40901: It's not clear what "interface name" means in socket if_namein
https://bugs.python.org/issue40901  opened by jstasiak

#40905: IDLE relabel Save on close
https://bugs.python.org/issue40905  opened by terry.reedy

#40906: Unable to import module due to python unable to resolve depend
https://bugs.python.org/issue40906  opened by sabakauser

#40912: _PyOS_SigintEvent is never closed on Windows
https://bugs.python.org/issue40912  opened by steve.dower

#40913: time.sleep ignores errors on Windows
https://bugs.python.org/issue40913  opened by steve.dower

#40914: tarfile creates output that appears to omit files
https://bugs.python.org/issue40914  opened by mcr314

#40915: multiple problems with mmap.resize()  in Windows
https://bugs.python.org/issue40915  opened by eryksun

#40916: Proposed tweak to allow for per-task async generator semantics
https://bugs.python.org/issue40916  opened by Joshua Oreman

#40923: Thread safety : disable intel’s compiler autopar where itâ€
https://bugs.python.org/issue40923  opened by Laël Cellier

#40924: Recent importlib change breaks most recent certifi == 2020.4.5
https://bugs.python.org/issue40924  opened by ned.deily

#40925: Remove redundant macros used for stack manipulation in interpr
https://bugs.python.org/issue40925  opened by Mark.Shannon

#40926: command line interface of symtable module is broken
https://bugs.python.org/issue40926  opened by BTaskaya

#40927: ./python -m test test___all__ test_binhex fails
https://bugs.python.org/issue40927  opened by remi.lapeyre

#40928: OS X: malloc(): set default diagnostics to DEBUG_WRITE_ON_CRAS
https://bugs.python.org/issue40928  opened by remi.lapeyre

#40930: zoneinfo gives incorrect dst() in Pacific/Rarotonga between 19
https://bugs.python.org/issue40930  opened by p-ganssle

#40931: zoneinfo gives incorrect dst() in Europe/Madrid in 1938
https://bugs.python.org/issue40931  opened by p-ganssle

#40932: subprocess docs should warn of shlex use on Windows
https://bugs.python.org/issue40932  opened by Stephen Farris

#40933: zoneinfo may give incorrect dst() in Europe/Minsk in 1942
https://bugs.python.org/issue40933  opened by p-ganssle

#40934: Default RLock does not work well for Manager Condition
https://bugs.python.org/issue40934  opened by Misko Dzamba

#40935: Links to Python3 docs for some libs return 404
https://bugs.python.org/issue40935  opened by edison.abahurire

#40936: Remove deprecated functions from gettext
https://bugs.python.org/issue40936  opened by remi.lapeyre

#40937: Remove deprecated functions marked for removal in 3.10
https://bugs.python.org/issue40937  opened by remi.lapeyre

#40938: urllib.parse.urlunsplit makes relative path to absolute (http:
https://bugs.python.org/issue40938  opened by op368

#40939: Remove the old parser
https://bugs.python.org/issue40939  opened by pablogsal

#40941: Merge generator.gi_running and frame executing flag into singl
https://bugs.python.org/issue40941  opened by Mark.Shannon

#40942: BaseManager cannot start with local manager
https://bugs.python.org/issue40942  opened by Mike Jarvis

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2020-06-05 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2020-05-29 - 2020-06-05)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
Do NOT respond to this message.

Issues counts and deltas:
  open7444 (-43)
  closed 45180 (+100)
  total  52624 (+57)

Open issues with patches: 3008 

Issues opened (49)

#25782: CPython hangs on error __context__ set to the error itself
https://bugs.python.org/issue25782  reopened by serhiy.storchaka

#37483: Add PyObject_CallOneArg()
https://bugs.python.org/issue37483  reopened by vstinner

#40679: show class name in method invocation TypeError
https://bugs.python.org/issue40679  reopened by vstinner

#40805: Can no longer patch flask.g
https://bugs.python.org/issue40805  reopened by cjw296

#40821: os.getlogin() not working
https://bugs.python.org/issue40821  opened by Manickaraja Kumarappan

#40822: Drop support for SQLite pre 3.7.15
https://bugs.python.org/issue40822  opened by erlendaasland

#40823: Don't use obsolete unittest.makeSuite() in sqlite3 tests
https://bugs.python.org/issue40823  opened by erlendaasland

#40824: Unexpected errors in __iter__ are masked in "in" and the opera
https://bugs.python.org/issue40824  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#40825: Add a "strict" parameter to csv.writer and csv.DictWriter
https://bugs.python.org/issue40825  opened by eric.smith

#40826: PyOS_InterruptOccurred() now requires to hold the GIL: PyOS_Re
https://bugs.python.org/issue40826  opened by Jelle Zijlstra

#40827: os.readlink should support getting the target's printname in W
https://bugs.python.org/issue40827  opened by eryksun

#40828: shared memory problems with multiprocessing.Pool
https://bugs.python.org/issue40828  opened by trapezoid677

#40830: Certain uses of dictionary unpacking raise TypeError
https://bugs.python.org/issue40830  opened by Kodiologist

#40832: hi param in bisect module should not accept negative values
https://bugs.python.org/issue40832  opened by samuel72

#40833: Clarify docstring of Path.rename
https://bugs.python.org/issue40833  opened by cool-RR

#40834: sending str via channel caused truncate on last character
https://bugs.python.org/issue40834  opened by asaka

#40835: Incorrect handling for msgctxt in msgfmt.py
https://bugs.python.org/issue40835  opened by da1910

#40836: logging.fatal() and logging.Logger.fatal() should raise a Depr
https://bugs.python.org/issue40836  opened by remi.lapeyre

#40837: email.utils.encode_rfc2231(string, None, None) returns broken 
https://bugs.python.org/issue40837  opened by spaceone

#40838: inspect.getsourcefile documentation doesn't mention it can ret
https://bugs.python.org/issue40838  opened by pekka.klarck

#40840: lzma.h file not found building on macOS
https://bugs.python.org/issue40840  opened by jaraco

#40841: Provide mimetypes.sniff API as stdlib
https://bugs.python.org/issue40841  opened by corona10

#40842: _Pickler_CommitFrame() always returns 0 and its return code is
https://bugs.python.org/issue40842  opened by remi.lapeyre

#40843: tarfile: ignore_zeros = True exceedingly slow on a sparse tar 
https://bugs.python.org/issue40843  opened by mxmlnkn

#40846: Misleading line in documentation
https://bugs.python.org/issue40846  opened by J Arun Mani

#40847: New parser considers empty line following a backslash to be a 
https://bugs.python.org/issue40847  opened by adamwill

#40849: Expose X509_V_FLAG_PARTIAL_CHAIN ssl flag
https://bugs.python.org/issue40849  opened by l0x

#40851: subprocess.Popen: impossible to show console window when shell
https://bugs.python.org/issue40851  opened by akdor1154

#40854: [Patch] Allow overriding sys.platlibdir
https://bugs.python.org/issue40854  opened by smani

#40855: statistics.stdev ignore xbar argument
https://bugs.python.org/issue40855  opened by Folket

#40856: IDLE line numbering should be light gray
https://bugs.python.org/issue40856  opened by rhettinger

#40857: tempfile.TemporaryDirectory() context manager can fail to prop
https://bugs.python.org/issue40857  opened by granchester

#40858: ntpath.realpath fails for broken symlinks with rooted target p
https://bugs.python.org/issue40858  opened by eryksun

#40859: Update Windows build to use xz-5.2.5
https://bugs.python.org/issue40859  opened by Ma Lin

#40860: Exception in multiprocessing/context.py under load
https://bugs.python.org/issue40860  opened by Arkady M

#40861: On Windows, liblzma is always built without optimization
https://bugs.python.org/issue40861  opened by nnemkin

#40862: argparse.BooleanOptionalAction accept and silently discard its
https://bugs.python.org/issue40862  opened by remi.lapeyre

#40864: spec_set/autospec/spec seems to not be reading attributes defi
https://bugs.python.org/issue40864  opened by efagerberg

#40866: Use PyModule_AddType() in posix module initialisation
https://bugs.python.org/issue40866  opened by erlendaasland

#40867: Remove unused include in Module/_randommodule.c

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2020-05-29 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2020-05-22 - 2020-05-29)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
Do NOT respond to this message.

Issues counts and deltas:
  open7487 ( +9)
  closed 45080 (+80)
  total  52567 (+89)

Open issues with patches: 3011 

Issues opened (58)

#39343: Travis CI: documentation job fails in library/nntplib.rst with
https://bugs.python.org/issue39343  reopened by chris.jerdonek

#40133: Provide additional matchers for unittest.mock
https://bugs.python.org/issue40133  reopened by gregory.p.smith

#40733: Make IDLE doc more visible, mention in main python docs page
https://bugs.python.org/issue40733  opened by phr

#40734: /usr/bin surprisingly in sys.path under IDLE
https://bugs.python.org/issue40734  opened by phr

#40735: test_nntplib: sporadic failures, NetworkedNNTP_SSLTests.test_w
https://bugs.python.org/issue40735  opened by chris.jerdonek

#40736: better message for re.search TypeError ("expected string or by
https://bugs.python.org/issue40736  opened by chris.jerdonek

#40739: find_library broken for binutils >= 2.32 / 2.34
https://bugs.python.org/issue40739  opened by Frederik Rietdijk

#40741: Upgrade to SQLite v3.32.1 in Windows and macOS builds
https://bugs.python.org/issue40741  opened by erlendaasland

#40742: Doc: Parallel build break audit table
https://bugs.python.org/issue40742  opened by mdk

#40743: [CMake] It's 2020, where is CMake?
https://bugs.python.org/issue40743  opened by TheUltimatePineapple

#40744: Explicitly drop support for SQLite version < 3.7.3
https://bugs.python.org/issue40744  opened by erlendaasland

#40745: Typo in library/typing
https://bugs.python.org/issue40745  opened by hectorcanto

#40746: test_gdb failing on Raspbian on 3.9, regression from 3.8
https://bugs.python.org/issue40746  opened by gregory.p.smith

#40747: sysconfig.get_config_var("py_version_nodot") should return 3_1
https://bugs.python.org/issue40747  opened by mattip

#40748: Tutorial 4.7 More on Defining Functions missing screen prompts
https://bugs.python.org/issue40748  opened by Chas Belov

#40749: Consider adding decorator for required inner class
https://bugs.python.org/issue40749  opened by Elijah Rippeth

