Re: [Qbs] Qbs 1.15.0 released

2020-01-03 Thread Joerg Bornemann
On 1/3/20 7:08 AM, Alberto Mardegan wrote: > with the advent of year 2020, we'll eventually need to update the > copyright in the source code. There's no need to do that. Qt itself stopped updating the Copyright year quite a while ago. > Can you please clarify what is the > situation, now

Re: [Qbs] Who compared build times of Qt Creator with CMake and qbs?

2019-05-14 Thread Joerg Bornemann
On 5/14/19 12:04 PM, Christian Gagneraud wrote: > On Tue, 14 May 2019 at 22:02, Joerg Bornemann wrote: >> >> On 5/14/19 10:57 AM, Tobias Hunger wrote: >> >>> The challenge will be Qt 6: Creator will use Qt 6 ASAP and since qbs is >>> linked >>>

Re: [Qbs] Who compared build times of Qt Creator with CMake and qbs?

2019-05-14 Thread Joerg Bornemann
On 5/14/19 10:57 AM, Tobias Hunger wrote: > The challenge will be Qt 6: Creator will use Qt 6 ASAP and since qbs is linked > into Creator, that will also need to be ported to Qt 6 to stay feasible. ...which shouldn't pose a challenge at all given that Qt 6 is to keep source incompatible changes

Re: [Qbs] Clang and linking C++ on Windows

2018-05-02 Thread Joerg Bornemann
On 05/01/2018 10:00 PM, wrote: What should be done in my opinion is to add windows-clang.qbs file similar to existing windows-msvc.qbs and windows-mingw.qbs in cpp module. And of course the profile routing would need to be changed so that Clang on Windows does not

Re: [Qbs] Unable to run qdoc in Qt 5.11

2018-03-29 Thread Joerg Bornemann
On 03/24/2018 04:38 PM, wrote: 2. All header files need to be included in a "moduleheader" file specified in qdocconf file like so: moduleheader = MyModule.h I've now looked into this a bit more, and turns out that this is merely a warning, which can be ignored. If

[Qbs] qbs 1.11 released

2018-03-28 Thread Joerg Bornemann
Hello, we have released qbs 1.11 today. Find all the relevant information in the blog post at Joerg ___ Qbs mailing list

Re: [Qbs] Unable to run qdoc in Qt 5.11

2018-03-27 Thread Joerg Bornemann
On 03/24/2018 04:38 PM, wrote: Since the includepaths are not something you may wish to be setting manually in the *.qdocconf would it be possible to have a variable in which they may be set from Qbs file? Either that or more generically allow us to append additional

Re: [Qbs] Why is there Rule:alwaysRun but not Probe:alwaysRun?

2017-10-17 Thread Joerg Bornemann
On 10/17/2017 02:55 PM, NIkolai Marchenko wrote: Both run arbitary scripts to do their work. QBS cannot assume that one script is better or more expensive than the other since both are arbitary and external to build system. So why defend the policy of not allowing alwaysSrun for Probes ? This

Re: [Qbs] Depending on item with dynamic name

2017-10-12 Thread Joerg Bornemann
On 10/12/2017 08:26 AM, wrote: is there a way do depend on a product with dynamically generated name? Via id prehaps or some other identifier? E.g.: /import qbs/ /import qbs.FileInfo/ /Project/ /{/ /    Product/ /    {/ /        name:

Re: [Qbs] Rule with merging of inputs tuples (pairs)

2017-10-11 Thread Joerg Bornemann
On 10/11/2017 10:38 AM, Denis Shienkov wrote: [...] I have created a Rule: Rule{ inputs:["a_binary","b_binary"] Artifact{ fileTags:["c_binary"] filePath:"c.bin"; } [...] } but is is unclear how to define an output artifact's file pach, because it should be

Re: [Qbs] pre-built products (cont.)

