Re: [Ql-Users] SBasic Thing documentation

2009-03-28 Thread gdgqler

On 26 Mar 2009, at 08:59, Christopher Cave wrote:

Does anyone know what the SBasic thing expects on the stack when it is
used? Or can anyone please tell me where the appropriate documentation
can be found (I have the SMSQ source but no idea where in it to look)?
Looking at Jonathan Hudson's code, I can see that it can be passed a
command string (cmd$) and up to 4 channel ids. Of the channels, one
relates to a program to load (but is this necessary and how can the  

tell when no program is meant to be passed?).

The manual says:

On being invoked, SBASIC expects to find some channel IDs on the  
stack (standard QDOS conventions).

SBASIC will normally treat the first ID as the SBASIC program source  
file, the next ID as channel #0, the next ID as #1 and so on. The  
string defines the initial value of the CMD$ variable within the  
SBASIC program.

I have not been able to start a program in this way using EXEP. So I  
wrote the keyword EXEG which does work. This is available by using the  

and going via downloads to the sqlug site.

This contains an example.

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[Ql-Users] Saving parts of a screen

2009-03-28 Thread gdgqler
I have updated the programs for saving and manipulating areas of a  
screen so that the area saved will no longer contain the small window  
giving the size and position of the saved area if it is inside the  
area to be saved.

The programs are found at:


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