#40754: ModuleNotFoundError: No module named '_testinternalcapi' under
https://bugs.python.org/issue40754  opened by honglei.jiang

#40756: Second argument of LoggerAdapter.__init__ should default to No
https://bugs.python.org/issue40756  opened by arturoescaip

#40757: tarfile: ignore_zeros = True won't raise exception even on inv
https://bugs.python.org/issue40757  opened by mxmlnkn

#40758: For 7.2.7. Code Examples, distinguish between the Tutorial and
https://bugs.python.org/issue40758  opened by Chas Belov

#40759: Deprecate the symbol module
https://bugs.python.org/issue40759  opened by BTaskaya

#40762: Writing bytes using CSV module results in b prefixed strings
https://bugs.python.org/issue40762  opened by sidhant

#40763: zipfile.extractall is safe by now
https://bugs.python.org/issue40763  opened by VA

#40766: Add support for SQLITE_DIRECTONLY and SQLITE_INNOCUOUS for use
https://bugs.python.org/issue40766  opened by erlendaasland

#40767: Allow pure Wayland to get default XDG webbrowser
https://bugs.python.org/issue40767  opened by Jeremy Attali

#40769: Pegen: cover extra surrounding parentheses for invalid annotat
https://bugs.python.org/issue40769  opened by BTaskaya

#40770: RFE: Run linkchecker on documentation on the CI
https://bugs.python.org/issue40770  opened by hroncok

#40771: python3 fromtimestamp generates OSError
https://bugs.python.org/issue40771  opened by jamercee

#40772: module 'resource' has no attribute 'RLIMIT_VMEM'
https://bugs.python.org/issue40772  opened by Titusz Ban

#40773: DOC: Fix rendering for 'retval' on the pdb page
https://bugs.python.org/issue40773  opened by cheryl.sabella

#40775: Fix missing dot in sqlite3 Node type name
https://bugs.python.org/issue40775  opened by erlendaasland

#40777: _datetimemodule.c:3328:16: error: initializer element is not c
https://bugs.python.org/issue40777  opened by smani

#40782: AbstactEventLoop.run_in_executor is listed as an async method,
https://bugs.python.org/issue40782  opened by jamesba

#40785: `mmap.mmap(..., 0)` doesn't work as advertised in docs (fails 
https://bugs.python.org/issue40785  opened by ngie

#40786: madvise should be accessible outside of mmap instance
https://bugs.python.org/issue40786  opened by ngie

#40788: Build issue Solaris 10 Sparc
https://bugs.python.org/issue40788  opened by munocat

#40791: hmac.compare_digest could try harder to be constant-time.
https://bugs.python.org/issue40791  opened by Devin Jeanpierre

#40794: dataclass signatures and docstrings w/future-annotations
https://bugs.python.org/issue40794  opened by BTaskaya

#40797: multiprocessing.Semaphore has undocumented get_value() method
https://bugs.python.org/issue40797  opened by remi.lapeyre


[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2020-05-22 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2020-05-15 - 2020-05-22)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
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Issues counts and deltas:
  open7478 (+10)
  closed 45000 (+83)
  total  52478 (+93)

Open issues with patches: 3006 

Issues opened (66)

#26317: _scproxy and Python Launcher fail to build wtih GNU gcc on mac
https://bugs.python.org/issue26317  reopened by vstinner

#38815: test_ssl: test_min_max_version() fails on FreeBSD and Fedora
https://bugs.python.org/issue38815  reopened by christian.heimes

#40217: The garbage collector doesn't take in account that objects of 
https://bugs.python.org/issue40217  reopened by pablogsal

#40452: Tkinter/IDLE: preserve clipboard on closure
https://bugs.python.org/issue40452  reopened by taleinat

#40636: Provide a strict form of zip (PEP-618) requiring same length i
https://bugs.python.org/issue40636  opened by gregory.p.smith

#40638: input() with malformed input stream triggers assertion failure
https://bugs.python.org/issue40638  opened by tekknolagi

#40640: Tutorial for Continue missing ... line
https://bugs.python.org/issue40640  opened by docor...@sonic.net

#40642: Cpython "pystate.h" subdirectory wrong
https://bugs.python.org/issue40642  opened by jpelizza

#40643: Improve doc-strings for datetime.strftime & strptime
https://bugs.python.org/issue40643  opened by edison.abahurire

#40644: Text representation of Windows' file attributes similar to sta
https://bugs.python.org/issue40644  opened by scrool

#40645: Use OpenSSL's HMAC API
https://bugs.python.org/issue40645  opened by christian.heimes

#40646: Builtins in doc show signature in documentation
https://bugs.python.org/issue40646  opened by cryvate

#40647: Building with a libreadline.so located outside the ld.so.conf 
https://bugs.python.org/issue40647  opened by mjpieters

#40648: File mode is not tested on Windows
https://bugs.python.org/issue40648  opened by scrool

#40652: Test test_locale failed when running cpython test on Windows 1
https://bugs.python.org/issue40652  opened by kpysoze

#40654: shutil.copyfile mutates symlink for absolute path
https://bugs.python.org/issue40654  opened by jaraco

#40656: Clean up detect_socket() in setup.py
https://bugs.python.org/issue40656  opened by erlendaasland

#40657: Resource leaks with threading.Thread
https://bugs.python.org/issue40657  opened by POCEH

#40663: Wrong generated annotation on subscripting
https://bugs.python.org/issue40663  opened by BTaskaya

#40666: TarFile.add does not support pathlib.Path as a value to first 
https://bugs.python.org/issue40666  opened by socketpair

#40667: [Windows] Add global python and python3 commands
https://bugs.python.org/issue40667  opened by steve.dower

#40668: Catastrophic loss of precision in colorsys module
https://bugs.python.org/issue40668  opened by Zac Hatfield-Dodds

#40670: supplying an empty string to timeit causes an IndentationError
https://bugs.python.org/issue40670  opened by edison.abahurire

#40671: Convert _hashlib to PEP 489 multiphase initialization
https://bugs.python.org/issue40671  opened by vstinner

#40672: asyncio.wait_for: process future result produced during cancel
https://bugs.python.org/issue40672  opened by Roman Skurikhin

#40673: urllib.request.URLopener raises different exceptions based on 
https://bugs.python.org/issue40673  opened by Petter S

#40674: Deprecate urllib.request.urlretrieve() and cleanup()
https://bugs.python.org/issue40674  opened by remi.lapeyre

#40675: Add missing mimetypes for fonts
https://bugs.python.org/issue40675  opened by sahil.prajapati

#40676: Use Argument Clinic for csv
https://bugs.python.org/issue40676  opened by hauntsaninja

#40678: Full list of Python lexical rules
https://bugs.python.org/issue40678  opened by cool-RR

#40679: show class name in method invocation TypeError
https://bugs.python.org/issue40679  opened by chris.jerdonek

#40680: thread_cputime isn't supported by AIX5
https://bugs.python.org/issue40680  opened by Michael.Felt

#40684: make install doesn't respect configure --with-platlibdir=lib64
https://bugs.python.org/issue40684  opened by vstinner

#40685: IDLE: Document info needed for 'not working' reports.
https://bugs.python.org/issue40685  opened by Coder436

#40686: Compiler warnings in _zoneinfo.c on Windows build in 64-bit
https://bugs.python.org/issue40686  opened by vstinner

#40687: Windows py.exe launcher interacts badly with Windows store pyt
https://bugs.python.org/issue40687  opened by benspiller

#40688: PEG Generator: Fix scripts to always use the correct parser
https://bugs.python.org/issue40688  opened by lys.nikolaou

#40689: The only supported minidom attribute iteration (NamedNodeMap) 
https://bugs.python.org/issue40689  opened by nthykier

#40690: unittest: if FunctionTestCase is imported, the loader loads "t
https://bugs.python.org/issue40690  opened by pwtail

#40691: misleading output 

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2020-05-15 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2020-05-08 - 2020-05-15)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
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Issues counts and deltas:
  open7468 ( +9)
  closed 44917 (+60)
  total  52385 (+69)

Open issues with patches: 2996 

Issues opened (44)

#35967: Better platform.processor support
https://bugs.python.org/issue35967  reopened by lemburg

#40257: Improve the use of __doc__ in pydoc
https://bugs.python.org/issue40257  reopened by gvanrossum

#40567: asyncio.StreadReader `async for line in reader` is not doc
https://bugs.python.org/issue40567  opened by socketpair

#40568: Modify -c command-line option to accept multiple inputs
https://bugs.python.org/issue40568  opened by rhettinger

#40569: Add optional weights to random.sample()
https://bugs.python.org/issue40569  opened by rhettinger

#40572: [subinterpreters] Support basic asynchronous cross-interpreter
https://bugs.python.org/issue40572  opened by eric.snow

#40573: inspect.iscorutinefunction() returns False for unittest.mock.A
https://bugs.python.org/issue40573  opened by moriyoshi

#40576: Align docs for list.sort, sorted, and on the website
https://bugs.python.org/issue40576  opened by sxlijin

#40579: Second argument to iterator.next not described
https://bugs.python.org/issue40579  opened by Andrew Black

#40583: Runtime type annotation mutation leads to inconsistent behavio
https://bugs.python.org/issue40583  opened by ethereon

#40586: Pydoc should support https for hyperlinks.
https://bugs.python.org/issue40586  opened by owebeeone

#40587: [regression] inspect.getdoc not returning docstring.
https://bugs.python.org/issue40587  opened by mbussonn

#40588: Creating Virtual Environments Does Not Work (Not Creating Fold
https://bugs.python.org/issue40588  opened by Shengjun Zhu

#40590: test_subprocess stuck on Windows, x64
https://bugs.python.org/issue40590  opened by Dima.Tisnek

#40592: `Shutil.which` incosistent with windows's `where`
https://bugs.python.org/issue40592  opened by alkuzad

#40594: urljoin since 3.5 incorrectly filters out double slashes
https://bugs.python.org/issue40594  opened by David Bell

#40595: AttributeError from type annotation
https://bugs.python.org/issue40595  opened by robieta

#40597: generated email message exceeds RFC-mandated limit of 998 char
https://bugs.python.org/issue40597  opened by ivyl

#40600: Add an option to disallow creating more than one instance of a
https://bugs.python.org/issue40600  opened by vstinner

#40601: [C API] Hide static types from the limited C API
https://bugs.python.org/issue40601  opened by vstinner