2017-09-25 Thread Joerg Bornemann
On 24/09/2017 13:53, Christian Gagneraud wrote: [...] and so on. Or you cram all platforms into one file - as you like. We should have a documentation page covering this use case. I've created QBS-1191 for that. Cool, but what (should) happen in case of several

Re: [Qbs] pre-built products (cont.)

2017-09-12 Thread Joerg Bornemann
On 10/09/2017 03:44, Christian Gagneraud wrote: In my source tree I have pre-built binaries, these are third-party library that we get in binary form only. (PS: don't tell me that it is bad, i already know that. I cannot change that, i have to deal with it) Even if it's bad we cannot ignore

Re: [Qbs] Relation between Product and Export

2017-07-26 Thread Joerg Bornemann
Hi Michael, indeed, at the moment you have to repeat the Depends items of the product in the Export item. This way you can clearly specify what the product needs and what users of the product need. You're right that this looks a bit redundant, and there are thoughts on fixing this in

Re: [Qbs] qbs 1.8.1 tools/version.h not installed?

2017-07-10 Thread Joerg Bornemann
On 09/07/2017 17:19, Andrzej Telszewski wrote: It looks like indeed "tools/version.h" should be installed. After installing it: ... Qt Creator builds fine. Thanks for pointing this out! This is fixed by Cheers, Joerg

Re: [Qbs] Qbs Automatic Projects

2017-06-27 Thread Joerg Bornemann
On 26/06/2017 10:44, wrote: [...] I tried Qbs and immediately recognised it had even bigger potential for automating project definitions except... it discourages doing that (see for example this and quite a few other

Re: [Qbs] Reducing clazy noise

2017-04-24 Thread Joerg Bornemann
On 23/04/2017 17:52, Elyzabeth von Reuenthal wrote: [...] This however produces warning for both my code, and Qt headers. To fix this, the readme says: If you want to suppress warnings from headers of Qt or 3rd party code, include them with -isystem instead of -I. How can I achieve this with

[Qbs] FYI: Branch 1.8 created

2017-03-29 Thread Joerg Bornemann
Hi, We have created the branch for the 1.8 release of qbs (ETA May 9th) today. Contributors should push bug fixes and low-risk improvements to this branch; other changes should target the master branch. Users are encouraged to test this branch against their projects, so possible bugs are

Re: [QBS] Is that possible to getting qbs to running with NodeJS?

2015-10-28 Thread Joerg Bornemann
On 28-Oct-15 12:26, 罗勇刚(Yonggang Luo) wrote: Cause qbs is implemented with qml, and qml might be parsed and run with Javascript. So maybe we just need a node.exe along with a bunch of Javascript/qml files? Sure, you can reimplement qbs in any language. Just what's the advantage and who's

Re: [QBS] Using qbs for in-source build

2015-08-05 Thread Joerg Bornemann
On 04-Aug-15 22:14, Orgad Shaneh wrote: * If I delete the output file it is not regenerated (unless I delete the build graph, which regenerates all the files) The timestamps are stored in the build graph for performance reasons (esp. for Windows). If you mess around with the contents of

Re: [QBS] strange behaviour with cpp.linkerFlags

2015-07-20 Thread Joerg Bornemann
On 18-Jul-15 14:53, Stephan Gatzka wrote: I've seen a change between qbs 1.3.4 and 1.4.1. With version 1.3.4 I could specifiy cpp.linkerFlags: [-u,read,-u,write] expanding to -u read -u write when gcc is called for linking. With version 1.4.1 the same line expands to -u read write

Re: [QBS] Directive import qbs. Whether it is necessary to define a version?

