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2018-02-04 Thread Paolo Del Bene via Ql-Users
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   1. Re: Ql-Users Digest, Vol 168, Issue 1 (Paolo Del Bene)

1: Re DM5 by Paolo Del Bene

I am a supporter for Free Software, that software released under the terms
of GNU General Public License, so I haven't any idea
of how can I help you, with that type of software that is a freeware.

A freeware hasn't nothing in common with Free Software.

I can suggest to decompile DM5, to read the source code and to provide to
write from scratch a new one emulator, and provide to release it under the
terms of GNU General Public License version 2 or version 3

These are the ROM's.

bye Paolo Del Bene

QRA: Paolo
QRZ: iw0fzw-5
QTH: Monterotondo Marittimo (GR)
ZIP: 58025

LATITUDE: 43.12350
LONGITUDE: 10.84567

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[Ql-Users] Assembly Language ePeriodical Issue 4 - Available Now!

2018-02-04 Thread Norman Dunbar via Ql-Users
After promising, sort of, to get this issue out a lot quicker than the 
previous one, I seem to have failed miserably.

This is due to the usual excuses, plus, some family illnesses etc which 
I may have mentioned previously. Anyway, after yet many more months of 
the odd hour grabbed here and there, between work, driving, home life 
and so forth - did I mention Christmas, New Year and a holiday or two to 
boot - the latest somewhat exciting issue of the Assembly Language 
eMagazine is now available for download.

Point your browsers at 
(or wget 
and all will be revealed.

There are 49 pages of articles on a wide range of subjects relating to 
Assembly Language on your QL (or derivative) including an article on the 
many new addressing modes available on the MC68020 processor. Oh, and 
the cover and chapter heading pages have been 'tarted up' a little too.

Happy reading and hopefully, the next issue will be out much quicker 
than this one!


Norman Dunbar
Dunbar IT Consultants Ltd

Registered address:
27a Lidget Hill
West Yorkshire
United Kingdom
LS28 7LG

Company Number: 05132767
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