#40603: slice not hashable
https://bugs.python.org/issue40603  opened by Will Bradshaw

#40604: Regression in 3.8.3rc1 - error in tests run via doctest
https://bugs.python.org/issue40604  opened by casevh

#40605: «python»: Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type
https://bugs.python.org/issue40605  opened by sab1703

#40606: Copy property return annotations to __annotations__
https://bugs.python.org/issue40606  opened by Eric Wieser

#40607: asyncio.wait_for should reraise future exception even if timeo
https://bugs.python.org/issue40607  opened by Roman Skurikhin

#40608: PY3.8 GC segfault  (Py_TRASHCAN_SAFE_BEGIN/END are not backwar
https://bugs.python.org/issue40608  opened by iritkatriel

#40611: Add MAP_POPULATE to the mmap library
https://bugs.python.org/issue40611  opened by Ethan Steinberg

#40612: Make traceback module's formatting of SyntaxError more similar
https://bugs.python.org/issue40612  opened by gvanrossum

#40614: ast.parse doesn't respect feature_version for debug f-strings
https://bugs.python.org/issue40614  opened by hauntsaninja

#40616: Add `asyncio.BufferQueue`
https://bugs.python.org/issue40616  opened by lig

#40617: sqlite3: expose sqlite3_create_window_function
https://bugs.python.org/issue40617  opened by iljau

#40620: Range tutorial shorthand could be made clearer
https://bugs.python.org/issue40620  opened by docor...@sonic.net

#40622: Using VS2019 to automatically build Python3 and Runtest and it
https://bugs.python.org/issue40622  opened by Lin

#40623: JSON streaming
https://bugs.python.org/issue40623  opened by phr

#40624: add support for != (not-equals) in ElementTree XPath
https://bugs.python.org/issue40624  opened by Antony.Lee

#40625: Autogenerate signature for METH_NOARGS and perhaps METH_O exte
https://bugs.python.org/issue40625  opened by Antony.Lee

#40626: application/x-hdf5 mime type missing from mimetypes library
https://bugs.python.org/issue40626  opened by schwabm

#40628: sockmodule.c: sock_connect vs negative errno values...
https://bugs.python.org/issue40628  opened by icculus

#40629: Error MSB4086 (numeric comparison)
https://bugs.python.org/issue40629  opened by veganaiZe

#40630: tracemalloc: allow resetting peak memory metric without touchi
https://bugs.python.org/issue40630  opened by huonw


[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2020-05-08 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2020-05-01 - 2020-05-08)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
Do NOT respond to this message.

Issues counts and deltas:
  open7459 (+32)
  closed 44857 (+64)
  total  52316 (+96)

Open issues with patches: 2996 

Issues opened (66)

#36543: Remove old-deprecated ElementTree features (part 2)
https://bugs.python.org/issue36543  reopened by scoder

#40028: Math module method to find prime factors for non-negative int 
https://bugs.python.org/issue40028  reopened by mark.dickinson

#40228: Make setting line number in frame more robust.
https://bugs.python.org/issue40228  reopened by vstinner

#40471: Grammar typo in issubclass docstring
https://bugs.python.org/issue40471  opened by alexpovel

#40474: Code coverage report not entirely accurate
https://bugs.python.org/issue40474  opened by Lewis Ball

#40477: Launcher on Catalina
https://bugs.python.org/issue40477  opened by Auerhahn

#40478: allow finding nmake.exe executable in MSVCCompiler
https://bugs.python.org/issue40478  opened by japm48

#40479: Port _hashlib to OpenSSL 3.0.0
https://bugs.python.org/issue40479  opened by christian.heimes

#40481: Add include and exclude filters to zipapp cli
https://bugs.python.org/issue40481  opened by Jarosław Wygoda

#40482: _hashlib: register Python names as OpenSSL aliases
https://bugs.python.org/issue40482  opened by christian.heimes

#40483: Implementing a verifier function to verify integrity of AST no
https://bugs.python.org/issue40483  opened by BTaskaya

#40484: Document existing compiler flags under ast
https://bugs.python.org/issue40484  opened by BTaskaya

#40485: Provide an abstraction for a select-able Event
https://bugs.python.org/issue40485  opened by paravoid

#40486: pathlib's iterdir doesn't specify what happens if directory co
https://bugs.python.org/issue40486  opened by facundobatista

#40487: Unexpected exception handler behavior in Jupyter when returnin
https://bugs.python.org/issue40487  opened by jeanmonet

#40492: -m cProfile -o f.pstats with a script that does chdir() writes
https://bugs.python.org/issue40492  opened by Anthony Sottile

#40494: collections.abc.Callable and type variables
https://bugs.python.org/issue40494  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#40495: compileall: option to hardlink duplicate optimization levels b
https://bugs.python.org/issue40495  opened by frenzy

#40497: subprocess.check_output() accept the check keyword argument
https://bugs.python.org/issue40497  opened by remi.lapeyre

#40498: Holding spacebar on button widget permanently makes it SUNKEN 
https://bugs.python.org/issue40498  opened by PythonAmateur742

#40500: test_multiprocessing_fork leaks processes on PPC64LE RHEL8 LTO
https://bugs.python.org/issue40500  opened by vstinner

#40501: Deprecate and remove ctypes usage in uuid
https://bugs.python.org/issue40501  opened by steve.dower

#40502: PyNode_New() does not initialize n->n_col_offset
https://bugs.python.org/issue40502  opened by Tomasz Pytel

#40503: PEP 615: Add zoneinfo module
https://bugs.python.org/issue40503  opened by p-ganssle

#40505: getpath.c doesn't know about lib64
https://bugs.python.org/issue40505  opened by lemburg

#40506: add support for os.Pathlike filenames in zipfile.ZipFile.write
https://bugs.python.org/issue40506  opened by d.ragusa

#40507: FileNotFound error raised by os.exec* doesn't contain filename
https://bugs.python.org/issue40507  opened by russelldavis

#40509: In argparse, allow REMAINDER(...) arguments in a mutually excl
https://bugs.python.org/issue40509  opened by Shani Armon

#40510: [regression] ZipFile fails to round trip on some files
https://bugs.python.org/issue40510  opened by DragonSA

#40511: IDLE yellow hint frame blinks when entering () in strings in f
https://bugs.python.org/issue40511  opened by wyz23x2

#40512: Meta issue: per-interpreter GIL
https://bugs.python.org/issue40512  opened by vstinner

#40513: Move _PyRuntimeState.ceval to PyInterpreterState
https://bugs.python.org/issue40513  opened by vstinner

#40514: Add --experimental-isolated-subinterpreters build option
https://bugs.python.org/issue40514  opened by vstinner

#40515: test_ssl.py hangs with SSL 1.1 built with no threads
https://bugs.python.org/issue40515  opened by mig28suarez

#40516: GCC 9 compiler warnings on MacOS Catalina
https://bugs.python.org/issue40516  opened by remi.lapeyre

#40519: Preserve AttributeError exception context in __getattr__
https://bugs.python.org/issue40519  opened by Arusekk

#40521: Make tuple, dict, frame free lists, unicode interned strings, 
https://bugs.python.org/issue40521  opened by vstinner

#40522: Subinterpreters: get the current Python interpreter state from
https://bugs.python.org/issue40522  opened by vstinner

#40525: zipapps execute symlinks as if they are code
https://bugs.python.org/issue40525  opened by Anthony Sottile

#40528: Improve / Clear ASDL generator

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2020-05-01 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2020-04-24 - 2020-05-01)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
Do NOT respond to this message.

Issues counts and deltas:
  open7427 (-25)
  closed 44793 (+118)
  total  52220 (+93)

Open issues with patches: 2954 

Issues opened (74)

#25597: unittest.mock does not wrap dunder methods (__getitem__ etc)
https://bugs.python.org/issue25597  reopened by xtreak

#29587: Generator/coroutine 'throw' discards exc_info state, which is 
https://bugs.python.org/issue29587  reopened by gvanrossum

#37340: remove free_list for bound method objects
https://bugs.python.org/issue37340  reopened by rhettinger

#40246: Different error messages for same error - invalid string prefi
https://bugs.python.org/issue40246  reopened by vstinner

#40335: [PEP 617 new parser] Regression in multiline SyntaxError offse
https://bugs.python.org/issue40335  reopened by Anthony Sottile

#40379: multiprocessing's default start method of fork()-without-exec(
https://bugs.python.org/issue40379  opened by itamarst

#40380: OS-related test failures on Linux in Python 3.8.2
https://bugs.python.org/issue40380  opened by Steven Fleck

#40381: plistlib doesn't handle poorly-formatted plists
https://bugs.python.org/issue40381  opened by Clay Caviness

#40382: Make 'rt' the default for open in docs
https://bugs.python.org/issue40382  opened by facundobatista

#40383: weakref class name are hardcoded in reprs
https://bugs.python.org/issue40383  opened by OhBonsai

#40384: IDLE: Wrong highlighting when \n follows def/class
https://bugs.python.org/issue40384  opened by Alex-Python-Programmer

#40390: Implement _xxsubinterpreters.channel_send_wait().
https://bugs.python.org/issue40390  opened by benedwards14

#40391: io.FileIO.mode doesn't comply with the docs
https://bugs.python.org/issue40391  opened by mike.parker

#40393: Auto-response from Python Help points to Python 2 reference
https://bugs.python.org/issue40393  opened by J Arun Mani

#40395: Scripts folder is Empty in python 3.8.2 for Windows 7.
https://bugs.python.org/issue40395  opened by BenTen Jan

#40397: Refactor typing._GenericAlias
https://bugs.python.org/issue40397  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#40398: get_args(Callable) fails
https://bugs.python.org/issue40398  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#40399: IO streams locking can be broken after fork() with threads
https://bugs.python.org/issue40399  opened by Delgan

#40400: Mac build-installer.py doesn't support new plist format
https://bugs.python.org/issue40400  opened by h2a10

#40402: Race condition in multiprocessing/connection.py: broken handle
https://bugs.python.org/issue40402  opened by maxicooper

#40403: pdb does not drop into debugger upon SyntaxError caused by ast
https://bugs.python.org/issue40403  opened by Kerrick Staley

#40404: Python quit unexpectedly
https://bugs.python.org/issue40404  opened by drliu

#40405: asyncio.as_completed documentation misleading
https://bugs.python.org/issue40405  opened by bar.harel