2015-05-19 Thread Joerg Bornemann
On 16-May-15 12:25, Карелин Павел wrote: Almost always qbs-scripts is beginning from a directive import qbs. In some scripts, the version is assigned (import qbs 1.0), but in others - is no (import qbs). In what cases, is need to specify the version? Currently there is no difference between

Re: [QBS] Default install prefix

2015-05-05 Thread Joerg Bornemann
On 04-May-15 14:54, Joerg Bornemann wrote: I recently installed QBS from sources, and to my (bad) surprise i got it installed in /, instead of the more usual /usr/install (speaking about Linux obviously). The reason for this is that I didn't configure/use any prefix and/or destdir (autoconf

Re: [QBS] Default install prefix

2015-05-04 Thread Joerg Bornemann
On 01-May-15 02:04, Christian Gagneraud wrote: I recently installed QBS from sources, and to my (bad) surprise i got it installed in /, instead of the more usual /usr/install (speaking about Linux obviously). The reason for this is that I didn't configure/use any prefix and/or destdir

Re: [QBS] Qbs 1.4.0 is now available in MacPorts and Homebrew

2015-04-28 Thread Joerg Bornemann
On 28-Apr-15 07:14, Jake Petroules wrote: The latest version of Qbs (1.4.0) is now available in both MacPorts and Homebrew! I'll be keeping it up to date as well, quickly following each release of Qbs by the Qt Project. Works like a charm. Thanks, Jake! Cheers, Joerg

Re: [QBS] Status of QBS w.r.t. deprecation of QtScript

2015-03-25 Thread Joerg Bornemann
Hi Bill, I wonder, therefore, what the position of QBS within Qt is, when a module that QBS depends on is being deprecated in Qt! QtScript is going to be deprecated, but it will keep working for quite some time. Sooner or later qbs must be ported to the QJS* API of the QtQml module anyway.

Re: [QBS] Looking for a QMAKE_SUBSTITUTES equivalent

2015-03-25 Thread Joerg Bornemann
On 25-Mar-15 12:47, Benjamin TERRIER wrote: I am looking for an equivalent to QMAKE_SUBSTITUTES in qbs. There's no such feature built into qbs. For Qt Creator there's a qbs module that converts files to foo.plugin.json and replaces a fixed set of variables. You can find the

Re: [QBS] Qt Plugin with QBS

2015-03-16 Thread Joerg Bornemann
On 16-Mar-15 13:12, at-2500 wrote: I am trying to set up a project using the Qt Plugin System. The basic setup to create a Qt plugin is - create a product of type dynamiclibrary - add a JSON file and tag it with qt_plugin_metadata The project consists of multiple binaries, one dynamic

Re: [QBS] Qt Quick Compiler with QBS

2015-02-19 Thread Joerg Bornemann
On 13-Feb-15 15:01, olivier musse wrote: Thanks, it seems you know Qt Quick Compiler better than I ;o) So when do you think the magic part can be added to QBS ? I've added an example to QBS-749 that demonstrates how to use the qmlcompiler with qbs 1.3. The magic is done in

Re: [QBS] Qt Quick Compiler with QBS

2015-02-13 Thread Joerg Bornemann
On 12-Feb-15 16:20, Jicquel Dorian wrote: I would like to know if it is possible to use the qt quick compiler with qbs , i searched in the documentation that mentionned it could be used qith qmake/cmake but no mention of qbs. Apparently nobody tried yet. I've created

Re: [QBS] Qt Quick Compiler with QBS

2015-02-13 Thread Joerg Bornemann
On 13-Feb-15 13:15, olivier musse wrote: Many thanks for adding this feature request. Since QtQuickCompiler is a compiler which seems to work by transforming qml files into cpp files, perhaps it can be handled without any development in QBS but just by using Rules. qiquickcompiler.exe is a

Re: [QBS] Export object files instead of static library

2015-01-13 Thread Joerg Bornemann
On 12-Jan-15 11:47, Andrey Anpilogov wrote: those symbols are marked as weak but still exist in a static library, right? They do. But they will not be linked because of priority. So I have program.c with: void weak foo() {}; and target.c: void foo() {do_something();} If I link them

Re: [QBS] Define Depends programatically

2015-01-12 Thread Joerg Bornemann
On 11-Jan-15 16:30, Andrey Anpilogov wrote: Is there any way to call/define Depends programatically? For example based of project property. Due to the aim of creating a declarative project representation this is currently not possible. One could add some property like Product {

Re: [QBS] Export object files instead of static library

2015-01-12 Thread Joerg Bornemann
On 12-Jan-15 04:44, Andrey Anpilogov wrote: One of the things I have no idea how to do is weak function in static library. I have one static library that builds as Product. It has couple files with weak functions: files: - somelib.cpp - extracool.cpp - base.c - weakfuncs.c Let's say

Re: [QBS] What is the semantic difference between Rule and Transformer?

