Re: [Ql-Users] CPORT

2017-11-01 Thread Michael Bulford via Ql-Users
Hi Norman,
I have both CPORT and CFIX.  I find that CFIX doesn't work correctly in QPC2,

so to get around that problem, I use Q-emulator for that one.

CPORT does work well in QPC2, provided that memory is limited to 16M.
There's also some other related files.
I'll dig them out.  How can I get them to you?

Kind regards,
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[Ql-Users] CPORT???

2017-11-01 Thread Norman Dunbar via Ql-Users

Afternoon All,

I used to have CPORT on my hard drive for QPC2 but for some reason I 
seem to have deleted it, plus, my original disc - floppy - is no more 
having been one of hundreds that no longer worked.

Luckily I have working copies of the DP Collection, so I'm able to get 
it back from there! Phew.

I've checked the web site for the Chas Dillon sources of Turbo etc, but 
CPORT isn't there, sadly, and the QL Wiki lists the source code as 
missing in action, so I'm wondering if anyone out there actually knows 
Chas, or, if you know where Chas hides the source code and if there is 
the slightest chance that it will be made available?

I suspect the odds are slim, but you never know if you don't ask.


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