#40406: MagicMock __aenter__ should be AsyncMock(return_value=MagicMoc
https://bugs.python.org/issue40406  opened by graingert

#40407: Zipfile couldn`t recognized character set rightly.
https://bugs.python.org/issue40407  opened by 김지훈

#40408: GenericAlias does not support nested type variables
https://bugs.python.org/issue40408  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#40409: urllib.parse.urlsplit parses schemes that do not begin with le
https://bugs.python.org/issue40409  opened by sgg

#40410: test_multiprocessing_forktest_terminate() timed out after 15 m
https://bugs.python.org/issue40410  opened by vstinner

#40412: inittab_copy not set to NULL after free, can lead to crashes w
https://bugs.python.org/issue40412  opened by indygreg

#40413: Py_RunMain() crashes on subsequence call
https://bugs.python.org/issue40413  opened by indygreg

#40414: Incorrect mouse and keyboard mapping
https://bugs.python.org/issue40414  opened by Jah-On

#40416: Calling TextIOWrapper.tell() in the middle of reading a gb2312
https://bugs.python.org/issue40416  opened by rmalouf

#40417: PyImport_ReloadModule emits deprecation warning
https://bugs.python.org/issue40417  opened by Robert Rouhani

#40418: Small Refactoring: Use bytes.hex() in secrets.token_hex()
https://bugs.python.org/issue40418  opened by Dennis Sweeney

#40419: timeit CLI docs still mention old power sequence
https://bugs.python.org/issue40419  opened by Energya

#40420: argparse choices formatter
https://bugs.python.org/issue40420  opened by Leonid Ilyevsky

#40421: [C API] Add getter functions for PyFrameObject and maybe move 
https://bugs.python.org/issue40421  opened by vstinner

#40422: Light refactor: create a common _Py_closerange API
https://bugs.python.org/issue40422  opened by kevans91

#40423: Optimization: use close_range(2) if available
https://bugs.python.org/issue40423  opened by kevans91

#40424: AIX: parallel build and ld WARNINGS

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2020-04-24 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2020-04-17 - 2020-04-24)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
Do NOT respond to this message.

Issues counts and deltas:
  open7452 ( +9)
  closed 44675 (+57)
  total  52127 (+66)

Open issues with patches: 2942 

Issues opened (50)

#34037: asyncio: BaseEventLoop.close() shutdowns the executor without 
https://bugs.python.org/issue34037  reopened by vstinner

#40286: Add randbytes() method to random.Random
https://bugs.python.org/issue40286  reopened by rhettinger

#40312: Weakref callbacks running before finalizers in GC collection
https://bugs.python.org/issue40312  opened by a-feld

#40314: python code order of magnitude faster than equivalent CPython 
https://bugs.python.org/issue40314  opened by deekay

#40316: Add zero function to time, datetime, which acts as the use cas
https://bugs.python.org/issue40316  opened by Or Toledano

#40317: inspect.getsource() examines incorrect target
https://bugs.python.org/issue40317  opened by Grzegorz Krasoń

#40318: Migrate to SQLite3 trace v2 API
https://bugs.python.org/issue40318  opened by erlendaasland

#40320: Add ability to specify instance of contextvars context to Task
https://bugs.python.org/issue40320  opened by Jeff.Laughlin

#40321: urllib.request does not support HTTP response status code 308
https://bugs.python.org/issue40321  opened by Jochem Schulenklopper

#40324: python 3.8.2 idle not opening
https://bugs.python.org/issue40324  opened by krishandanushka...@gmail.com

#40327: list(sys.modules.items()) can throw RuntimeError: dictionary c
https://bugs.python.org/issue40327  opened by Markus Mohrhard

#40328: Add tools for generating mappings_XX.h
https://bugs.python.org/issue40328  opened by corona10

#40331: Increase test coverage for the statistics module
https://bugs.python.org/issue40331  opened by tzabal

#40333: Request for multi-phase initialization API to run code after i
https://bugs.python.org/issue40333  opened by indygreg

#40334: PEP 617: new PEG-based parser
https://bugs.python.org/issue40334  opened by gvanrossum

#40337: builtins.RuntimeError: Caught RuntimeError in pin memory threa
https://bugs.python.org/issue40337  opened by shawn

#40338: [Security] urllib and anti-slash (\) in the hostname
https://bugs.python.org/issue40338  opened by vstinner

#40339: Instead of skipping, IPV6 test(s) fail on a non-IPV6 machine
https://bugs.python.org/issue40339  opened by UnitedMarsupials

#40340: Programming FAQ about "How do I convert a string to a number?"
https://bugs.python.org/issue40340  opened by Dominik V.

#40341: Programming FAQ includes actively discouraged solutions; Shoul
https://bugs.python.org/issue40341  opened by Dominik V.

#40342: Programming FAQ about "How do I apply a method to a sequence o
https://bugs.python.org/issue40342  opened by Dominik V.

#40343: Programming FAQ about "How do I call a method defined in a bas
https://bugs.python.org/issue40343  opened by Dominik V.

#40344: Programming FAQ about "What is the most efficient way to conca
https://bugs.python.org/issue40344  opened by Dominik V.

#40345: Programming FAQ about "How do I iterate over a sequence in rev
https://bugs.python.org/issue40345  opened by Dominik V.

#40346: Add random.BaseRandom to ease implementation of subclasses
https://bugs.python.org/issue40346  opened by vstinner

#40347: Programming FAQ about "How do you remove duplicates from a lis
https://bugs.python.org/issue40347  opened by Dominik V.

#40348: Programming FAQ about "What is delegation?": Fix typos
https://bugs.python.org/issue40348  opened by Dominik V.

#40350: modulefinder chokes on numpy - dereferencing None in spec.load
https://bugs.python.org/issue40350  opened by Greg Whiteley

#40352: SocketHandler silently drops log messages on re-connect
https://bugs.python.org/issue40352  opened by Oleg Nykolyn

#40353: Add an optional "strict" check to zip
https://bugs.python.org/issue40353  opened by brandtbucher

#40355: The ast module fails to reject certain malformed nodes
https://bugs.python.org/issue40355  opened by brandtbucher

#40356: OverflowError: mktime argument out of range
https://bugs.python.org/issue40356  opened by darkman66

#40357: asyncio: will shutdown_default_executor work in single step (s
https://bugs.python.org/issue40357  opened by cmeyer

#40358: pathlib's relative_to should behave like os.path.relpath
https://bugs.python.org/issue40358  opened by d.ragusa

#40359: email.parse part.get_filename() fails to unwrap long attachmen
https://bugs.python.org/issue40359  opened by matt-davis

#40360: Deprecate lib2to3 (and 2to3) for future removal
https://bugs.python.org/issue40360  opened by gregory.p.smith

#40361: Darwin systems using win settings for webbrowser.py
https://bugs.python.org/issue40361  opened by Viraat Das

#40362: AbstractBasicAuthHandler does not support the following scheme
https://bugs.python.org/issue40362  opened by Paul 

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2020-04-17 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2020-04-10 - 2020-04-17)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
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Issues counts and deltas:
  open7443 (+10)
  closed 44618 (+55)
  total  52061 (+65)

Open issues with patches: 2932 

Issues opened (40)

#25680: Selector.select() hangs when there is nothing to select
https://bugs.python.org/issue25680  reopened by gvanrossum

#40247: Logged out of user when running Tkinter
https://bugs.python.org/issue40247  opened by Jordan

#40249: __import__ doesn't honour globals
https://bugs.python.org/issue40249  opened by stefan

#40250: unable to comment out r'\u' string with triple quote marks
https://bugs.python.org/issue40250  opened by Elmar Bucher

#40251: selectors.KqueueSelector hangs on EOF, unlike other selectors
https://bugs.python.org/issue40251  opened by russelldavis

#40252: selectors.KqueueSelector should not be the default selector
https://bugs.python.org/issue40252  opened by russelldavis

#40253: Fix .py(w) file association with Pyhon 3 Windows installer
https://bugs.python.org/issue40253  opened by virtualnobi

#40254: pyspecific directives are not translatable
https://bugs.python.org/issue40254  opened by cocoatomo

#40255: Fixing Copy on Writes from reference counting
https://bugs.python.org/issue40255  opened by eelizondo

#40256: Python 3.8 Not Launching on Bootcamp Windows 10.
https://bugs.python.org/issue40256  opened by YusufM

#40257: Improve the use of __doc__ in pydoc
https://bugs.python.org/issue40257  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#40259: re.Scanner groups
https://bugs.python.org/issue40259  opened by dchron

#40260: modulefinder traceback regression starting on Windows
https://bugs.python.org/issue40260  opened by barry-scott

#40261: Build of Python where make is called from subprocess, within a
https://bugs.python.org/issue40261  opened by rdbisme

#40262: SSL recv_into requires the object to implement __len__ unlike 
https://bugs.python.org/issue40262  opened by tzickel

#40263: ValueError exception on _winapi.WaitForMultipleObjects
https://bugs.python.org/issue40263  opened by Ray Donnelly

#40269: Inconsistent complex behavior with (-1j)
https://bugs.python.org/issue40269  opened by rushilu

#40272: ModuleNotFoundEror thrown by system python while accessing it 
https://bugs.python.org/issue40272  opened by gavin

#40273: mappingproxy isn't reversible
https://bugs.python.org/issue40273  opened by jack1142

#40275: test.support has way too many imports
https://bugs.python.org/issue40275  opened by vstinner

#40278: pathlib Path.replace raises OSError when target exists
https://bugs.python.org/issue40278  opened by selik

#40279: Documentation example of module init function lacks error hand
https://bugs.python.org/issue40279  opened by scoder

#40280: Consider supporting emscripten/webassembly as a build target
https://bugs.python.org/issue40280  opened by Simon Biggs

#40283: Documentation of turtle.circle()
https://bugs.python.org/issue40283  opened by guchao

#40284: Add mapping methods to types.SimpleNamespace
https://bugs.python.org/issue40284  opened by rhettinger

#40288: atexit module should not be loaded more than once per interpre
https://bugs.python.org/issue40288  opened by vstinner

#40289: "highlighting" how to get Python's Scripts directory in the do
https://bugs.python.org/issue40289  opened by thautwarm

#40291: socket library support for CAN_J1939
https://bugs.python.org/issue40291  opened by karlding

#40293: Tag libffi build and sources in cpython-source-deps for 3.9.0b
https://bugs.python.org/issue40293  opened by indygreg