2014-11-10 Thread Joerg Bornemann
On 08-Nov-14 14:40, Smirnov Vladimir wrote: So I can imagine that Rule wraps some Transformer's functionality. But why don't just use only Rules? What can i do with Transformer that Rule couldn't cover? Like Tim already mentioned, rules are triggered by matching file tags, transformers OTOH

Re: [QBS] Is there are way to deploy *qm files?

2014-11-06 Thread Joerg Bornemann
On 06-Nov-14 13:44, Denis Shienkov wrote: How I can deploy a *.qm files together with the executable files? You need to tell qbs that artifacts that are tagged as qm should be installed: Group { fileTagsFilter: qm qbs.install: true qbs.installDir: blabla } See also

Re: [QBS] Specifying static runtime libraries with MSVC

2014-10-29 Thread Joerg Bornemann
On 29-Oct-14 09:12, Thomas Epting wrote: Now I think of adding an appropriate option to Qbs. There was already a bit of discussion going on in QBS-570. I'll add a comment there. Thank you. I've added another comment regarding MSVC. Here's my current test implementation (applied to

Re: [QBS] Specifying static runtime libraries with MSVC

2014-10-28 Thread Joerg Bornemann
On 28-Oct-14 08:57, Thomas Epting wrote: I'm trying to compile a project on Windows using static runtime libraries. [...] Now I think of adding an appropriate option to Qbs. How would you name such an option? Does it make sense with other compilers, too, or is it needed for Microsoft

Re: [QBS] remove unwanted compiler flags

2014-10-24 Thread Joerg Bornemann
On 22-Oct-14 19:40, Railway Coder wrote: I use qbs for building my code for an embedded system. Compiler is set in Qt Creator as Kit for Bare Metal development. If I set compiler flags like this: [...] I get unwanted flags in the output: [...] -pipe is passed to gcc unconditionally. We

[QBS] Do you use Qt4 to build qbs?

2014-10-17 Thread Joerg Bornemann
Hi, we're contemplating to drop support for building qbs with Qt4. This will enable us to remove a tiny bit of legacy code, reduce the load on our test machines and - most importantly - use more Qt5 features, like QJSEngine etc. If you have a strong argument why you need to build qbs with Qt4,

Re: [QBS] Do you use Qt4 to build qbs?

2014-10-17 Thread Joerg Bornemann
On 17-Oct-14 16:29, Orgad Shaneh wrote: He meant building Qbs itself, not the projects it builds... Exactly. All is well. You will still be able to build your Qt4-based projects. :) Joerg ___ QBS mailing list

Re: [QBS] What is the suggested way to do deeply nested projects?

2014-08-13 Thread Joerg Bornemann
On 13-Aug-14 11:36, Joerg Bornemann wrote: I currently do not see a nice way how to magically determine whether a dot in a name means hierarchy separator or it's just a dot. And after an office discussion we suddenly see a way on the horizon how this can be fixed. Keep track of QBS-665

Re: [QBS] What is the suggested way to do deeply nested projects?

