[ql-developers] QLwIP Mail in action

2003-08-19 Thread pgraf
Hi, this is just a quick test of the QLwIP Mail client. If it works, you receive this mail from my Mini Q60 running QDOS Classic and QLwIP. I use the Ethernet interface, my local network is connected by an ISDN router. Thanks goes to Jonathan Hudson, QLwIP Mail is based on his POP3 client. I

Re: [ql-developers] Massive amount of job state transitions and re-scheduling

2003-09-08 Thread pgraf
On 12 Sep 2003 at 13:00, BRANE wrote: O.K. I'm not following this thread from beginning, so I don't know exactly what hardware are we talking about, but for this detail, it probably doesn't matter much... So, what is a solution ? Using external interrupt ? Maybe a bit bulkier controller