#40296: help(list[int]) fails
https://bugs.python.org/issue40296  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#40297: test_socket.CANTest is broken at HEAD on master
https://bugs.python.org/issue40297  opened by karlding

#40300: logging.Formatter crashes when default_msec_format is None.
https://bugs.python.org/issue40300  opened by felixxm

#40301: zipfile module: new feature (two lines of code), useful for te
https://bugs.python.org/issue40301  opened by massimosala

#40304: Classes created using type() don't need to explicitly inherit 
https://bugs.python.org/issue40304  opened by boris

#40305: Fix server_close() method for ThreadingHTTPServer and TCPServe
https://bugs.python.org/issue40305  opened by ROUX antoine2

#40306: Enhancement request for SSLContext - flag to handle trailing d
https://bugs.python.org/issue40306  opened by bli2020

#40307: multiprocessing.BaseManager does not retain Client type.
https://bugs.python.org/issue40307  opened by amol

#40308: Intermittent failure of test_os.TestScandir.test_attributes on
https://bugs.python.org/issue40308  opened by Dennis Sweeney

#40309: “unmatched paren” for space before parenthesis in Py_Build
https://bugs.python.org/issue40309  opened by Wrzlprmft

#40311: docs.python.org banner - release blocker for 2.7.18

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2020-04-10 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2020-04-03 - 2020-04-10)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
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Issues counts and deltas:
  open7433 (+32)
  closed 44563 (+37)
  total  51996 (+69)

Open issues with patches: 2934 

Issues opened (50)

#39984: Move pending calls from _PyRuntime to PyInterpreterState
https://bugs.python.org/issue39984  reopened by vstinner

#40178: Convert the remaining os funtions to Argument Clinic
https://bugs.python.org/issue40178  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#40179: Argument Clinic incorretly translates #elif
https://bugs.python.org/issue40179  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#40180: isinstance(cls_with_metaclass, non_type) raises KeyError
https://bugs.python.org/issue40180  opened by terry.reedy

#40181: IDLE: remove positional-only note from calltips
https://bugs.python.org/issue40181  opened by terry.reedy

#40183: AC_COMPILE_IFELSE doesn't work in all cases
https://bugs.python.org/issue40183  opened by jerome.hamm

#40186: test_notify_all hangs forever in sparc64
https://bugs.python.org/issue40186  opened by BTaskaya

#40188: Azure Pipelines jobs failing randomly with: Unable to connect 
https://bugs.python.org/issue40188  opened by vstinner

#40191: tempfile.mkstemp() | Documentation Error
https://bugs.python.org/issue40191  opened by Howard Waterfall

#40192: time.thread_time isn't outputting in nanoseconds in AIX
https://bugs.python.org/issue40192  opened by BTaskaya

#40195: multiprocessing.Queue.put can fail silently due to pickle erro
https://bugs.python.org/issue40195  opened by Sander Land

#40197: Add nanoseconds to timing table in What's new python 3.8
https://bugs.python.org/issue40197  opened by mchels

#40198: macOS Python builds from Python.org ignore DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH d
https://bugs.python.org/issue40198  opened by dgelessus

#40199: Invalid escape sequence DeprecationWarnings don't trigger by d
https://bugs.python.org/issue40199  opened by Numerlor

#40202: Misleading grammatically of ValueError Message?
https://bugs.python.org/issue40202  opened by Jacob RR

#40203: Warn about invalid PYTHONUSERBASE
https://bugs.python.org/issue40203  opened by Volker Weißmann

#40204: Docs build error with Sphinx 3.0 due to invalid C declaration
https://bugs.python.org/issue40204  opened by xtreak

#40205: Profile 'builtins' parameter documentation missing
https://bugs.python.org/issue40205  opened by bar.harel

#40207: Expose NCURSES_EXT_FUNCS under curses
https://bugs.python.org/issue40207  opened by BTaskaya

#40208: Remove deprecated SymbolTable.has_exec
https://bugs.python.org/issue40208  opened by BTaskaya

#40209: read_pyfile function refactor in Lib/test/test_unparse.py
https://bugs.python.org/issue40209  opened by hakancelik

#40210: ttk.Combobox focus-out event inheritage
https://bugs.python.org/issue40210  opened by Nikolai Ehrhardt

#40211: Clarify preadv and pwritev is supported AIX 7.1 and newer.
https://bugs.python.org/issue40211  opened by BTaskaya

#40212: Re-enable posix_fallocate and posix_fadvise on AIX
https://bugs.python.org/issue40212  opened by BTaskaya

#40213: contextlib.aclosing()
https://bugs.python.org/issue40213  opened by John Belmonte

#40214: test_ctypes.test_load_dll_with_flags Windows failure
https://bugs.python.org/issue40214  opened by aeros

#40215: Use xdg basedir spec on linux
https://bugs.python.org/issue40215  opened by Óscar García Amor

#40217: The garbage collector doesn't take in account that objects of 
https://bugs.python.org/issue40217  opened by vstinner

#40218: sys.executable is a non existing path if python is executed fr
https://bugs.python.org/issue40218  opened by Volker Weißmann

#40219: ttk LabeledScale: label covered by hidden element
https://bugs.python.org/issue40219  opened by Stephen Bell

#40221: Use new _at_fork_reinit() lock method in multiprocessing
https://bugs.python.org/issue40221  opened by vstinner

#40222: "Zero cost" exception handling
https://bugs.python.org/issue40222  opened by Mark.Shannon

#40223: Add -fwrapv for new icc versions
https://bugs.python.org/issue40223  opened by skrah

#40225: recursive call within generator expression is O(depth)
https://bugs.python.org/issue40225  opened by brendon-zh...@hotmail.com

#40227: SSLError is not passed to the client during handshake
https://bugs.python.org/issue40227  opened by iivanyuk

#40228: Make setting line number in frame more robust.
https://bugs.python.org/issue40228  opened by Mark.Shannon

#40229: tty unblocking setraw and save-restore features
https://bugs.python.org/issue40229  opened by Steven Lu

#40230: Itertools.product() Out of Memory Errors
https://bugs.python.org/issue40230  opened by Henry Carscadden

#40231: Fix pending calls in subinterpreters
https://bugs.python.org/issue40231  opened by vstinner

#40232: PyOS_AfterFork_Child() should use _PyThread_at_fork_reinit()
https://bugs.python.org/issue40232  opened by 

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2020-04-03 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2020-03-27 - 2020-04-03)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
Do NOT respond to this message.

Issues counts and deltas:
  open7401 (+44)
  closed 44526 (+40)
  total  51927 (+84)

Open issues with patches: 2909 

Issues opened (65)

#23574: datetime: support leap seconds
https://bugs.python.org/issue23574  reopened by vstinner

#35455: Solaris thread_time doesn't work with current implementation
https://bugs.python.org/issue35455  reopened by BTaskaya

#37207: Use PEP 590 vectorcall to speed up calls to range(), list() an
https://bugs.python.org/issue37207  reopened by petr.viktorin

#39562: Asynchronous comprehensions don't work in asyncio REPL
https://bugs.python.org/issue39562  reopened by vstinner

#39951: Ignore specific errors when closing ssl connections
https://bugs.python.org/issue39951  reopened by Dima.Tisnek

#40068: test_threading: ThreadJoinOnShutdown.test_reinit_tls_after_for
https://bugs.python.org/issue40068  reopened by vstinner

#40093: ThreadPoolExecutor with wait=True shuts down too early
https://bugs.python.org/issue40093  opened by fireattack

#40094: Add os.waitstatus_to_exitcode() function
https://bugs.python.org/issue40094  opened by vstinner

#40095: Incorrect st_ino returned for ReFS on Windows 10
https://bugs.python.org/issue40095  opened by mbri...@gmail.com

#40098: dir() does not return the list of valid attributes for the obj
https://bugs.python.org/issue40098  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#40100: IDLE: Undesired behavior of emoji in editor.
https://bugs.python.org/issue40100  opened by Alex-Python-Programmer

#40101: lib2to3 fails on default convert functionality
https://bugs.python.org/issue40101  opened by BTaskaya

#40102: Improve XLC support for function attributes
https://bugs.python.org/issue40102  opened by BTaskaya

#40103: ZipFile.extractall is not multiprocess safe with regard to dir
https://bugs.python.org/issue40103  opened by nathansilberman

#40105: Updating zip comment doesn't truncate the zip file
https://bugs.python.org/issue40105  opened by nergall2

#40106: multiprocessor spawn
https://bugs.python.org/issue40106  opened by mouse07410

#40107: pathlib: make `_Accessor.open()` return a file object and not 
https://bugs.python.org/issue40107  opened by barneygale

#40110: multiprocessing.Pool.imap() should be lazy
https://bugs.python.org/issue40110  opened by kousu

#40111: Introspect ssl context: read ALPN and NPN protocols
https://bugs.python.org/issue40111  opened by Dima.Tisnek

#40113: Turtle demo
https://bugs.python.org/issue40113  opened by Davide Golinelli

#40116: Regression in memory use of shared key dictionaries for "compa
https://bugs.python.org/issue40116  opened by Mark.Shannon

#40118: os.stat in linux shows the wrong inode
https://bugs.python.org/issue40118  opened by omer sela

#40119: ensurepip should use different pattern for pip/setuptool wheel
https://bugs.python.org/issue40119  opened by anthon

#40120: Undefined C behavior going beyond end of struct via a [1] arra
https://bugs.python.org/issue40120  opened by gregory.p.smith

#40124: Clearer assertion error
https://bugs.python.org/issue40124  opened by pgjones

#40126: Incorrect error handling in unittest.mock
https://bugs.python.org/issue40126  opened by bmclarnon

#40127: Documentation of SSL library
https://bugs.python.org/issue40127  opened by Christophe Nanteuil

#40128: IDLE Show completions pop-up not working on macOS
https://bugs.python.org/issue40128  opened by darthur90

#40129: Add test classes for custom __index__, __int__, __float__ and 
https://bugs.python.org/issue40129  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#40132: Mechanism to control who owns package names on PyPI?
https://bugs.python.org/issue40132  opened by ChrisRands

#40133: Provide additional matchers for unittest.mock
https://bugs.python.org/issue40133  opened by Flameeyes

#40134: Inconsistent ANSI escape code handling on Windows 10
https://bugs.python.org/issue40134  opened by daverove

#40135: multiprocessing: test_shared_memory_across_processes() cannot 
https://bugs.python.org/issue40135  opened by vstinner

#40137: TODO list when PEP 573 "Module State Access from C Extension M
https://bugs.python.org/issue40137  opened by vstinner

#40138: Windows implementation of os.waitpid() truncates the exit stat
https://bugs.python.org/issue40138  opened by vstinner

#40139: mimetypes module racy
https://bugs.python.org/issue40139  opened by ukl

#40142: Modify _PyObject_GC_TRACK() to ensure that newly tracked objec
https://bugs.python.org/issue40142  opened by vstinner

#40143: shutil.rmtree will frequently fail on Windows under heavy load
https://bugs.python.org/issue40143  opened by Alexander Riccio

#40145: Pyshellext room for binary size improvement
https://bugs.python.org/issue40145  opened by Alexander Riccio

#40147: Move checking for duplicated keywords to the compiler

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2020-03-27 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2020-03-20 - 2020-03-27)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
Do NOT respond to this message.