2014-08-13 Thread Joerg Bornemann
On 13-Aug-14 14:34, Alexandre Cossette-Pacheco wrote: So, project company.product.some_module.submodule is - Located in the company/product/some_module/submodule folder - With company/product/some_module/submodule/company.product.some_module.submodule.qbs as the full path to the qbs project

Re: [QBS] Global and local properties in projects and products

2014-07-28 Thread Joerg Bornemann
On 25-Jul-14 15:12, Richard Weickelt wrote: When building myApplication, different configuration options come to my mind: 1. Global properties with influence to every product inside framework and app Project { ... property string somethingGlobal: global SubProject {

Re: [QBS] Error message when conditionally using string lists on project level

2014-06-12 Thread Joerg Bornemann
On 12-Jun-14 09:42, Thomas Epting wrote: Any ideas? That's a bug. I've created QBS-613 for that and added a comment that shows a work-around. Cheers, Joerg ___ QBS mailing list

Re: [QBS] Using multiple toolchains in one build

2014-06-05 Thread Joerg Bornemann
On 04-Jun-14 16:33, wrote: we have a project which generates a WiX-based installer for library. We now want to include binaries of this library for different MSVC-runtimes. I want to avoid using external scripts for starting the different builds and the final

Re: [QBS] Setting up the run environment in QtCreator

2014-06-03 Thread Joerg Bornemann
On 03-Jun-14 08:54, Thomas Epting wrote: class QBS_EXPORT RunEnvironment { ... const QProcessEnvironment runEnvironment() const; const QProcessEnvironment buildEnvironment() const; The implementations call setupXxxEnvironment of the resolvedProduct and return the created

Re: [QBS] Bug with QiTools submodule on osX

2014-06-03 Thread Joerg Bornemann
On 03-Jun-14 11:25, olivier musse wrote: I would just like to rise up something which look like a bug on osX. While Qt submodule uitools is working on windows, it seems not to include lib and path on mac. That's a bug. The Qt.uitools module is linked as framework on OS X, which is wrong.

Re: [QBS] Just a few questions

2014-06-02 Thread Joerg Bornemann
On 28-May-14 23:46, Kevin Chaves wrote: The other odd thing I noticed is that the working directory for a command isn't created... I don't think it's a good idea to let the command create its working directory. A mistake in the working dir property could create strange, unintended directory

Re: [QBS] Fwd: Function to enumerate all files in desired directory

2014-06-02 Thread Joerg Bornemann
E.g. I need to add all *.qm files from the /translations output directory to my WiX project file. This *.qm files automatically are copied into this directory from the all sub-products of my Project (at building of my Project).. I hoped that I will be able to make it by means of qbs. Now I

Re: [QBS] Get product property from another product

2014-06-02 Thread Joerg Bornemann
On 02-Jun-14 15:10, Denis Shienkov wrote: are available any way to get a product property, similar with a module property way? e.g. by analogy with Module: var moduleProperty = product.moduleProperties(moduleName, propertyName) ; but only for Product: var productProperty =

Re: [QBS] compile designer plugin

2014-05-23 Thread Joerg Bornemann
On 22-May-14 23:47, olivier musse wrote: It looks like I found myself the solution : Only need to QDESIGNER_EXPORT_WIDGETS to cpp.defines. Yes, that's the only thing that's done in qmake's designer_defines.prf. Not sure whether a dedicated property for designer plugins is justified. BR,

Re: [QBS] Get property from parent project

2014-05-23 Thread Joerg Bornemann
On 22-May-14 16:14, Christian Kandeler wrote: On 05/22/2014 04:00 PM, Tim Hutt wrote: Relatedly, how can I access properties from a Rule's prepare script? E.g. this does not work - it thinks foo is not defined. Rule { property string foo: baz

Re: [QBS] Run some rules in build or deploy or custom step.

2014-05-23 Thread Joerg Bornemann
On 23-May-14 11:38, Denis Shienkov wrote: A main question is: it is possible to do something that my Products (Rules of module) was launched only in appropriate steps? or, it is possible to introduce an custom additional steps (not only Build, Install, Deploy) ? Not yet. But soon (QBS-262).

