[Ql-Users] SMSQ/E bugs: is a fix possible? Probably not

2017-06-07 Thread Wolf via Ql-Users
Hi, just a few thoughts. I will try to recup the main ones and I would appreciate if anybody could help fixing them or at least providing ideas on how other QL users could help. 1) SMSQ/E for Aurora does not read anymore DD floppy disks. Everything was working till 2.91. From the tests did

[Ql-Users] SMSQ/E bugs: is a fix possible?

2017-06-07 Thread via Ql-Users
Hi All (but especially Wolfgang, Tony, Marcel or anybody else involved in SMSQ/E development and/or source maintainance), In the last months on the Italian Sinclair QL mailing list we had quite a number of discussions on some bugs (?) that appeared in SMSQ/E and were probably not promptly spotted