Issues counts and deltas:
  open7357 ( -1)
  closed 44486 (+66)
  total  51843 (+65)

Open issues with patches: 2882 

Issues opened (43)

#20526: python: Modules/gcmodule.c:379: visit_decref: Assertion `((gc)
https://bugs.python.org/issue20526  reopened by vstinner

#36759: astimezone() fails on Windows for pre-epoch times
https://bugs.python.org/issue36759  reopened by SilentGhost

#40028: Math module method to find prime factors for non-negative int 
https://bugs.python.org/issue40028  opened by trrhodes

#40031: Python Configure IDLE 'Ok' and 'Apply' buttons do not seem to 
https://bugs.python.org/issue40031  opened by Vader27

#40034: cgi.parse() does not work with multipart POST requests.
https://bugs.python.org/issue40034  opened by sangh

#40038: pathlib: remove partial support for preserving accessor when m
https://bugs.python.org/issue40038  opened by barneygale

#40042: Enum Flag: psuedo-members have None for name attribute
https://bugs.python.org/issue40042  opened by ethan.furman

#40045: Make "dunder" method documentation easier to locate
https://bugs.python.org/issue40045  opened by aeros

#40048: _PyEval_EvalFrameDefault() doesn't reset tstate->frame if _PyC
https://bugs.python.org/issue40048  opened by vstinner

#40049: tarfile cannot extract from stdin
https://bugs.python.org/issue40049  opened by dtamuc

#40051: Dead link in help(lib2to3)
https://bugs.python.org/issue40051  opened by wyz23x2

#40052: Incorrect pointer alignment in _PyVectorcall_Function() of cpy
https://bugs.python.org/issue40052  opened by asn

#40055: test___all__ and test_distutils alters the enviroinment: pkg_r
https://bugs.python.org/issue40055  opened by vstinner

#40056: more user-friendly turtledemo
https://bugs.python.org/issue40056  opened by Evin Liang

#40057: Missing mention of some class attributes in socketserver docum
https://bugs.python.org/issue40057  opened by overmighty

#40058: Running test_datetime twice fails with: module 'datetime' has 
https://bugs.python.org/issue40058  opened by vstinner

#40059: Provide a toml module in the standard library
https://bugs.python.org/issue40059  opened by mgorny

#40060: socket.TCP_NOTSENT_LOWAT is missing in official macOS builds
https://bugs.python.org/issue40060  opened by Dima.Tisnek

#40061: Possible refleak in _asynciomodule.c future_add_done_callback(
https://bugs.python.org/issue40061  opened by aeros

#40064: py38: document xml.etree.cElementTree will be removed in 3.9
https://bugs.python.org/issue40064  opened by fdrake

#40065: py39: remove deprecation note for xml.etree.cElementTree
https://bugs.python.org/issue40065  opened by fdrake

#40066: Enum._convert should change __repr__ and/or __str__ to use mod
https://bugs.python.org/issue40066  opened by ethan.furman

#40068: test_threading: ThreadJoinOnShutdown.test_reinit_tls_after_for
https://bugs.python.org/issue40068  opened by vstinner

#40070: GCC crashed on AMD64 RHEL7 LTO + PGO 3.7 (compiler bug)
https://bugs.python.org/issue40070  opened by vstinner

#40071: test__xxsubinterpreters  leaked [1, 1, 1] references: test_ids
https://bugs.python.org/issue40071  opened by vstinner

#40072: Win7/Python3.8/asyncio IPv6 UDP Server raise OSError when recv
https://bugs.python.org/issue40072  opened by honglei.jiang

#40073: AIX: python3 points to "air"
https://bugs.python.org/issue40073  opened by Michael.Felt

#40074: pickle module dump and load: add support for string file names
https://bugs.python.org/issue40074  opened by Diego Palacios

#40075: _tkinter PythonCmd fails to acquire GIL
https://bugs.python.org/issue40075  opened by speleo3

#40077: Convert static types to PyType_FromSpec()
https://bugs.python.org/issue40077  opened by corona10

#40078: asyncio subprocesses allow pids to be reaped, different behavi
https://bugs.python.org/issue40078  opened by Justin.Lebar

#40079: NULL pointer deref on error path in _ssl debughelpers.c
https://bugs.python.org/issue40079  opened by Alexander Riccio

#40082: Assertion failure in trip_signal
https://bugs.python.org/issue40082  opened by Alexander Riccio

#40083: No run option available in python idle in version 3.8.2
https://bugs.python.org/issue40083  opened by Raj_110

#40084: HTTPStatus has incomplete dir() listing
https://bugs.python.org/issue40084  opened by rhettinger

#40085: Argument parsing option c should accept int between -128 to 25
https://bugs.python.org/issue40085  opened by tzickel

#40086: test_etree is skipped in test_typing due to cElementTree remov
https://bugs.python.org/issue40086  opened by xtreak

#40087: How to Uninstall Python3.7.3 using cmd?
https://bugs.python.org/issue40087  opened by deepaleedotkh...@gmail.com

#40088: list.reverse(): slow sublist reverse
https://bugs.python.org/issue40088  opened by Yury

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2020-03-20 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2020-03-13 - 2020-03-20)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
Do NOT respond to this message.

Issues counts and deltas:
  open7358 ( +1)
  closed 44420 (+70)
  total  51778 (+71)

Open issues with patches: 2883 

Issues opened (44)

#39576: Surprising MemoryError in `decimal` with MAX_PREC
https://bugs.python.org/issue39576  reopened by pablogsal

#39958: Deadlock in _PyInterpreterState_DeleteExceptMain with HEAD_LOC
https://bugs.python.org/issue39958  opened by Atle Solbakken

#39959: (Possible) bug on multiprocessing.shared_memory
https://bugs.python.org/issue39959  opened by dxflores

#39960: Using typename.__setattr__ in extension type with Py_TPFLAGS_H
https://bugs.python.org/issue39960  opened by Matthias Braun

#39961: warning: this use of "defined" may not be portable (Mac OS)
https://bugs.python.org/issue39961  opened by clem.wang

#39963: Subclassing slice objects
https://bugs.python.org/issue39963  opened by mariode1

#39966: mock 3.9 bug: Wrapped objects without __bool__ raise exception
https://bugs.python.org/issue39966  opened by aviso

#39967: bdb calls linecache.checkcache, resulting in source being diff
https://bugs.python.org/issue39967  opened by blueyed

#39971: Error on documentation  -  Quick fix.
https://bugs.python.org/issue39971  opened by dxflores

#39975: Group of commands running in Python 3.7.6 Shell, but failing a
https://bugs.python.org/issue39975  opened by rosarion

#39976: Add "**other_popen_kwargs" to subprocess API signatures in doc
https://bugs.python.org/issue39976  opened by ncoghlan

#39978: Vectorcall implementation should conform to PEP 590.
https://bugs.python.org/issue39978  opened by Mark.Shannon

#39981: Default values for AST Nodes
https://bugs.python.org/issue39981  opened by BTaskaya

#39982: FreeBSD: SCTP tests of test_socket fails on AMD64 FreeBSD Shar
https://bugs.python.org/issue39982  opened by vstinner

#39983: test.regrtest: test marked as failed (env changed), but no war
https://bugs.python.org/issue39983  opened by vstinner

#39984: Move some ceval fields from _PyRuntime.ceval to PyInterpreterS
https://bugs.python.org/issue39984  opened by vstinner

#39986: test_os / test_listdir failed as root-directory changed during
https://bugs.python.org/issue39986  opened by Matthias Braun

#39989: Output closing parenthesis in ast.dump() on separate line
https://bugs.python.org/issue39989  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#39990: help should evaluate forward reference
https://bugs.python.org/issue39990  opened by McSinyx

#39994: Redundant code in pprint module.
https://bugs.python.org/issue39994  opened by palakjha

#39995: test_concurrent_futures: ProcessPoolSpawnExecutorDeadlockTest.
https://bugs.python.org/issue39995  opened by vstinner

#39996: test_multiprocessing_fork hangs on AMD64 FreeBSD Shared 3.x
https://bugs.python.org/issue39996  opened by vstinner

#3: Fix some issues with AST node classes
https://bugs.python.org/issue3  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#40001: ignore errors in SimpleCookie
https://bugs.python.org/issue40001  opened by aviramha

#40002: Cookie load error inconsistency
https://bugs.python.org/issue40002  opened by bar.harel

#40003: test.regrtest: add an option to run test.bisect_cmd on failed 
https://bugs.python.org/issue40003  opened by vstinner

#40005: Getting different result in python 2.7 and 3.7.
https://bugs.python.org/issue40005  opened by Bharatsolanki

#40006: enum: Add documentation for _create_pseudo_member_ and composi
https://bugs.python.org/issue40006  opened by cool-RR

#40007: An attempt to make asyncio.transport.writelines (selector) use
https://bugs.python.org/issue40007  opened by tzickel

#40010: Inefficient signal handling in multithreaded applications
https://bugs.python.org/issue40010  opened by vstinner

#40011: Tkinter widget events are of type Tuple
https://bugs.python.org/issue40011  opened by Hênio Tierra Sampaio

#40012: Avoid Python 2 documentation to appear in Web search results
https://bugs.python.org/issue40012  opened by bittner

#40013: CSV DictReader parameter documentation
https://bugs.python.org/issue40013  opened by Moshe Sambol

#40014: os.getgrouplist() can fail on macOS
https://bugs.python.org/issue40014  opened by corona10