Re: [QBS] Duplicate product name

2014-05-19 Thread Joerg Bornemann
On 19-May-14 10:11, olivier musse wrote: I understand why it is working like that in qbs since it creates a build tree. What I think is missing is the possibility to just aggregate projects so that there are all builds as if there are separate projects = separate build tree, separate output

Re: [QBS] Generating rc file

2014-05-19 Thread Joerg Bornemann
On 16-May-14 15:29, olivier musse wrote: Just one last question if I can : Does the folder hierarchy modules/generateRC/generateRC.qbs can be change. I have found 2 projects properties which are QbsSearchPath and moduleSearchPath but moduleSearchPath seems to have been removed and do not

Re: [QBS] share functionnality between projects

2014-05-14 Thread Joerg Bornemann
On 14-May-14 14:31, olivier musse wrote: What is the best way to share source files and functionality among different projects. If you don't the source compiled built with different build settings, then I recommend creating a static library, like you did. Source file collections (like .pri

Re: [QBS] qbs 1.2.0 released

2014-05-06 Thread Joerg Bornemann
On 06-May-14 07:38, Yuchen Deng wrote: sounds great! does any plan to support Android in 1.3? Yes, we plan to eventually have Android support in 1.3. BR, Joerg ___ QBS mailing list

Re: [QBS] Preserving independent module-properties when applying rules

2014-02-24 Thread Joerg Bornemann
On 21-Feb-14 11:15, wrote: How can I preserve the module-properties without adding specific code for each possible property to the preprocessor module? Right. The output artifacts of a rule inherit the properties that are set on the product. We could provide a

Re: [QBS] complex name: and this name depend

2013-11-07 Thread Joerg Bornemann
On 07.11.2013 15:25, Oleg Shalnev wrote: I am trying to understand the possibilities of creating complex modules name Not sure, if I understand your problem correctly, but the following works fine: property string blubb: .widgets Depends { name: Qt + blubb } Where is

Re: [QBS] How to add cpp files but not to be compiled?

2013-10-14 Thread Joerg Bornemann
] } -- Joerg Bornemann Digia, Qt ___ QBS mailing list

Re: [QBS] Is that possible to using Group template?

2013-10-10 Thread Joerg Bornemann
/ } MyGroup { name: public coffee machine headers des: mr_coffee/ } ---snap--- That's much like QML's inheritance feature and described here: Cheers, Joerg -- Joerg Bornemann Digia, Qt

Re: [QBS] New item ProductFolder

2013-06-04 Thread Joerg Bornemann
On 03/06/2013 20:32, Jochen Becher wrote: Of course nested projects could also be done. But especially the implementation within qbs source code makes nested projects not the first choice to me (ResolvedProjects contains attributes and methods which are really only used from the top-level

Re: [QBS] Qbs Roadmap

2013-05-31 Thread Joerg Bornemann
On 31/05/2013 14:29, Jochen Becher wrote: in my company we are currently trying to switch from Visual Studio with Qt plugin to QtCreator. We were running into some conceptional problems with qmake so we are currently looking into Qbs as an alternative. Just out of curiosity, could you tell us

Re: [QBS] Project structure

2013-05-23 Thread Joerg Bornemann
On 23/05/2013 08:21, Orgad Shaneh wrote: The project consists of 2 static libraries (call them lib1 and lib2) and a target executable (call it app). I need some advice regarding the preferred qbs project structure. 1. lib1 and app share some of the defines and include paths (lib2 is

Re: [QBS] (no subject)

2013-05-16 Thread Joerg Bornemann
On 15/05/2013 18:28, Kakadu wrote: Now qbs take source file and generates result in build folder. I have compiler which takes source files and places result always in the same folder. Is it possible to hack qbs to copy source file to build directory and built it there? How difficult is

Re: [QBS] Thoughts about processor architecture

2013-03-25 Thread Joerg Bornemann
On 21/03/2013 01:44, Jake Thomas Petroules wrote: First off is `qbs.supportedArchitectures`. This variable would hold a list of all architectures that the compiler can generate code for. Fine, this should be detectable. Second is `qbs.defaultArchitectures`. This variable would hold a list of