Re: [Ql-Users] CPORT

2017-11-01 Thread Michael Bulford via Ql-Users
Hi Norman, I have both CPORT and CFIX. I find that CFIX doesn't work correctly in QPC2, so to get around that problem, I use Q-emulator for that one. CPORT does work well in QPC2, provided that memory is limited to 16M. There's also some other related files. I'll dig them out. How can I get

[Ql-Users] CPORT???

2017-11-01 Thread Norman Dunbar via Ql-Users
Afternoon All, I used to have CPORT on my hard drive for QPC2 but for some reason I seem to have deleted it, plus, my original disc - floppy - is no more having been one of hundreds that no longer worked. Luckily I have working copies of the DP Collection, so I'm able to get it back from