#40016: Clarify flag case in `re` module
https://bugs.python.org/issue40016  opened by cool-RR

#40017: Please support CLOCK_TAI in the time module.
https://bugs.python.org/issue40017  opened by r3owen

#40018: test_ssl fails with OpenSSL 1.1.1e
https://bugs.python.org/issue40018  opened by benjamin.peterson

#40019: test_gdb  should better detect when Python is optimized
https://bugs.python.org/issue40019  opened by vstinner

#40020: growable_comment_array_add leaks, causes crash
https://bugs.python.org/issue40020  opened by Alexander Riccio

#40022: 关于列表的基础算法问题
https://bugs.python.org/issue40022  opened by yepan Li

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2020-03-13 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2020-03-06 - 2020-03-13)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
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Issues counts and deltas:
  open7357 ( -2)
  closed 44350 (+80)
  total  51707 (+78)

Open issues with patches: 2877 

Issues opened (52)

#14126: Speed up list comprehensions by preallocating the list where p
https://bugs.python.org/issue14126  reopened by vstinner

#26227: Windows: socket.gethostbyaddr(name) fails for non-ASCII hostna
https://bugs.python.org/issue26227  reopened by steve.dower

#39321: AMD64 FreeBSD Non-Debug 3.x: main regrtest process killed by S
https://bugs.python.org/issue39321  reopened by vstinner

#39829: __len__ called twice in the list() constructor
https://bugs.python.org/issue39829  reopened by eric.snow

#39879: Update language reference to specify that dict is insertion-or
https://bugs.python.org/issue39879  opened by eric.snow

#39881: Multiple Interpreters in the Stdlib (PEP 554) - High-level Imp
https://bugs.python.org/issue39881  opened by nanjekyejoannah

#39882: Py_FatalError(): log automatically the function name
https://bugs.python.org/issue39882  opened by vstinner

#39883: Use BSD0 license for code in docs
https://bugs.python.org/issue39883  opened by toddrjen

#39885: IDLE right click outside of any selection should clear it
https://bugs.python.org/issue39885  opened by terry.reedy

#39887: Duplicate C object description of vectorcallfunc
https://bugs.python.org/issue39887  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#39891: [difflib] Improve get_close_matches() to better match when cas
https://bugs.python.org/issue39891  opened by brian.gallagher

#39892: Enable DeprecationWarnings by default when not explicit in uni
https://bugs.python.org/issue39892  opened by gregory.p.smith

#39894: `pathlib.Path.samefile()` calls `os.stat()` without using acce
https://bugs.python.org/issue39894  opened by barneygale

#39895: `pathlib.Path.touch()` calls `os.close()` without using access
https://bugs.python.org/issue39895  opened by barneygale

#39897: `pathlib.Path.is_mount()` calls `Path(self.parent)` and theref
https://bugs.python.org/issue39897  opened by barneygale

#39901: `pathlib.Path.owner()` and `group()` use `pwd` and `grp` modul
https://bugs.python.org/issue39901  opened by barneygale

#39902: dis.Bytecode objects should be comparable
https://bugs.python.org/issue39902  opened by BTaskaya

#39906: pathlib.Path: add `follow_symlinks` argument to `stat()` and `
https://bugs.python.org/issue39906  opened by barneygale

#39908: Remove unused args from init_set_builtins_open and _Py_FatalEr
https://bugs.python.org/issue39908  opened by petdance

#39910: os.ftruncate on Windows should be sparse
https://bugs.python.org/issue39910  opened by Artoria2e5

#39912: warnings.py should not raise AssertionError when validating ar
https://bugs.python.org/issue39912  opened by remi.lapeyre

#39913: Document warnings.WarningMessage ?
https://bugs.python.org/issue39913  opened by blueyed

#39914: logging.config: '.' (dot) as a key is not documented
https://bugs.python.org/issue39914  opened by Yuta Okamoto

#39915: await_args_list in AsyncMock always refers to the last awaited
https://bugs.python.org/issue39915  opened by Mads Sejersen

#39917: new_compiler() called 2nd time causes error
https://bugs.python.org/issue39917  opened by televi

#39919: C extension code reliant on static flags/behavior with PY_DEBU
https://bugs.python.org/issue39919  opened by ngie

#39920: os.stat() and os.lstat() fail  with Windows device paths
https://bugs.python.org/issue39920  opened by Charles Machalow

#39924: pathlib handles missing `os.link`, `os.symlink` and `os.readli
https://bugs.python.org/issue39924  opened by barneygale

#39927: IDLE.app fails on macOS 10.15 if denied access to Documents
https://bugs.python.org/issue39927  opened by dd789

#39929: dataclasses.asdict will mangle collection.Counter instances
https://bugs.python.org/issue39929  opened by brad.scarl...@gmail.com

#39931: Global variables are not accessible from child processes (mult
https://bugs.python.org/issue39931  opened by agmt

#39932: test_multiprocessing_fork leaked [0, 2, 0] file descriptors on
https://bugs.python.org/issue39932  opened by vstinner

#39933: test_gdb fails on AMD64 FreeBSD Shared 3.x: ptrace: Operation 
https://bugs.python.org/issue39933  opened by vstinner

#39934: Fatal Python error "XXX block stack overflow" when exception s
https://bugs.python.org/issue39934  opened by myzhang1029

#39935: argparse: help parameter not documented in add_subparsers().ad
https://bugs.python.org/issue39935  opened by Nazime Koussaila Lakehal

#39937: Suggest the usage of Element.iter() instead of iter() in whats
https://bugs.python.org/issue39937  opened by rahul-kumi

#39939: Add str methods to remove prefixes or suffixes
https://bugs.python.org/issue39939  opened by Dennis Sweeney

#39940: Micro-optimizations to 

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2020-03-06 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2020-02-28 - 2020-03-06)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
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Issues counts and deltas:
  open7359 (+26)
  closed 44270 (+68)
  total  51629 (+94)

Open issues with patches: 2882 

Issues opened (67)

#39389: gzip metadata fails to reflect compresslevel
https://bugs.python.org/issue39389  reopened by ned.deily

#39757: EmailMessage bad encoding for international domain
https://bugs.python.org/issue39757  reopened by r.david.murray

#39787: test_ssl and test_urllib2_localnet failing with new OpenSSL
https://bugs.python.org/issue39787  opened by mscastanho

#39790: LICENSE.TXT file does not contain all incorporated software
https://bugs.python.org/issue39790  opened by steve.dower

#39791: New `files()` api from importlib_resources.
https://bugs.python.org/issue39791  opened by jaraco

#39792: Two Ctrl+C is required to terminate when a pipe is blocking
https://bugs.python.org/issue39792  opened by msakai

#39793: make_msgid fail on FreeBSD 12.1-RELEASE-p1 with different doma
https://bugs.python.org/issue39793  opened by BTaskaya

#39794: Add --without-decimal-contextvar option to use just threads in
https://bugs.python.org/issue39794  opened by skrah

#39795: multiprocessing creates duplicates of .pyc files
https://bugs.python.org/issue39795  opened by ivb

#39797: shutdown() in socketserver.BaseServer should be in a different
https://bugs.python.org/issue39797  opened by amaajemyfren

#39798: Update and Improve README.AIX
https://bugs.python.org/issue39798  opened by BTaskaya

#39799: Never return base's fragment from urljoin (urllib.parse)
https://bugs.python.org/issue39799  opened by op368

#39800: Inconsistent/incomplete disassembly of methods vs method sourc
https://bugs.python.org/issue39800  opened by smurthy

#39801: list.insert is slow, likely due to manual memmove
https://bugs.python.org/issue39801  opened by Stefan Pochmann

#39804: timezone constants in time module inaccurate with negative DST
https://bugs.python.org/issue39804  opened by p-ganssle

#39805: Copying functions doesn't actually copy them
https://bugs.python.org/issue39805  opened by steven.daprano

#39810: Generic script for finding bugs in get_source_segment
https://bugs.python.org/issue39810  opened by alexmojaki

#39812: Avoid daemon threads in concurrent.futures
https://bugs.python.org/issue39812  opened by pitrou

#39813: test_ioctl skipped -- Unable to open /dev/tty
https://bugs.python.org/issue39813  opened by Marco Sulla

#39814: Hyphens not generated for split-words in a "note" directive
https://bugs.python.org/issue39814  opened by rhettinger

#39816: More descriptive error message than "too many values to unpack
https://bugs.python.org/issue39816  opened by alexmojaki

#39817: CRITICAL: TypeError: cannot pickle 'generator'
https://bugs.python.org/issue39817  opened by dotoscat

#39819: NULL pointer crash in Modules/_cursesmodule.c in PyInit__curse
https://bugs.python.org/issue39819  opened by kumba

#39820: Bracketed paste mode for REPL
https://bugs.python.org/issue39820  opened by Marco Sulla

#39821: grp library functions grp.getgrnam() & grp.getgrgid() returnin
https://bugs.python.org/issue39821  opened by abhi.sharma

#39822: Use NULL instead of None for empty attrib in C implementation 
https://bugs.python.org/issue39822  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#39823: Disassembly - improve documentation for bytecode instruction c
https://bugs.python.org/issue39823  opened by smurthy

#39824: Multi-phase extension module (PEP 489): don't call m_traverse,
https://bugs.python.org/issue39824  opened by vstinner

#39825: EXT_SUFFIX inconsistent between sysconfig and distutils.syscon
https://bugs.python.org/issue39825  opened by pitrou

#39827: setting a locale that uses comma as decimal separator breaks t
https://bugs.python.org/issue39827  opened by thawn

#39828: json.tool should catch BrokenPipeError
https://bugs.python.org/issue39828  opened by vstinner

#39829: __len__ called twice in the list() constructor
https://bugs.python.org/issue39829  opened by kimiguel

#39830: zipfile.Path is not included in __all__
https://bugs.python.org/issue39830  opened by xtreak

#39831: Reference leak in PyErr_WarnEx()
https://bugs.python.org/issue39831  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#39832: Modules with decomposable characters in module name not found 
https://bugs.python.org/issue39832  opened by Norbert

#39835: Implement PyObject_CopyToObject
https://bugs.python.org/issue39835  opened by nanjekyejoannah

#39836: Implement PyObject_GetMemoryView
https://bugs.python.org/issue39836  opened by nanjekyejoannah

#39837: Remove Azure Pipelines from GitHub PRs
https://bugs.python.org/issue39837  opened by vstinner

#39838: Possible unnecessary redifinition of _POSIX_C_SOURCE
https://bugs.python.org/issue39838  opened by nanjekyejoannah

#39839: Non-working error handler when creating a task with 

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2020-02-28 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2020-02-21 - 2020-02-28)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
Do NOT respond to this message.

Issues counts and deltas:
  open7333 (+18)
  closed 44202 (+52)
  total  51535 (+70)

Open issues with patches: 2882 

Issues opened (53)

#17422: language reference should specify restrictions on class namesp
https://bugs.python.org/issue17422  reopened by eric.snow

#25960: Popen.wait() hangs when called from a signal handler when os.w
https://bugs.python.org/issue25960  reopened by gregory.p.smith

#39715: Implement __repr__ methods for AST classes
https://bugs.python.org/issue39715  opened by cool-RR

#39716: argparse.ArgumentParser does not raise on duplicated subparser
https://bugs.python.org/issue39716  opened by Antony.Lee

#39717: Fix exception causes in tarfile module
https://bugs.python.org/issue39717  opened by cool-RR

#39718: TYPE_IGNORE, COLONEQUAL missing from py38 changes in token doc
https://bugs.python.org/issue39718  opened by hauntsaninja

#39719: tempfile.SpooledTemporaryFile still has softspace property
https://bugs.python.org/issue39719  opened by hauntsaninja

#39720: Signature.bind TypeErrors could be more helpful
https://bugs.python.org/issue39720  opened by RazerM

#39724: IDLE threading + stdout/stdin observed blocking behavior
https://bugs.python.org/issue39724  opened by John Smith

#39725: unrelated  `from None` exceptions lose prior exception informa
https://bugs.python.org/issue39725  opened by ethan.furman

#39727: cgi.parse() fatally attempts str.decode when handling multipar
https://bugs.python.org/issue39727  opened by James Edington

#39728: Instantiating enum with invalid value results in ValueError tw
https://bugs.python.org/issue39728  opened by jonasmalaco

#39729: stat.S_ISXXX can raise OverflowError for remote file modes
https://bugs.python.org/issue39729  opened by wiggin15

#39731: ModuleNotFoundError: No module named '_ctypes'
https://bugs.python.org/issue39731  opened by alhelal

#39732: plistlib should export UIDs in XML like Apple does
https://bugs.python.org/issue39732  opened by Artoria2e5

#39734: Deprecate readinto() fallback path in _pickle.c
https://bugs.python.org/issue39734  opened by pitrou

#39735: Signal handler is invoked recursively
https://bugs.python.org/issue39735  opened by msakai

#39740: Select module fails to build on Solaris 11.4
https://bugs.python.org/issue39740  opened by RobHammann

#39741: Argument Clinic name conflict
https://bugs.python.org/issue39741  opened by BTaskaya

#39742: Enhancement: add `os.getdtablesize(..)` to `os` (`posix`) modu
https://bugs.python.org/issue39742  opened by ngie

#39744: asyncio.subprocess's communicate(None) does not close stdin
https://bugs.python.org/issue39744  opened by marmarek

#39745: BlockingIOError.characters_written represents number of bytes 
https://bugs.python.org/issue39745  opened by msakai

#39747: test_os debug assertion failure
https://bugs.python.org/issue39747  opened by Ethan Smith

#39750: UnicodeError becomes unpicklable if data is appended to args
https://bugs.python.org/issue39750  opened by João Eiras

#39751: multiprocessing breaks when payload fails to unpickle
https://bugs.python.org/issue39751  opened by João Eiras

#39752: multiprocessing halts when child process crashes/quits
https://bugs.python.org/issue39752  opened by João Eiras

#39753: inspecting a partial with bound keywods gives incorrect signat
https://bugs.python.org/issue39753  opened by cjw296

#39756: Event sequence "KeyRelease-Shift_R" not being fired
https://bugs.python.org/issue39756  opened by Devin Morgan

#39758: StreamWriter.wait_closed() can hang indefinitely.
https://bugs.python.org/issue39758  opened by tomchristie

#39759: os.getenv documentation is misleading
https://bugs.python.org/issue39759  opened by remi.lapeyre

#39760: ast.FormattedValue.format_spec unnecessarily wrapped in Joined
https://bugs.python.org/issue39760  opened by Ilya Kamenshchikov

#39761: Python 3.9.0a4 fails to build when configured with --with-dtra
https://bugs.python.org/issue39761  opened by Dormouse759

#39763: distutils.spawn should use subprocess (hang in parallel builds
https://bugs.python.org/issue39763  opened by Elad Lahav

#39764: PyAsyncGenObject causes task.get_stack() raising AttributeErro
https://bugs.python.org/issue39764  opened by lidiz

#39765: asyncio loop.add_signal_handler() may not behave as expected
https://bugs.python.org/issue39765  opened by rogerdahl

#39766: unittest's assertRaises removes locals from tracebacks
https://bugs.python.org/issue39766  opened by blueyed

#39767: create multiprocessing.SharedMemory by pointing to existing me
https://bugs.python.org/issue39767  opened by Dariusz Trawinski

#39768: remove tempfile.mktemp()
https://bugs.python.org/issue39768  opened by wyz23x2

#39769: compileall.compile_dir(..., ddir="") omits the interme

[Python-Dev] Summary of Python tracker Issues

2020-02-21 Thread Python tracker

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (2020-02-14 - 2020-02-21)
Python tracker at https://bugs.python.org/

To view or respond to any of the issues listed below, click on the issue.
Do NOT respond to this message.

Issues counts and deltas:
  open7315 (+38)
  closed 44150 (+43)
  total  51465 (+81)

Open issues with patches: 2874 

Issues opened (62)

#38691: importlib: PYTHONCASEOK should be ignored when using python3 -
https://bugs.python.org/issue38691  reopened by vstinner

#39636: Can't change Treeview row color in Tkinter
https://bugs.python.org/issue39636  opened by Олег Париев

#39638: Keep ASDL signatures for AST nodes
https://bugs.python.org/issue39638  opened by BTaskaya

#39639: Remove Suite node from AST
https://bugs.python.org/issue39639  opened by BTaskaya

#39640: fall back os.fdatasync() to fsync() on POSIX systems without f
https://bugs.python.org/issue39640  opened by gmelikov

#39642: Behaviour of disabled widgets:   widget.bind(func)  -vs-  w = 
https://bugs.python.org/issue39642  opened by mrshr3d

#39643: Python calls newfstatat for "" in
https://bugs.python.org/issue39643  opened by Ivan Babrou

#39645: Expand concurrent.futures.Future's public API
https://bugs.python.org/issue39645  opened by aeros

#39648: Update math.gcd() to accept "n" arguments.
https://bugs.python.org/issue39648  opened by Ananthakrishnan

#39649: bdb.Bdb.format_stack_entry: checks for obsolete __args__
https://bugs.python.org/issue39649  opened by blueyed

#39650: Creating zip file where names in local header don't match with
https://bugs.python.org/issue39650  opened by pmqs

#39651: Exceptions raised by EventLoop.call_soon_threadsafe
https://bugs.python.org/issue39651  opened by Ben.Darnell

#39652: sqlite3 bug handling column names that contain square braces
https://bugs.python.org/issue39652  opened by simonw

#39653: test_posix fails during make test
https://bugs.python.org/issue39653  opened by jaguardown

#39654: pyclbr: remove old references to class browser & add explain r
https://bugs.python.org/issue39654  opened by hakancelik

#39656: shebanged scripts can escape from `venv` depending on how it w
https://bugs.python.org/issue39656  opened by Anthony Sottile

#39657: Bezout and Chinese Remainder Theorem in the Standard Library?
https://bugs.python.org/issue39657  opened by Dennis Sweeney

#39658: Include user scripts folder to PATH on Windows
https://bugs.python.org/issue39658  opened by lucatrv

#39659: pathlib calls `os.getcwd()` without using accessor
https://bugs.python.org/issue39659  opened by barneygale

#39660: Contextvars: Optional callbacks on state change
https://bugs.python.org/issue39660  opened by leezu

#39663: IDLE: Add additional tests for pyparse
https://bugs.python.org/issue39663  opened by cheryl.sabella

#39664: Improve test coverage for operator module
https://bugs.python.org/issue39664  opened by xtreak

#39665: Cryptic error message when creating types that don't include t
https://bugs.python.org/issue39665  opened by ppperry

#39666: IDLE: Factor out similar code in editor and hyperparser
https://bugs.python.org/issue39666  opened by cheryl.sabella

#39667: Update zipfile.Path with zipp 3.0
https://bugs.python.org/issue39667  opened by jaraco

#39670: 2to3 fix_apply tries to fix user-defined apply function calls
https://bugs.python.org/issue39670  opened by ilya

#39671: Mention in docs that asyncio.FIRST_COMPLETED does not guarante
https://bugs.python.org/issue39671  opened by tom.pohl

#39672: SIGSEGV crash on shutdown with shelve & c pickle
https://bugs.python.org/issue39672  opened by zd nex

#39673: Map errno==ETIME to TimeoutError
https://bugs.python.org/issue39673  opened by YoSTEALTH

#39674: Keep deprecated features in Python 3.9 to ease migration from 
https://bugs.python.org/issue39674  opened by vstinner

#39675: forked process in multiprocessing does not honour atexit
https://bugs.python.org/issue39675  opened by gaborbernat

#39677: 3.6+ documentation for MAKE_FUNCTION
https://bugs.python.org/issue39677  opened by thautwarm

#39678: RFC improve readability of _queue_management_worker for Proces
https://bugs.python.org/issue39678  opened by tomMoral

#39679: functools: singledispatchmethod doesn't work with classmethod
https://bugs.python.org/issue39679  opened by Viktor Roytman

#39680: datetime.astimezone() method does not handle invalid local tim
https://bugs.python.org/issue39680  opened by belopolsky

#39681: pickle.load expects an object that implements readinto
https://bugs.python.org/issue39681  opened by Nathan.Goldbaum

#39682: pathlib.Path objects can be used as context managers
https://bugs.python.org/issue39682  opened by barneygale

#39683: 2to3 fix_exitfunc suggests duplicated import of atexit module
https://bugs.python.org/issue39683  opened by ilya

#39685: Python 3.8 regression Socket operation on non-socket
https://bugs.python.org/issue39685  opened by brian

#39686: add dump_json to ast module

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